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Whitefriars large glass ribbon trail bowl  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art glass fish .. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Turquoise and clear art glass dish  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Whitefriars triangle bubble glass dish - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Glass vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Swagger or wave patterned glass jug - Glasswarein Glassware
Art Glass vase by GOLKAR (jack-in-the-pulpit/ Persian sprinkler) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano BLUE GLASS CONCH SHELL  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage BERMUDA POTTERY - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Thanks inky for your love and cool comments :-)
  2. Thank you manikin & sklo42 for your loves :-)
  3. Thanks Efesgirl for your love & cool comments.. I find all sorts in there :-)
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  5. Thanks shareurpassion I'm in stitches lol You Hit the nail right on the head !! I've just done the same again with a red bowl that I'm about to list!! Thanks for your love and cool comments ;-) ...
  6. Thanks mikelv85 Czechglass5 & Manikin for your loves:-)
  7. Thanks GeodeJem :-)
  8. Hi GeodeJem, i listed a similar one of these a week ago ish !! Mines blue .. Take a look ,
  9. Hi GeodeJem, I think there are a few makers out there that do similar ones !! This one's on the whitefriars website .. Thanks for your love and cool comments :-)
  10. That's the best shape buggy i think !! :-) Love it!
  11. Thanks mikelv85 Alan2310 & Bijoucaillovintage for your loves :-))
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  13. Thanks Eli68 & Sklo42 for your loves :-)
  14. Thankyou swfinluv1 for your love & cool link !! It's very similar but mine is definatly not signed thanks for your help. I'll look on web & see if i can find more about kevelv's :-)
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  16. Thanks mikelv85 for your love ;<}
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  22. Thanks Karenoke Iggy & Fortapache for your loves ,:-)
  23. Thankyou racer4four whitefriars & Dartington i love ,and it's still quite cheap to pick up in places , except the rarer ones!! Thanks for your love and cool comments:-)
  24. Thank you aura Manikin Vetraio50 Fortapache Mikelv85 Gargoylecollector Ted_Straub & Antiquerose for your loves ;-)
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  30. Thank you Antiquerose for your love & cool comment .. I wonder where ?
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  33. Thank you racer4four for your cool comments .. I've seen them before but can't remember where or when ;-)
  34. Thanks mikelv85 for your love;-)
  35. For setting the teeth !! I see now ????
  36. Wondering maybe a book stand base maybe music?? As they're thin at the top & portable so would come apart !??
  37. Cool post ! Intresting :-)
  38. Wire strainer or cable tensioner !! Looks like a bicycle brake cable would fit the hole!! ????
  39. Thankyou Ho2culcha Bijoucaillovintage & Sean68 for your loves ;-)
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  43. Thankyou racer4four for your love and kind comments.. I've never seen,heard or even thought about Iranian glass til i found this one!! :-)
  44. Thanks antiquerose & Racer4four for your loves :-)
  45. Hi peasejean55.. This is a stunning shape , & awsome colours!! I recently posted one of similar shape so take a look ! Mine is Iranian ..
  46. These are so cool !!! :-)
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  48. Thanks alan2310 for your love:-)
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