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Love gas and oil picking and collecting. my high school car was a 63 impala SS, then I had a 68RS camaro, I street raced and took both cars to the Drags, have attendLove gas and oil picking and collecting. my high school car was a 63 impala SS, then I had a 68RS camaro, I street raced and took both cars to the Drags, have attended the US Nationals 4 times and about 10 Nascar races and worked on a couple stock cars over the years. (Read more)


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  1. Thankyou antiquerose, happy Easter morning!
  2. Thankyou kerry10456 same wishes for you!
  3. Thanks Aimathena! Happy Easter! :^)
  4. Happy Easter Mani! :^)
  5. I know what you mean about the shipping Trey, I have had some bottles shipped and the sellers packed them good so no problem but prices on oil bottles have gone through the roof on auctions so I'm try...
  6. Cool! I need 2 more to fill one of mine so we will be bidding against each other. LOL
  7. My 1st car, a 62 Chevy II while I built my 2nd car a 63 Impala SS Clone !
  8. I had this one! same color! 4 on the floor !
  9. $50 ??!! How do you sleep at night! LOL what a great find!
  10. Nice grab Trey!
  11. Sure blunderbuss2, rub it in! it was 10 F this morning and sunny and got up to 20F , heat wave tomorrow 42F whew! LOL
  12. Another late thankyou to SEAN68, have a great night!
  13. A late thankyou to officialfuel, SEAN68 and nutsabotas6
  14. Aimathena, thanks, winter wonderland, ya and now I wonder when it will be over! Ive had enough winter! bring on the spring! lol
  15. A late thanks to SEAN68, mackay1st and nutsabotas6
  16. Thanks antiquerose, glad you love this!
  17. Thanks ignatz, at the summer picnics and weekends we sit out there and cook out and have a cold one, cant wait for summer!
  18. I'm still using mine :)
  19. Very nice! How can you not love that pump!
  20. Could be 1930's or 40's, you need to save it!
  21. Thanks for givin this more love jjsr and also TinyMagpie and officialfuel.
  22. I wouldn't say its worth nothing, I'd gladly give $20 for it, soda blast that red crap of it, put in new speakers, put the long pipe stand on it and bingo, worth $200. LOL
  23. thankyou pickrknows, glad you love this!
  24. Thanks tom61375, SEAN68 and nutsabotas6 for giving this more love!
  25. I'll also add that this logo was used in the 1960's and yellow was common in the 50's and 60's on pepsi signs. the style of your machine kinda looks 60's to me but you should do some further research.
  26. Hi, that embossed pepsi logo on the side looks to be a single Dot and that would put this pop machine from the 1950's . if it had a double Dot that would be 1940's.
  27. Thankyou Deanteaks, have a great day!
  28. Thanks Aimathena, have a great day!
  29. Good Morning and Thankyou Manikin, nutsabotas6, ttomtucker, officialfuel and mikielikesigns2!
  30. Thankyou kingshawn and Deanteaks, glad you Love this!
  31. Awesome! great deal!
  32. You don't need two Sealed Power, hint hint, LOL
  33. Oh man!! very nice!! now picture this car chevy blue, black vinyl top, 4 speed with factory tach and gauges on the console, that's what Mine was and I'm still kicking myself for selling it 30 years ago!
  34. Hi all! glad you Love this aghcollect, DrFluffy, Moonstonelover21, walksoftly,pops52, valentino97, toolate2, Trey, kerry10456, gargoylecollector, Manikin and blunderbuss2!
  35. When I was young we had a wood or coal stove in the kitchen and an oil furnace in the living room floor with a grate, no fan just gravity heat, we would come in from the cold and stand on that grate. ...
  36. Nice collection, looks so familiar to me, my mom had a lot of pyrex : )
  37. OK gargoylecollector, come on over but make sure you bring that 66SS!! I will trade ya! LOL and bring Aimathena with ya! LOL, :^P too you to Aimathena!
  38. Thanks ttomtucker, have a good week!
  39. Glad you love this ttomtucker!
  40. Thanks ttomtucker!
  41. Thankyou RonM and ttomtucker, have a great week and a better year!
  42. Thankyou valentino97, Moonstonelover21, inky, Aimathena, AmberRose, walfsoftly, miKKoChristmas11, DrFluffy, Dan121156, fortapache, Trey and tommy1002 for giving this a love-it and have a great day!
  43. Thankyou kindly for the nice comments and wishes inky, Aimathena, fortapache, Trey, AzTom and Manikin! have a great day!
  44. Happy New Year bratjdd!
  45. Happy New Year to you too sarahoff!
  46. thanks kehphones, this one actually works but there is a short somewhere that I have to find. Happy New Year!
  47. interested in what? this is not a place to sell stuff!
  48. Happy New Year!
  49. Happy New Year walksoftly!
  50. I didn't know there was such a thing as "to much stuff" LOL
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