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  1. Glad you enjoyed this jdstor, snowman3, sanhardin, farmlady, Chevelleman69, Beachbum58, chrissylovescats and mtg75!
  2. Thanks jdstor, snowman3, sanhardin, farmlady, Chevelleman69, Beachbum58, mtg75 and Nicefice! Yum Nicefice! Root Beer float sounds good!
  3. Glad you love this Nicefice!
  4. Glad you joined this love list Jlman, buckethead, crswerner, Beachbum58 and gargoylecollector!
  5. Cool that you all love this fortapache, roddyq, Brunswick, Time Traveller, iggy, Caperkid, mikelv85, blunderbuss2, buckethead and officialfuel, Thanks!
  6. Look who loves this! Thanks Brunswick, iggy, fortapache, Caperkid, mikelv85, officialfuel and Rattletrap
  7. Thanks Thomas, and then there's DAD'S Root Beer to!
  8. Hi Michael, That's why I collect Sunoco stuff, brings back those memories! one of my first jobs was pumping gas at night after school and changing Batteries or a v-belt or fixing a flat tire for peopl...
  9. Hi VBrown24, it could be from the 70's but could be older, if there is a makers name on it check there history.
  10. SpiritBear is right but still love it.
  11. Did you take that out of my tool box ? LOL I bought a new one of those in the early 1970's if that helps.
  12. Thanks kerry10456, I'll definitely be looking closer this year.
  13. Glad you joined this list chrissylovescats!
  14. Thanks Manikin, it is fun and Mickey makes me smile! :<)
  15. Wow, you just don't see them in nice shape like that to often!
  16. 64 1/2 mustang was the first pony car but the 1964 Pontiac GTO 389 is considered by many as the first muscle car as it came out before the Mustang. Just
  17. Thanks Freon for another love it!
  18. Glad you joined the love list kerry10456 and Jlmam
  19. Glad you all love this to! thanks officialfuel, Manikin, TassieDevil, Chevelleman69, PhilDMorris, valentino97, fortapache, TimeTraveller, mikelv85, Caperkid, Longings, ttomtucker, AntiqueToys, sanhard...
  20. Oh yeah, I remember all those Hockey players, I grew up 1 hr. outside Buffalo, NY remember the French Connection?
  21. Thanks Wandlessfairy, not sure if it works, haven't tried it yet.
  22. Nice job!
  23. Thanks kerry10456, I cant remember what, but there's something missing on the gumball machine. That watch box does have the watch in it, picked it up at a garage sale brand new in the box, it was chea...
  24. Thankyou Nicefice! I agree!
  25. Thanks roddyq , it was my first Mickey buy several years ago at a junk store.
  26. AutoPinback64, thanks, glad you love this!
  27. Thanks kerry10456 and jdstor for adding more love!
  28. Roycroftbooksfromme1, glad you love this to!
  29. thanks kyratango for adding more love. :)
  30. No more.... Yeah sure lol
  31. Thanks kerry10456, I have friends that work at Disney in Orlando and they collect Disney so I watch for cool stuff for them and me!
  32. That's the production date!
  33. Cool! should be a date on it at bottom right edge, should be late 1960's.
  34. Very cool collection, I started collecting Disney stuff a couple years ago and now Ill be looking for Disney time pieces after seeing your collection, thanks!
  35. The other thing I notice is the frame seems to be one that was used with plastic signs and fluorescent lights inside.
  36. It seems to have the right shape but its hand painted poorly , to bad its not the old porcelain one, unless the old porcelain sign is under the paint.
  37. Glad you love this Roycroftbooksfromme1 and Celiene! :)
  38. Very cool! oh , the pump is cool too! :)
  39. Is that really old, gee it doesn't seem that long ago when I used some of that paint....oh wait, yikes that was back in the early 70's, LOL
  40. Glad so many love this, thanks AutoPinback64, vintagelamp, farmlady, Lady_Picker, egreeley1976 and usedcarlady !
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  45. Thanks fortapache, I guess the mystery is that I know I didn't click on that little mystery box so what gives CW ??
  46. That was quick, Thanks Micheal Ed
  47. Rust doesn't hurt it, looks great!
  48. Glad you all love this! Thanks farmlady, trukn20, usedcarlady, MooreAntique, AutoPinback64, egreeley1976 and antiquerose.
  49. Thanks so much Nicefice!
  50. Look at all that American Steel in the parking lot! What a great time period.
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