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  1. Hoffmann is famous for his "faceted" designs in glass. He's sort of the go-to assumption for any unidentified faceted vase of quality. I'm honestly not sure who originated the design of your vase,...
  2. This color is often referred to as "alexandrite" glass, and is a collectible field all its own just like Vaseline glass. As for manufacturer, while Moser definitely made some, this same design has ...
  3. Tough to be sure not seeing it in person, but my guess is more likely WMF or Imperial. This looks to be their type of finish more than a Loetz piece, but it's just an opinion.
  4. There are several possibilities, but I lean towards Ercole Barovier for Barovier & Toso. Here's an example:
  5. First off, it's a beautiful hanging lamp; definitely a nice old one. Unfortunately, without a mark, it's very hard to tell since so many decent lamp makers made similar "type" hanging lamps. Fo...
  6. Is there a Tiffany signature / stamp?
  7. Kralik Silberband?
  8. I believe the bottle was made for Ingrid. Definitely missing beautiful important stopper... but great color! Likely g designed by Hoffman, Schlevogt, or Wieselthier.
  9. Love this series, Thanks for sharing.
  10. Could also be Oscar's son ... Licio Zanetti
  11. You have a piece of Zanetti glass from Murano. More formally: Oscar Zanetti of Zanetti Vetreria Artistica from Murano, Venice
  12. Shape-wise, it looks like the insert to an epergne or cornucopia type vase. Could also be an automobile vase. In either case, it must have had some sort of mount.
  13. Are there any markings on the hardware? Maybe around the collar? My first guess would be that this is likely a DeVilbiss perfume. DeVilbiss would have retailed it ... added the hardware, but a...
  14. This shape has been reproduced by some Bohemia crystal company ... in all sorts of colors. Can't say for sure if yours are the newer ones, Moser ones, or something else .... The Bohemia crystal o...
  15. Not 100% certain, but I think it is possibly Israeli glass. The decoration looks the comparable ... usually very thin glass. often they have paper labels attached by thread.
  16. I do not recognize this piece specifically, but if you like the style, it reminds me of "Mad Art Glass" ... check them out.
  17. This is a gin bottle ... looks like a nice old one.
  18. My comment was not meant to be negative ... just that I am looking for a larger one. Otherwise, I think the vase is quite nice.
  19. I wondered if you were going to pick that one up. I would have grabbed it myslf if it were one of taller ones. Very nice colors ...
  20. I have seen this same rose bowl a few times; twice in green, and once in an opaque white. Same gilt / mustard enamel decoration in all cases. If in good condition, they tend to sell for $125 - $225...
  21. Definitely NOT Tiffin. Most likely Bohemian. I would think Harrach or someone like that before Loetz.
  22. Looks more like train tracks to me ... maybe that will help your search?
  23. I have been a fan of Nuutajarvi glass for a long time ... often over-looked, I am a fan of Heikki Orvola's work. Nice vase!
  24. I cannot claim to be an expert, and I do make mistakes ... That said, I have to say I don't think this is authentic Tiffany. There are lots of these look-a-likes out there, and this size / shape i...
  25. TC, it certainly could be part of a stacking set. While the top is actually domed / somewhat pointed, I could see this possibly being the top portion of a stacking set based on the cylindrical flat ...
  26. No markings that I have been able to find. I'll try to post better pictures soon.
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  31. AH, I know what you mean. This one "spoke" to me when I first saw it as well.
  32. TallCakes, thanks for your reference. I agree the Cambridge "Ball" line has certain similarities (as does another teapot made by Heisey), but I have not been able to find any variants within either ...
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  34. Beautiful; very elegant.
  35. I believe this is an L. E. Smith bowl. However, L. E. Smith bought many of the blanks from other companies to decorate and sell as their own, so I cannot garantee this was not made initially by anot...
  36. I can't swear to it that none of it comes from China, but here are some links that will show examples of the type of works you can make at the Corning Museum. These classes have evolved over the year...
  37. "End of Day" (EOD) simply refers to an age-old practice where factory workers would use scraps from the day's efforts to make personal items, gifts, and otherwise experiment. The type of EOD glass c...
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  39. I agree ... great discussion, and maybe I misunderstood a key point. I thought you were taking the word from your previous buyer that they had talked to the Sabino folks. If you've talked to them yo...
  40. Fair enoguh. But just to add another parallel story ... I have a pair of signed Moser decanters that a bidder claimed were never made by Moser, and that Moser never used the particular signature ...
  41. I have seen 2 of these sold on the open market ... both sold as Sabino. I have one as well, but it is not opalescent, nor is it signed. My understanding is that this was possibly a special commissi...
  42. I agree with vetraio50 ... I think it is a glass sculpture. If the first character is actually a "T" & "r" on top of each other, it could be Transjo; possibly another artist copying the style of Ber...
  43. James Clarke ...
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  47. Alfredo, it appears Harrach Tango has a polished pontil as well. Maybe not all pieces, but some do. Please see the pink fan vase I listed previously:
  48. Yep. I think it took 3 days for the 1st bid to show up. I tried to enter my bid in the last few seconds, but it told me my bid was too low; hit refresh, and that was it.
  49. Gorgeous. I was on that vase as well. Somehow I suspected you'd be a player on it too before it was over. Very nice. Congratulations.
  50. WOW ... Fantastic! Is it possible to add a picture of the bottom?
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