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Atlanta. Ga


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Buddy L ( junior line ) dump truck 1931-1932 type II . Restored  - Model Carsin Model Cars
Scrap metal coca cola sign. $15 bucks just fun stuff . Just funky.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca cola bag holder sign  sprite boy 40's and 50's  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1966 Ford GT 40 won Le Mans 24 back in 1966 exoto model 1:10 scale. 17" long. - Model Carsin Model Cars
Oilers from many years of collecting .  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Gulf signs.....  Fill 'er up, sir at 23.9 a gallon. And could you get the windows too? - Petrolianain Petroliana
1931 coca cola drink in bottles tin sign in excellent + condition  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca cola pause refresh plexiglass light up sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Vendolator 72 from 1950's. It hold 72 bottles with double drop chute  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
127 yard sale just one day away. Pack your bags  - Petrolianain Petroliana


  1. If you use a car Polish make sure it has no abrasives in it. I would use a wax only product. I keep a light wax on my signs to protect the surface. Nice thermometer and I have one just like it . Is th...
  2. Nice start on your collection now you need some signs to go with it. Be careful on Ebay with porcelain signs.FYI ... Stay away from signs from India.
  3. Great story nice pick. Looks like you had a fun day.
  4. I've always liked that sign... Nice find for sure.
  5. It's getting harder to find a near mint coke item . Because in the back of your mind you are not sure about originality . You made a great pick .
  6. Great sign I wonder what that sign weighs ?
  7. Kerry10456... Was not expecting to see a toy collector @ the mall. Then to see the truck marked unknown make ...made it even more strange. Win win for both of us. Made my day for sure.
  8. Edisonfan.. Thanks ...there is always something around that next corner when you are out there searching . When you find it ,you have to control you emotions .
  9. Rattletrap.... I did what "Tim the tool man" would do. The heck with the 302 "more power "then go with the 502 grarrrrrr..... Haha.
  10. Just can't get enough of old gas pumps and anything oil and gas from the 40's and 50's. Nice collection for sure.
  11. Where are Buzz and Todd.
  12. They used to call these cars lead sleds. Cool ride !
  13. Antiquerose....can't keep the thing on the road in second rear .
  14. Rattletrap ....We are lucky to live in a period of time that we have so many choices of fast cars. The 80's and 90's was not a good time for muscle or sports cars. I find ebay is a good source to find...
  15. Ravenred... Been awhile thanks for the comment.
  16. The coca cola script really turned out great. Usually a artist has to paint this. Nice job for sure
  17. The real question is what make car or truck is it leaning on ?
  18. 127 yard sale starts wednesday. 8/6/15. 616 miles of treasures and junk.
  19. Rattletrap...thanks for the the kind words and don't have nearly as much as your collection. Have to see it someday.
  20. Yeah but if pulled into a gas station back in 1962 and saw a pump all Rusty I don't think I would have bought gas there . Bad gas I would have figured. Now you know I'm just pulling your leg. Nice fin...
  21. Rattletrap ...I guess we are car crazy.
  22. Wow what a great place to hang out. It's really sad when a old buddy or friend passes away. My 50 year reunion is coming up and it's a bummer when you find out an old buddy won't be there. Live life a...
  23. Manikin .... Thanks for the appreciation and love . The old stuff just feels good to be around. I guess I'm car crazy and nuts.
  24. One more thing that is the older gulf logo , cool.
  25. Nice can, I love anything GULF.
  26. Rattletrap... That Ford GT was balls to the wall fast. I mean FAST 0 to 60 like 3.5 seconds.
  27. Rattletrap. ... I'm 2 miles from an interstate so I know exactly what you mean. I don't have they 2010 Shelby GT 500 anymore but have others. The 69 camaro with the GM crate motor puts out over 500 hp...
  28. Daddy - nobucks ...see how faded the Sprite boy is on the Ebay listing. That decal doesn't do well outside or direct sun light. Nothing like porcelain to keep it's colors.
  29. Also if you look @ the Nehi logo it's a little different then the other ones. It's like three demensional in appearance. Under the termometer it says 123 the others don't . Nice condition.
  30. Kerry10456...Placement always figures into what I can buy. Usually I sell something to make room for a new acquired piece. That's why I like smaller signs . Thanks for your comment.
  31. The one in the picture
  32. Did you get the bike also ?
  33. Mark your calendars.
  34. Daddy -nobucks ...thanks also , yeah my wife's allways yelling "what the hell you doing out there" nut- in honey !!!
  35. Edisonfan... Thanks and it's taken many years to acquire all this stuff . Buying and selling my way and having a blast. Making money on the side is just icing on the cake.
  36. Sale starts next week Aug 6th don't miss it. You will have a blast.
  37. Signaholic .....Thanks for the update on the sprite boy date.
  38. Thanks ejw
  39. Nice sign, but @ our age you need the " little giant ladder system" it's really a lot safer and very sturdy. It has a extension to hold onto when your near the top. Look it up , I had a friend fall o...
  40. I got negative feed back for posting this add on ebay. I give up trying to help people.
  41. Negative feedback thanks ebay.
  42. Remember the item I posted to keep people from buying fake signs. Well some person gave me negative feedback . The information was free and I said so ....there was nothing to buy just free info on fak...
  43. I used to keep a 5th in my office lol.
  44. That's me in 10 years
  45. Boil some crab claws and enjoy the sign with a cold one. Cheers
  46. FYI...You know what's crazy the sign is in my 10th edition but not in my 12th edition . That's why I carry both editions when on the road. Nice find for sure.
  47. Looks good and I really like your collection. The hey Frankie look @ that coke sign over there..... and they are looking right @ your sign . You must have that show taped lol.
  48. You guys ever have a look @ one of these up close ?
  49. Yard sale coming up in 14 days
  50. Really like the two gulf gas pumps. Cool man.
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#5 Well made Coca-cola blue porcelain sign Mustangs for all ages.


posted 46 years ago