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Garage sale day at our Antique Center - Signsin Signs
M&S ( Martin&Schwartz) model 19 Clockface gas pump from 1928 - Petrolianain Petroliana
1935-39 Bennett 76 Sinclair HC Gas Pump - Petrolianain Petroliana
1940-1950 TYDOL License Plate Topper - Petrolianain Petroliana
1940 6volt Car Horn - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1906 Post Card - Postcardsin Postcards
More Signs from the scrap yard - Advertisingin Advertising
Horsey Rides anybody? - Toysin Toys
Old Disney popcorn box - Advertisingin Advertising
old Tin Cans - Petrolianain Petroliana


  1. OH Boy...Rattletrap, your thinking to much, besides you have that backwards, I need a Visible Pump for my Museum, why don't you donate one of yours? you have to many that's possible fo...
  2. Thanks ravage60!
  3. Another late thankyou to egreeley1976, packrat-place, mikelikesigns2, chrissylovescats and wickencrafts!
  4. Glad you love this ravage60!
  5. A late thankyou to MMM, Caperkid, Rattletrap, Signaholic and wickencrafts
  6. Glad you love this PhilDMorris and Caperkid! Caperkid, Foggy memories? from age or from your brew that summer LOL
  7. A late thankyou to usedcarlady, bobby725, RonM and Rustfarm!
  8. Glad you love this too kingshawn, Thanks!
  9. Glad you love this kingshawn!
  10. Thanks for looking and lovin this kingshawn, PhilDMorris and wickencrafts!
  11. Glad you like this charmsomeone!
  12. I decided not to go to Bouckville this year but will next year, its a great antique show!
  13. Thanks NevadaBlades, do you have golf balls landing in your yard?
  14. Ha funny Daddy_Nobucks :^) I was thinking today would have been a good day to go Golfing, I should have!
  15. Thanks Manikin! Allways good to hear from you :<)
  16. That's funny kyratango! Caddyshack! LOL
  17. Thanks Caperkid, its the 1st one I've seen for sale!
  18. Your right Nicefice, I'm still using my 21" self propelled variable speed Snapper from the early 80's. thanks!
  19. Thanks charmsomeone and holymosy for adding more loves to this!
  20. Glad you all love this vanskyock24, sanhardin, Salles, AntiqueToys, PhilDMorris and Trey!
  21. Glad you love this NevadaBlades!
  22. Cool ravage60, glad you love this to!
  23. Thanks GeodeJem! I like to restore things back to what they where so this will be a Sinclair HC again with the correct colors and signs!
  24. I sure will Trey! I had to pay $150 plus shipping for one door on my G/B 98 Esso pump! I had to talk that collector into selling it! He didn't want to give it up!
  25. Thanks for the love it Daddy_Nobucks and olebodie
  26. LOL ..I love your son's comment!! Nice sign !
  27. That's a DELCO Battery Man from a 1970 battery display, check out my post and you'll see the whole display.
  28. Love your pump, it was built in the 1890's to pump oil's
  29. I'm with you Rattletrap, I love those old pumps to :)
  30. Thanks ttomtucker for giving this more love :)
  31. Your right Rattletrap! I only buy when I get a really good price and it makes it twice as sweet and good investments!
  32. Don't feel alone Trey and Rattletrap, my wife thinks I'm crazy! and has threat me with the big D! she's kidding....I think..LOL
  33. Glad you love this blunderbuss2 and Rattletrap!
  34. OMGosh what a gorgeous pump! and that price! wow!
  35. Glad you love this Caperkid and oktreedude
  36. So good you love this AnnaB, shughs and Recordmantime!
  37. LOL gargoylecollector, I do feel lucky on this pump and the last pump to ! its about time ! LOL
  38. OMGosh! wow, I just love neon, need to get some!
  39. Glad you all love this! Caperkid, iggy,OKCJim and lisa, Thanks
  40. thanks vintagelamp cool you love this too.
  41. Thanks Trey! I agree!
  42. Good find and good price, good thing cause if you don't have doors their pricey.
  43. Glad you love this walksoftly!
  44. Thanks Rattletrap, your right but its best to keep in touch until there ready to sell, I lost out on 2 great pumps by not keeping in touch.
  45. Glad you love this to SpiritBear, Nicefice, fortapache and mikelv85
  46. Thanks Phil, hard not to love this a lot!
  47. Thanks blunderbuss2, western NY 5 min from my house!
  48. Thanks Michael for giving this the 1st love. Ed
  49. for parts, hope this helps.
  50. Yep, same one on my high school 63 Impala SS Aqua Green interior and paint.
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