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HOLLAND - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
SONJA TEMPLETON colourful bowl - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
ARTFI` Redware jug - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
HEAVY GLASS SWEET/BISCUIT JAR, Czech - Glasswarein Glassware
blue glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
SMF Germany - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
DENMARK - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
old head mustard pot!!  - Kitchenin Kitchen
copeland jelly mould - Kitchenin Kitchen
prayer mat??  - Asianin Asian


  1. Thanx sean ;-)) it is quite nice !!! Thanx for your love & comments ;-))
  2. I love this one !! I'd use it as a candle holder :-)))
  3. Love it !! Also love the write up!!
  4. It looks lovely ;-)))
  6. These are very cute !!
  7. Thanx bratjdd & weirdpuckett for your loves;-))) Weirdpuckett!!! Im thinking about the vino!!! Lol
  8. It must be nice you should list it;-))
  9. Brilliant shape , I love it ;-)))
  10. Love the shape ;-))
  11. Love it !!! Never seen one before or heard of this potter , thats what I like about cw, especially when you get a write up like this.. ;-)))
  12. Lovely !! I'd use it for nuts;-))) to go with my sangria;-))) lol
  13. Thank you weirdpuckett for your love and kind comments;-))
  14. Its a beauty , love the shape & colour :-)))
  15. Beautifully stunning !! I love its plainness & colour ,, looks like a quality piece :-))
  16. Thanx racer for your loves :-)))
  17. Thank you jewels & racer4four for your loves;-)) Well racer, im glad that they've got no taste!! Its what makes collecting fun , when you can pick up a piece like this for next to nothing, . ;-)))
  18. Thank you AGalWithGlass for you two cents of knowledge its very much appreciated;-)))
  19. Thanx gracay2004 & vetraio50 for your loves :-))
  20. Hi Zowie is it signed like this one ???
  21. Thanx vetraio50, mikelv85, & zowie for the lovez :-)))
  22. Thank you zowie for your love & kind comments , I hope you stay safe and have a great day too ;-))) sd
  23. Thanx virginia.vintage mikelv85 zowie & Vetraio50 For your loves :-))
  24. Thanx sean & agh for your loves ;-)))
  25. Thanx aghcollect for your love:-)))
  26. Thanx aghcollect for your love;-))
  27. Thanx again sean , its my favorite find of the month !! Thanks for your kindness and love ;-))
  28. Thanks sean for the love .. I love it too !!
  29. Thanks mikelv85 for your love :-))) thanks sean for your kind comment & your love;-)))
  30. Thanx racer4four for your love ;-))
  31. Thank you TallCakes, its czech 50s :-)) cool!! I thought it was older & may be irish!! But czech is even better , I love it even more now ! :-)?? What do you think its for ??? Thanx mikelv85 for ...
  32. Cool cat , love the messy book case;-))
  33. Definatly lustre , we see a lot of these in uk...all different colours with the copper lustre . dunno who makes them though , I always thought they were german but really dont have a clue!! Ill keep...
  34. This worcester mark is c 1944-55 .. from the BRITISH POTTERY & PORCELAIN marks handbook :-))) Love it !! I always look for the face or mask head jugs but aint found one yet !!
  35. Looks like a warning think it says something like- Its against the law for re-sale or re-use of this bottle..! I think the long word on the base is HONGKONG.. its a great shape I love it !!
  36. Thank you icloisonne for ur love & knowledge & shareurpassion for your loves & kind comments , thanks to vetraio50 racer4four Valentino97 for your lovez... :-)
  37. Thanx moonstonelover21 & aghcollect for your loves :-))
  38. Thanx mikelv85 for your love ;-))
  39. Pretty little vase !! Love cloisonné!! ;-)))
  40. Luscious!! Love the brightness of the colours ;-)
  41. Great colouring!!
  42. Very cool, love it :-)
  43. Hi Antiquehunter1, youve got a piece of Poole pottery uk . made between 1959 & 1977 pattern no. 288 Pool pottery has a very good website with all the info you need inc makers marks . There are ...
  44. Thanks geo26e vetraio50 racer4four & cormoran1925 , for your loves :-)
  45. Love it !! Also love vetraio50 s knowledge!! ;-)
  46. Thanx sean , for you love and kind comment ;-) Thanx aghcollect for your love :-)
  47. Thanx fanciGirl, he does look like a cute happy dog:-) Sd
  48. Thanx fanciGirl, for your kind comments :-) Sd
  49. Oh yes !! Its Japanese , kutani :-)
  50. Possibly 1950s ish but I have seen this mark with other marks from late 1800s. if it azs english I would say 30s-50s.. I love everything about it ;-)
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