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Love gas and oil picking and collecting. my high school car was a 63 impala SS, then I had a 68RS camaro, I street raced and took both cars to the Drags, have attendLove gas and oil picking and collecting. my high school car was a 63 impala SS, then I had a 68RS camaro, I street raced and took both cars to the Drags, have attended the US Nationals 4 times and about 10 Nascar races and worked on a couple stock cars over the years. (Read more)


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1950's Pepsi carrier - Advertisingin Advertising
Old Jacobsen 2 cycle mower gas can - Petrolianain Petroliana
Old serving table cart - Furniturein Furniture
1985 & 1990 TYCO slot car sets - Toysin Toys
1950 COCA COLA case - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
copper Still - Brewerianain Breweriana
CRUISIN 1958 ALBUM - Recordsin Records
HUNTER  First Over The Bar! - Advertisingin Advertising
HAPPY NEW YEAR !! - Petrolianain Petroliana
Merry Christmas everyone!! 2013 - Petrolianain Petroliana


  1. OK kerry10456, I'll be ready!! after we race Sat. we can go to the car show at Olcott Beach NY just down the road., its the 25th Labor Day weekend Car Show with 1000 cars expected, something to see!!...
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  10. Thanks seannyboy90, 1950's on these signs.
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  14. I cant imagine being the husband, Ugh, life can be cruel. Thank God for people like you Manikin :<)
  15. That is one great and rare Pepsi machine you have Manikin!! still Love it!! It has a high book value too!! and what a great gift for your thankfull neighbor! Does it work? My 60's pepsi machine gets n...
  16. I found one that sold for $400 at auction in 2013
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  22. Yes, keep them and display them and when you look at them you'll think of your Grandma!
  23. Hi Manikin, just saw this, love them!
  24. Wow, what a find!! Its worth $150! I have one.
  25. you got a steal! great signs!
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  27. fhrjr2, we all can see its a tea cart with a glass serving tray... made in Asia when?what about this one makes you think it was made in Asia?
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  29. Not much Phil, except for the car bodies, the track snaps together better than the one I had in the 60's also.
  30. Thanks Vintagefran, I can tell by the way the wheels are made that's its old, there built like old wagon wheels. I've not seen another with wheels like these!
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  38. Thanks walksoftly its in good shape for its age!
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  40. Hey, I need to go check my shop and make sure mine are still there! LOL Actually mine has 3 drawers in the middle, top and bottom look like mine I purchased used or display models back in the 70's
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  48. Hi Manikin, we still have some large farms doing good and the small farms like this one have gone but the Amish have brought some back. if I was retired I'd paint your picture.
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  50. Thanks Trey, I was surprised he saved it and let me buy it, I thought he was kidding when he said he saved it for me and he only charged me for what the copper was worth!!
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