"I have often been referred to as a pack rat, but I don't believe that is entirely accurate. I prefer to think of myself as a consummate accumulator who loves to s"I have often been referred to as a pack rat, but I don't believe that is entirely accurate. I prefer to think of myself as a consummate accumulator who loves to surround himself with visually interesting objects... I thrive on it." ... David Huchthausen (Read more)


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Guess I got what I deserved .... - Bottlesin Bottles
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Drips and drops. - Art Glassin Art Glass
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What is and what shall never be. - Art Glassin Art Glass
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Beauty has arrived today. - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Or maybe said as "pinched" ?
  2. Oh cool, so there are dimples also ?
  3. Cool for sure. In that second picture what are four stems ?
  4. He will be here
  5. You are very welcome. You know I have looked at this many times, Trying to write something clever that rhymes. But concentation eludes my my mind, When before my eyes is beauty ... defined.
  6. Whats up when I click to view this and my first thought was the picture above your name doesn't match the four above it ... Lol ...
  7. Cool story
  8. "Oh, a wise guy huh ? " Moe Howard
  9. Lol I quick scanned your text and was going to reply that every thought, regardless of space, requires a reference point. Then I did a second run through your words only to see my response was in your...
  10. Okay, thanks. How long will it be, because I have to run an errand.
  11. Trunkman, thanks for the what?
  12. Very cool
  13. Rick, thanks :)
  14. Beyemvey, thanks :)
  15. Kyratango, thanks :)
  16. Rich, thanks :)
  17. Karen, thanks :)
  18. BB2, thanks :)
  19. Scott, thanks :)
  20. Fortapache, thanks :)
  21. Aura, thanks :)
  22. Kevin, thanks :)
  23. Thomas, thanks :)
  24. Deano, thanks :)
  25. Mike, thanks :)
  26. Efesgirl, thanks :)
  27. I never had a character watch growing up. Wearing this reminds me of something I used to say to certain people when I was young. I have morphed into one of them over the years. One glance at this fun ...
  28. Nobody said anything, but I really love wearing this !
  29. Beautiful
  30. Very cool
  31. Dang it. There was a note taped to the store display case that said "ask for box" . Now I wonder if it specifically meant for this watch.
  32. Was there a special box also ?
  33. I figured that out from google search, but the back does not say that.
  34. Katherine, thanks:)
  35. Michael, thanks :)
  36. Sean, thanks :)
  37. TimeTraveller, thanks :)
  38. On several occasions when I bought these, the cashiers have commented that they still had their Mickey watch from the sixties. Instant smile from them.
  39. I was staring forever at the wrong position of 5 and 7
  40. Do you have the baseball or football set ?
  41. You are very welcome buddy :)
  42. Love the blue.
  43. Think I'll take the Flipper.
  44. Mani, thanks :)
  45. Mani, thanks :)
  46. Beyemvey. Thanks :)
  47. I really would like to know how collecting glass shoes/boots originated.
  48. Sean, thanks buddy :)
  49. LovelyPat, thanks :)
  50. Deano, thanks :)
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Walter Lantz "Space Mouse" wrist watch