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Brighton, UK

Bohemian glass 1890-1940+ especially multi-coloured tango, bottom-up spatters, yellow gilded or enamelled things, things with silver rims and thorn vases. Not to meBohemian glass 1890-1940+ especially multi-coloured tango, bottom-up spatters, yellow gilded or enamelled things, things with silver rims and thorn vases. Not to mention post-war Chribska. And that is just at the moment. Most of my favourites are (relatively) mass-produced survivors meant for use. I am learning - and, I hope, developing - all the time. I am a professional man living and working on Britain's south coast. (Read more)


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Edwardian or later clear ribbed vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Interesting shape red tango urn - Art Glassin Art Glass
Soie de verre ruffled bulbous Kralik-y form - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik tango organic "organ" shaped vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik pink opalescent ball form vase with spatters - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik satin uranium glass quilted rosebowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bottom-up spatter  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz blue and white fairy lamp base - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz iridescent blue and yellow swirl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz hexagonal enamelled bud vase in pink - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I like the cobweb on the base and the side in pic 3. I have been looking for spiderwebs (perhaps where they weren't really intended) for a little time but this is very clear. I still think my "loose...
  2. Thanks, Craig - in to the largest pile in my collection it goes!
  3. Yes, sorry the bottom is a bit grubby - I did my best!
  4. Wonderful, Michelle, and amazing photos. I am sure there is no beating it "in the flesh", as it were.
  5. Very dull ring, if that helps.
  6. This is my fairy lamp base: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/166434-welz-blue-and-white-fairy-lamp-base?in=442
  7. There are some more Hosch lamp and other images here: http://www.fairy-lamp.com/Fairylamp/CatalogAds/HoschPageUnknown.jpg
  8. This is a great décor but I have no idea who made it. Ian
  9. Thanks for the reminder of the lamp post, Craig. I knew I had seen the shape before.
  10. No, get away, Peggy! At least I beat you here! What are we like!?
  11. Thanks, Alan.
  12. Thanks, all, for the information and comments.
  13. From your collection's standards, I really appreciate that! And in 5 minutes of posting?!
  14. Thanks.
  15. There are real differences in the US posts and US ebay links - so likely some real difference in export?
  16. Do you know what, Peggy? I just posted something very similar. Now I am beginning to think this isn't spooky but we are both interested in the same things and our posts probably represent a good ide...
  17. All mine have a bubble in the base. Do these!?
  18. I love these forms. They are reminiscent of a Loetz form but not Loetz. I have a number of examples in clear but these are something else!
  19. Marquot - at least I think (see my version). We could get them together! Maybe!
  20. So jealous!
  21. GMB - G Marquot, Veuve et fils (widow and son) Verreries SA, France.
  22. I don't think the mark is a Leerdam mark but will post if any more information comes up.
  23. Same Chinese hat!
  24. Haha! I didn't see your post until now - are we connected by a 200 mile umbilical cord or something? Is your tray marked?
  25. Maybe "Coralie" was not the company's label but a wholesaler? I just thought. Maybe more examples with labels would be something?
  26. Thanks, Al. Appreciated.
  27. Peggy, this is for you!
  28. Very interesting as the description reads "Three "Coralie" vases - Anton Rückl & Sons, Ltd., Nischburg, Langenau, Bienenthal, 1930. Colourless glass, cased with orange, blue, yellow and red confetti ...
  29. The link certainly adds something in terms of other shapes. You would think the handles on the third would swing it?
  30. Thanks, Kevin, I immediately thought Ruckl but then wasn't sure.
  31. Very but the one in the link above is ceramic.
  32. I am always amazed by the new makers that keep on popping up! There must have been hundreds!? Books on Novy Bor makers for example have approaching 100 firms in 1900.
  33. Haha good use of a new entrant to the Oxford English Dictionary! Not your thing then? :-)
  34. How did you know? :-)
  35. Or is it mid-80s 1950s revival?
  36. Thanks for the immediate ID - I knew some bright thing on here would know! I appreciate it. Am I right with the date?
  37. It reads Bohemian Crystal in French. Made for the French/Belgian markets?
  38. Thanks, all!
  39. Thanks. Lovely series of pictures and I have only seen a few!
  40. Yes, Anne, this was one of my first direct from mobile. I think they will come out better in future cropped.
  41. Look at Alfredo's early posts for another decor and one of the larger shapes. There is at least one more large shape with straight sides.
  42. AG Harley Jones of Fenton, Staffordshire, I believe.
  43. I would love to see a pic of the winged one, Al.
  44. I must say the provenance could indicate that but the Czechs exported a lot to France. I was hoping the shape might help, but perhaps not!
  45. It's 10.5cm high btw.
  46. Gorgeous! Great design anticipation - could fit in many periods! I would be amazed if Georgian, however.
  47. Yes - an orange one with a single pinch in the rim making a figure eight. Love the trefoil rim on the yellow!
  48. Love the trio!
  49. The collar on left looks the same as mine just posted. I love the fourth, like Alan.
  50. Lovely shape.
  51. See more


Loetz - Tango Fairy Lamps - Bohemian - Welz? I think I have seen it before......... ID for tango Jack in the pulpit vase ?Ruckl Buttressed  Art Nouveau verde-clear pair


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