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26th Olcott Beach Car Show - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
All we are is dust in the wind so the song says - Photographsin Photographs
Drink Coca Cola tacker sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
ALEMITE VOLUME PUMP 1930 - Petrolianain Petroliana
Estate Sale find - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Barn yard and shop estate sale find - Clocksin Clocks
1960's paint by number painting - Visual Artin Visual Art
KELLY SPRINGFIELD TIRES SIGN 1969 - Advertisingin Advertising
Sinclair oil can - Petrolianain Petroliana
Photo's I took on a road trip - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Nice! Hey, is that a 63 chevy I see?
  2. No great ideas, but I just tell them the truth," I love old pumps, I fix them up, light it up and enjoy them every day" I also talk about the old days and some times that helps me to get a pump but al...
  3. Yep Rattletrap, good luck, I've been turned down several times, but lost out on a couple awesome pumps I tried to get but someone else got them!
  4. I cant see the fireplace..LOL Love what I do see! :)
  5. Scrap Yard? Wow! I'm jealous LOL
  6. Yep Rattletrap, its to bad He's gone and so is his collection, I did hear that his "Speak Easy" hang out was left untouched, Ill drive down and check it out. Your right Manikin, he collected for 50 yr...
  7. Thanks Rattletrap for nice comment!
  8. Looking great Trey!
  9. So Im not crazy! LOL ,Thanks for the support pickerknows, fortapache, mikelv85, Daddy_Nobucks, Trey, Manikin, petey, blunderbuss2 and Edisonfan !
  10. Thanks gargoylecollector!
  11. Thanks gargoylecollector and clockerman, glad you love this to.
  12. Thanks gargoylecollector and mikelv85
  13. Cool, more love from Trey, Rattletrap, Rustfarm and officialfuel!
  14. Thanks Rattletrap, I love finding and saving this stuff!
  15. Thanks for giving this some love glasslove,aghcollect, fortapache, racer4four, mikelv85, walksoftly, nutsabotas6, gargoylecollector, Radegunder and charmsomeone .
  16. I don't think I have any pictures of that chevelle, it was the lime color with black interior and black vinyl top, 396/ 325hp, Muncie 4 speed, 12 bolt posi w/3:73's, the engine had a spun bearing that...
  17. Hi, if its porcelain its probably from the 1940's
  18. Nice! I had a 68 SS396 in my driveway for a couple years but I sold it back in the 70's , wish I had kept it! :( oh by the way I have a 68 grill I pulled of a junker at work, I keep my eye on anythin...
  19. cool you love this shawnicus
  20. more love from clockerman and GeodeJem, cool!
  21. The handle is missing but it did have the wahammy, the handle would be where you see the spring.
  22. glad you love this Rustfarm!
  23. Thanks for the loves walksoftly, katherinescollections, officialfuel, vintagelamp, Trey, Sergey, clockerman and mikelv85
  24. glad you love this racer4four, fortapache, mikelv85, Rustfarm, ho2cultcha, officialfuel, walksoftly and Trey
  25. cool you love this nutsabotas6, fortapache, mikelv85, officialfuel, walksoftly, charmsomeone, Trey, ttomtucker, and JUDDANTIQUESMCs
  26. HaHa walksoftly, we know you cheated LOL as you can see I posted a picture of the patent picture I found on line, I never saw one of these before and cool to own it now. Ill be searching through tha...
  27. You got it walksoftly, did you know that or google it :)
  28. your on the right track Rustfarm!
  29. Nice..My wife has a lot of these!
  30. its so sad your running out of space, life can be cruel, hehe :<)
  31. walksoftly, mikelv85, katherinescollections, officialfuel, vintagelamp, Trey and Sergey, so glad you all love this too!
  32. aghcollect, glad you love this too!
  33. looks like it might be a late 1940's American 900 series pump.
  34. glad you love this OKCJim, walksoftly, ttomtucker, fortapache, officialfuel, Manikin, vintagelamp and Trey!
  35. Thanks Trey! your right, had to hide it from the boss and a picker who shows up to much.
  36. Thankyou so much Manikin, allways great to here from you!
  37. That is a nice find, I'd frame it up and put it in the kitchen.
  38. Hi loudfuel222, other than what I posted above 1929 M&S, it's listed as a private gas pump used at farms or private business like trucking co.
  39. lorna, check the one I posted on here and the comments, hopefully you'll see something that will help.
  40. waiksoftly is right coping saw with a round blade for cutting ceramic tiles.
  41. hi storageheiress, welcome to CW, you shouldn't take fifties50 comment so hard, it wasn't rude and he simply stated what he felt you have and a lot of people would think the bottom is cut off, your a ...
  42. I cant tell you how old either but it looks a lot like a paint-by-numbers painting I have on my wall that my grandfather did in the 1960's.
  43. love it, we got 2 of these at the scrap yard in ruff shape but the boss grab them, Im trying to buy 1 and restore it.
  44. That's why I collect also, brings back memories of those younger years, $3 for gas and cruising around all night or head to the drag races on Fri. night or get a 6-pack and head to the drive-in, fun,f...
  45. Ha nutsabotas6, I didn't notice that until you pointed it out, pretty funny!
  46. What you have looks like an early 1900's Bowser gas pump, its missing the faucet that would come out the side but is still cool and collectible.
  47. Thanks Michael, you enjoy the week too! Trey, No, I cant take the plywood signs off till its mine, I might find nothing but plan sheetmetal or then again.....Kendall...or..
  48. Hi Michael, I did ask the owner today who started this business in the 50's, I asked if he would consider selling it as they never use it anymore and I love it, he said he wasn't ready to sell it yet,...
  49. Hi Michael, nice find! I have to share something with you, at where I work is the exact lollipop stand with a plywood sign on both sides bolted to it with "closed" and "open" painted on, underneath t...
  50. Welcome to this "love it" list usedcarlady, mikelv85 and REED
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