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I've been collecting Bohemian/Czech glass, of various types, for some years now but only started posting here recently. Both activities can become addictive! PeggyI've been collecting Bohemian/Czech glass, of various types, for some years now but only started posting here recently. Both activities can become addictive! Peggy (Read more)


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Spatter Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Basket - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Candlestick - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Small Iridescent Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau Iridescent Kralik Rose Bowls - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau Iridescent Enamelled Rose Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau Kralik Draped Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau Kralik Draped Iridescent Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Iridescent Art Nouveau Rose Bowls - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Gorgeous Alan and how wonderful to be able to look at this every day :-)
  2. Gorgeous, 60's in their 'heft' but more fluid, less angular than what their counterparts in Europe were doing at the time.
  3. Rick, both the feet and the upward part are attached around the circumference of the base. However the tops of the three large leaves are not attached to the vase higher up. I do now see that the phot...
  4. Thank you, LOUMANAL, I do appreciate your compliment.
  5. Yes, Rick, the variation shown in that pic. is quite marked.
  6. Thank you, Rick. What's more when you handle it you realise that the base is made of two pieces of glass, the feet and the frilly top.
  7. My opinion is based on personal experience of living, shopping and going to 'vide greniers (car boot sales) in France for twelve years. Not all Limoges factories are solely high end....I've come acros...
  8. I think they're lovely too....and the Limoges mark is not necessarily a fake.
  9. This has been a most interesting read.....not to mention the value of seeing how several examples of one spatter can vary, yet clearly be the same spatter. This all takes time, thank you.
  10. Thanks for the loves, eye4beauty, VioletOrange, Moonstonelover, Ivonne, vetraio, mikelv, surfdub, blunderbuss, inky, racer, katherinescollections, kivatinitz, Alan and smiata.
  11. Thanks for the loves, aghcollect, eye4beauty, welzebub, Ivonne, IanBrighton, katherinescollections, vetraio, mikelv, surfdub, racer, inky, kivatinitz and smiata.
  12. Thanks for the loves, welzebub, aghcollect, Moonstonelover, Ivonne, IanBrighton, vetraio, mikelv, blunderbuss, racer, inky, kivatinitz and smiata.
  13. Thank you, katherinescollections, your comment is much appreciated.:-)
  14. Thanks, kivatinitz, your comment is really appreciated, Peggy.
  15. Thank you, kivatinitz, it's pleasing that you find the comparison interesting, Peggy.
  16. Thanks for the loves, Sean, Ivonne, welzebub, aghcollect, surfdub, Moonstonelover, IanBrighton, vetraio, mikelv, robin, blunderbuss, racer, inky and smiata.
  17. Beautiful find....again!
  18. Good call, Karen :-)
  19. A beauty, Ian.
  20. Thank you, scott.....altogether prettier than the other example of the décor.
  21. Indeed, scott, especially when they can be so variable.....
  22. Thank you for your appreciation, Ivonne. This type of Welz is readily available in the UK whereas Art Deco Welz is as rare as hen's teeth.
  23. Thank you again, Craig, for taking a subject, identifying the essential points then presenting them in logical way.
  24. eye4beauty......clearly you took notice at school :-)
  25. Thank you, Craig, and there seems to be no end to the variations on this theme.
  26. Thank you SEAN, prompt and positive as ever!
  27. Further research shows there are four Black Watch tartans plus one specifically for the regimental band and yet another for the ceremonial piper.The mind boggles! No figurine could be clothed in an a...
  28. Sorry for the confusion, Katherine, I said " the fabric on your figurine, though a check (it) is not a tartan.
  29. Elegance personified....if you can say that of a vase!!
  30. Historically each Scottish Clan {family) had it's own unique tartan (complicated woven check)....and only they could wear kilts of that tartan. Scottish Regiments like The Black Watch also have their ...
  31. Another beautiful bowl.....and never two without three!!!
  32. Gorgeous, and always wonderful to gaze at something you never thought you'd own!
  33. Pure, elegant Tango......a treasure :-)
  34. How could we not like them? Each one is beautiful, but together more than the sum of the two I making any sense!
  35. Thank you so much Karen......whether it happens or not!
  36. Thank you so much, Rick, perhaps when the summer, and the gardening, is over :-)
  37. Thank you, SEAN, you're a positive :-)
  38. Sorry, SEAN, I've not seen this before.....
  39. Lovely vase, SEAN. However I doubt that it's Sklo Union.....their bases always had a 'birdbath' shape and were never flat and polished as this looks to be. That isn't to say it's not Bohemian.....
  40. Thanks for the loves, mikelv, Michelle, vetraio, Moonstonelover, racer, katherinescollections, kivatinitz, ozmarty, walksoftly, inky and smiata.
  41. Thanks for the loves, Ivonne, welzebub, surfdub, aghcollect, mikelv, IanBrighton, Moonstonelover, Michelle, vetraio, katherinescollections, racer, freiheit and inky.
  42. Thanks for the loves, welzebub, aghcollect, mikelv, vetraio, moonstonelover, racer, kivatinitz, ozmarty, walksoftly, inky and Alfredo.
  43. Thanks for the loves, ozmarty, Alfredo, AnneLanders, EZa, oldandsilly and scottvez.
  44. I think your trophy vase is Welz. The shape has been seen in two Welz décors, the oxblood décor and the green honeycomb décor, and maybe more. Gardening had to come first today though!!
  45. Thank you, EZa, I think the base of this candlestick is very reminiscent of some of the lovely pieces in your collection....I hope to find more.
  46. Well, thank you, Alfredo, both for the pleasant surprise and for troubling to tell me :-)
  47. These are both beautiful, Ivonne, and in less common colours....congratulations! I've been trying to buy a cranberry one for years :-)
  48. Lovely, Ivonne, I think uneven handles are fairly usual.....of mine three out of four are uneven!
  49. Thank you, katherinescollections, being photographed away from the rest always improves my glass:-)
  50. Thanks Karen, the newer one is also a less common shape and I guess all collectors like that!
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