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1950's TONKA DUMP TRUCK - Toysin Toys
27th Annual Olcott Beach NY Car Show - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Garage sale day at our Antique Center - Signsin Signs
M&S ( Martin&Schwartz) model 19 Clockface gas pump from 1928 - Petrolianain Petroliana
1935-39 Bennett 76 Sinclair HC Gas Pump - Petrolianain Petroliana
1940-1950 TYDOL License Plate Topper - Petrolianain Petroliana
1940 6volt Car Horn - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1906 Post Card - Postcardsin Postcards
More Signs from the scrap yard - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Thanks buckethead, would be nice to see some of your stuff :<)
  2. Thanks NevadaBlades, I hear ya, wish I still had some of mine .
  3. Thanks fortapache ! I've seen them sell for 3 times what I paid :<)
  4. Looking great Rattletrap! I'd love to put up some of mine but not sure how the neighbors would think.
  5. The second item is a flywheel holder for small engines
  6. Hi the first picture is a spark tester for small engines I still have mine
  7. Hi Gunner327, this pump has a book value of $850-$950 if solid and complete but not restored, in restored condition I'd say $2500 maybe.
  8. Glad you love this Neighborguysfan, ttomtucker and mikelv85 !
  9. Thankyou Manikin, Caperkid, blunderbuss2, officialfuel, Chevelleman69 and chrissylovescats for lookin and lovin this!
  10. Love That GTO I think its a 1967
  11. Wow! Nice!
  12. Pat09 3-55 is the date of manufacture (1955)
  13. glad you love this to AutoPinback64,Recordmantime,PhilDMorris,Windwalker and lundy
  14. Thanks for looking and adding more love AutoPinback64,charmsomeone,TheGateKeeper, PhilDMorris and nutsabotas6
  15. Cool you love this AutoPinback64, Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse and packrat-place:)
  16. Thanks Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse, I agree!
  17. To many Visibles, you have one to many, send me one :)
  18. glad you love this to NevadaBlades, blunderbuss2, TassieDevil, mikelv85, Daddy_Nobucks, Caperkid, Rattletrap, vintagelamp, Bensallright, gargoylecollector, officialfuel, olebodie, Manikin and kingshawn!
  19. Glad you looked and loved this lee120275, Longings, kingshawn, vreugdenhil and snowman3, thanks!
  20. I said I was Lucky gargoylecollector LOL this is the best thing I've gotten from work :)
  21. Thanks ravage60, Manikin and sugargirl, glad you love this to :)
  22. Thanks antiquerose, lunch with my wife and the lake view and eagle is heaven to!
  23. thanks fortapache, it is if you like looking at 800 to a 1000 cars..LOL
  24. Great that you love this to shivedesign and farmlady!
  25. coke.trevor.cola, any paint stripper would remove the clear coat and not hurt the porcelain..BUT.. this sign might have been touched up with paint and then shot with clear so be careful.
  26. WOW lots of loves! Thanks antiquerose, shughs, rustyboltz, trukn20, Designer, leighannrn, Signaholic, Chevelleman69, Beachbum68, egreeley1976, Trey, AntiqueToys, Manikin, sugargirl, mtg75 and crswerner!
  27. Thanks Trey! there mostly in good shape but there is some rust rot. I haven't found another set all white either, I have seen the red porcelain ones.
  28. Thanks antiquerose, I agree, Home Run! yippee!
  29. thanks for looks and loves mikelv85, racer4four, Rattletrap, walksoftly, pw-collector, Daddy_Nobucks and Celiene.
  30. Glad you love this bobby725, blunderbuss2, fleafinder, Caperkid, officialfuel, ravage60, fortapache, NevadaBlades and Neonking!
  31. Thanks Celiene! I havnt had time to fix up this pony yet and we still have a lot of them at work, we do have one lion that I want to go with this pony.
  32. Thanks Daddy_Nobucks, I think so too! I wish more stuff like this came in at work, not much anymore but I keep looking!
  33. Rattletrap, its not gonna happen! She'll never go for it, but I did take over a shelf in her china cabinet and I filled in a couple book shelves:)
  34. That's right racer4four, I'm running out of space, my wife says I need 5 acres and a Barn, I said just 1 barn?
  35. Lol ravage60, I think you must want one!
  36. Awesome is right Caperkid, thanks!
  37. You aint kiddin blunderbuss2! but Ill find someplace for it!
  38. That's right bobby725, but not like it use to be, collectors like us are grabbing all this stuff, so not much comes to the scrap yard anymore:(
  39. Cool buckethead, got any photos of your brothers gasser?
  40. Thanks for joining this love list ravage60 and antiquerose!
  41. glad you love this to gargoylecollector!
  42. Very nice! You have a 1938 gilbarco gas pump model 96 or 98 I have the same one posted
  43. Petretti's CocaCola Collectibles Price Guide is a good book! but condition will vary the price quite a bit.
  44. OH Boy...Rattletrap, your thinking to much, besides you have that backwards, I need a Visible Pump for my Museum, why don't you donate one of yours? you have to many that's possible fo...
  45. Thanks ravage60!
  46. Another late thankyou to egreeley1976, packrat-place, mikelikesigns2, chrissylovescats and wickencrafts!
  47. Glad you love this ravage60!
  48. A late thankyou to MMM, Caperkid, Rattletrap, Signaholic and wickencrafts
  49. Glad you love this PhilDMorris and Caperkid! Caperkid, Foggy memories? from age or from your brew that summer LOL
  50. A late thankyou to usedcarlady, bobby725, RonM and Rustfarm!
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