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Dept 56 Christmas village.  - Christmasin Christmas
If you are going to make a fake sign .. Get the date right. Just a good laugh......1836 really !!.  - Advertisingin Advertising
1952 Buddy L Railway Express Agency  truck. R.E.A. - Model Carsin Model Cars
Coca Cola airline cooler.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola Santa.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Buddy l truck. Railway express agency  .... Santa truck. 1949  - Model Carsin Model Cars
1958 Tonka pickup makes a good tree delivery truck for Santa. - Toysin Toys
Buddy L ( junior line ) dump truck 1931-1932 type II . Restored  - Model Carsin Model Cars
Scrap metal coca cola sign. $15 bucks just fun stuff . Just funky.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca cola bag holder sign  sprite boy 40's and 50's  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. goodbye for now.
  2. Wish I were a kid again
  3. Bad time to post this. Come on hear to get a break from reality.
  4. That's the camera my dad took pictures with when we were small kids. We have seen a tremendous invention one after another. But it's always been the generation before us that paved the way for this t...
  5. Thanks Dave waiting for Santa. The women are cooking oysters and shrimp. Rockefeller style.
  6. Merry Christmas love your village. Santa flying overhead. Must be a lot of good children .
  7. EJW-54. These dept 56 creations are really well done with tons of detail .enjoy
  8. In the past you could get the buyers Ebay ID. I've called a few in the past and one guy got over $2300 back on 3 signs. Can't do that anymore. Merry Chtistmas to you EJW-54
  9. Thanks for stopping by mrcolorz
  10. Merry Christmas .....thanks kid-04
  11. OH Norton ....come on up here pal oh pal. Watched this as s kid.
  12. way....I put that in there so it shows up in the picture. I used to report this to Ebay but got nowhere. Yes it is the buyers stupidity to spend $800 for these signs. eBay could care less...
  13. 1836..NOT possible
  14. SEAN68 did you see the date ?
  15. Thanks ......Daddy -Nobucks. If anyone knows you would. Merry Christmas. Mike
  16. Wizard of Oz dog toto. Cairn ?
  17. It looks like a terrior , do you know what breed ? thanks.
  18. My conclusion it's a reproduction. The Coca Cola is not embossed.
  19. One more thing I'm not sure the drink letters should be black. The handle is flat on top doesn't match the book version. There should be a small panel under the sign that doesn't Match the Petretti's...
  20. It should have a tag with a patent # that will help date it. Not that educated about this cooler maybe someone can chime in.
  21. Thanks for checking in surfdud66
  22. Wow that's in great shape. Would look good in my collection.
  23. Thanks for looking officialfuel
  24. Thanks for the love Manikin
  25. Thanks CindB
  26. Did you use clear paint for the final coat ?
  27. It takes a real artist to hand paint the letters. Very few people have that skill. Takes years of practice. You did a great job with your method. Looks very well done with no bleeding color from the ...
  28. How did you do the embossed Coca Cola ? Paint or decal ? The black looks like a body shop shot it. Thanks. Mike
  29. Thanks CindB
  30. I've been looking for a gas today sign forever. Nice find you lucky dog.
  31. Always love old Coca Cola toy trucks.
  32. Dave. What a perfect way to end the year . Some of those on line auctions have some real great fines and good deals. Merry Chistmas to you and your family and have a happy new year finding more treas...
  33. Yes it is coming together with a little patience. I also love standard oil old signs ,toys and gas pumps.
  34. Thanks mareredware for the love
  35. Thanks antiquerose and Merry Chrisstmas.
  36. I love all old gas and oil stuff , great collection for sure !!
  37. Looks great nice job.
  38. I love old gas station pictures. Thanks
  39. Galaxie 500
  40. Holy Toledo what a great find. NOS is rare and next to impossible to find today.
  41. I've only seen one of these before which I purchased. I like it a lot.
  42. Depends on the condition. But a near mint could easily bring $800. In excellent condition maybe $650. You don't see these that often and they are only increasing in value. I just love the look and not...
  43. Nice sign for sure.
  44. Sorry I meant really cool !!!
  45. That Art Deco look is amazing. Nice job restoring a beautiful toy from the past. That's a project I'm looking to do also. Really that is so cool. ????????
  46. Scottvez ....yes that was a concern I had before listing the information. The buyer was not selling any Coke stuff. He was a buyer only on eBay. The buyer hasn't used eBay very much and seems to be a ...
  47. I ran a listing on EBay about fake signs . One guy bid on my free information. I explained it was free and nothing to buy. I refunded the $1.04 to the buyer and he left me negative feedback. I have em...
  48. Actually the logo was changed @ the end of the 30's . Not really sure of the actual date.
  49. Wow it great to see Texaco cans before the 30's. Really hard to fine Texaco cans for sure. Thanks for showing.
  50. The T outlined in black is from the 30's
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#5 Well made Coca-cola blue porcelain sign Mustangs for all ages.


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