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Studio Pottery Pot - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Yellow Matte Cherry and Cable Spooner Cup Vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
What are these brass things used for? 
Nice vase with applied red ribbon - Art Glassin Art Glass
Translucent vase handpainted in Bermuda - Art Glassin Art Glass
Godinger Frosted Rosé Centerpiece - Art Glassin Art Glass
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Norleans Italy Figurines 


  1. Thanks Kerry, hope all has been well.
  2. Will do!
  3. Haven't posted anything for a long time. Reselling just about anything I find. Still have my pottery at the farm and Amber has sent me some for my collection here in town. Doesn't seem right to post w...
  4. Hehehe, take care Sweetie!
  5. Yes indeed! Too damn old for this bitter cold. How old or young are you these days? :)
  6. Getting better everyday. When spring gets here will better.
  7. A day at a time. -15 degrees doesn't help much.
  8. Teapot is just about ready to start whistling!
  9. Second pot. Miss you!
  10. Me too :))))
  11. There is a link to catalogue on comment 48 on my vase. Greatsnowyowl posted it for me. May help...
  12. It's beautiful. The folks on here don't like to comment on values though.
  13. I looked for months with a friend who never gave up. I thought mine was the only one out there, just can't find them. I finally contacted VSL site and they verified it was theirs. Mine came from Belgi...
  14. Hi kvaldez55, This is what St Lambert site sent to me. Hope it helps. Hello, Please find enclosed the expertise of your piece. Description : vase in cased crystal : clear/green Décor : large ...
  15. Thanks so much BCH!
  16. Hehehe, you're still my favorite nut!
  17. All is well! Miss you to my friend! Happy New Year to you also.
  18. Thanks Guys, you too!!!!
  19. Thought I'd drop by for a minute. Merry Christmas early if we don't talk. Love these!!!
  20. Great photo Manikin
  21. Had to take a break. How have you been? Saw your Roseville, it's a beauty. Would have jumped on it myself. Missed ya!
  22. Beautiful;)
  23. LOL. Has anyone told you today that you're wonderful:)
  24. Just got home from the country. LOVE them. Yes I will be dreaming pink! Thank you my friend!!!!
  25. Posted vase earlier that has star on bottom, thought maybe you may have run into one in your new glass frenzy learning experience:)
  26. Is this the one you drew the picture of???
  27. Moon, have you ever ran across a vase with a star stamped on bottom?
  28. My problems are when package gets crushed. Can throw it across the room and its okay but what do you do when the put a 2 ton package on top of it. Sorry Moon.
  29. Coffee!!!!!
  30. Hey Sean, did Bellin post a pottery cat months ago?
  31. Beautiful, knew Amber would spot the Weller.
  32. Beautiful!
  33. Stunning and beautiful:)
  34. He knows more about Haeger than I do
  35. Mike???????
  36. As you well lnow, I am no pottery expert. And to answer your question, I don't know!!!!
  37. They have a bunch of pinks. Mike us the Haeger man. This is closest that I can find.
  38. Oops I'm back in Amber's. Better have another cup of coffee.
  39. Good Morning Agram. Mike loves it when his posts turn into chat rooms:))))
  40. Exactly. We have looked at so many images that we know its somewhere in there.
  41. Hi Eye, heard from our elusive virtual friend??
  42. Good Morning. Everything ok??
  43. Seems like I should know this. Looks soooo familiar.
  44. It's beautiful!
  45. You are very welcome. This stuff is hard to find!
  46. I found one a while back for 2.00. Alvino Baggni. Nice find!
  47. Almost has Roseville shape.
  48. Have never seen this one. Hmmmm
  49. Thanks Fran
  50. Thanks Fran
  51. See more


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