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  1. Glad you love this Roycroftbooksfromme1 and Celiene! :)
  2. Very cool! oh , the pump is cool too! :)
  3. Is that really old, gee it doesn't seem that long ago when I used some of that paint....oh wait, yikes that was back in the early 70's, LOL
  4. Glad so many love this, thanks AutoPinback64, vintagelamp, farmlady, Lady_Picker, egreeley1976 and usedcarlady !
  5. Thanks for adding more love vintagelamp, Caperkid, fortapache, PhilDMorris, valentino97, mikelv85, bobby725, Catmanyoutube, Karenoke, Nicefice, blunderbuss2 and roddyq !
  6. Thanks gargoylecollector!
  7. Thanks for adding more love crswerner, leighannrn, sugargirl, chrissylovescats, gargoylecollector and Designer!
  8. Glad you all love this, Thanks vetraio50, roddyq, fortapache, blunderbuss2, thegatherer, officialfuel,sugargirl, PhilDMorris, mikelv85, gargoylecollector, Designer, buckethead, fleafinder and Rattletr...
  9. Thanks fortapache, I guess the mystery is that I know I didn't click on that little mystery box so what gives CW ??
  10. That was quick, Thanks Micheal Ed
  11. Rust doesn't hurt it, looks great!
  12. Glad you all love this! Thanks farmlady, trukn20, usedcarlady, MooreAntique, AutoPinback64, egreeley1976 and antiquerose.
  13. Thanks so much Nicefice!
  14. Look at all that American Steel in the parking lot! What a great time period.
  15. Thanks gargoylecollector for lookin and lovin!
  16. Glad you love this racer4four, fortapache, officialfuel, blunderbuss2, mikelv85, Rattletrap and Caperkid!
  17. Awesome find!
  18. Thanks for adding another Love Cpomedx!
  19. What do you mean uh oh, I think that's awesome! :) Nice job on the resto!
  20. That is a cool find as I love Golf and love finding old stuff, google search Chesley Motor Sales for time period.
  21. Glad so many Love this! Thanks Master, roddyq, mtg75, chrissylovescats, Chevelleman69, snowman3, shughs, valentino97 and SEAN68
  22. Thanks Rattletrap! snow all melted here, looking at grass, how's yours?
  23. Cool you love this mikelv85, bobby725, officialfuel, Caperkid and fortapache!
  24. Thanks blunderbuss2, officialfuel, mikelv85, racer4four and walksoftly!
  25. Thanks Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse, love those youtube videos! Happy New Year!
  26. Thanks fortapache, love those two also!
  27. roddyq, some are in great shape but some are well used and show it.
  28. Thanks kerry10456, your welcome!
  29. Thanks roddyq, Match Box calls it a 1969 Field Car whatever that is lol, kinda looks like a Scout.
  30. Thanks Caperkid, that Cadillac Ambulance is in nice shape too!
  31. Happy New Year Bonnie!
  32. Happy New Year! wishing you the best!
  33. Thanks Nicefice! Happy New Years to you too!
  34. Thankyou PhilDMorris, Happy New Years!
  35. Happy New Year!
  36. Awesome find, love it, happy new years!
  37. Your so right Rattletrap, Thanks, Happy New Years!
  38. Thanks for the love mrcolorz, mikelv85, walksoftly, CindB, Caperkid and lisa!
  39. Thanks fortapache, sure cant beat that price.
  40. Thanks for the love Michael :)
  41. Thanks kerry10456, your right me and my older brother had HO slot car set and railroad set.
  42. Thanks Gballen1959, when I get time I'll take pictures of each car and do some research on value. I might line them up and post it on here.
  43. Thankyou everyone for all the best wishes and Loves!
  44. Merry Christmas to you to!
  45. It still bothers me although I've never been fooled myself, the suppliers are as guilty as anybody, look at honest suppliers of gas pump globes that say reproduction 1981 or Andy Rooney signs, if you ...
  46. I just picked up the dept 56 holly gas station at a store that supports the American cancer society while I was in Virginia, Merry Christmas!
  47. Thankyou brunswick, ttomtucker and vetraio50
  48. Glad you love this brunswick and iggy, thanks!
  49. Hi AntiqueToys and sugargirl Thanks!
  50. I love music to and wish I'd got into it more but I have to many interest, I still play my Ovation and sing when I have the time. Good luck with your plans, and Merry Christmas!
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