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Original Sunoco Advertising Ink Blotters - Petrolianain Petroliana
1927 Buick Radiator Cap Mascot - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Old Oil Cans found! - Petrolianain Petroliana
26th annual Olcott beach car show today! - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
26th Olcott Beach Car Show - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
All we are is dust in the wind so the song says - Photographsin Photographs
Drink Coca Cola tacker sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
ALEMITE VOLUME PUMP 1930 - Petrolianain Petroliana
Estate Sale find - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Barn yard and shop estate sale find - Clocksin Clocks


  1. Great! more Loves for this! thanks egreeley1976, MooreAntique, Designer, usedcarlady, AntiqueToys and jameyrd, enjoy the day!
  2. SK Tools, I still have some of mine from the 1970's.
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  7. I was a fan...still am!
  8. Thanks again everyone!
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  13. I did notice in the old picture that he's inspecting full capped bottles .
  14. Thanks Michael, Our collections just keep on growing don't they!
  15. Awesome find and nice job !
  16. Orange Crush 1940"
  17. Daddy_Nobucks, I noticed in the photo you posted its upside down so maybe that's how they checked for leaks with the lights behind you would see bubbles if it leaked, what do you think?
  18. Sure looks great next to those visible pumps that you have to many of, I'll help you out and take 2 of them ! LOL
  19. Thanks Howdyorange !
  20. Thanks for the loves Lady_Picker and OMG !
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  22. Nice job!!
  23. some sign shops might restore it if you wanted to.
  24. where you able to buy it?
  25. blunderbuss2, better for her ? :)
  26. AHH the good wife! mine texted me today from an estate sale and said she saw an old oil can, I'm going in the morning to see it. :)
  27. A similar one is sold by the Ford Gum Co. in Akron, NY as a Carousel GumBall Machine and you can order it with a red or black stand.
  28. Great you love this too egreeley1976 and mtg75, Thanks !
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  33. Wow, dream find!
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  37. Nice, that bottle cap design was used in the 50's up to 1962, "say pepsi please" was used right around 1960.
  38. Thanks Trey!!
  39. Trey, I went back and the cat was out of the bag! all the cans gone :{ so I looked around some more in the house basement and didn't see much but I did get an old chrome cleaner can from the 60's and...
  40. Thanks jameyrd !
  41. I have a local collector that has one just like the 2nd 56 only difference is he has old mags on it. same colors.
  42. For sure some of my favorites!
  43. Cool you love this too pw-collector and valentino97 !
  44. Thanks billyg, I hear ya but most of the scrap we get is cheap junk made in China or Japan or scrap from an old unsafe building or bridge, stuff like that.
  45. Might be a Westinghouse Standard Cooler, if you can restore it yourself, I would but if you have to take it to a restoration shop it probably would cost more than its worth but it would be beautifull ...
  46. Thanks Manikin !! :<)
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  48. Thanks Gillian! Actually my boss (the owner) saved it and gave it to me when I asked him about it, he saves stuff for me, great boss right?
  49. Thanks so much Signaholic, I just love finding gems like this! Its a book end on an old book shelf my wife brought home Sat. :<)
  50. Lucky you! I just don't ever see visibles in the ruff in my area!
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