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Mystery item that is a mystery, help me solve the mysterious mystery? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Merci Kyratango, vous êtes très gentille. Mais n'oubliez pas que tous les chats n'ont pas de colliers également! Thank you for your comments and for the song. Regards William.
  2. Just messing with you Scott, beautiful piece of glass.
  3. I have seen thousands of these in Hobby Lobby, it is made of resin!
  4. Karen, Are you trolling me, this is obviously not a dog, it doesn't have a collar!
  5. Kyratango, Merci pour votre aide, mais il est plus facile de demander de l'aide des autres que chercher mes propres lunettes. J'ai lu vos commentaires sur le timbre «post» de notre ami. J'ai ri quand ...
  6. Trolls are welcome to comment on this post, this is a troll friendly posting.
  7. You are welcome to call in anytime Sean.
  8. Thanks Sean, I am sure you know what this is! Don't tell me and spoil the surprise ;-) Regards William.
  9. They also like ribbed and/or swirled glass. This looks like your some of your Sanyu pieces. I must admit to liking a lot of Japanese stuff, luckily for me there isn't any around here.
  10. It is very impressive, size matters. I love the colours and the fact it has big ears like me.
  11. Explosion in a paint factory? I think they may have forgotten to use purple, but I am sure you will tell me it is there somewhere!
  12. Nice idea Riply, normally I uncork them but sombody must cork them for me!
  13. I have complained about the deletion of your post, I hope others will do the same.
  14. Kyratango, Loved your brush antics over the last few days but didn't comment myself as the person being teased had been extremely rude to me personally and I didn't want to be seen to be attacking hi...
  15. No disrespect intended Simba, it was simply that everyone was discussing whether it was Waterford or not and I simply pointed out that the sticker said Watford. Sometimes we spend so much time looking...
  16. My father once won a crystal golfing trophy and told everyone how valuable it was. He wasn't very pleased when I pointed out it was Watford not Waterford.! Happens to us all.
  17. This is clearly Watford crystal, not Waterford crystal. It even says so on the sticker. What makes you think Waterford would misspell their own stickers?
  18. The Japanese experts here really know their stuff, I would be surprised if you don't have an answer today! Welcome to CW. Regards William.
  19. The large one is a chocolate pot (handle on side), the medium pot for hot milk and if the small one opens it could be a sugar bowl.
  20. This one looks the same as your Munich stein, it is made by Gerz.
  21. The word is handgemait, handmade in english. The steins show four German cities, Heidelberg, Garmisch-Partenkirchen (a resort town in Bavaria), Munich (Munchen) and Cologne (Köln). As you can imagine...
  22. That's me, pure!
  23. Or clearaholic.
  24. I prefer the term colourphobic!
  25. 3.2 kilos, getting better, soon have you at 5+ kilos.
  26. Nobbly but nice!
  27. Beautiful colours on Sanyu glass, if you have to have colours, make 'em good ones.
  28. Impressive girth, always a good thing!
  29. They were never wood shafts, they are fairway woods from the late seventies or early eighties. Wooden shafts haven't been used since the very early days of golf. I am afraid these are not collectible ...
  30. Also much more difficult to put your watch on using the "weaker" hand!
  31. Why do you think the shafts have been replaced? They look original to me but we can't see very much of them!
  32. Very diplomatic Valentino.
  33. Kivatinitz, I was reading your comments to Kyratango and you both say (in beautiful english) that the shoes and clothes were too expensive for a gardener. I immediately thought of Marie-Antoinette, th...
  34. Time to get up!
  35. Cat or Rat, these are amazing. I haven't worn a watch in ten years and haven't even wanted one until I saw what you could do with them. This is what your wrist was made for!
  36. The F word again!
  37. Cool lighter, I thought it was a hood ornament from the thumbnail.
  38. Sorry Colin, being impolite trampling over your post, nice bottle!
  39. Must be great reading Chinese like that, it would be great for finding out what all those tattoos we see actually say!
  40. Not sure, but it has got horseys and pointy things and some prawns!
  41. Chocolate and glass I have in abundance, but what exactly is cash?
  42. I think it's Czech mate. A little chess humour there.
  43. No problem, welcome to Collectors Weekly by the way.
  44. Never seen a jar cover like that before, is that that why it is a tea caddy and not a ginger jar? (forgive me if that is a stupid question, complete porcelain novice). Regards William.
  45. Oh, this is gorgeous, can I come live at your yours for a while, I promise I won't break anything!
  46. Scott, I am relieved the Army learns from it's mistakes, pity politicians can't produce a similar manual. Regards William.
  47. No problems about the photo's but I think Vet is right, vintage rather than antique. Clarice Cliff is very well known for her art deco designed series' of pottery and her work fetches large sums of mo...
  48. Any marks on the other two to help us out a little?
  49. Number 3 is a Royal Staffordshire "Tonquin" pattern Gravy Boat by Clarice Cliff, but before you get too excited hearing the name Clarice Cliff, this transfer printed stuff was mass produced between 19...
  50. Never heard of Fancy Schmancy glass, you Americans call your towns some funny names! :-) Is it anywhere near Arty Farty?
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