Córdoba, Argentina

I am a scientist and professor full time at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba with a PhD in Biological Chemistry. Sergio is my mate and we have two children. I havI am a scientist and professor full time at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba with a PhD in Biological Chemistry. Sergio is my mate and we have two children. I have several interesting glasses, specially bohemian since they are the most common here. We also have much porcelain and some interesting metalware. (Read more)


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Two Lutz & Weiss Art Nouveau tea spoons  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Six Art Nouveau Oscar and Edgar Gutherz, Altrohlau, Austria - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Balancing Ball Seal Bookend - Booksin Books
Barthelemy ivory Art Deco sculpture  - Art Decoin Art Deco
 Vieux Paris pedestal cup and saucer - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
A rare cut to clear uranium goblet - Art Glassin Art Glass
Two venetian small bowls - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique acqua glass vase with amber rigaree - Art Glassin Art Glass
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Happy May Day or International Workers Day: two exquisite antique metal plaques - Victorian Erain Victorian Era


  1. Thanks Paris for the explanation it helps me a lot.
  2. I think as racer does, compliments for your findings
  3. perhaps the reason is here Art Nouveau stoneware vase by Galileo Chini for Mugello htt...
  4. Really a lucky man. It is much simpler of the Chini I saw while living in Milano.
  5. Bellísimo
  6. Very pretty the enamel
  7. how maestry in the craft of this piece a great one
  8. German porcelain small dolls
  9. Maravillosa
  10. a piece of art I had not seen the cyclamen they are my favourites flowers compliments
  11. I would love to own this wonderful pendant.
  12. an interesting document
  13. How nice it is
  14. though I do not love yellow This one is marvellous... compliments
  15. Thanks Sklo
  16. wonderful collection Sklo so much pieces interesting and pretty
  17. Compliments Warren you are a very lucky man.
  18. it is like having your grandma with you
  19. wonderful cup AGH you have a great collection
  20. I do not know why I discover this only after such a long time of publication....
  21. a masterpiece....
  22. Segey a big true what you are saying, and because of that is so funny.....
  23. very interesting
  24. I had never seen one
  25. so brilliant and cute. I think it is a bon bon dish.... from 1920 immediately after the first war.
  26. wonderful colors Sean
  27. I really adore this sculpture
  28. compliments for the rings and for the post
  29. wonderful things on Sergio Bustamante Galería
  30. It looks similar to mine the blue one.
  31. Really congratulations for this wonderful post.
  32. thanks Sean, Race and Ivonne for the commentaries. Thanks Vetraio, AGH and Mikel for the loves.
  33. Again in Collectors after a few days I was without internet connection. Thanks to Rick, Kyratango(I appreciate your statement because I did not know about white onyx), Sean, Karen for the comments and...
  34. wonderful lovely
  35. Thanks kyratango, Sean and Rick for the comments. Thanks vetraio, Agh, Katherine, Ivonne and Mikel for the loves.
  36. Dear Ivonne I adore this glasses, I have some similar ones.
  37. wonderful the last picture
  38. really love it
  39. thanks Sean for the comment. You are always so kind
  40. very interesting post Sean
  41. Really wonderful
  42. lucky man you are...
  43. compliments and thanks for sharing it with us
  44. Thanks Sean and Ho2
  45. Que bonita la etiqueta del vino haciendo juego con la botella
  46. compliments for this nice vase
  47. magnificent as the picture compliments
  48. perhaps to seal this type of bottles
  49. Thanks vetraio, agh, Racer, Sklo, Mikel and walksoftly for the loves
  50. Thanks Rick for the comment.
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Fentec Prescut Bowl #10 by McKee Bros. c1906 Art Nouveau Kralik Silvered Bands Green Purple Iridescent Vase Bohemian Twisted Feet Sterling Rim Vases My most wonderful Kralik Bamboo Loetz Malachit with Ormulo Mounts, ca. 1880s


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