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More Signs from the scrap yard - Advertisingin Advertising
Horsey Rides anybody? - Toysin Toys
Old Disney popcorn box - Advertisingin Advertising
old Tin Cans - Petrolianain Petroliana
How are you feeling? lol - Advertisingin Advertising
Original 1940's Sunoco Porcelain Pump Sign - Petrolianain Petroliana
1975 Ovation Medallion Guitar - Guitarsin Guitars
Original Sunoco Advertising Ink Blotters - Petrolianain Petroliana
1927 Buick Radiator Cap Mascot - Classic Carsin Classic Cars


  1. So cool you all love this officialfuel, mtg75, trkn20, Beachbum58, Hoosiergirl98, chrissylovescats, Lady_Picker, crswerner, Celiene, SEAN68, AntiqueToys and farmlady ! Thanks!
  2. Thanks Celiene, I plan to Detail them.
  3. Thanks for the info, I have the #88 yellow olds, will look for the buick Petty car, you can see my sets on my older post on here.
  4. How did I miss this? working to much I guess, looks great Michael !
  5. Oh yeah, I remember those days back then, I'm lucky to be here today!
  6. NY is rusting away?!? I better move out before its gone! LOL
  7. WOW Daddy_Nobucks, I had given up on ebay but now I'll keep looking!
  8. Thanks Aimathena, glad you love this to!
  9. Wow! Glad you all love this LovelyPat, kerry10456, mikelv85, Manikin, Nicefice, aura, valentino97, Virginia.vintage, AzTom, bobby725, blunderbuss2, fortapache, walksoftly, Rattletrap, MyFavoriteTreasu...
  10. Thanks Trey, Ill save you a couple if I can!
  11. Thanks Signaholic! Ill love seeing the kids ride this !
  12. Thanks Rattletrap, its a sickness, I just cant get enough cool stuff!
  13. Thanks AzTom, I am lucky!
  14. It probably sat in the corner of the store so you only could see those two sides.
  15. I'm guessing someone screwed different soda signs over the coca cola...
  16. Thanks for the love leighannrn, Designer and chrissylovescats!
  17. Glad you joined this love list Longings, sugargirl, Beachbum58, CindB, Chevelleman69, Designer and chrissylovescats!
  18. Brunswick, Common Kings and Tres Bien opened for them, it was 2008,(cant believe it was that long ago) you can see them on youtube , search REO speedwagon in Lockport NY .
  19. OH Man, you don't sell??!! there go's my travel plans!...LOL
  20. REO played in my home town a few years ago, still sounded great!
  21. Thanks gargoylecollector
  22. glad that you love this mickeysmagic and kerry10456
  23. I have never seen a barber pole like that but I'm looking mostly at your petroliana collection anyways LOL
  24. Its cool that your family still has this, I would fix it up, I hope to find one for my country store collection.
  25. I don't know Trey, box is empty lol
  26. LOL GeodeJem!
  27. Thanks for the info SpiritBear!
  28. Thanks blunderbuss2 lol
  29. Glad you love this Brunswick, officialfuel, Caperkid, mikelv85, fortapache, racer4four, Trey, gargoylecollector and SEAN68
  30. Thanks gargoylecollector, Ill let you know if I don't find it.
  31. Glad you love this SEAN68, gargoylecollector and vetraio50
  32. Thankyou racer4four, Trey and Signaholic for nice comments and love, it is cool but I wonder what one of these actually sold for at auction, glad this brought back memories Signaholic.
  33. Thanks for the love officialfuel, Caperkid, mikelv85, fortapache, and Blackshiep1
  34. Cool, I have a 1985 TYCO Richard Petty slot car set but its missing the Petty car, I hope to find one.
  35. Hey!! there you are Aimathena! glad to see you back! we missed you!
  36. looks great! I picked up a couple sections of these last summer, there great for displaying our collections!
  37. Glad you love this puppy to Nicefice
  38. Thanks MooreAntique, wishing you a great year!
  39. Thankyou boneidaho and snowman3
  40. Thanks for checking this out ho2cultcha and aura!
  41. glad you love this kingshawn!
  42. great! you love this to! thanks Beachbum58 and kingshawn
  43. Wow , I guess you have been bringing stuff in the house! nice job displaying them!
  44. Thanks DerekToye, glad you love this to!
  45. Thanks boneidaho!
  46. Thanks Trey!
  47. Thanks Celiene, cool you love this!
  48. cool find, lets see the other signs!
  49. Thanks Michael ,That's ok, I've missed a lot, especially missed thanking people on my older posts! :(
  50. Thanks Nicefice, I think so to!
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