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Have had various antique interests over the years, recently started to concentrate on putting together a "collection" of something,& decided that was to be Coca ColaHave had various antique interests over the years, recently started to concentrate on putting together a "collection" of something,& decided that was to be Coca Cola of the pre 1960's vintage. Also into Vintage firefighting,guitars,signs,cars,motorbikes,art pottery,art glass,militaria,pretty much anything old and cool!.Thanks for looking! Cheers!! (Read more)


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Fan day on C.W.!!! - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola 1914 "Betty " tip tray - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1950-60 japan tin truck Fanny Farmer candy!! - Model Carsin Model Cars
1950-60's Japan friction mobil gas truck - Model Carsin Model Cars
1950's Coca Cola miniature 6 pack! - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1907 Coca Cola change purse!! - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola "hostess girl" tray - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1950's Coca Cola Stadium Carrier - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1950's Coca Cola Japan friction truck - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1950's Coca Cola Pyro plastic truck - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Hey chief, long time!! These pieces definitely belong together, you've got a winner there!! Should clean up real nice! If you haven't got a spot for it I know someone who does!!! :)
  2. This was fabricated by a creative person using stickers, not a collectors piece of any value ,but still looks good for decoration purposes.
  3. Thanks Mani, Dave , and Edisonfan for the nice comments!! Cheers!!
  4. Thats an awesome score Dave, I'm a" fan" of your collection buddy!!!
  5. Thank you Edisonfan and Trey for the nice comments!! Cheers!!
  6. Thanks Dave, just following your lead brotha!! ;)
  7. Thanks Kerry, you as well, and as always, your posts are a wealth of good information and awesome pics of the coolest watch s made! Cheers buddy!!
  8. Thanks Kerry!!
  9. Sweetness!!!
  10. Thanks Kerry , take care bud!
  11. Thanks Dave, hope you have an awesome Fathers Day my friend!! Cheers!!
  12. You too sean, have a great summer! all the best, bern
  13. thanks buddy, how are you keeping?I'm too busy usually in the summer to post much, but working today so in between calls I'm trying get caught up. you have been busy also I see! take care sean! c...
  14. Me neither, very nice condition too!!
  15. What a beaut!!~nice grab!!
  16. Sweet!! I like it!! How did you make it, from existing sign or?
  17. Thanks EAPG and walk for the handy suggestions!! Cheers
  18. Thank you Trey, walk, Mani, and Edisonfan for the kind words! And special thanks to Dave!!
  19. Thank you Trey, Coke1234, and Edisonfan for the nice comments! The lights do not work Trey, as there seems to be no wire or battery, but still cool that they are still there, and look like the origin...
  20. Nice grab Dave, another winner!!
  21. Some, but not all, manufacturers would mark the tires with their name, maybe yours?
  22. Smokin' deal !!
  23. that's gonna scare the kids!!!
  24. Do you have the GT still ? They've appreciated nicely over time also! Hope to drive one someday :)!! Love the whole collection!!
  25. WOW!! A TOP SHELF COLLECTION for sure!!
  26. These usually sell in the range of $100- 200 on eBay .
  27. These are for punching holes, used for gasket making, in leather work, etc..
  28. That's a real sweet display Dave!! Now I feel bad as I'm the only one who hasn't sent you an addition to your collection buddy!! ;) I'll see if I can find something uniquely Canadian eh!! Nice of B...
  29. Sweet find Alan!! Love finding such cool and interesting pieces at the "thrift"!! Great info also on the artist! Gotta love native art pieces!!
  30. Killer scoare Dave, looks like you've got-em all now, nicely done my man!!!! Now that you are back to golfing maybe the rest of us can score a deal every so often :)!!Lol!!
  31. sweet score Dave, the stand looks "outstanding"!!
  32. They look like tie pins CCkid! Happy Easter to ya!!
  33. Nice snag Dave! Happy Easter to you and yours, Dave, and don't worry about a cure for your carrieritis, we all have a serious" Coke" problem to contend with!!! Lol We need to start a self-help group...
  34. This is the 29" original version, Made in USA, and only in Farenheight. The remake is made in Mexico , has both farh. & Celsius, red back also. Not sure what the 42 denotes, but not the date. These...
  35. Takin the "smalls " to a whole new level Dave, the "very smalls"!! Neat item, likely fairly rare in decent shape as most would have been chucked years ago. They look cool on your old bottle and carr...
  36. sweet car,love the Shelby's! you are lucky to have it and your son is luckier to be getting it someday!
  37. That's a beaut Michael, does go nice with the collection! Looks in great shape!
  38. That is so cool, very nice workmanship and attention to detail!!
  39. Sweet addition Dave for sure!!
  40. Good info to know gentlemen! Thanks!!
  41. Here's some info, http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Coca-Cola-Stained-Glass-Style-celling-Lamp-Shade-Replacement-lot-03-/321699213348?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_210&hash=item4ae6c47024 http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Coca-C...
  42. I always notice touch-ups, unless they are done really really well, then I start to wonder what else has been messed with, and usually pass on the item. I'm with the" leave it" crowd!! Nice radio!!
  43. Beautiful house by the way Tommy, very nice style to it , and I'm sure plenty of room for the collection to grow even more!!! So happy for you all!! The boss and I are thinking of selling ours and "...
  44. Sweet upgrade Tommy!! It's always nice to see a new project coming up from start to finish!!! Good luck buddy, can't wait to see it done!
  45. I think you've got it figured out quite well Dave, a free upgrade sounds like you know what's what in the magical world of flea bay!!! And you call that sign what-ever you like buddy! I'd call it ...
  46. Thank you sara, keep looking, they come up quite often on-line, and wait for the perfect combo of price and condition. I don't wait for perfect, and I won't pay top buck for anything, it has to be ju...
  47. Thanks Dave and Trey, I was lucky to have found it!! Cheers!!
  48. Very nice,,,,I'm drooling!!! Lol!!
  49. Another amazing item Dave, love how you're always finding such unique additions to your collection! Very cool!!
  50. Absolutely amazing collection!! I'm new to collecting the "Mobil Oil" brand, but I could imagine someday having a fraction of the awesome collection you have put together!! Very nice!
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