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Hand painted - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
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  1. I think it looks a bit like volcanic rock ??? Maybe from one of the hawaian islands or similar!! I love these sort of things , think he's really cool !!! Sd
  2. Thanx vetraio50 for the love..:-) after thinking about it a lot I think it may possibly be a french milk jug!!
  3. Thanx sean68 , antiquerose & trunkman ;-) fof your loves
  4. Yes antiquerose you can't not love animals !!! Hes a lovely little pup very loving and loves people !!! Everybodys friend ;-) called Buddy!! .sd
  5. Thanx for the loves mikelv85 racer4four kerry10456 aghcollect weirdpuckett & sean68 ;-)))
  6. Thanx for your kind comments racer4four & AmberRose, I think the glaze is really cool & love the bright colouring , I can see cocktail pitcher influence, I wonder if its a fruit juice pitcher!! Ive n...
  7. Thanx antiquerose , yes funny to see two with the exact same marks and totally different designs , thanx for looking :-) Also thanx to evryone for the loves :-)
  8. Love it !! F.S.A I would'v thought it would be the stuff inside , as thre wouldv been more than one !!! It looks great what a find !!!! Sd
  9. Beautiful , very decorative ;-)
  10. Great shape !! Look at that handle !!!!!
  11. Hi antiquerose did you see my hand painted plate with the exact same mark , listed about a week ago ?? This is the second mark ive ever seen for this maker !! Looks great :-) sd
  12. Definatly a majolica style leaf !! Looks like its done very nicely , id put it on the sideboard with some sweets in it !!! :-)
  13. Thanx manikin :-)
  14. I love them Cogito!! There were so many tile makers arount the time these were made !!! Off the top of my head the three main ones to me are Minton, Doulton, one I thought it may be is Johnson bros b...
  15. Thanx idcloisonne;-)
  16. Thanx icloisonne for thst tip I was gonna use araldite two part epoxy!! May use it to stick down the dog next time !!!lol :-)
  17. Thanx geo26e, aghcollect, icloisonne for the love ...;-j
  18. Thanx mikelv85 for the love & welcomed comments , much appreciated it seemed unusual to me to have the foot rim so had to have it even with the crack !! Ill get the glue out and have a go later;-) ...
  19. A beauty !!!!
  20. Thanx racer4four, vetrao50 .. it was a lovely piece !! Or shall I say pieces! Lol ;-)
  21. Thanx racer4four yes its a great pattern ;-)
  22. thanx mikelv85,tom61375
  23. Thanks maryh1956 , to me it looks like newish so poss a copy !! Definatly looks frenchy also thanx for your time and comments they're much apreciated !! Thanks for the loves aghcollect, maryh1956, ra...
  24. Thanx vetraio50 ;-))
  25. Thanx nutsabotas6 ive tried that one but cant find the mark , still looking !! Many thanx sd
  26. Love them all especially the shape of the green one ;-))
  27. Love it !! Ive got some mexican myself & theyre some of my favourites;-))
  28. Is it what they call murano ?? Looks great !!
  29. Absolutely lovely!!! Oriental again :-)
  30. Love all of them !! Ive got some mary gregory style in cranberry & recently picked up some clear vases with white floral painting but unsure about them , theyre listed if you know about glass you may...
  31. Love oriental !!!
  32. Looks like ALOUTA ?????TZ ?????
  33. I really love this one !!! How cool !!!
  34. thanx tom61375, blunderbus2 & jueboo for your loves ;-]
  35. thanx racer4for & maryh1956 for your loves ;-]
  36. thanx maryh1956 for your love ;-]
  37. thanx maryh1956 for your love ;-]
  38. hi mikelv85 , it reminds me of Africalike a tribal shield .... I love its colours !! ;-]
  39. Love it, looks great !!
  40. Many many Thanx maryh1956 as your comments lead to this find ;-))))
  41. Just found a similar one on ebay in france so possibly french and listed as a 60s basset hound water pitcher!! Its in a chocolate brown colour !! Sd
  42. Yes sean it is a beutiful little cup , I wish I could find more of this one , it would be nice to have a large plate with thix pattern !!! Thanks sd
  43. Thanx sean68, racer4four for the loves :-)))
  44. Thanx sean68, tom61375 for your loves :-))
  45. Thanks maryh1956, for your comments , you've given me a new lead to follow ( funny - lead & dog ) lol .. I have seen that sort of thing whilst on hols in spain , just didnt click!! Many thanx sd
  46. Thanx kerry10456, mikelv85, geo26e, vetraio50, sean68, racer4four for your loves :-)))
  47. Mikelv85 .. its totally confused me !! I thought chinese at first but know some english potteries did similar patterns but I cant find it anywhere!! Sd thanx geo26e , vetraio50
  48. Thanx manikin :-))))
  49. Thanx mikelv85 ;-))
  50. Thanx aghcollect;-))))
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