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I've been collecting Bohemian/Czech glass, of various types, for some years now but only started posting here recently. Both activities can become addictive! PeggyI've been collecting Bohemian/Czech glass, of various types, for some years now but only started posting here recently. Both activities can become addictive! Peggy (Read more)


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Welz Lidded Bowl ? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Tri-lobed Heart - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Art Nouveau Martelé Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Art Deco Spatter Glass Rose Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Art Deco Spatter Glass Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Spatter Glass Shell Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Goldberg Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Maze Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Small Iridescent Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Glass Basket - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I think you have the lovelier of the two, Michelle. Perhaps because the medallions are so pleasingly placed on the vase.....but also I like the more muted tones of the birds.
  2. Thank you for the loves, SEAN, Ivonne, welzebub, Michelle, Justanovice and IanBrighton.
  3. Thank you for the loves, Alan, Nordicman, Moonstonelover, Gillian, mikelv, VioletOrange, katherinescollections, vetraio, antiquerose, facer, Michelle, rucklczglass, Rick, ozmarty, inky, kivatinitz, Ia...
  4. Thank you, Rick, it's very distinctive.
  5. Thank you for the loves, Alfredo, antiquerose, Rick, ozmarty, inky and Ivonne
  6. Thank you for the loves, Alan, Alfredo, shareurpassion, antiquerose, Rick and Ivonne.
  7. Hi Michelle, good to have your view. I too think they have Welz characteristics but I've been paying attention, and have stopped counting chickens :-)
  8. My heart goes out to you, and I'm sure many more will feel just the same. My profile picture allows me to see my darling Moses....daily.
  9. Yes, Michelle, it's a pretty red and the translucence helps.
  10. I'm glad of that ,Craig, and of course the atypical one is more interesting.
  11. Thank you Rick, the colours are full on and virtually obliterate the spiral shape.....
  12. antiquerose.....yes you did,did,did,did and did :-)
  13. shareurpassion, thank you.....well I'm certainly glad to have found it!
  14. It's like a mini encyclopaedia.....thanks!
  15. I'm surprised no-one has come along and remarked that that shape of foot is seen on Kralik double thorn vases! Also Kralik did shell vases with a spiral form...... Of course I'm no kind of expert!
  16. Glad you like it too, Sean. Thanks!
  17. Thanks for all your comments, Ian, interesting!
  18. I know, scott.....:-)
  19. I wasn't whingeing when I said it probably didn't make the cut :-) I'm hoping to find green Welz.
  20. I'd have to agree, scott.....I need more shelves!!
  21. I love has a grandeur all its own.
  22. The 'cachepot' is wonderful, and the history of the company interesting, too.
  23. I'm always a pushover for pink and green, but I think this out and out beautiful!
  24. Thank you sooo much, inky. I love them, but Michelle identifies the flowers :-)
  25. Thank you for ALL the loves, Ivonne, they're much appreciated :-)
  26. Hi Ivonne, I had noticed your absence, nice to hear from you again. Serendipity! .... it is raspberry coloured. Lucky you, raspberries long gone here!
  27. Wonderful post and so helpful! In image two, far right.....Is that one Bubbles and Spots?
  28. Thank you Michelle, it is! I keep a ruler next to my computer for moments like this and though it is tiny it has all the characteristics of the other examples of irregular 'martelé'. I think the shad...
  29. Just so, Ian, the rim of the green one is highly polished, as I think I said when I posted it.
  30. Yes, I see the disadvantage of craquelé, so webbed or cobweb then, Craig :-)
  31. welzebub, thank you again, and perhaps specifically for some idea of the economics of spatter. This would have been very important, though not something collectors think that much about!
  32. Hi Rick, sometimes 'a lovely piece of glass' can outweigh knowing the maker! Thanks for commenting.
  33. Hi Michelle. I always welcome your 'two cents' as you bring evidence based information which benefits us all. I was particularly interested in your comments on colour. In other spheres e.g. textiles, ...
  34. Image three The black bowl does in fact bear tool marks, in spite of the crimps being more shallow......
  35. Just so, Karen, I'm very fond of this one.....gone straight to the mantelpiece!
  36. Thanks antiquerose....but not as dazzling as your link!!
  37. Craquelé is also used to describe a paint effect which causes irregular surface cracks on painted furniture......
  38. Can we find a name that recognises its irregularity?......was what I meant to suggest, but clearly didn't. Can we give it some thought and come back to it, perhaps? My only idea so far is 'craquelé...
  39. Essentially the raised pattern is
  40. Nothing wrong with your logic but in an English speaking forum why the French?
  41. Good visit so far, then!
  42. I love these. I got as far as the lion and the hippo.... I hope you have better luck!
  43. I do see the differences.....but I see it as no more than a variation. A maker wanting to be a little different, perhaps.
  44. palmé, ée adj. Dont les doigts sont réunis par une membrane. Pattes palmées. This word has only one, specific meaning. Zool. Méd. and Bot. and I personally won't be calling this pretty vase 'web...
  45. Hi welzebub, Would you clarify what you mean by the sentence, 'I do not considor .................... the ribbed décor'.
  46. No need for 'sorry' Alan, but glad you too like the colour!
  47. Thank you, Nordicman, Moonstonelover and Gillian, your lovely comments are really appreciated :-)
  48. Thank you, Alan, it's the colour I love.
  49. Lovely and well named.....they looked icy before I read their name!
  50. Thank you to, antiquerose, EZA, Justanovice and live.eclectically for the loves and to rucklczglass for the love and the comment.
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