Córdoba, Argentina

I am a scientist and professor full time at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba with a PhD in Biological Chemistry. Sergio is my mate and we have two children. I havI am a scientist and professor full time at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba with a PhD in Biological Chemistry. Sergio is my mate and we have two children. I have several interesting glasses, specially bohemian since they are the most common here. We also have much porcelain and some interesting metalware. (Read more)


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Vaseline cut glass wine goblet English XIX S - Art Glassin Art Glass
Venetian iridescent glass vase with gold fleck rigaree - Art Glassin Art Glass
1934 Family reunion for a wedding - Photographsin Photographs
Dutch silver large spoon  - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Welz perfume or powder bottle - Art Glassin Art Glass
Poschinger Tango  vase with raspberry prunts - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach Basalt glass vase with classical lady - Art Glassin Art Glass
An art deco faux tortoise and sterling presentation card box - Art Decoin Art Deco
A sterling guilloche enamel box - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
English Staffordshire Copeland Spode dinner and soup plates - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


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  9. Really stunning, I think that having it in hands must be wonderful.
  10. wonderful the bubles and the stripes
  11. a treasur to remember those tea that grandma gave as when ill....
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  32. I adore figurines of childs, and yes think it is German because of the motive, child and mushroom. Have you seen this one?
  33. Thanks to everybody. I am profoundly conmosed by your appreciations. If you can look to the city they founded there is some information on the web in Spanish and English. It was like the far west. h...
  34. Sin duda
  35. Barcelona is wonderful and Valencia also. I have close relatives in Cheste. I replied you on my post. Wonderful pottery and also wonderful glass
  36. There's no secret. I had to do some research to the homework of my some and if you are interest I can send the pdf fyle. They were from the white Russia and were part of the great immigratios of 1880-...
  37. You know AGH your great grandmother is similar to mine, she died 1964. I am going to pos a photography right know....
  38. I read several times Ivanhoe when I was a child.
  39. they emotionated me, do not know how to say in English, it touch my soul.
  40. G.B. & Co. ; Giesen Brothers & Co. ; London, England postcard publishers? Did the box contain religious stamps? Welcome to Collectorsweekly
  41. the colors are beatiful I imagine the feeling of having it with the hands
  42. amazing every thing the vase and the knowledge of CW users
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  44. is almost identical to yours and something more aboute date
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Fentec Prescut Bowl #10 by McKee Bros. c1906 From no one to Wilcox Trunk Art Nouveau Kralik Silvered Bands Green Purple Iridescent Vase Bohemian Twisted Feet Sterling Rim Vases My most wonderful Kralik Bamboo Loetz Malachit with Ormulo Mounts, ca. 1880s


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