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I've been collecting Bohemian/Czech glass, of various types, for some years now but only started posting here recently. Both activities can become addictive! PeggyI've been collecting Bohemian/Czech glass, of various types, for some years now but only started posting here recently. Both activities can become addictive! Peggy (Read more)


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Small Iridescent Harrach Vase on Three Ball Feet - Art Glassin Art Glass
Small Welz Vases with Six Spiral Ribs - Art Glassin Art Glass
Small Welz Ribbed Vases.....Five Clear Feet - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Lidded Jar - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Trophy Vases and Small Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Art Deco Ruckl Tango Glass Rose Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau Iridescent Rose Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Iridescent Art Nouveau Kralik Veined Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Reverse Painted Glass Light Shade - Lampsin Lamps
Welz Fairy Lamp or Mini Jardinière and Pedestal - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I think I may have some Rainham pottery. My sister in law and family lived there and once gave us a gift that she said came from their 'local' pottery. Dates fit.
  2. Hi Fran, my email is in my profile perhaps you could try emailing me, Peggy
  3. These three pieces are amazing much more than what we think of as 'cut crystal' Once again it all comes back to the designer.....I simply adore this one!!!
  4. Hello Rick...don't they say, Great minds think alike?
  5. And I was only joking about you crossing the world on a glass hunt.....I really should have known better! You must have thought you'd died and gone to heaven :-)
  6. Thanks, CindB, for a lovely compliment.
  7. Thank you for the compliment, Rick. These are the only two I've seen with this type of rib.....that'll ensure a flood of them :-)
  8. What I found interesting was the way the decor changes the 'visibility' of the ribs. Something I hadn't really noticed until I saw my photographs!
  9. Thank you again, Rick, you're generosity itself!
  10. Thanks Rick.....some spatters are more appealing than others, perhaps :-)
  11. And I suppose the man, flat out, is a reminder to drink in moderation :-)
  12. It is indeed beautiful, but your real good fortune is to live in France, where such finds still happen!
  13. My CONGRATULATIONS too, :-)
  14. This is one of my favourite décors too, and I don't have one......yet :-)
  15. I do like him....I hope he's staying:-)
  16. There's a MATA brewery....could it be commemorating something?
  17. Thanks for the loves mikelv, kivatinitz, smiata, SEAN, Michelle, surfdub and jbingham.
  18. Hi mikelv and thank you......always great to get a 'wow' :-)
  19. Thanks for the loves, smiata, VioletOrange, SEAN, Michelle, surfdub and jbingham.
  20. Thanks for the loves, kivatinitz, nutsabotas, smiata, VioletOrange, IanBrighton, SEAN, Michelle and surfdub.
  21. Lovely idea, Michelle.....perhaps something white that won't argue with the décor!
  22. Thanks for the loves, kivatinitz, smiata, stwillia, VioletOrange, glassmadshaz, Vintagefran, Moon, Michelle and surfdub.
  23. Hi Fran, thanks for your comment. I'm coming across quite a few different types of ribbing on Victorian Welz.
  24. Thank you for the loves, Manikin, welzebub, vetraio, IanBrighton, VioletOrange, racer, mikelv, glassmadshaz, Vintagefran, Michelle, ozmarty and surfdub.
  25. On my vase the three that form the base are solid, but the top one is hollow, effectively the base of the vase.
  26. Oooh, Michelle, the enamelling really sets it off to perfection. Is the ball solid or hollow? Thank you for sharing.
  27. Thank you for the information, Michelle and I look forward to seeing yours:-)
  28. It's lovely that the back of the spoon handle is also decorated.
  29. Thank you, kivatinitz, as ever I value your opinion.
  30. Hi Fran, it gets worse! As both Karen and you remember this shape I went looking for it and found a post by Alfredo with a four ball base. And yes I'd 'loved' that too!
  31. The tiger and rhino (love his stripes) are gorgeous too.....just appeal to a different aesthetic! If the zoo has to close just let me know :-)
  32. I adore the heron/plover.....the head and body, though different sizes, are almost the same shape.....just strategically placed to depict a bird to perfection! Some designer.....whoever s/he is.
  33. And what's more, Karen, when I went to Moonstonelover's link I found I had 'loved' her vase.....then totally forgotten it!
  34. Thank you for the compliment. However it is not an 'end of day' random mix of colours. If you have the time to look at my three previous posts you will see that all four feature the same spatter. This...
  35. thank you for the loves, kivatinitz, Moonstonelover, Ivonne, Katherinescollections, SEAN. aghcollect and smiata.
  36. I am coming round to believing you, you know :-)
  37. Ivonne, my take on it is that if they're the work of a known designer it's Art Glass. I do understand your reservations, though, when it comes to pressed glass. A simple process yes, but some designer...
  38. Hmmmm, Craig, this one I bought for a bit of a fun price too! Three times I've decided against bidding on Welz of them is bottom left in your link! Niggles me now....
  39. I agree SEAN, and probably quite rare.....thanks for troubling to comment!
  40. Yes, Ivonne.....just the same angle! We'd say the figurine is standing 'arms akimbo'. Also may I ask why you post some of your vases in glassware? I'd think they were Art Glass. This is why I'm late...
  41. Gosh, Lee, I am stunned.....but very happy. Thank you very much.
  42. They are so fine and delicate....and how wonderful to have six. My mother would have simply ADORED these.
  43. I do love the abstract brooch.....and isn't it annoying when the camera rules the roost!
  44. These are so visibly the work of an artist.....just look at the colour of the classy.
  45. So pretty, Fran.....and the painting looks very nicely done too.
  46. Thank you for the loves, IanBrighton, welzebub, aghcollect, vetraio, katherine, racer, fortapache, SEAN, mikelv and antiquerose.
  47. I agree SEAN, thanks for commenting :-)
  48. Thank you for the loves, IanBrighton, aghcollect, welzebub, vetraio, katherine, racer, scottvez, fortapache and mikelv.
  49. Yes mikelv, interesting how different décors can emphasise or obliterate the ribs or even change your perception of what you are seeing.
  50. Thank you for your loves, katherine, Ivonne, aghcollect, IanBrighton, welzebub, vetraio, racer and mikelv.
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