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An outstanding vase of Eugene Rousseau, the pioneer of Art Nouveau - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
An artistically enamelled Harrach Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
An exciting Harrach Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
An outstanding Harrach vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz cut glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pallme-Koenig versus Poschinger threaded Glass revisited - Art Glassin Art Glass
Early Loetz, part II - Art Glassin Art Glass
A centre bowl by Clement Massier and James Vibert - Potteryin Pottery
An intersting décor assigned by shape comparison to Kralik - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Heckert Crocus - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. The very same shape with a typically etched décor consisting out of transparent lightpurple flower was mase by french St-Loius and I would assign your vase to St.Louis, too.
  2. I'm quite sure your vase was made by Schliersee, thick walled iridized cobalt glass blown from top was one of its specialities, I know some more Schliersee vases of your shape.
  3. A closer inspection of your nice vase let me actually suggest Loetz Gre 7966 instead of Gre 6893, this might become more conclusive, if you can supply photos of the décor near the bottom of the vase. ...
  4. Congratulation and thanks for showing such a rare vase.
  5. I made a comment on this post some 5 days ago, but this post seems to have been updated, so I will shortly repeat. Whereas the left vase looks like an early Loetz, the right one with the spherical foo...
  6. To my opinion, these are all Loetz Ausf-165, the middle vase is PN=III/845 (1916)
  7. Thank you all for your interesting comments and Loves
  8. I would like to thank you all for your kind comments and loves.
  9. Whereas the larger thorn vase fits well to the Loetz vases described, the thorn vase with the characteristically ball shaped foot and the thinly pink cased shiny surface is certainly made by Stevens&W...
  10. Congratulation for this very nice pair of high quality etched and cut Kralik vases.
  11. A wonderful example out of the many still 'unknown' Loetz Gre's, this one is most often made on pink glass, your blue vase is the first I see in this colour. Very fine.
  12. Thank you all for your kind loves, Hi Malkey, Hi racer4four, I was similarly impressed when I saw this vase for the 1.st time being offered at ebay and I wanted to to have it in any case, though it w...
  13. You may please have a look onto a post by LoetzBuddies 3 years ago, same bowl decorated with gold foil inclusions, detailed Research, with reference to the Bristol Blue Glass Museum, made by P.R.F.D'...
  14. Craig, thank you for your detailed answer and analysis
  15. The décor reminds onto the former wrongly assigned Loetz Ausf-140 vases, that you did correct, the only difference being the diagonally striped enclosed air bubbles as compared with the surrounded one...
  16. Dear Craig, you now opened a new direction for assignment of brides baskets and bowls, I'm looking forward what your research will bring to light.
  17. Only a collector ownig several pieces of same shape can find out such a wonderful match. Craig my congratulations to your ongoing research of Welz production.
  18. Hi Ivan49, thank you very much for your kind hint on my mistake of interchanging 7.02 and 7.03 in my article, I will update accordingly. I'm very thankful for each kind of improvements, corrections...
  19. A wonderful carved original Leveille, I love it
  20. Dear Warren, thank you for kindly citation of my article, it would not have it's extend without your knowledge and permanent support. Thank You.
  21. A wonderful find of the 1.st described Topas/Dark-green Loetz cut vase. It contrasts nicely to the ruby red vase of same décor.
  22. another example of this Loetz cutting décor, if you allow, I would like to include it as anothere reference into my article ?
  23. Thank you All for your kind comments and loves
  24. An interesting idea, but there is no trace of any stopper usage and I think the neck and mouth are too wide, I think it was used as a vase.
  25. Hi Steve, sorry, I don't know who made the original illustrations, J.Mergl in 'From Neuwelt to ...' gives as some reference the lithographs by E.Tavenies, printed by Becquet, Paris, published by Le...
  26. Hi kyratango, philmac51 and racer4four thank you for your Kind comments, I would be interested into the exact scientific namings of the two parrots and the spider, can anyone help ?
  27. Craig and Malkey thank you for your kind comments, I would like to add, that what looks like a 'metal work' is actually totally made of glass !
  28. A really fine Vase and décor identification as well.
  29. Your original idea, assigning this décor to Kralik actually was correct, many pieces must have been re-assigned to Heckert, but this specific décor is still Kralik, known from many other Kralik shapes.
  30. Your vase is very likely made by Auguste Jean about 1890, a famous French glass artist. Usually his vases are signed at the bottom in red colour A.J. His vases are quite valuable and not very often on...
  31. Thank you for all your kind comments, conrtibutions, Loves and Likes.
  32. Dear Deb, I still remember with great joy strolling and photographing at the Passau Glass Museum. Now, your excellent post and your experties claryfy again the correct assignment of Alfredo's vase ...
  33. The Myra vase is model J.86 and your version is called 'Rauch' made in 1937, similar is the 'Perlmut' series. J.86 comes in 'Myra Red', too. For further infos see: Carlo Burschel, Heinz Scheiffele ' W...
  34. Your painting shows the lovely small town of Brienz located at the 'Brienzer See' (lake of Brienz) in Swizerland.
  35. I would like to thank you all for your kind comments, loves and likes
  36. A very interesting Dek III/115 signed pitcher, if you would kindly allow, I will include it as an additional example into next update of my article, thank you for citation (there is a small misprint i...
  37. Craig, of course I remember our discussions about this assignment using the same photos some years ago and I would have liked to have more examples, too, nevertheless I wanted to show this possible dé...
  38. I totally agree, Heckert patented shapes etc., you may please have a look onto Thamm shape Th-60 published on page 201 fig. 349 of S.Zelasko in her book 'Fritz Heckert'. With respect to the 'known dec...
  39. Though this vase looks like a mixture of the Loetz décor 'Chine' with the mouth lent from Holubetz design and made obviously by some (ignorant) glass imitator, it is nevertheless a true (and unique) L...
  40. Thank you for all kind contributions and discussions as well as for all loves and likes.
  41. Hi Craig, I'm still hapy to remember the interesting time and the good discussions we had, when you set up your excellent website on Kralik, where I had the honor to make some contributions. Since ...
  42. As far as I know only Fritz Heckert did sign his patented 'Coralene' decorated glass ware by 'Patent'.
  43. The Dr. Fischer auction was in Mar.2012 lot 320
  44. This seems to be a Loetz 'Etrusk' vase, the same vase was offered 2013 by James D. Julia, a green example 2012 by Dr.Fischer. The applied handles are original.
  45. I assume, that your vase may be a early Loetz production. With your kind permission. I put it into a larger context, discussing glass-jewelled decorated vases into my article at loetz.com -> identifyi...
  46. This is a Harrach vase in the well know décor 'Formosa' introduced arround 1904
  47. I would assign this bowl to Loetz, too. But not to the early Loetz period before 1895; from the enameling, the blue opal (Tango) glass and the design of the metal handling, it seems more appropriate t...
  48. It now became clear, thanks to the combined effort of the 'Loetz Advisory Group', especially W.Galle, that vases with this décor are made by Schliersee, this vase has shape No 109, a documented Schlie...
  49. Thank you very much for all your kind comments, loves and likes.
  50. It is now more then one month, that I posted these vases on CW, in the meantime there were many "loves and likes" and I would like to thank you all, and for your kind comments, too. For those of you i...
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