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Addicted to acquiring all forms of odd unwanted used junk. Preoccupied with lamps, bottles, pottery, typewriters,cameras and glassware. OBSESSED with original oil arAddicted to acquiring all forms of odd unwanted used junk. Preoccupied with lamps, bottles, pottery, typewriters,cameras and glassware. OBSESSED with original oil art. Sometimes keeping items most times selling items. Always interested in antiques and art. (Read more)


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Signed SHIVIX, contemporary art pottery bowl - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Stoneware mugs made in England  - Kitchenin Kitchen
Made in Italy  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Another Unidentified piece of stoneware  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Noritake Danielle 1956-1960 - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Rinkard Linström Oil on canvas 
Winart pottery 1951-1972 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Contemporary Studio art Mystery Bowl - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Conquering Cosmos, by Craig Reheis 
Stoneware basket From IU school of art - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. Thanks for sharing. Its beautiful.
  2. Alfredo& Tom thanks for the love
  3. I just found two similar to this the other day. I may post them this week. Welcome to Collectors Weekly :). Good group here for sure!
  4. Tom61375&Alfredo, thanks for the love :)
  5. Bobogal thx for the love :)
  6. Bratjdd, thanks for the love;)
  7. Sean68, AmberRose,Idcloisonne& Aghcollect, thanks for the love!
  8. Thanks for sharing this little beauty.
  9. What little that's listed is very pricey. So I will wait around for awhile. :)
  10. Blunderbuss2, had to move out my Japanese to help pay the bills. Never know who's next. You shouldn't get to attached! lol
  11. Sean68, thanks much ;)
  12. Sean68&Petey thanks for love.
  13. AmberRose, Lol. Im always a sucker for Italians!
  14. Virginia Vintage, thank you;)
  15. RacerFour4, thank you ;)
  16. Nutsabotas6&Vetraio, thanks for the loves :)
  17. Its just so beautiful, I'm searching ebay now for one for myself. Thanks for sharing it!
  18. Freheit, thx :) Much :)
  20. VETRAIO50, thanks much for all the loves:)
  21. Freiheit,Thank for the love:)
  22. Surfsub,aghcollect,sean68&Radegrunder thanks for the love on the unknown Italian :)
  23. aghcollect, thank you & love the copper!
  24. Very nice, I have many of these but nothing as beautiful as this!
  25. Beautiful!!!
  26. What a Beauty!!
  27. Maryh1965, thanks for the love. I checked the Zanolli site & it doesn't look like anything they have. Thanks for your help.
  28. shareupassion, thanks for the love. Yea it was an excellent bargain. I could hardly believe it myself.
  29. Manikin thanks for the love on this set!
  30. Surfdub & Petey thanks for the love!
  31. Antiquerose, I will try that & thank you
  32. Tom& Aghcollect, thanks for the love!
  33. Hunter thanks
  34. Thanks to AntiqueRose & Tom61375 & Happy 4th :)
  35. Thanks Tom61375!
  36. Try signaturefinder or askart. Nice find :)
  37. Tom61375, thanks much!
  38. I've been looking for a full sized suit of armor, No luck yet. Nice item!
  39. Racer4four got them all for 35.00. Offered it and she accepted. Thanks for the loveSean68,aghcollect,Nidionne & Amberrose!
  40. What a Beautiful piece!!
  41. Beautiful!!
  42. Sean68, Thanks!!
  43. Weirdpuckett, thanks much!
  44. Thanks Racer4four!!
  45. Aghcollect, thanks for the love
  46. PhilDavidAlexanderMorris & Vetraio50 thanks for the love.
  47. Manikin, thanks much.
  48. Manikin, thanks for the love!
  49. Your welcome & thank you for all the info posted here! It surely helps amateurs like me!
  50. geo26e & surfdub66 thanks so much!
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Kralik Clear Satin Upright Floriform Impresionism painting "H Nelson"? boats - Europe? Nemadji  Pottery Vase /Matte Swirled Green Finish / Circa 1950 Collecting mid 20th century pottery, glass & other objects special collections on fat lava glazes


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