Hi, my name is Judy and I am a Glassaholic. I love art glass and am in awe of the amount of work that goes into a handmade piece. I especially love all the colors Hi, my name is Judy and I am a Glassaholic. I love art glass and am in awe of the amount of work that goes into a handmade piece. I especially love all the colors and designs. Right now my focus is collecting perfume bottles/atomizers. (Read more)


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Movable Wooden Slats with Hand Crank. What is it? 
Wheaton Glass perfume/cologne/toilet water bottle. - Bottlesin Bottles
Green Perfume Bottles - Bottlesin Bottles
Fenton Glass made for DeVilbiss Atomizers - Circa 1941-47 - Bottlesin Bottles
It's NOT Fenton, but WHO made it? DeVilbiss Atomizers - 1949 - Bottlesin Bottles
Just Bottles - Bottlesin Bottles
Studio Art Glass Bottles - Bottlesin Bottles
Filigree Metalwork Perfume Bottles - Circa 1950s - Bottlesin Bottles
Volupte`Atomizers - 1920-1950 - Bottlesin Bottles
DeVilbiss Atomizers/Bottle - WHO made the GLASS? - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Any markings on the bottom or back? It is a very cute design and the paint looks very good. Congrats.
  2. Congratulations! Jmusg20! Ebay encourages sniping. They even have a tool for it, although that's not what they call it. Enjoy your new treasure.
  3. Thanks for the comment, jmusg20. Just keep watching ebay is all I can say. I think I have only seen 2 in the past year. It is a gem. Good luck.
  4. Thanks: racer4four vetraio50vetraio50 aghcollectaghcollect
  5. That vase is DDG! So elegant. The tray is pretty to.
  6. Thank you, racer4four! Thanks, nutsabotas6! Thanks, moonstonelover21! Yours is gorgeous too!
  7. Thanks, racer4four
  8. Thanks, valentino97! Thanks, inky!
  9. Thanks, antiquerose! Another one of their early contractors was Vineland Glassworks. It is just so weird that Fenton made a bottle with a similar design FOR DeVilbiss, but if Frank Fenton said they d...
  10. 4 and 6 are really prettier in person. Hard to get a combo photo and show off the colors. Thanks for the compliment, nutsabotas6.
  11. Thanks, nutsabotas6
  12. Thank you, Elisabethan!
  13. Thanks, Elisabethan.
  14. Aww, thanks, MrsWarren. But YOU have a tiara! :)
  15. Perfumer, I just found the hardware in an old Czech catalog for Johann Umann maker of perfume bottles and atomizers. Circa 1929. They did some pretty elaborate designs and works, but I didn't see anyt...
  16. Here you go. It is a closed group, but I will let you in. :)
  17. Thank you, AmberRose. Yes, they are "happy" colors and they make me smile. :)
  18. Yes, I am. :) Are you on the FB group? IPBA Members INTERACTIVE. Would love to see your Portugal bottle. Here is mine:
  19. Thanks for the Loves: tom61375 racer4four antiquerose aghcollect Perfumer SEAN68
  20. EXCELLENT! Royalty for sure! First guess would be Moser. However the hardware style is also seen on French bottles.
  21. WOW! So elegant! This is my first Boston & Sandwich bottle that I have seen. And with a great bit of information, too. This is what I love about collecting, researching and SHARING.
  22. Thanks, Perfumer. I have an IRICE bottle that the glass was made in Portugal and the flower decoration was made in West Germany and I have no idea where the atomizer was made. Are you a member of the...
  23. Thank you racer4four! I have rearranged them a few times to try and get each one their own "best side" view. Every time I move them, I see something new. That's the beauty of glass and lighting.
  24. Thank you for your kind words, antiquerose!
  25. You certainly have an eye for finding unusual and lovely things.
  26. Yes, DEFINITELY DeVilbiss! 1928-29 It looks in great shape. I would send you a picture of the catalog, if I knew how to do that. It shows the box and display that it came with. The catalog number was...
  27. Very nice! Beautiful intaglio work.
  28. Me WANT! Beautiful!
  29. There looks like there is a maker's mark/tag on the bottom beside one of the blue marbles. I would guess it is part of a vanity set to hold a powder box or a large perfume bottle that was made to be ...
  30. Lovely shape and beautiful color.
  31. Nice decoration!
  32. A very nice Bohemian set. Hard to find those still together and in such good shape. Congrats.
  33. Very pretty.
  34. Looks Austrian or German made to me. IRice aka Irving Rice was a distributor and bought bottles from Europe, Japan and US and sold them to department stores, drug stores, etc. Nice find.
  35. Love that color! Very nice!
  36. WOW! Really unusual and pretty. I have a bottle with a similar atomizer. I believe it may be German. At least European. I am slowly learning to ID the hardware, which is a good step to ID the glass. U...
  37. Very unusual. Love the color.
  38. Nice find! Very pretty.
  39. Thank you, SEAN68! :) I saw your previous comment but I had to replace the photo. :) Thanks again.
  40. Thank you sean 68!
  41. Thanks, icollectglass!
  42. Thanks geo26e Thanks sean68
  43. OK, wrong color. Yours is Independence Blue Carnival. 1976.
  44. It was made by Fenton. Madonna and Child - Cobalt Carnival-1975-76. You should be able to find the Fenton logo on it. It may be inside up near where the clapper is attached. Very pretty.
  45. Elisabethan, Thank you. I really didn't pay that much for these. There are some overpriced. Just keep watching.
  46. YES! It is Westmoreland line 1801!
  47. Thanks, vaentino97. Needs more lighting. I will try again with the sun out. :)
  48. I added a photo of one of them with the tube and dauber out of the bottle so you can see what that looks like.
  49. Thanks, idcloisonne! Several USA companies made this style in the 40-60 era. Stylebuilt, Matson, Guildcrest, Globe, Florenza, Yule to name a few.
  50. Thanks, racer4four! Thanks, nutsabotas6!
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