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1940-1950 TYDOL License Plate Topper - Petrolianain Petroliana
1940 6volt Car Horn - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1906 Post Card - Postcardsin Postcards
More Signs from the scrap yard - Advertisingin Advertising
Horsey Rides anybody? - Toysin Toys
Old Disney popcorn box - Advertisingin Advertising
old Tin Cans - Petrolianain Petroliana
How are you feeling? lol - Advertisingin Advertising
Original 1940's Sunoco Porcelain Pump Sign - Petrolianain Petroliana
1975 Ovation Medallion Guitar - Guitarsin Guitars


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  2. Thankyou farmlady for checking this and lovin it!
  3. Thanks kingshawn, cool you love this!
  4. Google fun-tronicsllc for lids and cap catcher if you want to restore it.
  5. I agree with scottvez and iggy, someone made these and the logo's are not accurate.
  6. Thanks for the info kerry10456, glad you love this, and SEAN68, RonM and gargoylecollector also.
  7. Thanks gargoylecollector, your right, I read that somewhere a while back. glad you love this and you to lisa!
  8. $300 is a great deal! grab it! its worth twice that!
  9. Wow, great find! That is cool!
  10. Thanks Trey, I will! I scared my cats when I tested it! oops!
  11. Glad you joined this love list Trey, antiques-in-nj and kerry10456
  12. All that Red! reminds me of my Honeymoon in the Poconos in 1981! LOL
  13. I know Michael, I was teasing you back, who the heck wants a repro for $35 LOL
  14. Ha Michael, if you want a repro theres one on e-bay only $35, ugh
  15. Hi vreugdenhil most of the repros I've seen are yellow instead of white and don't have as good detail as original such as the embossed detail, hope this helps.
  16. Wow, more Love for this! Thanks SEAN68, vreugdenhil, trgrubaugh, ttomtucker, farmlady, AntiqueToys and motorheadmn!
  17. Reminds me of the manifold I sold years ago, A Weiand Dual Quad Aluminum small block Chevy Manifold, It was so old it had cast under Weind "Say Why-And" wish I still had it :(
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  19. That's cool Nicefice, Im going to build something in a couple yrs and Ill put this horn on it!
  20. Thankyou pickrknows, I think so too!
  21. Thanks ho2cultcha, it is a popular one, that's why there is repros.
  22. good morning all! glad you love this blunderbuss2, officialfuel, PhilDMorris, fortapache, mikelv85, walksoftly and chevelleman69!
  23. Looks great with those chairs!
  24. Thanks Paul (PedalP) ,I love it and have fun adding cool stuff!
  25. Veedol was oil sold buy TYDOL Oil and Gas Co.
  26. I hate seeing these closed! would love that old sign!
  27. Thanks SEAN68
  28. Thanks for more love SEAN68 and PhilDMorris
  29. Awesome! I keep looking for Orange Crush signs but like you say they go for a lot of money! Orange Crush was my favorite as a kid, especially with a scoop of Ice cream!
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  32. Thanks Caperkid, I've allways loved the old stuff, even as a kid and teenager I collected old stuff, but didn't hang to much of it, but 6 years ago I lost my job and then lost my Mom and that's when I...
  33. Hi Trey, No, I think Mike and Frank where at the Bushkill Park in PA. Olcott Beach in NY is on Lake Ontario in Niagara County. Mike and Frank have been in my area several times at collectors homes but...
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  40. thankyou Nicefice for nice comment!
  41. Yes I have, a few years ago I tried to buy one just like yours but they wouldn't sell it.
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