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Bohemian glass 1890-1940+ especially multi-coloured tango, bottom-up spatters, yellow gilded or enamelled things, things with silver rims and thorn vases. Not to meBohemian glass 1890-1940+ especially multi-coloured tango, bottom-up spatters, yellow gilded or enamelled things, things with silver rims and thorn vases. Not to mention post-war Chribska. And that is just at the moment. Most of my favourites are (relatively) mass-produced survivors meant for use. I am learning - and, I hope, developing - all the time. I am a professional man living and working on Britain's south coast. (Read more)


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Aventurine spot enamelled lavender ground Art Nouveau pair - Art Glassin Art Glass
Amethyst threaded tango spatter bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rubina and rubina-verde vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik bambus [?] - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mauve tango enamelled vase - unknown maker - Art Glassin Art Glass
Satin spatter which is similar to other Ruckl attributions - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik ribbed iridescent green and pink - Art Glassin Art Glass
Teal iridescent enamel - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cased ribbed tango glass vase London 1923 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik claw vase with interesting colour - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks. Justanovice, the seller's pictures weren't good so didn't you think it was a bit of a shot in the dark?
  2. Thank you, Al. I very much respect your opinion along with Craig's on this one.
  3. Thanks for the comments and thoughts, Gary and Craig, and the loves everyone else.
  4. I don't know about that - I have to be co-ordinated by my partner. Thanks for the comment.
  5. Yes - I saw this and love it too - as well as all the other combinations of verde glass - I don't know if information is readily available and I am only one or two steps ahead of you in collecting - i...
  6. Thanks Sean
  7. Thanks, Michelle.
  8. BTW, does anyone know where I can get a frog just over 14.5cm and 2cm deep? :-)
  9. Thanks for the comments - "gone wrong" was a bit tongue in cheek!
  10. I use this website for lots of my silver IDs: http://www.silvercollection.it/englishsilverhallmarks.html
  11. If you look at the discussion for my post "tango glass with spatter bases" about 7 months ago, you will get an insight into the number of little glasshuts that were around - I mean, who had heard of T...
  12. I hope one of these decors proves the missing link sometime!
  13. Thank you for the many comments, Elisabethan.
  14. Thanks for the link, Lisa. I think that's what most of us think although there is quite a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of taking these line drawings and extrapolating from them. I am a ...
  15. Lovely.
  16. Nice grille/ frog too but probably not ideally suited to this vase - looks a bit too tall.
  17. Check Alfredo's website "Loetz and glass" for some other glass cruets and tableware - I think he has some of this there? :-)
  18. Good link, Michelle, but I think those 4 are modified crackle decors whereas this one is a powder??? Not that I know much so ready to stand corrected! The technique may have been very similar but th...
  19. Thanks, Michelle, Lee and Scott - it's difficult for me because my "radar" says everything is Kralik sometimes.
  20. Guernsey, Channel Islands.
  21. I don't think any UK makers were making glass this fine using the same techniques in the first part of the twentieth century. In one of the two Truitt books, there are figures for Bohemian glass expo...
  22. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/130692-interesting-feet--early-rocket-vases-wi :-)
  23. Amazing. I like "Switzerland" - I am an equally neutral (bland?) country! I haven't a clue about ID, all these spatters look the same to me - but, if I saw this, it would go straight in the bag! I ...
  24. Not quite as odd as Mac's card holder, which I <3!
  25. Sorry, Moon, I think this one's a keeper. Thank you for the love, tho.
  26. I haven't got through the hoarding look yet. :-)
  27. Nice - Anne, I have seen worse - I remember someone posting a picture of a dolls house vase (1:12 scale) sent in a shoebox. My (amongst the) worst (collecting) moments are when something arrives and...
  28. Pretty. The handle looks a bit clunky and chubby (which makes me wonder) but it is sweet.
  29. By the look of it, I would call it Vaseline glass. It is uv-reactive but I am not sure whether uranium or manganese. It is not highly-reactive.
  30. Lovely - I would like to say Kralik but that might be my biased inner eye - lovely.
  31. Thanks, Gary, great links.
  32. Thanks - I have to look it up.
  33. I am not sure if I am just seeing what I want to see, but the more I look at this and Inky's vase, the more I think it is an unusual and irregular martelé, and the "web" just keeps on jumping out.
  34. This is Inky's link - a sorta star is on the bottom of pic. 4... http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/105934-kralik-martele-violet-blue-vase
  35. Great shape, isn't it?
  36. Really nice set - does the shade go with the lamp? That's great!
  37. I just followed my nose from: http://rover.rajce.idnes.cz/Tango_sklo/ and http://www.miloslavbecka.cz/skla/index.php [images 72-76] [what a collection BTW!] Let me know what you think.
  38. Looks like one of those wooden Chinese figures that children sometimes play with? Or a pantomime costume in silhouette?
  39. What an erudite comment. Thanks.
  40. Thanks, glasfreund. I appreciate it.
  41. Hehe.
  42. Interesting links. I think in the first of yours they are strawberries too (like mine - you haven't convinced me!). The second of yours, I agree, shows blackberries.
  43. Wow! Beautiful enamelling. This is a body double for the base of my first (plain, undecorated, simple rim). They all seem to include a controlled bubble in the base - perhaps as part of the way the...
  44. I think that's just the shape - but let me know if I am wrong!
  45. Please show! Would love to see it! I don't speak Spanish well [if at all] so don't worry!
  46. Thanks, Lee.
  47. Al, that has to be the best Scrabble score ever for a post title!
  48. Agreed - completely - just thought it was too nice not to post.
  49. Thanks - I wondered - does anyone have anything similar in shape or colour? :-)
  50. You're very welcome, Gary, and your photos are *so* much better than mine!
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Buttressed  Art Nouveau verde-clear pair


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