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Arts and Crafts Pewter Plate/Tray, possibly by AEChanal - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Denbac Art Nouveau Vase, France. - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Cristal de Lorraine Centrepiece Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vannes le Châtel Doughnut Candle Holder - Art Glassin Art Glass
(Mostly) French Art Glass Collection Part 3 - Art Glassin Art Glass
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  1. Worth ten quid all day long! Beautiful piece.
  2. Stunning Sean ;-).
  3. No luck with the research I am afraid, Defer is not a well known "graveur" so I can't find any information about him. The medal is reasonably common here in France but is nevertheless collectible. W...
  4. Do you keep salt in the shakers? Salt pitting and green corrosion marks will appear quite quickly on Silver or silver plating. Ammonia will clean the green residue but won't obviously repair any damag...
  5. Hi Paris, I remember you mentioning your museum in a previous posting, how is it progressing, when can we come visit? William
  6. I would imagine if these were salts they would need a glass liner otherwise the salt would destroy the silver.
  7. Hi Agram, Your medal is French, signed Defer and is silver-plated bronze if other medals on french e-bay are to be believed. I have found no information about Defer but am looking for more informati...
  8. Thanks also artistinside, nuts and Sean for kind comments and loves.
  9. Thanks Ivonne for the information, I thought Klimt was the seller/dealer and Crystallia Bohemia was the producer but now I am not sure if mine is older and Czech or newer and Chinese. I believe the pr...
  10. Hello artistinside, my apologies, 33 inches would be very impressive indeed! It is "only" 33cm (I have corrected my error) but still weighs in at around 2.7kg. I have no intentions of selling it, it ...
  11. Thanks to aghcollect, vetraio, mikelv, katherinescollections and racer4four for the loves.
  12. Hi Karen, I think the moulds are now in the hands of the Chinese, I assume they simply bought the Crystallite Bohemia moulds and/or factory. Seems to be happening more and more.
  13. Hi Katherine, thanks for the comment. They appear to be identical but I havent held the Chinese copy in my hand yet (I hope) to see if there any obvious differences.
  14. I would take it off your hands anyday and would even double your profit ;-) , hows that for a generous offer. It is always a great feeling to identify a piece but sometimes the search is even better,...
  15. From complete noob to our resident Japanese glass expert in 1 year, very impressive. We have all learnt a bit about Japanese glass as well so thank you very much! W
  16. Hi Karen, yet another stunning (to borrow a phrase) piece of glass, I am always looking out for Japanese glass here thanks to your wonderful postings, but still haven't seen anything that could even ...
  17. Absolutely love it, looks Eastern European, Czechoslovakia, Austria or Germany is where I would start. Don't worry too much if you can't identify it, I guarantee you will stumble across the answer so...
  18. May have a military application, but not necessarily, the Nazis did like to put swastikas on everything in the 1930's!
  19. When my wife was training to be a nurse in the 1980's she was supplied with belts but not the buckles, they were allowed to wear one of their choice provided it was silver, because silver was easy to ...
  20. Looks very like a French confit pot but the glaze looks too shiny and new. Possibly a relatively new pot done in a french style. Still a very nice decoratve piece. William
  21. Wow! Another beauty.
  22. Loving the colour!
  23. Simple and beautiful, much like myself.
  24. Could first word be "British". W
  25. Sorry Karen, just yanking your chain. Love this one despite the questionable colour combination. :-) W
  26. I once coughed up something very similar.
  27. Happy Australia Day to you Karen and the rest of the clan.
  28. Love the colours. Favourite is definitely the vase, gorgeous design.
  29. Sorry Karen, will try to behave myself. Good point though, most of my glass lumps are too big for a dining table, never mind a coffee table. This one could be a coffee table, just need to buy a glass ...
  30. Hi Paris, did you find this one on Etsy, if so I may be the seller! If I had know it was you I would have sent it as a Christmas present. Happy New Year. William
  31. Everything is bigger in Australia Karen!
  32. Thanks to eye, agh, racer, vetraio, austroh, Mike, Sean and Rose for the loves.
  33. Thanks Sean, Antiquerose, Racer4four and eye4beauty for the kind comments.
  34. Happy New Year Kyratango, better late than never!
  35. Hello Ken, hope you are keeping well, thanks for the kind comment.
  36. Thanks to all for the loves, thanks also Sean and Karen for the comments. Big eared bowl is very weird, I think it might be Chinese, what do you think Karen?
  37. Thanks everyone for the loves and comments.
  38. All recycled this bunch but I have a few new ones up my sleeve to bore you with Karen. Good to hear from you again, hope all is good in Oz. W.
  39. Good to be back Sean, looking forward to seeing (and buying) lots more nice stuff!
  40. Thank you for the loves and kind comments.
  41. Hi Karen, Glad to see you are keeping at the Japglass although I don't know where you get the idea all other countries keep better records! W
  42. I think this set probably dates from the 1960's and was made in Taiwan or China not Japan. There are a lot of very similar sets out there, just google chinese chess set or something similar. Having s...
  43. I agree 100% TA but with very large pieces like this we can't buy too many on impulse.
  44. No problem, happy hunting!
  45. Hi Bigsarge, my local antiques dealer has dozens of salt and pepper shakers, do you collect any in particular that you want me to look out for? Regards William.
  46. Probably a little later maybe 1850 but very French in style. Word of warning though, these things are nearly impossible to sell at the moment. Tried to get rid of one last year, literally couldn't giv...
  47. Looks OK painted, looks fantastic in original condition, I know which I would go for!
  48. There is probably a good market now in Russia for old soviet era style products, for some reason they look back on the period with nostalgia. There has been an explosion in Vodka producers in Russia s...
  49. Here are a couple of very similar items I found on ebay, I think yours is from the same company.
  50. It certainly is "Russian" or more accurately "Soviet" in style but why would "stainless steel 8oz" be marked in English if it was produced in the USSR. They do not use the same alphabet so couldn't po...
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