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I was born in Houston ,Texas .My mom is Moonstonelover21 ,I love to be with my sister and mom we love collecting neat and unique stuff together , and I love school aI was born in Houston ,Texas .My mom is Moonstonelover21 ,I love to be with my sister and mom we love collecting neat and unique stuff together , and I love school a lot (Read more)


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Art Deco Czech Spatter vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech goblet vase end of the day  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bluebirds of happinesss by Leo ward - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bluebirds of happiness - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage French Gda Tea cups and Saucer - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Narnia boxed action figures - Toysin Toys
 Vintage Brass Swan - Animalsin Animals
Vintage Cermic vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Vintage Glass bird on branch - Art Glassin Art Glass
Brass Swan - Animalsin Animals


  1. Shawn186 , my mom and I always have a blast together!!!!!!:)))))))))))))
  2. Thx for loving my Vase Vetraio50!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Nice:)))))
  4. Thx Fishiowa Your right its the perfect color for Halloween:)))))))))
  5. Luv it:))))))))
  6. Thx mom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thank yu sean68!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))))))))))
  8. Thx mum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))))
  9. Thank yu leahgoodwin for loving !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. and thank yu aimathena for loving!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Thank yu Charcoal for loving my birds!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Beautiful colors and cute snake!!!!!!!:)))))))
  13. I LOVE it !!!!!!
  14. Very pretty :)))))))
  15. Thx everyone for loving my bluebirds!!!!:))))))
  16. Thank yu Manikin for loving my birds !!!!!!!!!!
  17. Thank yu everyone for loving my bluebirds:))))!!!!!
  18. Thank yu Lundy for loving my bluebirds !!!!!:)))))
  19. LOVE the MACAW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))))))))0
  20. Thank yu everyone for loving my blue birds !!!!!!!!:))))))))
  21. Thank yu leahgoodwin for loving my bluebirds:))))))))
  22. Thank yu pw collector for loving my birds and I will love to see the photos of the bird thank yu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. PRETTY !!!!!!!!!
  24. VERY PRETTY :)
  25. thx amberrose and nldionne for loving my bluebirds of happiness and yes they are signed by Leo Ward .!!!!!!:))))))
  26. THx bratjdd for loving my blubirds!!!!!
  27. Thx Manikin for loving my birds:)
  28. thank yu drFluffy for loving my birds!!!!
  29. Thx aldo78 for loving my bluebirds:))))
  30. Thx mom!!!
  31. LOVE the purple and a little bit of purplish pink:)
  32. I LOVE the pink:))))
  33. Beautiful vase mom!!!!!!!
  34. Thx mom!!!!!!!!
  35. Thank you Manikin For the comment !!!!!
  36. wow Amberrose thank you for the comment I bet it would be a great wedding present and you have a good day too !!!!!!:)))))
  37. Love all the colors Very unique XOXOXO:)))))!!!!!
  38. Very nice I love all the carving and how looks LOVE IT :)))))))
  39. Thank you so much for the compliment !!!!:)))))
  40. Thank you Zowie for loving my Brass swans and duck too!!!!!!:)))))
  41. Very pretty!!!!
  42. Thank you everyone !!!!!:)))))))
  43. THank you Dr.Fluffy for loving my item and Amberrose thank you as well :)))))))!!!!
  44. Thank you BHock45 for loving my swans !!!!!!
  45. Thx mom for loving it XOXOXO!!!!!!
  46. VERY colorful it shows a lot of feeling into it!!!!!!:)))
  47. VERY Unique Love it :))))))!!!!!
  48. BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!:) love it great find!!!!!!
  49. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
  50. Mom thank you XOXOXO
  51. See more


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