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  1. Such a shame !! "Oh well stick a plant in it & shove it in the garden " :-)) lol
  2. Its lovely , I love the glazes & the fish!! Like me too , box it and file it !! ;-)) lol
  3. It really is a cool bird bath !! I love the lizard !! ;-)
  4. Love the colours , it looks big !! What size is it ?? :-)
  5. Love it , also never seen one with an inner lid !! Cool find ;-)
  6. Beautiful vase !! I think oriental is one of the best !! Love it !!! :-))
  7. A beauty ;-))
  8. I love it !! Looks like a mafia tile , the dons gathering ;-)) lol
  9. Love it :-))
  10. Cool !!
  11. Love deco!! this is very nice ive never seen one before !!
  12. Thanks for your loves mikelv85, vetraio50 & racer4four :-)))
  13. Thanks art.pottery for your info it would be a very small flower pot !! I have seen larger ones that are for flowers but unglazed inside, just seems too small to me ! Sd
  14. Thanks vetraio50 for your love :-)
  15. Hi racer4four, thanx for your love ;-) I dont think its big enough for a strawberry pot! The crescent shape hole goes right to the bottom & not very wide , I think it would be bigger & more evenly h...
  16. Thanks mikelv85 for your love :-) thanx Valentino97 for your thoughts ,I dont think its a hanging pot as holes are too big & out of line !! ;-) mystery!!
  17. Thank you sean for your love ;-)))
  18. Love the colours of this one think ive only ever seen them in greens & yellows :-)
  19. Thanx sean for your love ;-) What do you think its for ??
  20. Thanks sean love yours too !! Ive learnt a lot from being on c/w :-)
  21. Thanks for the loves virginia.vintage & aghcollect :-))
  22. Love your plate, definatly quimper style.. Looks like the pottery was designed & made by an abstract potter !! If you were there and seen it youd definatly visit it !!
  23. Thanks vetraio50 for the love ;-))
  24. Your welcome antiquehunter1, a load of excellent quality pottery came out of cornwall & the people who made this also worked at the famous st ives bernard leach pottery for a while, I think you can s...
  25. Bonhams should know !!
  26. Could be crowan studio pottery mark its very similar ;-)
  27. Forgot to mention I think theyre great !!! Sd
  28. Spooky!! The ones in the mummy contained the mummy's eyes , brains etc all the bits they take out before they bound them up!! Hope theyre empy...!! Lol ha!! ;-)))) or they could be spice jars ?? ...
  29. How strange , ive never seen one before then 2 come along at the same time , love it lots !! :-)))
  30. So cute !!;-)
  31. Their beautiful , i love them ...:-)) think chinese rather than japanese are there any marks at all ?? Im with vetraio50 on this one ;-)
  32. Cool :-)
  33. Very colourful love it ;-))
  34. What a cool find !!! I love it :-) your so lucky ..
  35. Thanks ho2coltcha for your love
  36. Definatly oriental looks!! More photos would be helpful different angles and the base .. love it !! Dont let the gold lions make you think oriental as ive got a pair of Iranian vases also oriental in...
  37. I really love these , the colours are awsome ;-))
  38. Thanks nutsabotas6 mikelv85 & racer4four for you loves:-)))
  39. Lov the typical jug shape and the coulours are awsome
  40. Thank you vetraio50 geo26e mikelv85 & racer4four for your loves :-)
  41. Hi jensen ;-) many many thanks for your help as it is really hard to find anything to do with this pottery which I think is strange seeing as it ran for over 150 years, also closing in 2000 you would...
  42. Great jug , very unusual , I wondering if it could be from portugal ;-)
  43. Ace colour ;-)
  44. Love this !!!
  45. Thank you for the loves ho2coltcha & maryh1956, & thanx mary for thaf link and your nice comment :-)
  46. Beautiful shape !!
  47. Lovely colourful jug !! :-)
  48. Love it !! :-)
  49. Great colours and style a bonus to be signed too as So many arent!! Love it !!
  50. I love clarice cliff designs especially the bizarre range with all the bright colours, I used to have a side dish like this one in green but in a different country style pattern !! Cool find ;-)
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