San Clemente, CA

Love Mid Century Glass, and sea tumbled sea glass


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Hawaiiana Art Deco 1950's by Artist Locke - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
The Police Reunited World Tour 2007-2008 Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Custom Framed 1964 Pop Art The Endless Summer Handbill - Moviesin Movies
John Luke Eastman 1974 Kaleidoscope  - Visual Artin Visual Art
Murano Abstract Glass Art Centerpiece Sculpture - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Stretched Black Velvet Cloth Oil painting SIGNED - Visual Artin Visual Art
Vintage JOFA #395 The Mighty Ducks Purple Ice Hockey Helmet - Hockeyin Hockey
Green Glass Controlled Bubble Penguin - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tear Drop Paperweight Glass Sculpture Ice Water 96 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Blenko Fish Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. thanks for the love Sean - Happy Halloween and blunderbuss2, vetraio50vetraio50 and aghcollectaghcollect
  2. Recently they inducted this flyer and other surf memorabilia into the Smithsonian -they are celebrating the 50th year anniversary
  3. Love it and love the custom reframe :-)
  4. It's a great hockey helmet like new and a rare one at that thanks for loving. You won't find one like this for sale that I'm aware.
  5. Thank you for the loves katherinescollections, Caperkid, racer4four, vetraio50, aghcollect, Cormoran1925. I appreciate your interests. :-)
  6. Thank you Vetraio50 and Kaputs11 for the loves
  7. i find this piece to be very classy for black velvet art; some day I will be visiting the Velveteria Museum
  8. Would love to know who has the other pieces from the series.
  9. gnarwhal13 where do you live?
  10. There are no marks on the side of the base to indicate it was ever inserted into a base and the bottom is flat with no insertion grooves to slide it into. Very heavy wear marks on the base of the luci...
  11. It didn't have a base no. But have you seen this piece before and if so did it have a base? I think a base would be too distracting.
  12. Thank you nutsabotas6 - it does look like glass if you didnt know otherwise - it weighs just as much as glass - its heavy a piece
  13. Happy Fourth of July - Still looking for an identification on this rare lucite art piece
  14. It's a great looking piece. Does it have a signature on any of the feet?
  15. Frame is Flat Expresso Veneer and measures 17 1/4 x 17 1/4 inches and the triple matte colors are Olive Green, Lemon Ice, And Suede Raspberry Fizz with Ellipse opening. using 3/16 acid free foam core ...
  16. And thanks Vetraio50 and aghcollect also for the loves
  17. Mahalo surfdub66 for the love
  18. To Gnarwhal13 being a collector of Vintage JOFA helmets and defunct professional hockey teams I would be happy to elaborate on the items specifics in detail and could send additional higher resolution...
  19. Where did you purchase these pieces and what are they? The INFO I have found is Made in Lake Chapala Jalisco Mexico by Sergio Cuevas, a renowned ceramic artist to the area. Sergio Cuevas has an a...
  20. thank you Rick55 for the extra info ; its really stunning Thank you Sean & everyone for the loves
  21. the base is glass and edges are beveled and very different in size than what I saw in the link - it has wear marks as well which indicates its older.
  22. Orange County California USA has a mixed crowd of folks - many vintage treasures out there coming out lately
  23. how do i find that
  24. Perhaps they didnt know what it was? Or it was where it was placed in the store - that made it not catch someones eye; well it caught mine! I knew what this was & the value
  25. Thank you Manikin antiquerose and aghcollect for the loves - :)
  26. I have a similar bird in my glass art collections; very nice!
  27. Thank you for the loves - surfdub66 aghcollect vetraio50 I'm not much of a hockey fan but have to admit I think I am At least impressed with the story and loving the Ducks now! Just need ...
  28. I love it also! Waited a long time to come across this piece Thank you for all the loves everyone!
  29. Thank you all for the wonderful loves - I just figured out the white portion is the frozen core of the ice :)
  30. thank you sean! I have been so busy! Many new treasures
  31. Thank you for all the loves and comments! One of my best red vases
  32. thank you for the loves racer4four Radegunder aghcollectaghcollect loves this SEAN68 vetraio50 sklo42 ho2cultcha
  33. Ed Schmid made a number of them in that style from small to large. They're a very glassy series he created and exemplify the fluid nature of the medium. He does not make this series anymore, but had...
  34. Thank you Jewels. That's very sweet of you to comment. I really like hitting the beach to find seaglass! It's very therapeutic.
  35. New pictures with the lamp shades on theses vintage solid walnut lighted base stands. Looks very nice - and I have a pair! Great for displaying them finally
  36. Thank you racer4four. I agree that's why I mentioned it. It's pretty impressive work
  37. Thank you aghcollect & Sean - this is a keeper! Very fine work here, not pressed glass. A joy to have found it
  38. Thank you for the loves - also in this case is it called a gold gild or gold enamel? Also would this be considered a bowl or compote - ? New to this glass style
  39. Nice Sean thank you for sharing this - :) Lovely display
  40. Thank you Sean :) I love to share my finds!
  41. Thank you Sean - I have been very busy treasure hunting! :)
  42. You are very welcome! I really love the color and shape of this piece :)
  43. I N K Y - thank you for the comment! And the L O V E
  44. Thank you so much! She has a great home to retire at!
  45. Thank you! Its beautiful as is - but I think this is what style of a base it went on
  46. L O V E ! R U B Y & B L U E look so good together.
  47. It is very impressive thank you for the loves vetraio50 racer4four aghcollect nutsabotas6 Manikin
  48. I think I have figured it was made by Par A Sol - but just guessing. I just love the Peach colored glass
  49. thank you agh and jewels for the loves!
  50. Thank you for your loves and comments. Yes it is very hot. One of my favorite Red Pieces in my reds. I do not think It wouldn't be Chalet would it? It does not have any etch marks at all. The q...
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