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Brighton, UK

Bohemian glass 1890-1940+ especially multi-coloured tango, bottom-up spatters, yellow gilded or enamelled things, things with silver rims and thorn vases. Not to meBohemian glass 1890-1940+ especially multi-coloured tango, bottom-up spatters, yellow gilded or enamelled things, things with silver rims and thorn vases. Not to mention post-war Chribska. And that is just at the moment. Most of my favourites are (relatively) mass-produced survivors meant for use. I am learning - and, I hope, developing - all the time. I am a professional man living and working on Britain's south coast. (Read more)


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Brass mount on a yellow spatter vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik gold frit glass rose bowl vase with trail - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf tango mica tiger or zipper décor David Loebl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Deco flower vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz oxblood and blue urn - Art Glassin Art Glass
A turquoise tango vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
A polished bottom on a Deco vase moulded like broad facet cut - Polish, Niemen - Art Glassin Art Glass
A beat up tango glass vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Selfie spatter (2) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Enamelled and painted tango bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I don't know what Michelle would say but looks Rindskopf to me.
  2. Do post and send the link. A local person! :-)
  3. Thanks for the link. I think that it is hard to know what you don't know - for example, in links Ivonne sent me recently, there were lots of intaglio cut pieces which are all "Moser" on Ebay at the m...
  4. I worried about mine being modern, but I put that to one side, while keeping an eye out for lots suddenly hitting the stores. Sometimes, we are pleasantly surprised by the condition of some of thes...
  5. Esp the lime green one.
  6. All nice examples.
  7. Great one.
  8. Is it one of the many makers we are still finding out about!! :-)
  9. Great shape and enviable décor.
  10. Love it! Would love one in that décor but I think our collections need to diverge not further converge! I buy something often to find you have 3! :-)
  11. Thanks, Michelle. The sparkles are very understated: much as appears in the photos: just one or two flashes of light through the vase.
  12. Thanks for the comments. Craig, probably more of our posts and attributions should come with this sort of caveat.
  13. The date stamp is difficult to read but most likely italic "k" for 1905.
  14. Thanks, Malkey,
  15. Thanks for the comments: certainly of a type. I keep an open mind over the attribution as we have learnt that all floriforms are Kralik, which I am happy to accept, but we don't know!
  16. I have to say that I love this.
  17. Thanks, Craig, for the additional information.
  18. Thanks for the comment about Pressglass korespondenz and Stolle.
  19. Thanks for the link!
  20. Thanks for the link!
  21. Ivonne that is a wonderfully accurate description of the vase, I think. The Polish is a bit beyond me, but the pictures and sizes, allowing for my being a bit out make me think Niemen or someone who ...
  22. Thanks, Craig, but I can't help feeling it isn't - the indistinct mark looks too fiddly.
  23. I would think about ensuring it was properly earthed if buying it.
  24. Oooh - got to love and envy this one!
  25. Thanks for the comments, all.
  26. Ivonne - this reminds me of a decanter set I have recently posted, do you think you could have a look and let me know if it is ringing any bells for you? Thanks.
  27. http://www.miloslavbecka.cz/skla/ But the gallery doesn't work from this link.
  28. Miroslav Becka has a particularly nice set of this sort of stuff. Was on google but not working for me yesterday.
  29. Beautiful blue.
  30. Wonderful!
  31. PS - must tidy up! Note to self!
  32. Great one.
  33. Great piece!
  34. Beautiful!
  35. Love it!
  36. Yes, I think Kralik, but obvs without the primary evidence of pattern books, catalogues &c to back that up. Nibbles and all, very nice.
  37. We have to be a little careful with these as they are being made at present or certainly sold at present albeit with very slight differences in the enamels used.
  38. The very bottom inner looks Kralik, but I don't think the rosy blush near the rim could be. The donut in the pintail has been used as a marker of Rindskopf production but others will know more!
  39. I have something similar in blue which I feel could be French.
  40. Great shape and description.
  41. Great find.
  42. Love the baby blue!
  43. Wonderful find! Keep them coming!
  44. Thanks, Martika.
  45. I have seen something similar recently but was a little wary.
  46. I think that the light pink handled bowl could be Welz but it's such a generic shape.
  47. I think that the light pink trumpet is Welz but Craig will know. Love them.
  48. Great. Is the bowl a Loetz shape? It has that translucence?
  49. Rough ground.
  50. Good question: Jericho seems to know a lot about that issue. The lobes do not seem far apart enough to me, and there is no evidence from West of a monture or cage ever being on. The base lends itsel...
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My clear glass josef hospodka vase Loetz - Tango Fairy Lamps - Bohemian - Welz? I think I have seen it before......... ID for tango Jack in the pulpit vase ?Ruckl Buttressed  Art Nouveau verde-clear pair


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