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I'm a collector and dealer in Summerville SC. My personal collection includes vintage Coca Cola, vintage wood radios and advertising. I can also be reached at chaderI'm a collector and dealer in Summerville SC. My personal collection includes vintage Coca Cola, vintage wood radios and advertising. I can also be reached at chaderichsen@gmail.com (Read more)


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Coca Cola Case Tag? - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1902 Coca Cola Menu - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola "Eagle Head" bottle opener - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1923 Coca Cola Tray - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola 1936 "Bulletin" Metal Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola Gift - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1940's Coca Cola Mechanical Pencil  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1896-1900 Coca Cola Coupon - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1900's West Virginia Store - Photographsin Photographs
1904 Coca Cola Ink Blotter - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Could be, that's a good suggestion. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!
  2. Looks to be a 1960's carton insert. Point of purchase display.
  3. Stand corrected...made of steal and in Canada! Although I do consider Canada one or two drones away from being America. Just joking my Canadian brethren!
  4. Great display...you've acquired a really nice collection.
  5. They made real coolers back then. Made of steal and in America.
  6. Yes, these were the first "diamond cans"produced in 1960's. These can fetch over $100 plus if in great condition. Yours unfortunitely are really rusted but fun to collect none the less. Keep up the...
  7. She has a big modeling career, she'll get over it.
  8. Correct reggie1dog. You win a case of Coca Cola every week sent by Daddy_Nobucks!
  9. Keep them coming...nice collection.
  10. Thank you Cokemanhal and Trey. I think this is Hilda and the flowers are from me to her office.
  11. Thank you antiquerose and Daddy_Nobucks. Dave, it was a lucky find and I've eaten a three course meal of envy looking at you finds over the years.
  12. Thank you guys. Dave, do you have a similar opener?
  13. Nice find before Coca Cola collecting really took off in the mid 1980's.
  14. Used in the 1920's. The company has always used Coca leaves from the beginning to today. Trace amounts of cocaine were found in the early 1900's. Nice barrel...How did you acquire it?
  15. More like we've never admitted to cocaine but the effect of caffeine is less than tea or coffee. It is really funny how many words it took to tell the story in a brochure.
  16. Amazing condition and good story.
  17. The truth is in...this booklet is a winner! Never seen this version listed on eBay. Cool find Dave.
  18. Beautiful find! Looks nice after 76 years now in your possession.
  19. Great story, this was not made in India. Nice find, if you don't mind, how much did you pay in 1972?
  20. Was thinking of dipping items in my chocolate fountain while enjoying the sign. I don't wash vegetables Dave...I live on the edge!
  21. Sweeeet, nice trade and display.
  22. Maybe someday when I'm brave but I like frequenting the place. Don't want the evil eye from the owner in the future.
  23. M.C.A Sign Company from 1960-1963 but not sure about the numbers...sorry.
  24. Thank you guys.
  25. Nice condition and incredible find. Down the street from me is a working pharmacy that began in the late 1800's. They have a siloette girl thremometer just like yours. Have given thought to asking i...
  26. Hung up in the kitchen.
  27. Amazing...what a scam. I would think the back of these signs would give away age but most (new collectors) would fall for it.
  28. Looks to be a fantasy item or modern tray or coaster. The tag appears to mention 1986 as the date of production.
  29. Nice setup coke1234. Don't blame you, I would spend 90% of my time in the garage if mine looked like yours.
  30. Should say Tennessee Enamel Mfg. Co. On the bottom.
  31. 1934 is the year and value around $500-$700.
  32. Nice find, was just joking with you about the blinds:)
  33. Looks like it took out some of your blind slats!
  34. Nice garage sale find. What size is it?
  35. Very cool indeed.
  36. Thank you DaveSierra!
  37. Thank you CokeKid!
  38. Hahaha...great comment Dave. Interesting times we live in.
  39. Huba huba, she's a dish. The cutout is in great condition.
  40. Thanks for the shoutout Trey!
  41. Thank you Daddy and CW fans. Hope everyone had a great weekend.
  42. Thank you Dave.
  43. Nice display Dave, like the evolution.
  44. Awesome, she is really beautiful. Nice to see you have a partial calendar below as well. Thank you for sharing.
  45. Place I would look is eBay. You might get lucky if you create a watch list. Nice cooler!
  46. This is beautiful and a very early festoon. Thank you for sharing...nice to see in such good condition. How did you aquire 40 years ago? Always interested in the story.
  47. Welcome to CW.
  48. Super cool, like the way you displayed it.
  49. Great pick. Can't go wrong with thee tip trays as I think they're hard to find in good condition. Yours is nice!
  50. Yes, I noticed the C.C. For the first time looking at your photo. Nice find Dave.
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Coca Cola Cooler Box Iconic Robert E. Lee Civil War CDV 1960 Coca-Cola Picnic Cooler  19?70's? Coca-Cola Cans Coca-Cola 1939 Westinghouse Jr


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