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1927 Buick Radiator Cap Mascot - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Old Oil Cans found! - Petrolianain Petroliana
26th annual Olcott beach car show today! - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
26th Olcott Beach Car Show - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
All we are is dust in the wind so the song says - Photographsin Photographs
Drink Coca Cola tacker sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
ALEMITE VOLUME PUMP 1930 - Petrolianain Petroliana
Estate Sale find - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Barn yard and shop estate sale find - Clocksin Clocks
1960's paint by number painting - Visual Artin Visual Art


  1. Cool you love this too pw-collector and valentino97 !
  2. Thanks billyg, I hear ya but most of the scrap we get is cheap junk made in China or Japan or scrap from an old unsafe building or bridge, stuff like that.
  3. Might be a Westinghouse Standard Cooler, if you can restore it yourself, I would but if you have to take it to a restoration shop it probably would cost more than its worth but it would be beautifull ...
  4. Thanks Manikin !! :<)
  5. Glad you love this too LOUMANAL, katherinescollections, Signaholic, Caperkid, ho2cultcha, kyratango, vetraio50, mikelv85, Rattletrap, pickrknows, SEAN68, walksoftly, OKCjim, Radegunder and blunderbuss...
  6. Thanks Gillian! Actually my boss (the owner) saved it and gave it to me when I asked him about it, he saves stuff for me, great boss right?
  7. Thanks so much Signaholic, I just love finding gems like this! Its a book end on an old book shelf my wife brought home Sat. :<)
  8. Lucky you! I just don't ever see visibles in the ruff in my area!
  9. glad you love this sugargirl and trevor-joy !
  10. glad you love it too kaputs11 !
  11. Thanks ttomtucker!
  12. thankyou Manikin, GeodeJem, mikelv85 and charmsomeone!
  13. cool you all love this too! officialfuel, Longings, Chevelleman69, mtg75, egreeley1976, shughs, vetraio50, sanhardin, crswerner, OKCJim, Designer, chrissylovescats and leighannrn, Thanks!
  14. How did I miss this??? Love this!
  15. Thanks Trey ! I know, I wanted all the cans but didn't have enough cash on me, I gave them $50 for 20 cans, not bad right? Ill be going back this Sat to get more if there still there!
  16. glad you all love this mikelv85, BinaryReflex, Manikin :<) kaputs11, fortapache, billyg, pickrknows, walksoftly, Signaholic and Rattletrap ! have a great week !
  17. Thankyou fortapache, I haven't posted very much lately, just working to much.
  18. Thanks kaputs11 I was thrilled to find these in such nice shape!
  19. Not sure of the actual maker but it was sold by Western Auto Stores in the 50's
  20. Welcome to CW jonaboo, I did some quick research on Dr Swett's and your Thermometer should be from 1942 as that's when " rich in dextrose" came out during the War, at least that's what I read on line.
  21. Might be an Ice Cream freezer, Ice Cream use to come in round cardboard containers that fit in those holes ?? that's my guess.
  22. there is a couple on e-bay auction right now, just watch to see what they sell for.
  23. Not sure of value on yours but I see hickory shaft clubs at antique shops $45 - $85 each
  24. glad you love this kaputs11, officialfuel, blunderbuss2, kerry10456, fortapache, mikelv85, Manikin, Rattletrap, aghcollect, Trey, Roycroftbooksfromme1, Virginia.vintage and Vintagefran !
  25. Thankyou everyone for all the Loves!
  26. Thanks for all the Loves gargoylecollector, CokeKid04, kingshawn, Signaholic, mikelv85, kerry10456, Stammy and officialfuel !
  27. Thankyou Perry and kerry10456 for nice comments
  28. another thanks to kingshawn!
  29. Thanks for more love for this BinaryReflex and kingshawn
  30. Glad you love this kerry10456 and Elisabethan
  31. Thanks Rattletrap, wish we had more signs like this coming in!
  32. yes it was sweeeettttt Roycroftbooksfromme1, cant wait to get my own classic car project, maybe next year.
  33. I love those Chevys too kaputs11, 56 is one of my favorites along with 59 and 61. It was a blast Trey! check out Olcott car show on youtube!
  34. Nice! Hey, is that a 63 chevy I see?
  35. No great ideas, but I just tell them the truth," I love old pumps, I fix them up, light it up and enjoy them every day" I also talk about the old days and some times that helps me to get a pump but al...
  36. Yep Rattletrap, good luck, I've been turned down several times, but lost out on a couple awesome pumps I tried to get but someone else got them!
  37. I cant see the fireplace..LOL Love what I do see! :)
  38. Scrap Yard? Wow! I'm jealous LOL
  39. Yep Rattletrap, its to bad He's gone and so is his collection, I did hear that his "Speak Easy" hang out was left untouched, Ill drive down and check it out. Your right Manikin, he collected for 50 yr...
  40. Thanks Rattletrap for nice comment!
  41. Looking great Trey!
  42. So Im not crazy! LOL ,Thanks for the support pickerknows, fortapache, mikelv85, Daddy_Nobucks, Trey, Manikin, petey, blunderbuss2 and Edisonfan !
  43. Thanks gargoylecollector!
  44. Thanks gargoylecollector and clockerman, glad you love this to.
  45. Thanks gargoylecollector and mikelv85
  46. Cool, more love from Trey, Rattletrap, Rustfarm and officialfuel!
  47. Thanks Rattletrap, I love finding and saving this stuff!
  48. Thanks for giving this some love glasslove,aghcollect, fortapache, racer4four, mikelv85, walksoftly, nutsabotas6, gargoylecollector, Radegunder and charmsomeone .
  49. I don't think I have any pictures of that chevelle, it was the lime color with black interior and black vinyl top, 396/ 325hp, Muncie 4 speed, 12 bolt posi w/3:73's, the engine had a spun bearing that...
  50. Hi, if its porcelain its probably from the 1940's
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