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Bohemian glass 1890-1940+ especially multi-coloured tango, bottom-up spatters, yellow gilded or enamelled things, things with silver rims and thorn vases. Not to meBohemian glass 1890-1940+ especially multi-coloured tango, bottom-up spatters, yellow gilded or enamelled things, things with silver rims and thorn vases. Not to mention post-war Chribska. And that is just at the moment. Most of my favourites are (relatively) mass-produced survivors meant for use. I am learning - and, I hope, developing - all the time. I am a professional man living and working on Britain's south coast. (Read more)


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Interesting glass bowl, purple spatter or confetti, pedestal vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik soie de verre shell - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ribbed and dimpled satin glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Green-rose buttressed Art Nouveau vase - indistinct silver rim  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Muys painted egg box - Art Glassin Art Glass
Draped glass jug - amber with blue handle - Art Glassin Art Glass
1912 Bud vase in clear glass silver rim - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik applied flower vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz yellow and rose basket  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Spiraloptisch iridescent vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Absolutely, Peggy.
  2. How was the bowl made to sit straight? It seems one or more of the feet were ground? I am only asking out of interest, not with an agenda!
  3. I can't help but it all looks a bit new and bright to be of a certain age. However, the style of glass certainly seems Northern Czech. Possibly more modern?
  4. And enamelled by Palda, according to Truitt.
  5. And satin and a spatter!
  6. Bambus is one of my favourites.
  7. Well, I certainly don't rule out a well made reproduction. This works, though. I wouldn't call it a sloppy pourer!
  8. Exactly the same colour but not sure about the shape.
  9. Very finely-made claws if the finish is the same on all of them. They end in trails to the base more commonly. I don't think that the one you show looks broken, but that's another option if it is sh...
  10. I think that the clear one is Palda or Krosno but not sure about the original design or other attributions. It is a keeper and a very functional design.
  11. This looks like an inverted mould with regard to Jericho's recent comment and post.
  12. Apologies for the side-on views - I didn't edit.
  13. Love them both.
  14. Google Newgrange carving.
  15. Interestingly, these spiraloptisch decors owe a lot to Celtic stone carving.
  16. I think that the consensus will be between Welz and Kralik. We may never know!
  17. Closest is this: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/81472-spiraloptisch-style--attributed-krali
  18. Thanks.
  19. I have posted a cranberry controlled bubble pot, and Craig has one in his seminal article.
  20. Love all your recent posts, Peggy!
  21. This is my only likely "upside down mould" piece: as yet, I don't have a shape that proves that: the one on far right. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/155198-welz-quartet-including-candy-cane...
  22. We are all going to be looking for similar in our collections!
  23. Oh dear. I am very sorry to read this.
  24. Love it.
  25. Hard to photograph with that sheen?
  26. I find all these difficult as well but glad to hear you found an ID. I made a lot of mistakes initially and hope they are getting fewer and fewer.
  27. Yes, I think. That almost tortoiseshell with a yellow interior is on here in some more recognisable shapes. The enamelling is very true to type as well.
  28. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Some lovelies there.
  29. Beautiful in every way.
  30. Love them all.
  31. Oh, Fran, the rim is lovely. This is nice all round.
  32. Maybe on pressglaspavillion.de?
  33. Scout necktie? I have one very similar given to me by a friend which was made from a mutton shin bone (or similar) and which I still use 35 years later!
  34. Thanks, Craig, I couldn't find any links.
  35. Or maybe several sizes larger!
  36. I am sure there is a way i.e. tripod, good camera, good diffuse lighting, minimising reflections by using a white-painted corner background... I quite like seeing the phone or my silhouette in the im...
  37. Thanks, Peggy.
  38. Thanks, Craig - that's confirmed my thinking at least as being in the right direction, but these cranberry, clear and other similar are v difficult.
  39. Love it!
  40. I would love more pictures of the Deco vase hiding behind the covered bowl! Looks great from the little on show, and possibly the best of the bunch for me.
  41. The bird is very well-executed. A delight.
  42. I am not sure about Bohemian or even Czech. However, I don't know it all! I worry that these simpler pieces could be made pretty much anywhere. I saw some convincing "tango" ware made in (modern) M...
  43. Alan, this is a wonder!
  44. Ditto everything.
  45. Well, Craig is the ultimate arbiter on this but I am *feeling* it.
  46. Thanks, Peggy.
  47. I feel for you, Peggy, seeing the explosion you have there. We have a glass studio here in Brighton which does fused glass classes and I've often thought I would collect my bits and make a plate or t...
  48. I don't know about the marks - Craig's your man. The shape and tooling on the first look really reminiscent of some already posted on here by me and others in rubina-verde.
  49. Great group.
  50. You are in a positive feedback loop n=1 on this.
  51. See more


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