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Have had various antique interests over the years, recently started to concentrate on putting together a "collection" of something,& decided that was to be Coca ColaHave had various antique interests over the years, recently started to concentrate on putting together a "collection" of something,& decided that was to be Coca Cola of the pre 1960's vintage. Also into Vintage firefighting,guitars,signs,cars,motorbikes,art pottery,art glass,militaria,pretty much anything old and cool!.Thanks for looking! Cheers!! (Read more)


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Plaything Pegasus Moble Gas Tin Litho Friction Toy Made in Japan - Toysin Toys
1950's Coca Cola music box - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Harley Davidson tin wind-up reproduction toy 2001 - Toysin Toys
1935 Marx wind-up tin toy motorcycle - Toysin Toys
Schuco wind up Telesteering3000 - Model Carsin Model Cars
Wine cellar collection room!! - Furniturein Furniture
The creeping Coca Cola collection!! - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1960-70 Mobil Gas tin truck - Model Carsin Model Cars
Marx 22" coca cola truck - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1950's Coca Cola Airline cooler - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Thank you all for the LOVES and for checking out my collection(s)!! Cheers!!
  2. Thank you all much for the LOVES and stopping by!! Cheers all!!
  3. Thank you fifties and Digitali5 for the nice comments!! Cheers!!
  4. Thank you all for the LOVES on this old biker!! Cheers all!!
  5. Thank you shareurpassion and Kevin for the nice comments !! Cheers!!
  6. Thank you all for the LOVES on this little biker!! Cheers all!!
  7. Thanks so much for all the LOVES on this little guy!! Cheers all!!
  8. Thank you Mani and Dave for your nice comments! Cheers!!
  9. Love the patina and honest wear on your piece of childhood history Kevin. Beautiful to still have it after all these years!! Cherish the memories!!
  10. do you know if these were available at Harley dealers also Tom, as I seem to remember seeing these long ago, possibly when I bought my bike in 2001?
  11. nice friend, I gotta find that recycling yard !!!
  12. Thanks Tom, that was mentioned in the listing, so I'll be on the hunt for the proper one. Do you know if they are available aftermarket? Thanks Bern
  13. nice find, looks great to me! I'd hang it out from an outside corner instead of messing with it, but that's just me!
  14. Nice one Dave, gotta love coca cola clocks!! I'm still on the hunt for the silver one also!! Cheers buddy!!
  15. Happy New Years Sean, hope you have a" Stellar" year full of great new finds!!!! Cheers Buddy!!!
  16. Nice early opener, 1920's made, and books @ $150 in case you were wondering! Welcome to C.W also!!! Cheers!!
  17. Thats an amazing collection in a short time fifties!! Nicely done!
  18. Love the resto job, very well done and a big improvement!
  19. Can"t wait to see more Mike, awsome collection, and sweet ride too!!
  20. Thank you Edisonfan, Ed,& Trey for the nice comments. Merry Christmas to you all, and happy pickins next year!!!
  21. sweet find Dave, leave it to you to scare up the unusual and rare pieces,, nicely done!!
  22. Beautiful purchase David & Amanda , nicely done!!!!
  23. The showcase was salvaged from my neighbour s barn Dave , he has tons of treasures in there being destroyed by coons and squirrels . I was keeping that space for a V44, but haven't found one at my pr...
  24. Thank you cokekid, you're right on about kijiji, always looking for addition s to the collection. What part of the city are you in? Merry Christmas to you !!
  25. Thank you Phil, and anytime your in the area, you'd be most welcome here! Merry Christmas buddy!!
  26. Thank you very much Michael , and you are right, always room for more!!! All the best of the holiday season to you! !
  27. vefy beautiful! are they new or vintage? do you know who made them? awesome house too!!
  28. Thanks so much walksoftly and Dave, and a very merry Christmas to you both as well! cheers !!!
  29. Thanks Sean, and I yours!!! Cheers!!!!
  30. Thanks Sean, I-Phone issues!! Cheers buddy, & Merry Christmas to you!!
  31. Awesome booth Michael, you are seriously running out of room there!! All the best to you this holiday season buddy!! Cheers!! Bern
  32. Here's an explanation much simpler B.B., I'm from Hamilton, Ont, as is CokeKid, and there is a similar but much older painted sign on a building there. Told you I was simple!!
  33. Thank you Phil, Dave , and Tom for the nice comments!!
  34. Thanks for the info Tom, much appreciated!!
  35. Ok, now I see it Tom! The old eyeballs aren't what they once were! I never noticed that mark! It does say made in Japan, the number 663 under that, and an H, surrounded by arrows in the shape of a d...
  36. Thanks Tom, what does NH-9029 stand for?
  37. Sorry B.B., for Hamiltonians only!! :)
  38. Hey cokekid, have you seen the painted sign on the Denningers building on King St.? Its a local classic very early sign, likely one of the earliest in the Hammer!
  39. woops, darn iPhone! !
  40. Here's a link to everything you could want to know about face jugs, http://video.pbs.org/video/1918318256/ Very nice piece, any mark on the bottom? The most famous of these were made by Lanier Mead...
  41. she's a beaut! these are going to be the signs to hang on to , as the market is soft right now, but people are gravitating to the large "Statement" pieces, especially restaurant's and designer s. Ray...
  42. nicely done edisonfan!
  43. sweeeet!! Nice find Dave!!
  44. Yellow Golden , from china is correct> I used to raise these and had a stuffed one once also! Very cool!!
  45. You could send it to me, it would go nice with the all red one I have already!! I would clean it up and display it if I were you, they cost a small fortune to restore, and are fairly common and no...
  46. That was my first thought also Phil, It was with a pile of junky vases, and it looked like a shell casingnthat had been worked. When I saw it was copper, I knew it was not trench art but what? I lov...
  47. Very cool piece, here's his bio, http://www.eroticartcollection.com/Olaf/Olaf_Autobiography.html Very interesting guy!! Way cool piece to enjoy with a cigar and some Red Breast!!
  48. you are the best brother a girl could have Phil! nice piece, I'll keep an eye out for this stuff for ya, see what we can find!
  49. Still hunting for one of these myself! Very nice condition and awesome pieces!!
  50. Thanks so much CindB for the nice comment, very much appreciate your well wishes!
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