Graçay, Central France

Hello everyone, My name is William, originally from Northern Ireland and I have been a collector of post-war French art glass/crystal since I moved to France with mHello everyone, My name is William, originally from Northern Ireland and I have been a collector of post-war French art glass/crystal since I moved to France with my family in 2004. Mostly Vannes, Daum or Baccarat but anything I find while searching local "brocantes" here in the Centre Region. Hoping to find out more about my purchases and meet others who share my interests. (Read more)


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#9 Octagonal Necked Poesy Vase by Royal Tara - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
#8 Royal Tara Vase with Octagonal Neck  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
#35 Oval "Bulbous" Bowl by Vannes Le Châtel - Art Glassin Art Glass
#34 Large Wave Form Bowl by Bayel Cristal, France - Art Glassin Art Glass
#33 Large "Starfish" bowl by Vannes le Châtel - Art Glassin Art Glass
#32 Mid Century Large Wave Bowl by Unknown Maker - Art Glassin Art Glass
#31 Large Mid Century Fruit Basket by Vannes Le Châtel - Art Glassin Art Glass
#30 Large Bulb Oval Bowl by Vannes Le Châtel - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bud Vase and Toothpick Holder - Glasswarein Glassware
#29 Large Bowl with Spikes by Vannes le Châtel - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks Karen and Tom.
  2. This is indeed from the blob range, I have three of them so far. There are a few more out there for me to find. We do use a few of the bowls for fruit, small change etc, but filling them all would req...
  3. Happy Easter Karen, don't work too hard.
  4. Thank you everyone for the loves, mike,vetraio,aghcollect,nutsabotas,geo26 and Sean. Wishing you all a very happy Easter wherever you may be. William.
  5. Normally I have absolutely no interest in jewellery (bloke thing) but I think your collection is astounding and is of museum quality! I would quite happily pay good money to get a close up look at you...
  6. Looks like a glass squid! Fab-u-lous!
  7. Ahhh, I remember when rock was young!
  8. Very similar to a piece produced by Vannes Le Châtel in the 1960's, Daum produced and signed many "Vannes" items after the companies merged in around 1970. This one probably dates from early 1970's.
  9. Seen a few very similar on here, they were Sommerso, Murano.
  10. Thanks for the loves: Inky Sean Kerry Mike Karen Vetraio and Tom
  11. Thanks Sean and Inky for the comments.
  12. Never thought about the weight aspect Karen, I might not have the best glass collection but I might just have the heaviest! PS will get round to group photo's, I have nearly finished individual posti...
  13. Nice vase but I am not sure the gold inclusions add anything to the piece. You are quite right Karen, if the gold had echoed the swirls in the glass it would have made all the difference. Regards Will...
  14. Lovely item, brings a smile to my face :-) and that's not easy to do!
  15. Thanks Manikin, Nutsabotas and aghcollect for the love.
  16. Merci Tom!
  17. I have always wanted a stalker! I will send you an email later when I am on the computer, can't cope with spell check on phone!!!!!
  18. It does look like Stuben.
  19. I agree Mike, wouldn't it be fantastic to have the space, lighting and display cases to display everything we want to show off! I love your big shelving unit Karen, have you thought about adding a few...
  20. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Unfortunately I gave all my vinyl away when I moved country (too heavy to transport). I still have around 1000 cd's but I never really thought about them as a col...
  21. Looks good enough to eat!
  22. Thank you Antiquerose and Kyratango for the loves.
  23. How about some individual posts, would love to see these creatures in more detail.
  24. Never heard of Exbor, absolutely love them! Regards William.
  25. Beautiful vase, stunning photography, excellent taste as always. Regards William.
  26. Thanks Sean.
  27. The internet is a wonderful thing!
  28. Bracelet also made by Tara Ware.
  29. Pendant looks like it was made by Tara Ware Ltd of Dublin. Hope this helps.
  30. OK, that is as good a reason as any to collect! Good luck and happy hunting.
  31. The design looks like stylised celtic knotwork so I wouldn't think it was czech.
  32. Sorry but I read a few of your comments about your postings and couldn't figure out if you were collecting for yourself or for another reason. No offence is intended, I am just being curious, we colle...
  33. Hi Lise, apologies if this question appears impertinent, but why do you buy stuff if you don't love it? Do you plan on reselling? Regards William.
  34. Thanks Loumanal.
  35. Thanks nutsabotas.
  36. Thanks artmyth, is definitely Vannes in style but the base is wrong. Have a look at my other confirmed Vannes pieces and you will see what I mean. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Regards Willia...
  37. Thanks artmyth and Vintagefran for the loves.
  38. Beautiful, especially number 1!
  39. What a strange looking vase, it looks like they changed their mind halfway through making it! Love it!
  40. Thanks to Nutsabotas Karen Mike Phil and Charcoal for the loves.
  41. Hi Karen, glad to hear you didn't bid at that price, probably worth about half that amount for the two! I am sure postage wasn't cheap either, this is a heavy chunk of glass. Regards William.
  42. Thanks aghcollect, vetraio and aimathena for the loves. Regards William.
  43. Another cool watch, but I prefer the steel one!
  44. What a cool watch, retro and futuristic at the same time! I don't normally wear a watch but would make an exception if I had one of these.
  45. Looks like a very small "chaise longue", that would make it a "chaise courte". Little french humour there folks!
  46. Lovely vase, colour and style are very 1930's but that is just a guess.Have never seen anything similar.
  47. Thanks to Inky, Karen, moonstone, mike, testy and nutsabotas, sorry for the delay!
  48. Thanks antiquerose and charcoal.
  49. I think I am in the minority but I prefer this colour to the darker colours, perhaps because we don't see quite so much of it.
  50. Thanks to Inky, Sklo42 and Racer4four for the loves, much appreciated. Regards William.
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