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I collect old, authentic Coca-Cola signs and ad pieces. I love prowling eBay and pulling the trigger on a sweet BIN deal. Collectors Weekly is without a doubt the I collect old, authentic Coca-Cola signs and ad pieces. I love prowling eBay and pulling the trigger on a sweet BIN deal. Collectors Weekly is without a doubt the best site of its kind. So I hang out here, watch Pickers and The Roadshow, to enhance my collecting experience. I am a member of the exclusive 8-Pack Club, along with TGBWC, earlycoke, Signaholic, pickrknows, tommy1002, cocacolakid97, and coke.trevor.cola. My collecting motto is: Good Times, Great Finds! (Read more)


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1940's Coca-Cola Game Set - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1950's Coca-Cola Clock  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1912  Coca-Cola Watch Fob - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1938 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Anniversary Cigarette Box - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1940 Coca-Cola "Cooler-Graph" Salesman Brochure - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Rushton Coca-Cola Santa Claus - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
c. 1920 Coca-Cola Postcard - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1950's Coca-Cola Fountain Dispenser - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Trick or Treat? - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Roll Out The Red Barrel - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. My first thought was Arnold Palmer. (Photo Rorschach?)
  2. toolbox da man!!!! ;0) (thanks Ted.)
  3. Hello toolbox, could you please offer some of your expertise to try to solve this mystery? Hope you're having a good one.
  4. Here's one like yours. The Starr openers have a number of stamping detail variances depending on year of manufacture. We could probably nail down exact year with the proper book. I think toolbox ha...
  5. Coca-Cola salesman awards usually show some detail about the achievement. This could be a service award or perhaps a branded company giveaway. The logo indeed dates it to be after 1970. There doesn'...
  6. Paper is a great Coca-Cola category, a lot of variety out there, can be inexpensive, and doesn't take up a lot of space. I like the coffee book idea. There's plenty of inspiration (or is it "infecti...
  7. An old bottle of Coke weighed, what, 1/2 lb or so. That wax coated bag looks like it could have held 3 lbs of Delicious and Refreshing. Maybe a little flimsy and didn't catch on. I wasn't aware six...
  8. Beauty. Think "mid-hundreds".
  9. Great signage. The push bar is especially nice condition. Tin sign is beautiful, the books list as 1927. Super additions to your collection CK!
  10. These are very cool. Look to be 1930 thereabouts.
  11. original and repros, I mean... need some coffee.
  12. has a cool page showing original and authentic serving trays side by side. Check it out.
  14. Certainly looks right. That color scheme is unique. earlycoke would know, you may want to reach out to Blaine at or perhaps he will stop by soon. Or finding an auction record, boo...
  15. It is a beautiful decorative item. These pub-style mirrors were mass produced starting in 70's when a nostalgia craze swept America around the bicentennial. Mostly they have more sentimental value...
  16. These were made early 30's, this one's 1930, I have one dated 1931.
  17. Nice old sign, AAW made some tin beauties. This is a scarce one showing the "Christmas Coke" bottle (see patent date) and would have been hung outside on the building - point of sale. These sell in ...
  18. I don't see it in the books and couldn't find any auction records. As Edisonfan hints, it's similar to a 1920's thick paper stock sign. It could be a thin paper version from the period, or a later c...
  20. 1950
  21. She'll frame up nicely, beautiful.
  22. You know, it might be cool to display a silver one right next to the maroon.... hmmmm... ;0) Thanks Deuce and Bernie!
  23. I wish they'd never made those 70's repros. I was vacationing in Maggie Valley, NC over Christmas. Went into a local antique store, during which the proprietor noticed I was eyeballing Coca-Cola stu...
  24. It's not that common to see the labels still intact on the plastic clocks, I don't think they adhered well. Canadian Cool. Thanks.
  25. Not since '89.
  26. I saw that fob, pretty cool. Straight-Side Bottle. Did not bid. I detest bid auctions. Though I do participate in one from time to time as a form of self punishment!
  27. Yes, here we call it Snow... say hi to the palm trees for me Bb2! :0) It's all good.
  28. Definitely a "kinder, gentler" Coca-Cola CW page these days. Not a thing wrong with finishing partial signs as Coke Art. I have a few myself. Looks good.
  29. Thanks for saying so. I do love the smalls.
  30. I'm interested in seeing the backside/label too. This is similar to the plastic-iconic TGBWC clock. Ya. When the matrix comes back up! Thanks crate, nice timepiece.
  31. Thanks III!
  32. Hey thank you Chad. Any luck at the Morphy auction last weekend?
  33. I picked up this version clock and they are beauties. The Pam style hands would NOT have been a good fit. I'll keep you in mind if I see the right ones.
  34. Ah geez, sorry for the bum steer. I'm wearing my bifocals now. (thanks Bernie for the catch!) Hope you've had luck finding a suitable set.
  35. Thanks, electobacco. Hope things are good in The D.
  36. That Vendo "Red Top" was an interesting invention. Made to convert existing hinged open lid coolers and apparently Vendo purchased coolers from Westinghouse to sell complete units. Somebody had a go...
  37. The top is called a Vendo Model 123. Vendo manufactured the lid with coin mechanism as a conversion to be added to any Westinghouse or Cavalier made Ice or Electric equivalent size cooler cabinet. T...
  38. So true about changing priorities. Few things in life are more important and challenging and enriching than being a good father. You are are a lucky man JPSII. Nice cooler, too!
  39. That playing card is super, nice snag. Glasses and bottle opener look nice too.
  40. Hey Jewels... Bakelite. See added pic. Thanks for the test tip. Happy New Year.
  41. Great Crates!
  42. Thanks Mr. E! Happy New Year to you and your family.
  43. Yes but Fob Girl is a brunette... ;0) Enjoying the Hutch, BbII. Thanks again.
  44. You too V.v, thank you!
  45. Nice bling, pemberton!
  46. I love the old crates and this is a nice one. It may have had a lid at one time. It's very similar to one in my collection. You've inspired me to pull mine out from under the buffet to display more...
  47. Thank you Bernie!
  48. Followed by a Cuban cigar. Can't forget The Cuban. Which will be a lot easier to acquire now. Hooray! ;0)
  49. You'll need a Coke chaser for that, Julie Jewels.
  50. I don't recall the display case, is that new? Man, that looks nice.
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