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  1. Thanks Fleamarkettammy! I hear the Avon, NY flea is looking good, have you been?
  2. AHH Clarence,NY, Lots to look at there, antique shops, outside vendors and all those garages! That's where I got the oil bottle Sun that I posted!
  3. Glad you love this bobby725, fortapache, mikelv85, Caperkid, bottle-bud, brunswick, vetraio50 and blunderbuss2!
  4. You should fortapache, price keeps going up!
  5. Thanks Michael ! have a great evening! Ed
  6. Glad you love this to roddyq, bijoucaillouvintage, and TimeTraveller!
  7. Thanks Rattletrap, all I remember is the Mickey Mouse club and gun smoke! or was that the Rifle man? HMM I'm not sure,lol
  8. SpiritBear, no TV? smart phone then? I've seen these in black also, Thanks!
  9. That's funny Brunswick! thanks!
  10. Thanks Wandlessfairy, 2 Channels, wow, sure made it easy to pick a show!
  11. Your so right fortapache, 6 was a lot, I think we had NBC,CBS and ABC and maybe public 49 on our B&W TV, Thanks!
  12. Great that you all love this! Thanks undreal, Nicefice, Destiny.Jennifer.g., Brunswick, charmsomeone, antiquerose and buckethead!
  13. Good deal Signaholic! I'd have grabbed it to!
  14. Yep Perry! they look good and you can write something on them :) Ed
  15. I hear ya Perry! when I saw this one a grabbed it fast! lol
  16. Thanks Perry! I agree! Ed
  17. Thanks for the likes and loves Nicefice, sanhardin, farmlady and vintagegirl66!
  18. Thanks for another love vintagegirl66!
  19. Thanks gargoylecollector and Brunswick!
  20. Another thankyou to gargoylecollector!
  21. Cool! more love's! Thanks sugargirl, trukn20, AntiqueToys, pickrknows, ttomtucker and gargoylecollector!
  22. Glad you love this AntiqueToys, gargoylecollector and Roycroftbooksfromme1 !
  23. Nice!! I want to play it!
  24. Mount Airy! YeeHaw,,.... oh damn I have to work tomorrow:( thanks anyways for the invite :) I do miss North Carolina, spent 4 years in Asheboro, NC.
  25. Thankyou Wandlessfairy! glad you love this to!
  26. Great to see you posting again! Cool stuff!
  27. Thanks akrodog!
  28. Glad you loved this to roddyq and usedcarlady!
  29. Those are so cool!
  30. Thanks vintagegirl66
  31. Thanks to fortapache, Daddy_Nobucks, shughs, EZa, Rattletrap, iggy, Phonoboy, Longings, chrissylovescats, nutsabotas6, Lady_Picker and Neighborguysfan
  32. Thanks Mystaplers, I don't collect them either! ....I just save them, LOL
  33. They are hard to find in my area, have never seen one!
  34. Glad you love this buckethead, vetraio50, mikelv85 and ttomtucker!
  35. Thanks Geodejem!
  36. Cool that you love this Caperkid, brunswick, swampdogg, sugargirl, Spiritbear and Manikin! Thanks!
  37. Thanks for adding more love roddyq and Wandlessfairy!
  38. and so does swampdogg! Thanks!
  39. swampdogg and Mrstyndall , Thanks!
  40. vintagegirl66 loves old gas pumps! Cool!
  41. Another love it from vintagegirl66! Cool!
  42. Glad you love this to vintagegirl66
  43. Jackdanielsneat: not really sure of value in this condition but restored I'd say $4000.
  44. Glad you love this Mrstyndall, swampdogg and Caperkid!
  45. Sounds like a cool idea swampdogg but its kinda heavy!
  46. Thanks as always Manikin! :)
  47. Glad you love this to mtg75, Roycroftbooksfromme1 and vintagegirl66!
  48. glad you love this vintagegirl66!
  49. Thanks again to all that see this and love it!
  50. Thanks Blaze, vintagegirl66 and ttomtucker!
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