Graçay, Central France

Hello everyone, My name is William and I have been a collector of post-war French art glass/crystal since I moved to France with my family in 2004. Mostly Vannes, DHello everyone, My name is William and I have been a collector of post-war French art glass/crystal since I moved to France with my family in 2004. Mostly Vannes, Daum or Baccarat but anything I find while searching local "brocantes" here in the Centre Region. Hoping to find out more about my purchases and meet others who share my interests. (Read more)


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#49 "Multi" Bonbon Dish by Sidse Werner for Holmegaard - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unidentified Bougeoirs/Candle Holders - Glasswarein Glassware
Dropbear - Dollsin Dolls
A Gift from Down Under - Art Glassin Art Glass
#12 Vase by Royal Tara of Galway, Ireland - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
11# Royal Tara Vase handmade in Co Galway, Ireland - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
#10 Small Royal Tara Bud Vase - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
#48 Melted Glass Bowl by Cofrac Art Verrerie, France - Art Glassin Art Glass
#47 Single Saleron by Sevres, France - Art Glassin Art Glass
#46 Small Mid Century Basket Bowl maker Unknown - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Sorry icollect, I am forbidden from sharing my culinary views on this forum.
  2. Help, help, I am being oppressed!
  3. Mines a pint!
  4. Love this one, I am always on the lookout for German glass but rarely find it! Strange as most French glass comes from the Alsace/Lorraine regions which are right beside Germany.
  5. Thanks everyone for the comments and loves. Dropbear is settling in nicely to his new home and has already picked up a few words of French (with my delightful Belfast accent of course).
  6. I bet you googled that!
  7. Is that the remains of a sticker on the base or a sticky pad thing?
  8. OK, what is the capital of Mali?
  9. This is just what I like, quality and simplicity. Vorsprung durch technik.
  10. Love this, but Thunderbird 2 is my personal favourite. Regards William.
  11. Nice flares!
  12. Love them both but if I had to choose I would plump for the Hoya, chunky wins every time!
  13. Thank you Inky for the love, much appreciated. William.
  14. Thank you Sean and Karen for the comments.
  15. Thank you moonstone, Sean, aghcollect, Sklo, Vetraio, Mike, Karen and Inky for the loves.
  16. Have been trying but it is well hidden on Amazon kindle!
  17. This is so weird. It looks like somebody has taken an ordinary flask and melted it along with some coloured glass chips. What a great talking piece, I really love it! W.
  18. Been too busy to buy or post, hopefully things are calming down for the summer and I can hit the brocantes again. Went to one yesterday and had to turn down 3 massive pieces (2 cofrac and 1 Vannes) du...
  19. All thanks to you! Keep 'em coming.
  20. Hi Karen, thanks for the comment. I have been busy recently so haven't been out buying. I have kept an eye on the site via tablet but tend not to comment or post as auto correct is a pain in the a**e.
  21. Thanks to Vetraio, Mike and Tom. Regards William.
  22. Saw this one on thumbnail and wasn't impressed but close up it is a beauty. I would love to see a collection of all the different colours.
  23. Love the style and the colour, something very different and distinctive. They seem to have started with the standard Japanese top and then gone a little mad towards the bottom! W.
  24. Thanks Aghcollect.
  25. Thank you Sean, have you ever seen anything like these, I was thinking either French (quelle surprise) or perhaps even Swedish, what do you think?
  26. This one is interesting, Czech (Chribska) in style but the colour is pure Japanese (going by what you have previously shown us). Seems odd that the clear case doesn't extend to create a clear base lik...
  27. Nice clock!
  28. Ah well, I tried.
  29. Figure was made by CBG Mignot in France and shows a Hun (Mongolian) warrior at the gallop. Regards William.
  30. Thanks Cateann and Blunderbuss for the loves.
  31. Thanks to Cateann for the love, sorry for the delay!
  32. Buy a flat fish, problem solved!
  33. Welcome to Collectors Weekly, love your choice of collectable. If you have to choose a colour, make it green. Regards William.
  34. This could be used as a goldfish bowl, very cool!
  35. Never seen this pattern before, an art deco/celtic combination, love them. PS Karen, I am far too mature (and old) to rise to a comment like that! :-) W.
  36. Japanese glass is every bit as interesting as the Czech equivalent and it's much less common. Keep collecting and keep posting! W.
  37. Love the base, very unusual.
  38. Thank you everyone for humouring me and playing along. Thanks again to Karen for the gift. William.
  39. It looks like a candle box, although that depends on the size of the box. Is it lined or is that grey paint?
  40. Looks cute but is vicious, nearly had my finger off!
  41. Thanks also to antiquerose, icollect, Sean, Karen, and Loumanal for the comments.
  42. Thanks to Mike, aghcollect, icollect, Vetraio, Phil, Racer4four, Sean, Loumanal and Belltown for the loves.
  43. Bloody autocorrect, how did Dropbear become Delivers! How do you switch it off!
  44. Delivers will be getting his own posting, some research needed beforehand!
  45. Thanks mrgvintage, I am pleased I bought it, even if it meant bending my own rules a bit.
  46. Thanks to Tom and Southcop for the loves.
  47. Mmmmm, Knobbly!
  48. Beautiful collection! Couldn't possibly comment on the "C" spot, I am bloke and probably couldn't find it. Regards William.
  49. Thanks once again, Sean, Kerry, Moonstone, Phil, Vetraio, Karen, Mike and George.
  50. Thanks Kerry, Moonstone, Phil, Vetraio, Karen and Mike for the loves, much appreciated.
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