San Clemente, CA

Love Mid Century Glass, and sea tumbled sea glass


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Antique Japanese Hina Dolls Emperor and Empress using Kimekomi - Asianin Asian
Spotted Elephant SIGNED - Art Glassin Art Glass
Signed Antique Silver/Gold Filigree Portuguese Cargo Ship - Folk Artin Folk Art
Vintage Glass Art Lighted Display Base - Lampsin Lamps
2nd set of Black Lacquer MOP panels - Asianin Asian
Japanese Black Lacquer MOP Wall Art Panels - Asianin Asian
Murano Pears - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kimekomi Japanese Princess Doll - Asianin Asian
Walrus on Redwood Burl Base - Art Glassin Art Glass
Daum France Triple Mast Sailboat - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thank you vetraio50 I think that was right on the money with identification and I will take note of the wonderful information you provided and your very nice thank you so much for identifying this ...
  2. Oh these measure at: 8 inches tall and 4 inches wide
  3. I do not know yet...racer still working on finding out; and thank you for your wonderful comment.
  4. Okay I look forward to it - ! sweet - and you are a very nice friend here and off on FB - I always like our dialogue
  5. Nicely captured! In the art and your photos, all amazing. Great job! Great Pieces, are you liking ceramics a new interest or had you always liked ceramics? I love ceramics - but focusing on glass...
  6. Nice! I am appreciating all art these days! its nice to broaden the mind and learn about other collectibles/art other than what brought me to this site in the first place, that being glass art. Its...
  7. Frozen! it might hurt the real human hair - they will be fine - they are with the other dolls in a cool room. You know you really were so nice to engage me in conversation over these, I would lo...
  8. Its kawika, and no the base is modern, the dolls (which are made of wood)were adhered to the base with a white glue which I think I am really not pleased with because it seems to be heat sensitive. It...
  9. Lovely! I just came across a VTG High Waist Metal Art Belt signed - but didnt know anything about them - other than they were popular at one time. Very tiny waists are needed for these works of art
  10. A big Thank you for the LOVES! Moonstonelover21 SEAN68 racer4four geo26e
  11. Thanks! I know the work is classic! The artist did extremely well! I have not been able to find this set yet online, still looking. The estate sale had a ton of asian antiques - but my pocket bo...
  12. I know I am in love with the Empress! LOL I dig her colored strand of long hair! So cool!
  13. thank you! just have to figure out the etched signature! LOL
  14. I agree I think it was made in Portugal but was not sure if the art itself depicts a Portuguese vessel
  15. Thank you Sean! Its been an Asian Week! Strange I always have a themed collection point every once in a while! Just started Collecting Asian Art so its a new area to me
  16. Great Collectible and find! Love the set! Great
  17. mahalo! Yes this piece was sent to me by the Sale gods! Amazing find. So much work to make something like this and of the size. Spectacular! Thanks!
  18. The eyes are porcelain I believe but very real looking aren't they? Thank you! Buddha has a great home. Very honored to have him
  19. Thank you! I had wanted to buy modern LED but hate the thought of batteries, anyway I love the additional vintage nostalgia with these. I could not believe I came across these - the gods read my min...
  20. Thank you for all the loves. How would one get a certificate of antiquity? Is that like an appraisal? Ive seen other antiques with them and I am very curious and would love to perhaps learn more ab...
  21. Thank you. They are a bit fuller the flowers are bigger Same artist
  22. love the Italian Murano fish and your cabinet - My parents loved this style in the 70's I love it! Nice piece
  23. That is really cool looking! Great Find!
  24. loving the photos and that VW bus! I haven't been following the thread so I will ask. Are these someone would sell?
  25. Awesome shots! Love this
  26. Lovely clam shaped Bowl! Awesome coloring. I learned many Murano Glass Makers migrated over to Canada.
  27. Lovely Rose vase!
  28. Was this actually made more recently as a Pot/Plate warmer or is it a vintage piece?
  29. Hello to all Collectors Weekly Friends. I am reaching out again for some help with the words/symbols/translation in hopes to find the type of writing and meaning that is presented in the photos of th...
  30. None the less it has great detail and work; my roomie said that Redwood Burl is rare to find. Thanks for the Loves: kyratango racer4four aghcollect AmberRose geo26e SEAN68
  31. Anytime austrohungaro. would you say the basin of the bowl you have has the same depth as the smoked glass piece I have posted? it seems yours might be wider but could be the picture angle or color ...
  32. No markings or stickers. Just sliced smooth wood grain
  33. i even think it was made in Poland
  34. candle holder - love the color green with the controlled bubbles
  35. has an object item floating loosely inside; with no evidence that it is broken or missing any pieces when feeling the piece all around. Could be made intentionally as a rattler.
  36. jwendell222 and Sean thank you for the loves! jwendell222 may I ask you if yours has an item loose inside your doll? As mine that I just posted very similar in size to yours does and there are no br...
  37. Thank you Sean for your comment! Much appreciated.
  38. this is absolutely wonderful and the colors are amazing! Great photos as well!
  39. thanks shareurpassion - I think that is the correct word that I meant to say liquid says it your comment
  40. austrohungaro thank you so much for sharing your glass with the link and fo rthe extra information you provided. And thank you for the loves: i appreciate them AmberRose austrohungaro aghcolle...
  41. An amazing color and shape! And I know they are heavy glass! Great photos
  42. Thanks so much. So I am not understanding the item. Is it that the color is rare or the size or both? And was it called a particular name?
  43. Thank you for the loves. I think the hardest part is figuring out which ones to put in there. They all can't fit but that's part of the fun. They are all screaming "me me me!" LOL
  44. Thanks. I think this will just encourage me to get more glass weights and this to will be full and needing something larger in no time. It might actually be too small. I'll have to see after I pul...
  45. Love the blue colored basket vase!
  46. thank you for these loves aghcollect SEAN68 melaniej ho2cultcha vetraio50 bratjdd racer4four
  47. wow interesting and a remarkable statement
  48. I love the feel of the glazed vase! It is in remarkable shape on the exterior with no damage. The interior does have signs of use. The Doud Arcade in Carmel is a covered arched gallery with sho...
  49. Thank you racer4four for the love and your comment :) Its very cool, screams 80s look & it was a treat to bring it home today. I was very happy - I don't see too much of their work online though. ...
  50. would you think these were made for miniature collectibles?
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