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Artglass Silver top vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Stunning Owl Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Welz/Kralik Spiraloptisch Green glass vases ??? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Scheurich pot. - Potteryin Pottery
Tekt u.s.s.r ceramic girl - Potteryin Pottery
Fangfoss Pottery Bowl - Potteryin Pottery
Kosta body??  snowball candle holder - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Holmegaard'DANICA'Dohnut Decanter - Bottlesin Bottles
Chinese rice bowl ?? - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
The Boss!  - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Thankyou Manikin Valentino97 Aura Karenoke & Vetraio50 for your loves:-))
  2. Could be guilded bronze!! Lovely dragon!!!! Just wondering if the hole in its mouth goes to the opening bit on the base?? Could be an oil burner cigarette lighter
  3. Thankyou for your loves Melaniej LovelyPat & Sklo42
  4. Nutsabotas6 ... mice!! Lol Thanks for your love and cool comments..;-)
  5. Thanks Lentilka11 for your love;-)
  6. Thanks jscott0363 for your love and cool comments!! There's something about owls isn't there ..
  7. Thanks mikelv85 for your love ;-)
  8. Looks to be Stirling standard silver & poss mother of pearl!! Possibly from a necklace . Nice item with the seal & ball !! Possibly European. . Can't tell you more
  9. Stunning m8 !! What a find !!
  10. Stunning m8 !! What a find !!
  11. Cool find !
  12. Thank you mikelv85 & Bijoucaillovintage for your loves :-)
  13. Thankyou jscott0363 & Bijoucaillovintage for your loves :-)
  14. Ivonne :-) Many thanks for your i-d on these vases .. much appreciated;-) sd
  15. Thanks vetraio50 Jimam & Aura for your loves :-)
  16. Thanks Valentino for your love and kind comment!! Yes Ivonne was spot on. !! :-)
  17. A beauty !! Love it :-)
  18. Looks like a manhole lid lifter .. Put it in slot ,turn it & lift
  19. Thanks Manikin Brunswick & Nutsabotas6 for your loves ,:-)
  20. Welzebub ,people like you are what makes C\W awsome!! Many thanks ,sd
  21. Thanks Scottvez for your love:-)
  22. Thank you Welzebub !! What an amazing story !! Many thanks for your love and cool comments & that awesome link
  23. Thanks Ivonne for your love & suggestions ;-)
  24. Many thanks MALKEY for your love and cool comments.. Hopefully!! ;-)
  25. Thanks roddyq for your love :-)
  26. Rick55 . Garbage is like household rubbish ?? Ours get collected by a bin lorry but things like garden waste & large things go to recycling centres :-)
  27. Rick55 .. There's a skip at our local recycling centre for old crockery & tiles & it came out of there.. like a few of my items ????
  28. Thanks for your loves - Melaniej Fortapache Racer4four Vetraio 50 Blunderbuss2 Beyemvey Brunswick Kivatinitz Aura & Maryh1956 ;-))
  29. Thanks Rick55 for your love and cool comments .. A skip is normally what a builder would use to get rid of his rubbish.. I think in the US they call them dumpster ????
  30. Thanks for your loves - Kerry10456 Bijoucaillouvintage Brunswick & Mikelv85 ;-))
  31. Thanks jscott0363 for your love & cool comments.. I think they're pretty awesome too !:-)
  32. Thanks Aura & Vetraio50 for your loves:-))
  33. Thanks Alan, for your love & cool comments , it possible does say west germany :-)
  34. Thanks Efesgirl & Aura for your loves :-)
  35. Thanks vetraio50 for your love and awsome comments /i-d it's much appreciated!! The link is AWSOME !;-)
  36. Hi Rick55. Yes me too . If it was white it would look just like a snowball ..
  37. Thanks for your loves- Beyemvey Brunswick & kivatinitz .. also thanks kivatinitz for the cool comments . I seen a few different ones on the Web that are similar but only the kosta one looked e...
  38. Thanks racer4four this one's about 90mm high :-) Thanks ivonne for your love :-)
  39. Thanks for your loves Efesgirl Aura Mikelv85 Jlmam & jscott0364 for your love & cool comments .. It's certainly different!!
  40. Thanks for your loves - Mikelv85 & Jlmam :-))
  41. Thanks jscott0363 for your love & cool comments.. yes I like it cos it at x he's others in my collection :-)
  42. I wouldv bought it too !! Love it !:-)
  43. Thanks kivatinitz for your love;-) I would of thought there would be more in Europe than here !!
  44. Thanks Caperkid & Ted_Straub for your loves:-)
  45. Thanks - Mikelv85 Beyemvey & Swfinluv1 for your loves :-)
  46. Thanks Rick55 for your love & kind comments . Yes it looks pretty cool :-)
  47. Thanks for your loves - Brunswick Vetraio50 Martika Sklo42 Aura Bijoucaillouvintage Jscott0363 & racer4four;-)
  48. Thanks racer4four I'll let him know !! Cheers He's actually let a Chinese specialist have it for valuation.. I'll post what happens as & when .. Apparently it's ancient Chinese & hand made & cou...
  49. Fine with me RICHIEROBS !! :-) LOL
  50. It's definitely signed!! Lol
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