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Hello, My name is Charlie and I'm an art glass and lamp collector. I prefer Victorian Era of each but have strong interest in others eras too. I'm also hooked on glHello, My name is Charlie and I'm an art glass and lamp collector. I prefer Victorian Era of each but have strong interest in others eras too. I'm also hooked on glass fairy or candle lamps and brass/glass kerosene era parlor lamps. My current topic of study (with lots of help from others) is colored glassware manufactured by Ruckl, Vcelnicka and Victorian Era Oil Lamps. Thanks to everyone who posts on CW as information is always appreciated and informative. (Read more)


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Antonin Rückl & Sons Rainbow Honeycomb Ewer & Previously Identified Ruckl Decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antonin Rückl & Sons Bohemian Glass Vase & Ewers - Red lined Oxblood Red & White Spatter Glass and Rainbow Honeycomb Decor  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antonin Rückl & Sons ca 1931 Catalog Decors: Tango Murano, Kristall Murano, & Decor 12528 - Plus a Ruckl Tango Ball Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Red Antonin Rückl & Sons / Ruckl Bohemian Vase & Green Honeycomb Spatter or Cottage Glass Decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Quoizel Abigail Adams Milk Glass Table Lamp GWTW Style Electric 1973 - Lampsin Lamps
Czech Art Deco Export Red Yellow Black Cased Spatter Glass Perfume Bottle / Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antonin Rückl & Sons Bohemian Glass Vase - Red with Oxblood Red & White Spatter Glass Decor - Rim Detail - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique Whale Oil Fluid Lamp ca. 1870 by Hobbs Brockunier Flint Glass with Blackberry Pattern Base - Lampsin Lamps
Antonin Rückl & Sons, Vcelnicka Glass Factory, Founded 1875 - Art Glassin Art Glass
German Hand Painted Porcelain or China Kerosene Banquet Lamp w Brenner Kosmos Burner - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Thank you everyone for the cw love and thanks surfdub66 for the nice comment.
  2. Hey Scott, Here's a similar cw posting for you using another ewer shape, hope it helps... :)
  3. Hello Scott, The shape is the same other than variations in the applied crystal handle. My picture is obscured to deter photo pirates, which makes the ewers appear slightly different from one anoth...
  4. Shape analysis using shapes identified as Ruckl doesn't create Welz documentation.
  5. Related decors have been found with Ruckl labels, not Welz.
  6. Thanks Alfredo for the kind comment.
  7. There is no proof that Welz made fairy lamps.
  8. Thank you everyone for the CW Love and nice comments.
  9. This shape is found in a decor identified as Ruckl. Eempirical Welz research ignores this fact.
  10. "I have never seen an example of this decor linked to Harrach or anyone else, by anything other than pure supposition." That statement clearly applies to the Welz attribution too as there are no re...
  11. Thanks Jewels!
  12. Gorgeous.
  13. Thank you Nordicman32 for the CW Love!
  14. The two red lined vases I provided links to are indeed related. It's confirmed by both shapes being found in a totally separate decor. Here's the shape above in a orange lined multi-color spatter deco...
  15. Here's the shape above in a red lined oxblood and white spatter decor: Here's that same exact decor on a differ...
  16. Please add a link to one of the "many original Welz labels" on a related decor. BTW: Here's a Rindskopf Catalog for you:
  17. There are no related decors or shapes labeled Welz. There is no manufacturers documentation showing this shape or these decors as Welz. There is absolutely nothing showing Welz made the shape or the d...
  18. A glass vase with similar applied flowers is listed ca 1940's on this website:
  19. I'm not sure how old it is. Here's some information on Antonin Rückl & Sons, Vcelnicka factory.
  20. It's likely by Anton Ruckl & Sons, AKA: Rückl, Vcelnicka?
  21. Thank you Jewels for the nice comment and CW Love!
  22. No, the Royal Art Glass, Czechoslovakia. What was their address?
  23. Maybe Royal Art Glass imported glassware manufactured by Kralik. What was their address?
  24. The bowl in comment 9 isn't a match by decor but Jericho's bowl is. The whole reason for the posting was to show live examples of the decors as represented in the wholesale catalog. He's very good at ...
  25. B&B Assortments were a variety of shapes by a variety of manufacturers. That's my point...
  26. The Kralik bowl in photo #2 is found in Truitt II, page 59. It is shown as part of a console set with two short candle holders. The bowl is also shown in the Kralik Butler Brothers assortment, picture...
  27. Wow, 65 years or maybe more of scrolled feet..... that sounds like a marker!
  28. The cobalt bowl in comment 15 has a paper Ruckl label.
  30. Here's a 1925 catalog showing the curled foot as a Ruckl marker:
  31. That first one is my favorite too. Here is one that's very similar.
  32. It's Anton Ruckl, ca 1925. Here a CW posting with the original manufacturers catalog.
  33. Glad to help! Here are a few more examples.
  34. Your lovely Tango vases were manufactured by Anton Ruckl.
  35. I have posted the Ruckl labeled vase shape twice on CW already. It's the related piece labeled Welz that we're looking for now.
  36. The last picture confirms that the two decors found on the tapered vase shape (one labeled Ruckl) are related. It also confirms that variations in the clear hand applied decorations is acceptable, is ...
  37. The orange lined spatter decor and the red lined spatter decor, each shown above, were found on the Ruckl labeled shape.
  38. One of the 6 decors shown above has been found with a Ruckl label. Can you add a picture of, or a link to the related example labeled Welz?
  39. Here's this CANARI SHIMMY decor displayed as Ruckl in a 2012 tango exhibit. The decor is once again illustr...
  40. Thank you FanciGirl for the CW Love!
  41. Thank you Leahpia for the CW Love!
  42. Most end of day glass decors are real live decors repeated on different/other shapes. These decors usually had nothing to do with leftover glass but were an actual line of production.
  43. Hello idclosonne, Great to hear from you! Thank you for the compliment and CW love. Best of luck with your research :)
  44. Thank you Alfredo for the CW Love!
  45. It is likely that Royal Art Glass, NY purchased products from multiple sources and added their label to all of it, not just the Welz stuff.
  46. Here's the location of the ca 1925 Royal Art Glass Office and Sample Room at 5-9 Union Square, NY It was located The Spingler Building which still stands today.
  47. Here's that last link again;
  48. The second link should have been as follows:
  49. These CW postings and the links added in their comments relate to you rainbow honeycomb spatter decor and may be helpful.
  50. Thank you Ernie, You're too kind as usual. :) Our best to you as well. As that last vase above is sporting a decor and construction method closely resembling a decor identified as Ruckl using a man...
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