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Unknown German Vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Glazed Stoneware Vase maker Unknown - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
1950's Small Vase by Saint Clement, France - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Vallauris Vide Poche by Albert Ferlay - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Today's Pottery Finds - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
My MCM Art Glass Part 2 - Art Glassin Art Glass
My MCM Art Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Hi Karen, Glad to see you are keeping at the Japglass although I don't know where you get the idea all other countries keep better records! W
  2. Can't get too attached to the pots, gotta find them a new home. Less of a salesman, more of a shelter for unloved and unwanted bits and bobs.
  3. Thanks for the tip Karen, now I have an excuse to go shopping for make-up! ;-) W.
  4. Thanks to bratjdd, fortapache, ho2, geo, Manikin, artist, inky, moon, racer, Mike, Vetraio, surfdub, shareurpassion and VV for the loves. Regards William.
  5. Thanks surfdub, jewels and racer. I am starting to post them individually as I find out more about them.
  6. Thank you Sean, This one is just passing through. Regards William
  7. Thank you shareurpassion and virginia, now the hard work begins.
  8. I think this set probably dates from the 1960's and was made in Taiwan or China not Japan. There are a lot of very similar sets out there, just google chinese chess set or something similar. Having s...
  9. I agree 100% TA but with very large pieces like this we can't buy too many on impulse.
  10. No problem, happy hunting!
  11. Hi Bigsarge, my local antiques dealer has dozens of salt and pepper shakers, do you collect any in particular that you want me to look out for? Regards William.
  12. Probably a little later maybe 1850 but very French in style. Word of warning though, these things are nearly impossible to sell at the moment. Tried to get rid of one last year, literally couldn't giv...
  13. Looks OK painted, looks fantastic in original condition, I know which I would go for!
  14. There is probably a good market now in Russia for old soviet era style products, for some reason they look back on the period with nostalgia. There has been an explosion in Vodka producers in Russia s...
  15. Here are a couple of very similar items I found on ebay, I think yours is from the same company.
  16. It certainly is "Russian" or more accurately "Soviet" in style but why would "stainless steel 8oz" be marked in English if it was produced in the USSR. They do not use the same alphabet so couldn't po...
  17. Weirdpuckett is quite correct "étagères" are shelves and are open, "vitrines" are cabinets with glass panels for display purposes. I fear you may have cleaned off a lot of the "patina" which was proba...
  18. I think there are two possibilities, the first is a souvenir piece made to sell to the general public, although probably not an "official" souvenir judging by the quality (look at the fleur-de-lys on ...
  19. Nice vase and I love the second photograph, wonderful shadows. Unfortunately the photo is too small! Regards William.
  20. Thank You Radegunder for the love.
  21. Thank you Walksoftly for the love.
  22. Thanks Nuts (Ken), Just wanted to have a couple of postings against my name so people wouldn't think I was a complete time-waster! Your comments are always appreciated. Regards William.
  23. Thanks eye, I am not sure dust qualifies as patina but I admire the lateral thinking! :-) William.
  24. Thanks Kyra for the kind comments, mostly Vannes le Châtel but others thrown in for good luck. William
  25. Thank you Sean, Ken, Valentino, Ken, Mike, Kyratango for the loves.
  26. Looks like a little Japanese animé figure.
  27. Handgemalt means handmade, it is not a manufacturer.
  28. Pattern is known as the onion or bulb pattern and was originally part of the Blue Danube collection by Meissen of Germany. However it has been copied by many manufacturers since then, I would guess fr...
  29. Not sure how old it is but bottom reads Underglaze dishwasher proof so unlikely to have come over around WWII.
  30. Thanks Sean, just amusing myself while dusting!
  31. Thanks also Jewels and Phil.
  32. Thank you Kirk for the kind comment.
  33. Thanks Kyratango, hope to take a few more group pictures later this week.
  34. Not hard to see who influenced them but nicely done.
  35. It must be the wine, he can now drink the cat under the table. Must be his Aussie genes.
  36. Hi Karen, one French, two german. Candlestick is Ingridglas and "Tumour" vase is Beyer cristal. W.
  37. Morning folks , thanks for all the loves Moon, eye, geo, vet, sean, agh, racer, rose and Mike.
  38. Just looked them up, very nice. Have you got a pair?
  39. Google translate has a lot to answer for! I admire your courage in buying items that have an uncertain history, although that means you can buy based on whether you simply love the object without prec...
  40. Thanks Moonstone. Thanks eye, this is what I meant by clear and simple. This is what floats my boat so you can see why I adore your Orrefors pieces!
  41. V. jealous, stunning piece!
  42. Don't worry you are not alone in having a muddy mind, you can add French glass to that list. This month I found two pieces that blew a couple of my theories clean out of the water! Back to the drawing...
  43. Love your knobbly glass.
  44. Beautiful, it looks like carved ice. This is one of the best pieces of Japanese glass I have seen.
  45. Funny, you are not the first person to say that! Regards William.
  46. It is a shame gold marks are not as comprehensive as silver marks. I have been trying to track down the w:g mark, so far without success!
  47. Hi Peasejean, You seem to be making progress in your research, I would like to add that although you have the purity marks for gold (crown and 18k in this case) you have no assay marks at all. This ...
  48. Just messing with you Scott, beautiful piece of glass.
  49. I have seen thousands of these in Hobby Lobby, it is made of resin!
  50. They also like ribbed and/or swirled glass. This looks like your some of your Sanyu pieces. I must admit to liking a lot of Japanese stuff, luckily for me there isn't any around here.
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