Summerville , SC

I'm a collector and dealer in Summerville SC. My personal collection includes vintage Coca Cola, vintage wood radios and advertising.


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1943 Coca Cola Playing Cards - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1909 Exibition Change Tray - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Western Electric wall phone - Telephonesin Telephones
Betty Mystery  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Dandy Couple - Photographsin Photographs
Victor Victrola Puzzle - Advertisingin Advertising
Hercules Bicycle - Outdoor Sportsin Outdoor Sports
Post war 6 bottle Coca Cola carrier  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1910 Hamilton King tip tray - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1930's Coca Cola Blotters - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Safe travels and hopefully the holy grail find of a lifetime.
  2. Hey- I keep it PG for the young collectors.
  3. Nothing goes better than ham, a chocolate bunny and Coca Cola :)
  4. Instead of "love it" or "like it" they should make one called "want to find one"! Nice display Ray.
  5. She is ready to take the drive. Incredible deal and beautiful early addition.
  6. I've never seen these. Thank you for sharing.
  7. Thank you Nobucks!
  8. Feel like I'm sitting in Coca Cola class. Great back to school post Mr.TGBWC.
  9. Awesome find. I see many fake ones listed and some are fooled. I was at an auction a year ago and had the opportunity to buy one at a great price but I was already spent out. This will look great in y...
  10. Thank you Riply206 for the info. It's going to be a winter project as the back rim is toast. Not out much considering it was $15 at a garage sale.
  11. Hahah still laughing about the TGBWC comment.
  12. TGBWC- thank you for the helpful suggestion. Might be able to reach Betty for ya.
  13. Shoot, dinners on me boys at these prices. Like these old menus and Apple Pie Ala Mode at 33 cents is a steal.
  14. Great unveiling CokeKid!
  15. TGBWC - Thank you very much for posting these. Part of the joy of collecting Coca Cola is the history and people that made the product successful. How cool to be on the advertising that gets passed th...
  16. Thank you ttomtucker that is very helpful. Appreciate the suggestion fortapache!
  17. Great menu stand and like it better than a button anyways. Good shape for being 40 or so years old.
  18. Great radios, I have a couple I've sold and collected over the past couple of years. I'll post some this week.
  19. Like the tap and dig the new profile picture.
  20. Look forward to seeing some of your photos. I know you've been busy.
  21. Amazing, what a collection and beautiful display!
  22. She's a looker all right in her ripe age of 71 in the article. TGBWC - Nobucks said you both went steady? Any truth to that? Did she carry those napkins in her purse for ya?
  23. Stop...I would have done the same, the quality is awesome. Those napkins were a highlight of the Coca Cola page from Ray this week.
  24. Leads me to a fun idea. What about having a Collectors Weekly eBay finding contest? Limit the amount to spend ($50-$100 without shipping) and then judge the entries picks after 2-3 weeks. Would be a f...
  25. What a roll this week. Super awesome find and so fragile to last this long.
  26. Wow....never seen this before in a photo. Very nice.
  27. Great find and impressive dig on eBay.
  28. Great pick! There is a local business in my town that still has two of these hanging. The unfortunate thing...they've sprayed them white at one point. Drives me crazy to look at when I drive past.
  29. Nice find...maybe I should check my walls!
  30. Good suggestion. It never hurts to ask and puts the ball in their court. I've made a couple of deals that way even after the close. BTW- I forgot to ask if you accept 67.5% off on your eBay items ...
  31. Thank you Mr. NoBucks, always glad to hear from the guru of Coca Cola collecting.
  32. These are great, like the wood frames!
  33. Pass one over Nobucks...let's try them...or maybe not. Those are in great shape.
  34. Looks great, even has the cap catcher!
  35. Very cool, I watched this one on eBay and was amazed at the great price. Great find and addition to the collection.
  36. Very cool, sometimes under the drawer it has the sales slip with company name and date sold.
  37. Very cool. My great, great, great grandfather worked at the mill. He has a patent he sold to Schumacher.
  38. How do you stain the radio and keep the logo sharp? Did you reapply the Philco logo?
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1934 Coca-Cola Red Barrel Magazine Coca Cola Paper Another Coca-Cola Cardboard Case arrived today; a rare one! Coca-Cola advertising and tray models  I am ready to take off anyone want a ride in classic 49 truck . Cast Iron Hubley Motorcycle and Sidecar Dad's favorite Old Coca Cola Tray 1896 The Coca-Cola News 1931 Coca-Cola 20"x28" Tin Sign Coke bottle rack sign 1910 Coca-Cola Pocket Mirror Box lot of Photos Bear Photo Special Box Camera 1950 Coca-Cola Cooler Radio Nice old German Mills box (later became Quaker Oats)


1920s Coca-Cola Bottler magazines showing wooden cooler Iconic Robert E. Lee Civil War CDV 1960 Coca-Cola Picnic Cooler  19?70's? Coca-Cola Cans Coca-Cola 1939 Westinghouse Jr


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