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I am a hairstylist, teacher and Collector of Czechoslovakian glass 1914-1938. This page is to discuss pieces from my collection so, all the pieces you see here are mI am a hairstylist, teacher and Collector of Czechoslovakian glass 1914-1938. This page is to discuss pieces from my collection so, all the pieces you see here are mine. You are welcome to cut and paste any image that I take and do with it as you please without asking (no fraud please). I welcome discussions or picture exchanges. I rarely sell anything but it doesn't hurt to ask... (Read more)


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Kralik Enigma  - Reverse Flame - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz -  with Vienese style Enamel  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Footed bowl by Loetz - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Tango - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czechoslovakian - Releaf powder decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Bambus Decor - Punching bag shape - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Marquetry- Clear base - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mystery Deco Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik - Marquetry - Art Glassin Art Glass
ME - A newly identified Czecho-slovakian producer - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. What a very special piece, I've never seen anything like it- do you guys think it could have been a metal perforated or even cage type mold? Does the protruding glass feel the same as the glass in the...
  2. the color combo
  3. Craig said it best. But I have to say I love this shape- great to see them side by side with the tango type
  4. a similar piece that inspired me...
  5. Crazy piece, I don't know how they imagined this shape, pattern or color!!
  6. Thanx for the interest and for peaceably disagreeing with each other
  7. Thanx for the line drawings, I had not noticed it. ill take a better shot of the foot against black so you can see the foot curves into the flat part. it just fools the eye when its clear like that, i...
  8. phil, cool piece- I can call my pink version of your cup loetz and you can call it Ruckl... I'd rather buy them as ruckl and sell them as loetz, Lol; )
  9. I think Loetz, those handles are just a glass makers technique using a square tool, so it could be anybody... but the majority of tango with that foot is Loetz. send me an email and ill show you other...
  10. got one of these i bought as kralik but holding it in my hand it just doesnt feel right. although I do Believe that Kralik pioneered the gold finish before anybody did
  11. love these but ive been calling them mystery pieces in overshot. Glue chip is what kralik made and Im just not ready to appribute them to kralik yet
  12. love these but ive been calling them mystery pieces in overshot. Glue chip is what kralik made and Im just not ready to appribute them to kralik yet
  13. beautiful piece of glas!! bolek has so many covered dish attributions but i think this one is listed
  14. that yellow and red one is a flaw, sell it to me...AAAAAAAAgh
  16. im gonna have to take this from you someway* )
  17. what the heck!!!
  18. This crap happens, hopefully if you get enough auctions that go through - you can redeem your hope that most people are good to their word. I think if i didn't get burned every once in a while -collec...
  19. any luck my friend?
  20. Ruckl, fantastic piece
  21. ok, this might sound crazy but you might want to look for horizontal cracks running across the edges of the tips, if you see them you can chip them off with a little finger nail push. this makes the h...
  22. HAHA (playin with the big boys now)
  23. ...and inspired this
  24. You got me Homer Simpson over a donut drooling
  25. Hahaha, I love this shape and it looks like it's melting: ) When I got my first one if these I couldn't stop hugging it! Tree hugger/glass hugger same thing really ...
  26. Hi, I'm pretty comfortable with Kralik, 75% comfortable. I'll have to show the decors in this shape if you send me an email. The clincher was an aqua /red Bambus. Although....The colors of the drape p...
  27. Killer shape!
  28. Great example of deductive reasoning, buying enough pieces shows that close is not good enough. Sometimes I would buy a piece that I thought belonged to the same family and I put them side by side (fo...
  29. killer, post some more tom!
  30. Alan- I love your shapes and decors. for some reason I have an affinity for pontil kralik pieces. Any theories to why the same decor exists with two different production methods? I think now you are h...
  31. love those satin glass pieces. i think of them as ruckl but have not done the comparisons to come to that conclusion. Every piece helps in the connection to other pieces
  32. I love this type of three color tango
  33. amazing piece- ive seen many of these blackberry pieces but its nice to see it in a familiar tango shape
  34. ian, if you send me an email ill send you a kralik piece that this might be linked to. basically the pattern is similar to the "cracked earth" or "giraffe" patterns but the decor was never cased and a...
  35. Clichy is a catch all for the glass believed to be from this area- alot of different glass gets mixed up as clichy glass most likely to be spatter glass or cased glass with mixed glass bits (end of day)
  36. nice piece, Welz is my best guess but it might be the usual suspects
  37. yeah, two flowers is rare, pink instead of blue is rare and the handles are rare- Ive only seen 5 out of eighty with handles
  38. very nice, the flowers seem huge!! i think the handles are very rare
  39. haha. i keep a kralik folder of images as well as a ruckl one. I suggest you have a Czech folder for the stuff in transition, haha same problem here. great piece!! i can see a flower pattern or no?
  40. Correct sir!
  41. Love it. let me know if you ever want to part with or get a sister piece. if you email me ill send pics... BTW Ruckl
  42. Shawn, I'm posting in this account using a collection of images that is over 10,000 images strong - my personal collection is under Kralik1928
  43. Fantastic, I bought one years ago in this same decor and a month later the dealer was selling a second one- so these shapes obviously look better pairs. I've only seen two more decors in this shape: r...
  44. I with, this shape is 5 1/2" . There are examples of 12" tho...
  45. love this shape
  46. p.s. we have great light levels in Cali : )
  47. i bid on this sucker!! congratz
  48. cool, love the lid because its glass not pot metal
  49. thanx Ruckle
  50. its a very nice pattern on a rare shape, congratz
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Butler Bros 1929 - for Anne - and all tango lovers!


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