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Harrach in front of development of early Art Nouveau 1876 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach Tango glassware 4.th part - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach Tango vessels - Art Glassin Art Glass
Putative Harrach tango tableware - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach Tango documented animal figure - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. This is a typical Rindskopf shape and decor
  2. This type of martele is known to be made by Harrach
  3. Congratulation, this is one of the rare cases, where the item showed is commented by an informative article explaining some of the circumstances of its design and embedding in its contemporary surroun...
  4. Not Formosa but Wellenoptisch, still Loetz
  5. This is a Heckert vase
  6. This aquarell follows closely Arnold Boecklin's "Triton and Nereide" as well as other famous paintings of this Swiss artist. The originals of Boecklin are Highlights in all highly ranked Europaen Muse...
  7. This Vase is made by Beyerman&Co a Glass Raffinerie at Haida about 1910-15
  8. Sorry, this is not Kralik, but Heckert, see eg the book by S.Zelasko
  9. This unusual shape, the colour and the black top rim strongly indicate a Harrach Tango Vase, see eg "From Neuwelt to the whole World" page 360 fig.451
  10. Though famatta has some doubt on assigning this vase to Poschinger, I'm quite sure it was made by Poschinger, the decor is quite distinctive, very fine white threading pulled into loops and a soft, so...
  11. This is a early WMF Myra Vase, model J.29 made only in 1928-1929
  12. The shade matches exactly the shape of Musterschnitt 85/3883 made 1901 by Loetz for Bakalowits. The dekor mentioned there is Gre 1/72. Your Dekor Strifen+Flecken is not mentioned, but Loetz may have u...
  13. If you mean the rightmost blue vase by "unknown handled vase", I would say, this is a very well known shape of Loetz. Of course a better foto might clarify this assignment.
  14. It was suggested, that this may be Kralik Silberband, but of coursethis is Heckert.
  15. Hi, all signatures of Leveille I know, are engraved by diamond needle, as are those by his Mentor E.Rousseau. I never saw an enameled signature.
  16. Very often vases exhibiting this type of decoration are wrongly assigned to E.Leveille. Characteristically to be made by Leveille, the coloured glass flecks should be embedded in between the inner and...
  17. As far as I can recognize, this is the town of Grindelwald in Swizzera, you can see the Schreckhorn and at the foot of the mountain a small part of the "upper Grindelwald Glacier".
  18. To my opinion this is neither Kralik nor Loetz, but it is a "Heckert Papilon". This decor has colored glass pieces molten in between silver-yellow papilon flecks, it is very similar to "Heckert Marmop...
  19. This is a Kralik vase
  20. very nice vase, can you please inform me what number actually is or might be at the bottom ? Thank you
  21. Some years ago these silverbanded vases with "King Tut" decor have mostly been assigned to Kralik, thanks to the work of Stephania Zelasko at the Passau Glass Museum (for details, see her book) they a...
  22. To my opinion this is a bohemian vase made about 1880, a very good example of early Chinoiserie style. The vase is carefully enameled and then guilded (no brass). It may have been made by Harrach.
  23. second Vase from left is Loetz Gre 1/473 russian green
  24. This vase might nearly certainly have been made by Harrach, you may compare the almost identical enamailing taken over by Harrach from Racinet plate XIX, 18 as shown in "From New World to the Whole W...
  25. Now I looked again on your interesting Vase. Though, as a first guess, it Looks like Harrach, I now found, it is decorated with the very same lion heads, made from the same mould, as my "Brain Bronce ...
  26. This is a very well known Kralik shape and decor.
  27. This vase fitts a Harrach "Atlas" decor
  28. With very high propability this vase is made by the bohemian company "Gebrueder Funk" and not Kralik.
  29. I would suggest possibly a Bakalowits Loetz Syrius dekor
  30. Hi, this might possibly be a early Loetz vase, you may compare it with the vase shown in "Loetz Boehmisches Glas 1880-1940" Vol 1 (by Prestel) page 67 fig.13. (I hope you have this book) It shows ...
  31. To my opinion these are Kralik, there are a lot of similar "Kralik Black" vases to be seen at the Passau Glass Museum.
  32. This is a very well known Harrach vase, some examples in variuos decors may be seen at the Passau Glass Museum
  33. I have the same Vase, only half the size, same iridescense, the base glass colour is definitely (light) purple when looking against some light.
  34. The Malachit-Carneol shape match is very convincing, a great step forward in the assignment of other Rainbow vases to Loetz. Congratulation
  35. I do not know how large this vase is, but the shape may be II/5210 (though Turmalin is not explicitly listed).
  36. Concerning Turmalin, you will find it explicitly in the "Musterschnitte under 2/528 , 2/529 and the following described as "mit Batzen" up to 2/558
  37. A rainbow Vase clearly signed by the Harrach "Propeller" mark was shown in Oct.2013 by "getthatmon" in CW. The rainbow vase in the old Ricke Vol 1 page 300 is highly iridized and the rainbow decor ref...
  38. This is a Harrach vase with the "Blumenfloret" decor as documented in "...300 years Harrach Glass ..." at page 307 fig: 362
  39. If one follows J.Mergl et.al. in "Loetz Boehmisches Glas 1880-1940" ed. Hatje Cantz, page 54 fig.9 then Loetz rainbow glass looks totally different as compared to your pair. It is described as being v...
  40. The shape, the decor and the type of manufacturing is typical for Arsall, a German factory: Lausitzer Glaswerke, Weiswasser , made in about 1920, today worth about 600-900 Euros
  41. very interesting find and excellent assignment, congratulations
  42. Just a tiny remark onto your Gre 2/1448 you used in this headline. The Loetz nomenclature on production numbers is quite tricky. This vase of reference is PN II/1448, the phenomen genre would be call...
  43. I wouldn't assign Gre 2/318 to this decor, as Gre 2/318 shows 4 leafs stretching upwards from the bottom in a straight line. This vase shows in between the higher extending leafs a set of smaller leaf...
  44. This is a well documented Webb "Bronce glatt" vase
  45. Definitively not Loetz, in my opinion. A vase with the same rainbow decor and this typical type of ribbs is exhibited at the Passau Glass Museum and is assigned to Harrach. Befor some weeks, a vase wi...
  46. This is a very well documented Kralik shape
  47. I would say harrach
  48. I would skip Muller or Stephanek as candidates, as these Czech studio artists didn' use such thick glass overlayed as shown in this example.
  49. This is not Loetz Cytisus, the Vase is made by a completely different technique. To my opinion it might be a vase made Charles/David Lotton, who often tried to imitated Loetz glass. I know some excell...
  50. Thank you, indeed the more transparent glass doesn't fit here.
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