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Dale Tiffany Art Glass Vase With Gold Flecks - Art Glassin Art Glass
White Pottery For Valentino - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Unikat Van Eyk - Art Glassin Art Glass
Weekend Estate Sale Find - Art Glassin Art Glass
Studio Pottery Pot - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Yellow Matte Cherry and Cable Spooner Cup Vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
What are these brass things used for? 
Nice vase with applied red ribbon - Art Glassin Art Glass
Translucent vase handpainted in Bermuda - Art Glassin Art Glass
Godinger Frosted Rosé Centerpiece - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Leave it to him to come up with that :)
  2. Thanks Racer, Inky and Vetraio
  3. Yes it is.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hey Amber, found a Tiffany, Dale Tiffany that is.
  7. Looks great. Phil is a marcel with old photos.
  8. Thanks Sean
  9. Thanks Inky
  10. Thanks Mike and Ho2cultcha
  11. Thanks Racer and Blunderbuss
  12. Always makes my day. Seems to know when I need a laugh.
  13. Thanks Walksoftly.
  14. Thanks sweetie!
  15. He's a hoot isn't he :)
  16. I had a hard time finding. Can you delete second link after you look at it. Thanks
  17. Thanks Moon, Aghcollect and Vetraio
  18. That's what happens when you don't want to start car payments again. End up paying for two cars :) oh well. Found a vase today I need description so I can try to figure it out. How's your brain wor...
  19. Thanks Aghcollect, mike, Sean, Vetraio, surf dub and Icollect
  20. You're a nut! Thanks for the laugh mechanic just got me for 700
  21. As always you're right :)
  22. You say potato I say.......
  23. I must have missed that one :)
  24. The green bulb bowl? She posted one like it. We're playing show me yours ill show you mine :)
  25. Thanks Catteann
  26. Believe it or not I just found this bowl on one of my shelves. You know you have too much when you don't know what you have.
  27. Thanks Valentino. Have a problem with McCoy too :)
  28. Thanks Phil
  29. Believe me I know. I have so much pottery AmberRose accused me of being the pottery mafia. If you want it you have to go through Nancy. She's a nut. Love her.
  30. Have loads if white pottery. Will post some of it for you.
  31. Lol!!!!
  32. Thanks, have them scattered all over the place. Have probably three times this many now. Not sure why I like them so much.
  33. I collect wall pockets and have never seen this one. I have the mccoy violin. Thanks for sharing.
  34. Miss you girl! Wondered if you have been blown away by the weather up there. When I watch the weather channel I associate weather with you different CWers. Eye is Eye, have to pick on him before he ge...
  35. Hope you find many treasures my friend! I'm stuck at home watching judge Judy!
  36. Hi I, just dropped car off to mechanic. Had oil leak fixed but oil got in starter. Ouch!
  37. You've had some pretty fierce stuff up your way haven't you? Just took my car to mechanic so no hunting for me today :(
  38. Have been finding a lot of glass, of course I don't keep it no space. Need the thrill id the hunt :)
  39. Thanks Vetraio
  40. Morning Mike. How's it going up there?
  41. Hehe, already know what's going on with this one. Maybe I'll dig out an unsigned unmarked one for you!
  42. Thanks Sean.
  43. Added signature. Think Germany
  44. Good Morning Sweetie
  45. Thanks nuts, racer, Kerry and Sean. Good to hear from you Bellin :)
  46. Have one in white. Don't know much about it either. If I find anything I'll let you know
  47. Thanks Vetraio.
  48. Thanks DrFluffy and Aghcollect.
  49. Been there!
  50. You know I'm not a glass person so have no idea. Now if it was pottery.... Very nice piece. Love your cats:) whatever happened to your pre-lifestyle lift picture. :)))
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