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I've been collecting Bohemian/Czech glass, of various types, for some years now but only started posting here much later. Both activities can be addictive! PeggyI've been collecting Bohemian/Czech glass, of various types, for some years now but only started posting here much later. Both activities can be addictive! Peggy (Read more)


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Czech Art Deco Spatter Glass Vase on Legs - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Deco Powder Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Art Deco Satin Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau Kralik Rose Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau Kralik Rose Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Creta Glatt Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Welz Sugar Bowl and Creamer  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Welz Thorn Vases.....and a mystery thorn vase. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Welz Triple Thorn Vases  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Spatter Glass Rose Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Aaaah, Phil, yours is definitely Welz and I love it The décor is called oxblood and green and I have a bowl on legs in the same décor.
  2. Astounding......vase 10 has dimples, if in doubt look at its reflection!
  3. Thank you, Windwalker, much appreciated.
  4. Ian.... Take a look at this Interesting either way!
  5. Thank you for the loves, Valentino, swfinluv, antiquerose, iggy, Karen, AnneLanders, OroyOroy... , SEAN, SoiritBear, SteveS, Shawn, VioletOrange and Rustfarm.
  6. No Ian, it's glossy.....but just as hard to find! :)
  7. Thank you for the loves, aura, blundsrbuss, welzebub, IanBrighton, mikelv, NevadaBlades, vetraio, Michelle, philmac, Justanovice, Alan, freiheit, Gruff and scottvez.
  8. Thank you all for the loves, Shawn, philmac, blunderbuss, aura, Karen, SpiritBear, Nicefice, Windwalker, nutsabotas, vetraio, VioletOrange, NevadaBlades, PhilDMorris, courtenayantiques, mikelv, Justan...
  9. Thanks for the loves, Efesgirl, Philmac, mikelv, Manikin, aura, Karen, nutsabotas, vetraio, VioletOrange, NevadaBlades, PhilDMorris, Justanovice, ballisticmelissa, Peasejean and kivatinitz.
  10. Thank you for the loves, nutsabotas, SEAN, IanBrighton, Kyratango, aura, philmac, NevadaBlades, blunderbuss, mikelv, manikin, Shawn, Karen, EZa, vetraio, VioletOrange, Justanovice, Vintagefran and kiv...
  11. Thank you, kivatinitz, you have such lovely glass yourself.......
  12. Do you think they made Russian dolls out of glass???
  13. Thank you, Alan. I particularly like Art Deco satin glass.
  14. No space for new addictions.......
  15. Thanks Fran, the whole handle came off so the repair needed more hands than I've got and I couldn't fit in the rest of the pieces. In all....a mess!
  16. Thank you so much, Kyratango :) You've rescued me from my ignorance. It seems they are still being made today, and furthermore being sold by a company that is proudly displaying it's Royal Warrant. ...
  17. Thank you Shawn, I admit I was quite pleased!
  18. Thank you Fran, now this one is quite rare......
  19. Thanks Fran, they're not all that rare either!
  20. Thanks so much, Fran, it's a favourite of mine too :)
  21. Thanks, Vintagefran, I find it hard to credit that satin glass can feel smoother than other glass......but it can!!
  22. Hi, ozmarty, I've linked this post to a recent post of mine as I think that this elaborate shape may influence ideas on attribution. If this is not acceptable I will delete the link.
  23. I have no idea, but having compared it to the fur collar of a vintage coat I think it's perhaps better.
  24. Thanks a lot CindB, it's so nice to hear from you again :)
  25. I agree, Karen, I do try to stop at three though :)
  26. Thank you, Justanovice, it will always be a favourite and I'm so lucky to have it :)
  27. Thanks, Karen.....I don't know about using it as I fear the puff may be real fur. Enlarge image four and look at how fine the'hairs' are!
  28. It does indeed, Ken, but the designer would get no marks for aerodynamics :)
  29. That sounds interesting, Phil, I look forward to it.
  30. Thank you Shawn, Kralik made so many different, tempting, iridescent rose bowls!
  31. The pink legs are what interest me.....not commonly seen with Art Deco spatter!
  32. What a delight Shawn, I love applied flowers!
  33. Thank you Shawn, yes but very different from the Deco one to which I think you're referring.
  34. Difficult.....the Ruckl catalogue page published in Truit II (page 75) shows drawings of various spatter décors with black pulls. The pulls are irregular, but nevertheless pulls. These two vases have ...
  35. Wonderful, SEAN, and the piece I love most in your Arabia collection!
  36. Thank you, SEAN, certainly vivid!
  37. Thank you, nutsabotas, generous as ever.
  38. Thanks Ian. I particularly like the Oxblood and Green one as it's a less common décor and a less common shape.
  39. @AnneLanders lol this time I'm not taking you seriously! I am however going to send you a picture of the prettiest basket I've ever seen. I'd buy it if I could get the mortgage.....
  40. Looking forward to the corolleries, Ian.
  41. I love this décor, particularly in green, a favourite colour of mine. Whilst recognising my own bias, my first thought was Welz. Welz made this décor in pink and green, with and without mica. Welz ...
  42. Congratulations! your bay at the antiques co-op looks professional and very tempting. Good luck! A red version of the yellow vase appears in vol. II of the Truitt books, though not identified.
  43. Nice that you agree it's rare, kivatinitz. Sometimes what you think is rare is no such thing!
  44. Thank you Ian, smiles all round :)
  45. Thank you so much, kivatinitz, as ever you are generous in your comment!
  46. C'est incroyable......j'ai tapé et immediatement j'ai eu acces au tout les enchères. Je ne comprend pas.....pourquoi c'était assez simple aujourdhui?
  47. At least jewelry takes up less space!
  48. You are temptress !! I have seen that one as my searches are set to European wide. I only use a computer so no apps. I should try it again, and persist!
  49. Thank you, kyratango, she said through gritted teeth! Just joking, but I would have loved it. I would love to be able to get into
  50. Thank you for the loves, Gruff, Karen, Justanovice, vetraio, mikelv, EZa, nutsabotas, SpiritBear, Manikin and NevadaBlades.
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