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Love Mid Century Glass, and sea tumbled sea glass


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Murano Leopard Perfume Bottle & vintage dresser tray - Art Glassin Art Glass
3 inch Miniature Glass Stemware - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unknown Water Drop Glass Handkerchief - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Glass Blown Hummingbird Feeder - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano Tropical Fish Blue and Green - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unknown Caramel Swirl Trumpet Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
My Glass Veggies - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unknown Small Blue Bird - Art Glassin Art Glass
1930's Frank Whiting Crystal & Silver Candy Dish - Kitchenin Kitchen
19th Century Mandalay Buddha with glass mosaic - Asianin Asian


  1. I love the color and shape! Very nice blue!
  2. A tea light candle would fit snugly inside the glass to give you an object for reference to the size. Very delicate glass.
  3. Thank you for the Loves This is my first handkerchief vase and I absolutely love it! The water droplet design is very cool and refreshing like after a fresh rain
  4. In a day or so I'll try something to get a photo of it but it's really hard with the glare and texture
  5. No the words read S Laurvsky Glass art. But that's a signature. May be incorrect on a letter or so might be missing. No date or number just that.
  6. too late antiquerose the lights are off and seriously you would not be able to read it. I do not know what to say - it would be a waste of my time - but i will figure a way somehow. It needs to be r...
  7. Love it Sean! Excellent quality and detail - is this considered cut crystal?
  8. Thank you for the loves! Still searching for the identification on this lovely pink strawberry - my image comes up at least on google. Manikin vetraio50 racer4four aghcollect Moonstonelover21 S...
  9. I had one identical to this when I was a child in the 70's. Do not know where it ended up though as I got older. Same nose and eyes as well. I do not know where my parents got it from, I know they di...
  10. I love Orrefors votives! Nice Sean!
  11. It is pretty cool at that also! Thank you Sean! I never thought I would see something so detailed as a nectar feeder.
  12. I like the face and the coloring...its a nice addition to my glass birds either way thank you for the loves racer4four. geo26e nutsabotas6 & aghcollect
  13. I love building collections of glass - and I find it is amazing how many fruits and veggies are out there when looking online. Thank you for your comment racer4four and for the love also from my ot...
  14. Nice link - no this did not have a sticker or label on it. I am not upset but how did something like this ever get a name of Murano attached to it? That is the question.
  15. It does look similar but his have a wider and seperate BASE. And of course his are one solid color. But yes similar. Thank you for the LOVES
  16. thank you for the love fortapache! I added some better pictures
  17. How do you care for yours? Like dusting or other info you can pass along for me. Mine is Gold Gilded so perhaps the care would be different
  18. Your photos are amazing! Teach me
  19. I love it! I would love to find one some day! Still looking. Great photos
  20. And the sharing and presentation is fun also! I always try to improve my photo skills everytime! Still having fun in the process. Not too serious here! Just happy to be a part of the CW community ...
  21. Its all original and not a replica! I saw an identical (close to it in style and some other qualities) and they are very nice! I loved researching this and finding other styles and hope to learn mor...
  22. Still looking for any Lucite experts out there that can guide me along with an identification. I may need to visit the library, which is not all that easy for me.
  23. I heard back from one of the De La Torre bros and he said it was his brothers early work. So that is some good news! If you google their name De La Torre Bros you can see some of their recent stuff.
  24. racer4four - I did search for the name Frantisek Janak Bohemian Glass but it did not turn up anything I could compare it to for identification.
  25. I LOVE it. Both pieces are in my favorite colors of Murano - is the vase an old perfume bottle? I don't know what they call the score on the inside of the neck that keeps the dauber in place with the...
  26. I shall see, I go to many directions currently and need to focus I think on just a few areas. My love is Mid Century Glass. And Icy Candle Votives. I like to have the knowledge in other areas and t...
  27. Thank you Moonstonelover21 & SEAN68 for the loves! I love "paying it forward" in life. Good message to share with others, something I try to practice daily.
  28. AmberRose - very nice story and very helpful to explain the statue to me which I didnt know. Loved the comment you wrote and the link! Mahalo!
  29. Lovely nesting dolls! These seem to be the more traditional dolls correct? Great photo, love!
  30. munequita - awesome post - would love to share more photos with you of them up close for a better identification. I think you can share your email with me if thats not against the rules. I store t...
  31. Thank you racer4four. Touching comment Same to you. Hope you have a great weekend also!
  32. Thank you for your comment and for the love. I appreciate you sharing your treasure. Very nice and special. Blessings
  33. They are very pricey the one I have and others I've researched. Very special and blessed to own it and thanks for sharing yours.
  34. love it! its fun
  35. Thank you antiquerose for the link. I took some better pictures. And thank you for the new loves from antiquerose racer4four nutsabotas6 SEAN68 kerry10456
  36. lots of thanks and loves appreciated on this one from Gracay2004 blunderbuss2 sklo42 austrohungaro racer4four bratjdd aghcollect vetraio50
  37. I really like the colors on these beauties Very interesting pieces
  38. I think I totally am in love with Icy Glass! Thank you for the love as always much appreciated. Still have some more cleaning inside the base to do. SEAN68 Gracay2004 valentino97 aghcollect vet...
  39. racer4four yes it has great shape! I can not believe I got one finally with a sticker on it! And thank you for the loves on this Manikin sklo42 racer4four vetraio50 aghcollect
  40. Thank you for the Loves Gracay2004 and aghcollect! It is some heavy piece of glass
  41. Oh its so nice...thank you racer4four. Some more icy glass for me. I just can not get over the fact it was laying on the floor with the discarded floral vases. She did out shine the others as I hav...
  42. Its a clay baby from Fox Island WA - thats all I know. And thank you for your comment I have no idea what Basalt is. The article I found referenced that it was different than other types of clay dep...
  43. Wow thats very kind of you to have done. I can believe it. I find some odd stuff every month. I know the women are different they are not the normal traditional nesting doll appearance. My cousin ...
  44. I will thank you racer4four and Vetraio50 for your comments. I love crystal just as much as Colored Glass! I think they are running even in the race. I just love the ribbed design and flower pe...
  45. This measures 8 1/4"H x 2 3/4" base W 1 3/4"W at the mouth Its a little taller than the referenced item
  46. Gorby doesnt look like he is happy about any of this. His wife made him wear the orange polkadotted tie for the photo shoot.
  47. I couldnt figure out a better way to snap them there are so many! LOL It looks like they are lined up for something. :) It is all good
  48. Maybe the women are the Russian leaders wifes? They were together on the shelf
  49. LOL - what was funny just curious....the group line up? Or Gorby
  50. Rubber Ducky your the one! LOL
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