Hi, my name is Judy and I am a Glassaholic. I love art glass and am in awe of the amount of work that goes into a handmade piece. I especially love all the colors Hi, my name is Judy and I am a Glassaholic. I love art glass and am in awe of the amount of work that goes into a handmade piece. I especially love all the colors and designs. Right now my focus is collecting perfume bottles/atomizers. (Read more)


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DeVilbiss Atomizers Made by Fenton Art Glass - 1941-1947 - Art Glassin Art Glass
DeVilbiss “Perfumizer” Cat #1227 –Fostoria Glass Dandelion Pattern-  1908 - Bottlesin Bottles
DeVilbiss – 1912 - Cat. # E-5 – Cambridge Glass – Mt. Vernon Pattern - Bottlesin Bottles
DeVilbiss Perfume Atomizer– Cat #S750-46 - Glass maker unknown - Bottlesin Bottles
DeVilbiss Perfume Atomizer – Cat #S1250-7-bottle made by Fuger-Taube Glass of West Germany-1953 - Bottlesin Bottles
Large Muted Rose Hand Painted Perfume/Cologne Decanter  - Bottlesin Bottles
Green and Gold Paneled Glass Perfume Bottle aka Slat aka Listovane aka Listovacka - Bottlesin Bottles
Green and Gold Paneled Glass Perfume Bottle aka Slat aka Listovane aka Listovacka - Bottlesin Bottles
Bohemian? Vanity Set - Blue Opaline? with Gold Enamel - Bottlesin Bottles
Hand Painted Atomizer - Green cased glass with heavy gold enamel - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. The production date ranges that I gave you are as close as anyone can get. I currently have the vanity pieces in both colors and have had various vases in these colors. They are lovely pieces from the...
  2. Indeed, this vase is Fenton Rose Overlay 4.5" Squat Vase #203, 1943-48. Documented on page 169-170 of Fenton Glass Compendium 1940-1970 by John Walk. It was also made in Blue Overlay 1943-1953. These ...
  3. Thanks for the comment, katherinescollections. Fenton did not begin their relationship with Wrisley until 1939 and it ended in 1940. Fenton made the well known hobnail cologne bottle for the one year...
  4. Same to you. I have most of the Fenton books, so if I can ever help or look something up I will be glad too. I don't get on here a lot, but if you make a comment on one of my photos, I will get an ema...
  5. Love that yellow. Good deal!
  6. OneGoodFind Thanks. My pleasure. I am a strong believer in sharing the knowledge. I wish I had had it years ago! LOL. I have verified all of this in at least two books and the catalogs.
  7. Hi, jmusg20, Yes, as a matter of fact, I am familiar with Holmspray. Which one/ones do you have? I have some information on a couple of them. I would need a way to send you the .jpg and text though.
  8. Thank you, racer4four. I still have several bottles to collect in the Fenton line. I also collect other DeVilbiss atomizers, but will never have all of them. Too many and too expensive. Cheers.
  9. I LOVE FENTON! Nice dish.
  10. Thanks, TassieDevil and Manikin
  11. Thanks, vetraio50 Thanks, aura
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  13. Thanks, aura!
  14. The nut dish is the Charleton line, but I can't see it to really ID it.
  15. The melon "vase" is Fenton and it is either a cologne bottle or a candle holder. Look inside the neck. If it is ground, it is a cologne, if it is smooth it is a candle.
  16. Thanks, efesgirl
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  19. Thanks for the Loves: VintageMiscVintageMisc vetraio50vetraio50
  20. INKY, I just posted an Ewer just like yours. Did you ever get an ID on this lot? Beautiful, BTW.
  21. Thanks for all the Loves! <3
  22. Thanks for the comparison details. I saw a real Murano Clown at an antique mall last week. Unfortunately, there was a piece chipped off. And the price was too high for the condition. But it was qualit...
  23. Thanks, racer4four. Not the best photo. ;) Thanks for the loves.
  24. Celiene, Ironically, I am already on that group. :o I will look into the Moser. Thanks.
  25. Thank you, martika! Thank you, mareredware!
  26. Thank you, glassiegirl.
  27. WOW! Yes you did!
  28. Thanks, glassiegirl. I need to get a black light again.
  29. Thank you, Celiene, for the links. That first one is gorgeous! I had seen the second one, which I consider to be similar in paint style to mine. I just don't have a firm confirmation of a maker, yet. ...
  30. You did GOOD! Hope you got it for a good price!
  31. Thanks, Gillian Thanks, racer4four Thanks, martika
  32. Thank you Gillian
  33. Thank you. It is my favorite color too. :)
  34. Any markings on the bottom or back? It is a very cute design and the paint looks very good. Congrats.
  35. Thanks: racer4four vetraio50vetraio50 aghcollectaghcollect
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  38. Thanks, antiquerose! Another one of their early contractors was Vineland Glassworks. It is just so weird that Fenton made a bottle with a similar design FOR DeVilbiss, but if Frank Fenton said they d...
  39. 4 and 6 are really prettier in person. Hard to get a combo photo and show off the colors. Thanks for the compliment, nutsabotas6.
  40. Thanks, nutsabotas6
  41. Thank you, Elisabethan!
  42. Thanks, Elisabethan.
  43. Aww, thanks, MrsWarren. But YOU have a tiara! :)
  44. Perfumer, I just found the hardware in an old Czech catalog for Johann Umann maker of perfume bottles and atomizers. Circa 1929. They did some pretty elaborate designs and works, but I didn't see anyt...
  45. Here you go. It is a closed group, but I will let you in. :)
  46. Thank you, AmberRose. Yes, they are "happy" colors and they make me smile. :)
  47. Yes, I am. :) Are you on the FB group? IPBA Members INTERACTIVE. Would love to see your Portugal bottle. Here is mine:
  48. Thanks for the Loves: tom61375 racer4four antiquerose aghcollect Perfumer SEAN68
  49. EXCELLENT! Royalty for sure! First guess would be Moser. However the hardware style is also seen on French bottles.
  50. WOW! So elegant! This is my first Boston & Sandwich bottle that I have seen. And with a great bit of information, too. This is what I love about collecting, researching and SHARING.
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