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I collect old, authentic Coca-Cola signs and ad pieces. I love prowling eBay and pulling the trigger on a sweet BIN deal. Collectors Weekly is without a doubt the I collect old, authentic Coca-Cola signs and ad pieces. I love prowling eBay and pulling the trigger on a sweet BIN deal. Collectors Weekly is without a doubt the best site of its kind. So I hang out here, watch Pickers and The Roadshow, to enhance my collecting experience. I am a member of the exclusive 8-Pack Club, along with TGBWC, earlycoke, Signaholic, pickrknows, tommy1002, cocacolakid97, and coke.trevor.cola. My collecting motto is: Good Times, Great Finds! (Read more)


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Roll Out The Red Barrel - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Late 1930's Coca-Cola Soda Jerk Cap - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Fans Display - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1905-1910 Coca-Cola Thermometer - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1960's Coca-Cola Transistor Radio - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coaster Boaster - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1950's Coca-Cola Mileage Chart by Rand McNally - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1927-1929 Coca-Cola Arrow Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
The Coke Cave - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1922 Coca-Cola Tin Sign 6" x 23" - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. That is a nice one and looks great displayed on the jack-o-lantern. These don't turn up often so you were fortunate to successfully work a deal.
  2. 2+2=Great Deal
  3. I've never seen one of these. Great looking piece. Could be nice for displaying Coca-Cola smalls or even carriers. Bottles for sure. I've acquired about 100 old hobbleskirts off eBay over the yea...
  4. Beautiful crowns and I think they may be 20's and have some value.
  5. Magnificent Mega-Snag.
  6. These are very hard to come by. I would leave "as is" as well.
  7. It's really hard to tell from the photos exactly what's going on there. The "Drink" lettering looks redone. The surface on the left hand side of the sign appears rough, almost like it was ground dow...
  8. Looks to be at the very least poorly restored.
  9. Also, Red_red, I'm a little disappointed you chose to come out of semi-retirement to question such an obviously authentic sign (high quality, trademarked, maker marked, etc.). I thought your reemerge...
  10. "Remember that a lot of the fishtale stuff showed up as plants were sold in the 70's and 80's so there are a lot of really good condition 60's items out there." - earlycoke, 2011
  11. Wow that looks spectacular and great idea with the magnets. The fishtail dates it to be 1958-1963 thereabouts. Great sign!
  12. You got a very good price on this one. Beautiful sign. Lucky.
  13. It's going to look nice wherever you hang it, that's for sure. Nice one.
  14. The "cigar" thermometer comes up for auction frequently on eBay. With a little luck, a nice one can be had for a couple hundred bucks. In excellent+ condition they generally sell for 3-4. But a goo...
  15. Yes, I married "up" too Bernie! ;0)
  16. Not unusual to see variations in and around the scale on old Coca-Cola thermometers. The number under the top temperature is year of manufacture, so looks like these are 1948 and 1949. Both are auth...
  17. Yep A-OK thanks you too. I was checking out your FB page off the 12-Pack link. You have a fine family, well done Sir. Luckily the kids take after their mom!
  18. Welcome back from your trip, Ray! :0)
  19. That makes for a hat trick right there. Top drawer.
  20. I think you better use it to fan the flames, because you're on fire! Nice one!!!
  21. Uncommonly nice condition. A Real Beauty. Great snag Bernie!
  22. Thank you V.v!
  23. Thanks Ray! Your extensive list of contacts is surpassed in quality only by your incredible collection and vast knowledge. You are very kind to share all three.
  24. Now, I was hoping you'd call me Doug! ;0) Thanks Chad!
  25. Thank you Bernie, plenty of deals out there for everyone. Hope to see you posting one soon. BB2 glad to hear you are fine and good. Me too. Hey, I'll look you up, sounds good. Thanks.
  26. Thanks blunderbuss2. Coca-Cola even named their internal fountain periodical "The Red Barrel" after this iconic container. Hope it's going good, Sir!
  27. I knew that. Sorry Chad. 7 AM fingers not do what brain says (getting old).
  28. Nice Caps Ray!
  29. Nice low cost smalls Carl. I have a label too that I was never really sure about so I slapped it on a straight-side bottle to enhance display. You're going to need a curio cabinet or glass top displ...
  30. Yep 1940-1960 is ball park. We'll figure it out some day.
  31. Game on TGBWC! I will not rest until I find another!!!
  32. Could be 50's I agree, Ironside. Not sure why they'd sew a size tag into a one of a kind or prototype.
  33. OK now I'm going to blow your mind: under magnification it is apparent that the patch is not a patch. It's high quality embroidery work woven right into the outer cap liner. #BetsyRoss
  34. I'm sticking to my guns. pg 549 Petretti's 12th check out the driver's cap patch. Also, please note red material on cap is exact same material as the patch. The patch is original to the cap, so the...
  35. A virtual tip o' the cap, Mr. Edisonfan.
  36. At 2, right on JPSII! :0)
  37. Thank you Jewels.
  38. That's a cool ring. It's different than the old service award jewelry. I'm pretty sure it's 90's or later (lo...
  39. has fabulous content, including a nice spread about fake, fantasy, and reproduction items.
  40. Hi Tommy, This is a fake/fantasy item based on a 1918 trolley sign. During the 1970's there was a huge wave of nostalgia in America leading up to the bicentennial. Lots of different retro signs wer...
  42. I agree the napkins make for great display pieces. I wonder if the maker ever imagined 100+ years later, people would frame and hang them on their walls? This is a beautiful piece.
  43. Thank you Bernie!
  44. Sweet score, TGBWC.
  45. Thanks Perry, hope it's going good.
  46. Ray, added a close up which shows the nails.
  47. Thanks CK a lot of trial and error. Hi Jewels, thank you. Yes that particular fan is 1930's. FDR and the dems were transforming the government to pull America out of the great depression. Lots o...
  48. They are each held in place sitting upon two small brads, one on either side of the handle. Once in awhile I'll have to straighten one out. But they are surprisingly stable.
  49. I could tell tales of sign returns that would send shivers up your spine! If you aren't happy with it, send it back.
  50. Thanks V.v for the nice comment, I appreciate it. Edisonfan, I scored that bamboo fan for 40 bucks off an eBay BIN listing. It's the only one like it I've seen come up during my searches. Thanks ...
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