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I've been collecting Bohemian/Czech glass, of various types, for some years now but only started posting here recently. Both activities can become addictive! PeggyI've been collecting Bohemian/Czech glass, of various types, for some years now but only started posting here recently. Both activities can become addictive! Peggy (Read more)


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Art Nouveau Vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Art Deco Splatter Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik 'Blue Claw' Vase/Bowl/Cache-pot - Art Glassin Art Glass
"Kozoroh" Goat by Pavel Panek ( 1945-) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Art Deco Rose Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf Pulled Feather Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau Bohemian Rose Bowl/Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik? Rindskopf? Opal Glass Vase With Soft Satin Iridescence - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Shell Vase With Iridescent Legs - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Mother-Of-Pearl Bowl With Threading - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thank you SEAN for being so enthusiastic.
  3. Thank you, VioloetOrange and Mac63 for the loves.
  4. SEAN isn't wrong! Simply lovely......
  5. Lovely texture!
  6. I posted mine because I'd seen yours. No aventurine on mine and I can't tell what the black is. Jagsrock has a vase with a metal foot posted which is also similar.
  7. Lovely pots, lovely story!
  8. Magic.....looks like it's fighting a headwind :-)
  9. Thank you surfdub for the love.
  10. Thank you, inky, CindB and Teelrun.
  11. Thanks yesterdaysglass, I really appreciate your comment! :-)
  12. Nice to find someone else who appreciates this hefty glassware, but of course this remains only my opinion! That said your vase could sit amongst my Chribska and look totally right. Good pick!!!
  13. So beautiful, inky. Daffodils in spring snow! :-)
  14. Good morning, Eye......well it's morning here! Your photos tell all. I think your vase is Chribska and furthermore designed by Joseph Hospodka. These designs, from the late 50's, are characterised by ...
  15. Labels make it easy but we haven't got one so humour me! If you place the vase on sheet of paper and draw around the foot what shape do you get?
  16. Eye....not what I was hoping for.....after 1989 the generic 'BOHEMIA Glass' label became gold on blue. Chribska's company label has the logo of a galleon, black on gold. In the U.K. you sometimes find...
  17. Second photo bottom at first sight!
  18. Absolutely love your lion!
  19. Interesting that what remains of the label is blue. Is there anything left of a pale gold foil border and/or wording and logo, also in pale gold? Just how big is it? Looks majestic!
  20. Tango glass is just a name given to brightly coloured glass with a contrast trim. Most commonly made in Czechoslovakia and mostly only marked with country of origin if being exported to America. None ...
  21. Thank you Rick and scottvez.
  22. Lovely lines......surface looks like satin!
  23. Thanks inky:-)
  24. Thanks inky :-)
  25. Thank you, Teelrun, for the love.
  26. Thanks inky:-)
  27. Thank you, colori.
  28. Thank you, antiquerose, Manikin, IanBrighton, welzebub, aghcollecy, southcop, VioletOrange, mikelv, vetraio, Michelleb, colori, racer, SEAN, PatSea, austrohungaro and smiata.
  29. Thanks for the loves, Jewels, southcop, antiquerose, VioletOrange, mikelv, vetraio, racer, SEAN, PatSea and smiata.
  30. Thank you so much, colori, for identifying the type of glass, and confirming my Kralik guess. The collars have the same pattern by the way. I absolutely love your rose bowl, and the veined vase too, b...
  31. Thanks SEAN, I always thought these were solid.......quite a surprise.
  32. SEAN, you're very, very generous!!!
  33. Hi Karen, nice to see you back! We may be in a minority of two here :-) Peggy
  34. Beautiful, so easy to understand why Rindskopf has your heart......
  35. Thank you Alfredo and inky.
  36. Thank you inky and GlueChip for the loves.
  37. Thanks, antiquerose, for such a generous comment.
  38. Thanks inky....I've rather gathered you love blue :-)
  39. Thanks antiquerose, I like your enthusiasm:-)
  40. I've "loved" it and now I see it's attribution! Well done you.....
  41. My mother had one, before the days of tea bags, for making an individual cup of tea from loose leaves.
  42. Love the 'Beefeater' dude for an 800th post!
  43. Thanks, inky, like two little fires :-)
  44. Thank you both, MacArt and Welzebub, you did indeed know better and have kindly taken the trouble to inform me.
  45. Mmmm I find these very appealing.
  46. Handsome, and quite a collection now!
  47. Thank you, Slave-to-glass and PatSea.
  48. Thank you for the loves,PatSea, Weirdpuckett, surfdub, Jewels, aghcollect, smiata, IanBrighton, Michelleb, vetraio, VioletOrange, Hedgewalker, mikelv and SEAN.
  49. Nice to see you, Sean, and thanks for your kind comment.
  50. Thank you, SEAN for the love and the enthusiasm!
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