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I am a Mentor hairstylist. I will be posting pictures from my collection. My interests are indie music, marbles, playing drums, frisbee, and video games, I also loveI am a Mentor hairstylist. I will be posting pictures from my collection. My interests are indie music, marbles, playing drums, frisbee, and video games, I also love collecting Czech glass and drinking good wine (in Viennese goblets). (Read more)


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  1. I would loosely say Kralik. The purple base color can be seen in the punch in bowls that look organic, the gold base can be seen in embossed pattern pieces and animal figure decanters. that sticker is...
  2. real gold?
  3. thanks for the historical context, I think she has interesting design but to simple for me... I wonder if she considered vases that were too decorated to detract from the beauty of their flower arrang...
  4. I love this grouping of tall deco shapes, the foot (from the bottom) all look the same and appears to be produced in the same way. I've seen the tool (form) in the Kralik Museum in Lenora CR that most...
  5. Thank you Welz- I do think the base is too opaque to be Czech
  6. I think it is a Kralik piece 20's - 30's this same shape comes in may decors: tango to cluthera, mica, and transparents... sometimes the stencil signature was never applied well and it can look sandbl...
  7. Kralik did the same pattern in reverse; White with black stripes
  8. Thank you, yes this thick gooped-on color with ruffled pattern is super interesting to me. Shape studies do help; I have seen red, yellow, green and cobalt as other colors. Any other base colors come ...
  9. I have it in burgundy pull-ups like everyone else - blue looks to be rare!!
  10. My advice is get a big one in a decor other than powders... They are great stand alone pieces and can range wildly in price
  11. Thanx moonstone
  12. Thank you for your thoughts but actually it's two kids that I fear the most
  13. its welz because of the lebel, ive seen it on about 80 pieces. for a while i could have sworn this piece exhibited a pattern that was common to Kralik or Ruckl - specifically the mottled blurry cased ...
  14. Incredible piece. I call these releaf (play on words) pieces under the powder decor category. I suspect the piece was embossed with a metal mold before of after "ballooning"- the pattern stayed on and...
  15. killer stuff, cant believe i missed this!!
  16. Very cool, i love it!! I was looking into doing a series of these pull-up types based on decor (type of pull) but it is so cool to see the shapes compared too. this glass seemed cheap and easy to prod...
  17. nice work! i love side-by-side studies. the mark looks the same to me though- maybe some acid marks are thicker or thinner based on the acid residue spreading out a bit. the interesting one is the sil...
  18. I can only add that this pattern is found most commonly in purple, this green version is rare then comes gun metal gray (on black base) and the rarest so far is gold. The pattern comes in only flashed...
  19. GlueChip. thank you for all your posts, great work? the square pontil mark might be a sticker that oxidized over time differently than the surrounding glass... it does not seem to me to be a pontil ma...
  20. very cool- good post. probably kralik pressed glass, there are a whole bunch of patterns- email me at and i'll send you what I have
  21. great stuff grouping by surface texture rather than by just pattern of decor. i just broke a blue marbled one and discovered the color glass is very thin. there is a thicker base color than you would ...
  22. killer jars!!
  23. Great post. I like the consolidated best, but up close the lalique. I need the kralik in my collection though....I have no guesses or research about the mold market but Kralik and others did pieces in...
  24. Although I mostly agree with Craig I think the right step forward it to link all the pieces that have this (football) mark and see if there is a common thread. I will try to do this in another post....
  25. Incredible! Congrats!! I have seen a similar pattern is iridescent but the cutback is unique... my favorite part is the signature- sideways!!!
  26. My vote: Ruckl, Ruckl or kralik, Welz
  27. Mark, does your vase have a luster finish with horizontal lines? What gives Hoffmann away is found in the shape. Send me a pic at and i'll see what I think.
  28. Dang it!! i was totally gonna do this!!!!
  29. Good guesses! 1a kralik 1b welz 2a kralik 2b welz 3a welz 3b kralik 4a welz 4b kralik
  30. 1a welz 1b kralik 2a welz 2b kralik 3a welz 3b kralik 4a kralik 4b welz
  31. Thanks for the vote of confidence, sometimes you have to gamble to learn
  32. One thing that Jitka mentioned is that many of the workers from the south bohemian region at some point moved to Tepliz to work for Welz. Maybe it was the economy, mergers or marriage - but it is like...
  33. Nice piece, very distinctive shape, everyone seemed to make that decor but I think it's a nice vase whatever it is, I agree with the poster
  34. Thanx !! And thanx to collectors that have vision to buy pieces that are non loetz listed in no books or not on museum shelves!
  35. Austro, thank you for approval, great piece! If is ever up for grabs give me a heads up. These pics are invaluable in showing glass families had distinct maker or similarities to other makers. Thank y...
  36. Great piece, just what I like
  37. Looks Italian , maybe 50's??
  38. yes, we need a travel agent. lets all show up for a whole day of glass oogling then go down the street to the bierworks for therapy! I hope this opportunity will be good for the museum to expand the k...
  39. Great design, these were difficult to categorize but i have them under Kralik- Transparent decor- Transparent pulls. These come in several color combos but never with opaque colors; I'm guessing becau...
  40. I should have used more punctuation on the first sentence.
  41. kralik used those colors (especially the base) and the flashing on the lava pieces with the snake. but I have to agree with Al, the design is pure Ruckl based on Deb Truitts sketched catalog and Jitka...
  42. great work, maybe writers of traditional books or curators get nervous when collectors start to solve mysteries like this. social networking is a better way for me because of the speed of discoveries ...
  43. Yes, Passau means Wilder mann (unless you like barge cruises) I was in the Museum, they were moving things all over the place and the lower floors (with all the Kralik-Czech-German 1920's-30's glass) ...
  44. me too, reminds me of Mr potato head
  45. Cant thank you enough for the retailer info
  46. What is the first? I have seen a few three color tango (idea of post!) but I think the first might be how big the piece is 157s are rarely 11"
  47. I love pieces that seem ahead of their time
  48. cool pieces. i categorize them style: 1. enamel birds 2. silhouettes 3. gold deco
  49. bohemian for sure, since everyone made this type of glass truly impossible to know. this gold enameling also appears on many pieces from many makers. the trophy vases have all the colors you see here ...
  50. not to get all technical... but it is a fan vase in catagorized can also be a knuckle vase if catagorized by technique or style. It depends on your display and what you want to show in the...
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