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Gulf signs.....  Fill 'er up, sir at 23.9 a gallon. And could you get the windows too? - Petrolianain Petroliana
1931 coca cola drink in bottles tin sign in excellent + condition  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca cola pause refresh plexiglass light up sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Vendolator 72 from 1950's. It hold 72 bottles with double drop chute  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
127 yard sale finds over the years  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Coke , gas and oil stuff along the 127 longest garage sale in tenn.  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Mustangs for all ages.  - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1952 Marx coca cola model J990 Rare  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Happy Mother's Day to all you moms!!!!! - Photographsin Photographs
My 1969 camaro this picture is for manikin ! - Classic Carsin Classic Cars


  1. The guide covers vintage coke items mostly up until the early 70's
  2. I used to live in south Fla and you talk about rust. I had a new car back in 1973 and in three years the roof was rusting real bad. Sure is nice to be able to buy new panels for our old cars. Keep us ...
  3. This same sign on ebay sold for $800 6/2015 . It's in Petrett's 12 edition on page 608 as a fake. Look @ the tail on the cola an see how short it is . It barely comes out of the L. I've never seen a l...
  4. Wow that's really in excellent condition and it's fun seeing toys I've never seen before. Education is what keeps this market alive and well. Thanks.
  5. Yeah us guys would all chip in 50 cents each for gas and cruise the drive in restaurants . That was in the Detroit area back in the 60's . GTO's , SS 396 ,442's , Hemi's , hiPo 289-K code mustangs and...
  6. Blunderbuss2, when we were in Italy in 2013 gas was $8 a gallon. Not sure what it is now.
  7. Thanks ronM
  8. Ford an American company will take on the car companies of the world once again .
  9. Thanks natsobosa6 one of the great cars from Ford.
  10. I have always been looking for one on these . I would not do any touch up but that's me. Nice find !!
  11. Thanks manikin,daddy-nobucks ,Edisonfan,trey,and you all .
  12. No I bought it outright ....but I just sold two of my other signs the next day to a guy in Australia ( no Ebay involved ) Kind of came out even Steven . The hunt is fun and the deal is icing on the ca...
  13. Found a place for her and yes the sign above the 1931 is a $10 sign. But it fills in the space lol.
  14. Well just got home and found a place for her.
  15. Thanks everyone this is the only one I've ever seen. I did find one on live auctions but that's it.
  16. Thanks everyone..... yes I've been looking for this sign in this condition a long long time.
  17. Nice display really love the coke light up clock.
  18. Those metalcraft trucks are highly collectable. Nice toy. !
  19. Nice photos. I remember back in the 70's I use to cover Sebring , Road Atlanta and Daytona 24 hour race. We covered drivers like PJ Newman , Jacky Ickes and Lynn Saint James. No digital anything or ...
  20. When I was 3 years old my mother would use that. That's back in the 50's wow I'm old.
  21. Thanks manikin
  22. Yes that's what I meant 1939-1941 . I didn't see you had the date in your description my bad.
  23. It looks a lot like a vendo from a distance but it's a Cavalier 72 model . Some were all white but I like the two tone style . It works also and you can put different size bottles inside. Most people ...
  24. Well just like that the seller is back and sold the same sign for $305 on. 6/8/15 . Yes it was ebay again and again!
  25. I love the silhouette girl on the bottom corner , must be from 1939 if I'm not mistaken. Nice shape for sure.
  26. No-nox was the premium brand gasoline for Gulf back in the day.
  27. Those signs are very valuable depending on condition and if the neon still works. Restored ones can go from $5K and up. It's nice to get on back roads and see stuff like that.
  28. Hey Edisonfan , did you get that siloette girl thermometer sign yet from the store down the road ?
  29. Great :)
  30. Trey : go for it.
  31. Great then it appears the real deal and looks great.
  32. Does it have a manufacture date on the back ?
  33. Trey. I didn't get a price on the big Coke sign because they are hard to ship. The seller was asking around $ 2500 for his gas pumps and by the end of the sale he came down to $1200 on what was left. ...
  34. Trey. The sale runs from August 6th thru August 9th but must people go three to five days earlier. It starts in Michigan and runs down to Ala.on highway 127. You can google 127 sale and get more info....
  35. Edisonfan. We have picked so much over the 8 years it's to much to list. Some have been resold and some held in my collection. 1930 's 40's and 50's coke , oil and gas signs. Gas pump restored which ...
  36. Buyer got money back from ebay. Plus two other signs he got his money back on. The seller has no more items for sale. The seller will lay low for awhile and then open another account . But @ least the...
  37. fake sign money back on ebay . He also bought two others non coke signs and got his money back on those also. People need to be educated on all this fake signs from India
  38. Money back on fake
  39. Well so far two people have gotten their money back on these fakes from India. One person got money back on three signs not all coke.
  40. To get the white 66 Shelby out you have to move all the others one by one . About an hour of pushing and being very carefull. But those days are over lol.
  41. Wow what a cool combination and a real show piece.
  42. Fortapache: multiply that grand by 5 (-:
  43. Nice to have you aboard. Old stuff is the best so keep them coming.
  44. Yes and hope it helps
  45. That's the real deal and check out the size. You got a super nice Bargain there. Looks great in your garage.
  46. Yes I'm been told sailers loved them back then.
  47. I bought one of those 7000 model @ a estate sale years ago for $25. It had the plastic case and was mint. They use up a lot of batteries. I sold it on ebay for $450. You don't see these very often in...
  48. 57 Chevy paid $300 for it in 1965. Bel air 3 speed stick with low miles on her and silver with black and red interior. Excellent condition with I believe a 283.
  49. Rustfarm the trouble with ebay is they don't want to police fraud. If you report Fraud about an item to ebay they ignore the report. In the past they would take action. The scammers know this and ther...
  50. I remember during the summer of 67 cruising the drive inns and seeing my first 427 corvette or 426 hemi on Woodward ave in Detroit. Oh what a night and forget about the girls. The little old lady fr...
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#5 Well made Coca-cola blue porcelain sign Mustangs for all ages.


posted 46 years ago