Mason, Michigan

I collect old, authentic Coca-Cola signs and ad pieces. I love prowling eBay and pulling the trigger on a sweet BIN deal. Collectors Weekly is without a doubt the I collect old, authentic Coca-Cola signs and ad pieces. I love prowling eBay and pulling the trigger on a sweet BIN deal. Collectors Weekly is without a doubt the best site of its kind. So I hang out here, watch Pickers and The Roadshow, to enhance my collecting experience. I am a member of the exclusive 8-Pack Club, along with TGBWC, earlycoke, Signaholic, pickrknows, tommy1002, cocacolakid97, and coke.trevor.cola. My collecting motto is: Good Times, Great Finds! (Read more)


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The Coke Cave - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1922 Coca-Cola Tin Sign 6" x 23" - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1950's Coca-Cola Soda Fountain Tap & Knob - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1954 Coca-Cola Policeman Crossing Guard Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1931 Coca-Cola 20"x28" Tin Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
c. 1945 Coca-Cola Bottle Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1910 Coca-Cola Pocket Mirror - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1963 Coca-Cola Menu Board - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
 19?70's? Coca-Cola Cans - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1960 Coca-Cola Picnic Cooler - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. You picked up some goodies on your trip! Love the flange sign, very nice.
  2. The last leg will be a long one. ;0)
  3. Thanks geo for the nice comment. My pleasure.
  5. Sounds like it would have been a good episode of the History Channel's "Coca-Cola Pickers" starring 8-Packers and Friends.
  6. rocker is right.
  7. I don't think he's saying these are grandma's cards.
  8. Thank God the Axis was defeated before many of their planes could make it over here. Nice deck, illustrates well another time in U.S. history.
  9. Don't encourage me Tommy! Thanks for saying so, it's one I've been chasing for some time. I'm truly considering that I'm to the point where I'll only buy pre-1940 signs.
  10. Wonderful collection. It's amazing that you've found so many and different versions. They display nicely, easy to see why you like them so much. Me too!
  11. Nice Paper!
  12. What a beauty TGBWC. First Class and Special Delivery. Congrats.
  13. Great deal for a very nice tray. I would like to have one like it someday. Your tip trays look great on the bookshelf with your offer stuff, well displayed.
  14. Hey Bernie, you know I appreciate your comments always. Coming from a guy with the caliber of your collection, displayed in your sweet game room and garage, well it means a lot. Thank you Sir!
  15. Thanks Edisonfan!
  16. Thank you Manikin and Virginia for your nice comments.
  17. Class is in session. Interesting lesson, Professor TGBWC. I wonder what the old time marketers would have thought about Coke machines actually being placed IN schools during present day. I think wi...
  18. Thanks JPSII, I appreciate it. Best of Luck.
  19. Thank you Ray. I'm "Keeping it in The Cave"! :0)
  20. Ray's Diner is serving up some good chow tonight. The time machine is in your back porch.
  21. Old and authentic.
  22. Flangetastic!
  23. Great snag Bernie!
  24. Yep, these are the littlest of the old coolers and probably the most popular (right up there with the Cav "airline" cooler). Be sure to post the restored piece, I'll be interested to see. Thanks Trey.
  25. You're just too good, man. That's all.
  26. Damn you TGBWC!!!! ;0)
  27. Looks like an Acton Jr. Like this one:
  28. That's an outstanding price Trey. Excellent condition and just a real beautiful sign. You done good!
  29. Thanks Edisonfan. That's an attempt to cartoon myself, not sure it turned out so good. Looks too much like the real me! ;0)
  30. That's a great deal for a very nice cooler! Well Done.
  31. How the flange did I miss it??? Good call TGBWC. Looking forward to seeing the whole sign CokeKid. That's one that's eluded me (and many others, not all that common). A successful proxy bid to...
  32. Thank you CK-04 have a good weekend.
  33. I'm stumped by this brain teaser!!!
  34. Thanks kerry, hope it's going good with you.
  35. If it was a special presentation clock, one would think there would be an inscription or something noting the outfit and milestone. It took me 5 minutes to find the same one on-line. It's a nice con...
  36. Can't beat that price.
  37. I have metal coasters sitting on my t.v. table. I've not seen the cardboard coasters all in one sheet like that before, I would definitely leave them that way. I do have one cardboard coaster on a s...
  38. I have a few coasters and carriers as well. Very nice.
  39. Your Coke sign is a very scarce version in near mint condition and so has some value yes. The Tab sign is a nice one too. Based on the price guides and eBay auction results, I estimate value of the ...
  40. Your Coke room looks better than ever Ray. Upgrading display capacity for your museum quality paper collection really paid off. And the way you tie it in with your other old, authentic Coca-Cola ad ...
  41. If it doesn't sell, maybe you can contact the seller and make a deal.
  42. Thanks Tommy!
  43. Oh, and TGBWC dated the Betty model, he'll be able to provide details.
  44. Nice tip tray Edisonfan! And interesting article, what a hoot.
  45. The largest Coca-Cola bottle ever posted on CW!
  46. Thanks Bernie! I feel the same way, it's right up there with the Vendo as far as sheer wow factor presence. Hope you have a good weekend. Ray, If I can figure out how to get the base off, I will...
  47. Yes, there was a huge nostalgia craze in the United States in the years around our nation's bicentennial and many fantasy/repro Coca-Cola items were mass produced (1970's). Including many variations ...
  48. Thanks JR. Let us know how it goes.
  49. When I had that banner framed, I would have taken you up on your offer CokeKid. Now that was an ordeal. It hadn't occurred to me before, but the napkin and canvas banner are from right around the ...
  50. Thanks for the tips Ray. Rookie mistake on my part. Everybody knows the diamond config is Napkin Hanging 101. My spray painting experience is limited to tagging boxcars on the south side back in th...
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