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I'm a collector and dealer in Summerville SC. My personal collection includes vintage Coca Cola, vintage wood radios and advertising. I can also be reached at chaderI'm a collector and dealer in Summerville SC. My personal collection includes vintage Coca Cola, vintage wood radios and advertising. I can also be reached at chaderichsen@gmail.com (Read more)


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1900's West Virginia Store - Photographsin Photographs
1904 Coca Cola Ink Blotter - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1930's carrier and Spring Time in Atlanta - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1950's Coca Cola Door Pull - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1933 Coca Cola Bottle Cigar Band - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1949 Salesman's Manual - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1949 Coca Cola Radio - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1920's Coca-Cola Boot Knife/Opener - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Early Soda fountain postcard with Coca Cola cutout - Postcardsin Postcards
1907 Coca Cola Pocket Mirror - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Welcome to CW.
  2. Super cool, like the way you displayed it.
  3. Great pick. Can't go wrong with thee tip trays as I think they're hard to find in good condition. Yours is nice!
  4. Yes, I noticed the C.C. For the first time looking at your photo. Nice find Dave.
  5. Finding anything with Juanita is challenging. Interesting to find out who was the inspiration behind the model or if she was real at all. You almost have all the pocket mirrors, nice collection of sma...
  6. Ask if he'll take $5.00 each on the bottles of wine however!
  7. Wouldn't do it as someone on Craigslist should solicit offers and agree with Manikin and Dave. Don't see these too often but in that condition...not worth the investment.
  8. Got ya antiquerose! Thank you for the comment.
  9. On a roll this week...keep them coming! Condition looks great and displays well.
  10. Jumping in late. I've personally had times where I've taken the advice of serious collectors like Daddy_Nobucks. Trust me...Coca Cola and collecting in general is full of unlicensed frauds. Frustrati...
  11. Great button...white are most desirable.
  12. Nice sign.
  13. Condition looks great from the picture.
  14. Great story and thank you for sharing.
  15. Dig it, very cool.
  16. Just looked at some of your other photos. Outstanding collection of items.
  17. Too bad we don't live closer, I could bring over my Intellivision console. Can play a mean game of Astrosmash. Not sure why I had to be the odd kid out as my parents opted for the wrong gaming system!
  18. Anything with Hilda is scarce and nice to find. These tip trays are very popular and difficult to find at a reasonable price. Super score Dave! Only one thing missing....where is your VCR or Betam...
  19. Looks like the 1932 Glascock Standard however the base looks slightly different than some pictures. In excellent condition $500 to $800 maybe. http://www.vintagevending.com/glascock-coca-cola-coole...
  20. Newer item with little monetary value for serious collectors. Fun to own if a soccer fan or enjoy Coca Cola products.
  21. Thank you Dave and everyone!
  22. Hey Blunderbuss2...is it a spell checker? Sorry Ray. Will email you Blunderbuss2.
  23. Nice looking sign.
  24. Find a good white cuff link shirt and tux then hit the town in style. Nice find!
  25. I have room for any overflow at my house. Just being a friend ya know!
  26. You see the cutout version often but not the earlier stamped fob. Tell your friend it's a good collectible to keep.
  27. Doesn't make a difference what language....good deal on door push and sign...translates well!
  28. Nice, I like the family tie.
  29. They look really good on the bottles, nice display as always Mr. NoBucks! I can tell you, the Pulaski plant began operations in 1920. Located at 38 Third Street N.E. Only know this because I picke...
  30. Welcome aboard colpar! Need another Cokehead or whatever they call us.
  31. Get a grip Daddy Nobucks! Anyone want to continue debating cigar bands? Or not?
  32. Part of the fun of collecting Coca Cola is the history and mystery. After some research and talking with others, I think a conclusion has been made. Thank you Daddy_Nobucks and special thanks to Ray (...
  33. Nice find and bet it's really fun to look at. I followed a ebay sale last month for a receipt that listed ordering ingredients for Ventables Pharmacy in their basement. Jacobs Pharmacy items are very ...
  34. They look good together. Hard to find these, only seen two listed in the past year and you have both. Nice find Dave.
  35. Found this interesting article about the bands. Based on what I read, mine could be fake. Looking at all sold at auctions, they look similar to mine. If anyone has more information...let me know. h...
  36. Thank you Dave, interesting story about the history. Do you remember where you read about them?
  37. Thank you fella's!
  38. CokeKid- I was with you until the whale tail spoiler. Think that would had too much flair! Hahaha...thank you for the comments.
  39. Thank you everyone for the nice comments. After taking this poll, I've decided to pait the radio twotone blue. Not going to happen, but may do some minor touch ups but mostly leaving it alone.
  40. Jodie- this is what is considered a Coca Cola fantasy item. Not old and my guess is 1980's or 1990's with classic advertising themes.
  41. View item: Vintage Coca-Cola Metal and Plastic Door Pull / Handle - Rare
  42. Should be metal red back where screws enter. See if this link works showing a previous sale. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=221697088845#redirected
  43. Signs are hot right now. What is up with eye4beauty? What is going on is a great collection of REAL collectible items!
  44. Nice pick up sir!
  45. Sarahadelle - It's great having another Coca Cola collector posting on CW. Couple of things I've learned in only collecting for a year (newbie). It is all about condition, rarity and what you like be...
  46. Make sure to post the restoration Trey. Curious to see how it goes as I've given thought to restoring a cooler I have.
  47. Nice find!
  48. When Phil Mooney retired, they gave him the decoder ring.
  49. Looks great displayed next to the Vernon Kilns bowl and others. From the picture it appears to be in great shape as well. Nice find!
  50. Not sure Dave, I can see some marking but only numbers. I know it should say Henry Sears & Son from the guide. Could have been down the blade and worn maybe?
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Coca Cola Cooler Box Iconic Robert E. Lee Civil War CDV 1960 Coca-Cola Picnic Cooler  19?70's? Coca-Cola Cans Coca-Cola 1939 Westinghouse Jr


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