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Mustangs for all ages.  - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1952 Marx coca cola model J990 Rare  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Happy Mother's Day to all you moms!!!!! - Photographsin Photographs
My 1969 camaro this picture is for manikin ! - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Which one of these signs is the real deal ? - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
I know this is from the 60's from the slogan . But can anyone explain the date system on the bottom corners - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Found this @ The old school house north Ga . Great people who own this place and make you feel At home.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Now this is a modern classic - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Coke collection - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Old gas pumps and oil & gas signs along with a 1969 camaro. I've collected these over the years and love the hunt.  - Petrolianain Petroliana


  1. To get the white 66 Shelby out you have to move all the others one by one . About an hour of pushing and being very carefull. But those days are over lol.
  2. Wow what a cool combination and a real show piece.
  3. Fortapache: multiply that grand by 5 (-:
  4. Nice to have you aboard. Old stuff is the best so keep them coming.
  5. Yes and hope it helps
  6. That's the real deal and check out the size. You got a super nice Bargain there. Looks great in your garage.
  7. Yes I'm been told sailers loved them back then.
  8. I bought one of those 7000 model @ a estate sale years ago for $25. It had the plastic case and was mint. They use up a lot of batteries. I sold it on ebay for $450. You don't see these very often in...
  9. 57 Chevy paid $300 for it in 1965. Bel air 3 speed stick with low miles on her and silver with black and red interior. Excellent condition with I believe a 283.
  10. Rustfarm the trouble with ebay is they don't want to police fraud. If you report Fraud about an item to ebay they ignore the report. In the past they would take action. The scammers know this and ther...
  11. I remember during the summer of 67 cruising the drive inns and seeing my first 427 corvette or 426 hemi on Woodward ave in Detroit. Oh what a night and forget about the girls. The little old lady fr...
  12. My very first car was a 57 Chevy 2dr bel air with 3 on the tree. Went off to college and had to sell her. Got a 65 olds cutlass 4spd . Could not afford a GTO and insurance. Grew up in the Detroit ar...
  13. Hey manikin this one's for you. When you say bud that is.
  14. You go girl !!! Thats a very unusual custom. I love the way the wheel wells are cut out. It sits just right. What's the wheel base on that rod ? Tell me more like engine and trans.
  15. Hey Manikin still driving your friends green pickup around ? Really cool ride and you look like you were having a ball shifting them there gears. Don't those old trucks sound and ride really ne...
  16. Yeah I know what you mean. There's the crook that stole my coke girl.
  17. Ok this is my last post about fake signs. But do you all see what's going down on ebay.
  18. Yes but @ least coke has great price guides and the other million signs don't. I only buy what I can touch. I still use the Coke price guide when I find something in person.
  19. Edisonfan thanks for the info.
  20. Some Coke coolers or machines will have a patent # and you can tell by the number the approximate date of that item. Google patent #'s to see the dates. This should help you in the future.
  21. I saw one of these restored @ a shop. In person they do look like someone cut a cooler in half. But after checking it is a real deal Westinghouse half junior and Daddy - nobucks hit the nail on the h...
  22. New here ....but love those old chevy trucks and what a cool color. Was that a 3 on the tree or 4 on the floor ?
  23. 67 /69 Camaro's are the best design that GM ever did. "I can't drive 55"
  24. Does it have a metal plate on the side of the pump which will give the model #
  25. Wow that was fast ...thanks Mike
  26. Hi Manikin. Could you copy and paste my listing on Ebay. Item #221765306814 I can't do it from my iPad @this time . Thanks. Mike
  27. The hunt is fun as long as you stay away from ebay. Why would I say that? Because there are a rash of FAKE porcelain signs coming from India . These sellers are from the same town and are getting big ...
  28. Why not ask if you like it ... all they can say is not at this time. This old stuff is so neat. Finding it is like the spring morning with the birds singing !
  29. Thanks mint in box toys are really hard to find, but the hunt is the fun part of collecting. I've sold over 50 pressed steel toys over the past 10 years and they just keep going up. Condition,conditio...
  30. One way to tell is coke never made a sign this small size. They were large 8'x5' and very heavy. There are a few of these fake signs on ebay and selling for $950 buyer beware !
  31. Looks like they are in good shape and no dents. Cans were the first thing that got me hooked on gas & oil collecting.
  32. These red and blue signs are on ebay as I write this. Can't seem to get them off no matter what .
  33. Just kidding in time it will be a classic.
  34. How is this a classic car?
  35. If you go to completed items on the same seller and see the amount of money changing hands it would blow your mind on how many novice collectors are out there. Maybe it's the Pickers show that have pe...
  36. Yes I got my $550 back after I stopped payment on check and checked on this site.
  37. This was @ the. 127 garage sale back in 2013. Away from home and my best guide books @ home.... so I used ebay for reference not smart.
  38. I love old gas pumps. They look great next to Coke items for sure
  39. Thanks for the ebay site . I just wrote the guy to see what the he-l we can do. The guy from India is selling gas ,oil, and whatever . The trouble is there are no great guides for the gas and oil li...
  40. This guy from India is selling these signs on ebay and there's nothing we can do. Worthless junk selling for $500 to $950. They are dated and not very good quality . The people who made these signs ba...
  41. Ebay has got a ton of fake stuff being sold from India and they don't care. If I could only contact the buyers and tell them.
  42. Another sign to watch out for.
  43. Wow got to stay clear of that
  44. Yes he is @ it again
  45. Two years ago I bought one of these signs from a private person who thought he had the real deal. This site helped me realize my mistake and I stopped payment and returned the sign . That's the proble...
  46. Yeah you would not believe all the different signs they are actually selling now on ebay for big bucks. I called ebay but nothing yet. We got to get this guy off our shores. Please help if anyone has ...
  47. Looks great and would make any home a great home for sure
  48. It says TENN ENAMEL MFG. CO.NASHVILLE . But I have seen the same stuff from India which this individual has sold before. This sold on ebay a few weeks back. The letters on fountain are too sloppy to...
  49. Thanks it's a hobby now that I'm retired. My wife and I enjoy collecting and thinning out the herd now and then. This stuff only seems to increase over time if you find the near mint items. The money...
  50. I saw a guy who had a lot of these n.o.s @ the 127 sale last year. I thought the 95 was for 1995 just goes to show you learn something every day. Thanks.
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 My 1949 Ford Truck - Low rider Recent pics of my collection Fountain Service sign ( a real one ) Happy Mother's Day to all you moms!!!!! 1937 summer girl, big poster Coke Cooler Sign w/Arrow Early '60s Fishtale Coca Cola 1936 "Bulletin" Metal Sign Coke sign? Coke Stuff #5 Well made Coca-cola blue porcelain sign Hawaii pumps gas  I am ready to take off  in classic 49 truck . Michelob & Spaghetti  neon Old Reading Beer Gillco Taxi Cab Light Now this is a modern classic


Mustangs for all ages.


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