Córdoba, Argentina

I am a scientist and professor full time at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba with a PhD in Biological Chemistry. Sergio is my mate and we have two children. I havI am a scientist and professor full time at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba with a PhD in Biological Chemistry. Sergio is my mate and we have two children. I have several interesting glasses, specially bohemian since they are the most common here. We also have much porcelain and some interesting metalware. (Read more)


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A glass art studio masterpiece Querandi, Argentina - Art Glassin Art Glass
Have a nice Day of the friend for all my followers on CW, a brass trinket box given as present  - Furniturein Furniture
Apples and Pears Art Nouveau Majolica plates - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Art Deco craquele faience man playing a big tube - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
PUNGO - STIG LINDBERG for GUSTAVSBERG mold number 283 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Lisa Larson figurine 1960 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
A marble sculpture of a little girl learning to read called Irene - Visual Artin Visual Art
A wonderful vintage plate with Dresden flowers pattern - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Probably a Samson porcelain urn hand painted - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Harrach ruby glass decanter about 1885 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. the original is here
  2. a great post
  3. I adore this ones
  4. Never saw one but very interesting perhaps some UK maker from early 1900?
  5. exquisite brooch and post
  6. wonderful cherubs. I adore this little childs.... You know it seems that children in general is a common subject ina german porcelain
  7. Congrats vetraio!!!!
  8. wonderful color
  9. bellísimo
  10. my compliments Inky, congratulations for this finding a for the vases that look nice indeeed
  11. A pretty piece and the motive of the monkeys is one of my favorites..... Have you seen the Tower of Pisa?
  12. many thanks kerry
  13. yes sometime what you think it is easy is difficult but the items are lovely
  14. thanks roycrofbooks, melanie and stwillia for the loves....
  15. thanks a lot for your comment aristsolve, yer it is wonderful seeing things from all over the world
  16. pretty vase wonderful pictures
  17. wonderful pieces
  18. thanks Manikin for the love
  19. I agree with Sklo
  20. very nicely paiinted
  21. you know Sean when I have been in Italy, Milano, for my postdoc, I need a kettle for the mate ( and they u...
  22. Thanks very much for your kind comment racer
  23. Yes it is Rick, thanks for your comment.
  24. thanks Geode and ho2cult for loves and like
  25. Thanks post colletor for the commentary and allison64 for the love...
  26. congrats for the vase and for the post
  27. thanks Vintagefran your collection is also great
  28. what an interesting story
  29. I had seen them with a handle to have some ale....
  30. wonderful set I would love taking coffee in it
  31. A very well done cloisone work, wonderful colors
  32. I adore birds and think they are English
  33. Thanks for all your kind commentaries Vintagefran, thanks Lulux for the love
  34. thanks Sean, brat and vintagefran for the comments
  35. thanks jensen I am going to look right now
  36. yes so art deco thanks Vintagefran
  37. Thsnkd shareourpassion, racer, surf, jscotto, sean and vintagefran......
  38. Thanks Lulux yes I think you are right, for esample I LIKE the feeling when you are between mountains.....
  39. yes vetraio is the http that I mention above at the end of the second paragraph.....
  40. Thanks Sean I will try because none of these pictures show what really is
  41. what an interesting post.
  42. wonderful yes tortoise shell is very old I also read while looking for the little box I posted several month ago.
  43. wonderful tazza
  44. you are welcome, please give me some tips to do better pictures of my last post
  45. I would have the expierence of Sean to do better pictures to show this wonderful item.
  46. please look my last post I am interest in your opinion
  47. Thanks Ivonne. Yes the mark in your first link is identical and the only one after searching again. In the second the plate is very similar but the marks does not match as you say. I think that this l...
  48. lovely dishes
  49. Thanks to both of you kyratango and katherine
  50. I would put it over some dark pedestal lovely colors indeed
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Fentec Prescut Bowl #10 by McKee Bros. c1906


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