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Love gas and oil picking and collecting. my high school car was a 63 impala SS, then I had a 68RS camaro, I street raced and took both cars to the Drags, have attendLove gas and oil picking and collecting. my high school car was a 63 impala SS, then I had a 68RS camaro, I street raced and took both cars to the Drags, have attended the US Nationals 4 times and about 10 Nascar races and worked on a couple stock cars over the years. (Read more)


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Sinclair oil can - Petrolianain Petroliana
Photo's I took on a road trip - Photographsin Photographs
Old Tea Cart, 2nd posting - Furniturein Furniture
25th annual Olcott Beach NY Car Show - Photographsin Photographs
1950's Pepsi carrier - Advertisingin Advertising
Old Jacobsen 2 cycle mower gas can - Petrolianain Petroliana
Old serving table cart - Furniturein Furniture
1985 & 1990 TYCO slot car sets - Toysin Toys
1950 COCA COLA case - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
copper Still - Brewerianain Breweriana


  1. Hi farmlady, sanhardin, AntiqueToys, egreeley1976, Lady_Picker and snowman3, cool you all love this!
  2. looks great! Merry Christmas to you and yours!
  3. Hey sugargirl and kingshawn , glad you love this!
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  7. Yea, the sign is nice but......what's upstairs !?! LOL
  8. Very rare but did see one on American Pickers show and they didn't buy it, too much money!
  9. I used to use one of these fixing windows! they worked good!
  10. good save! so your a dumpster diver! my grandfather had a candy store in the 50's and used these molds, I wish I had some of his.
  11. "pretty good" is right!! , a lot of these don't have the ice tray still with them, very nice!
  12. I just love those 59's!! nice job!
  13. Nice job! Looks great!
  14. Thanks Dan121156
  15. Glad you love this jewels and tom61375
  16. Thanks tom, glad you love this too!
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  18. Glad you Love this Jewels!
  19. Happy Birthday!!!! have a wonderfull evening!
  20. Love them! Think I'll go have some Ice Cream now :) LOL
  21. That's one awesome piece!
  22. Glad you love this aghcollect, tom61375, Manikin, Trey, waiksoftly and gargoylecollector! Thanks so much nutsabotas6 for the nice compliment! glad you love it too!
  23. Yep, I remember tapeing the penny on.. :<)
  24. What a shame!! Idiots!! It was in good shape for a barn and could have been turned into something cool, a house, a club house, a dance hall, an antique store...
  25. Love that Javelin too!!
  26. Restoring the wood is what I'd do and then they would look good in a living room.
  27. Thanks again kingshawn
  28. Thanks for givin this some more love kingshawn
  29. Glad you love this to RonM, kingshawn and musikchoo
  30. Thanks fionablack!
  31. Love your collection Trevor, TGBWC is right, try to buy a home, my 1st place was a Trailer in a park, the trailer was my down payment for my 1st home and the seller held the mortgage for 5 years and t...
  32. Thanks nutsabotas6, glad you love this!
  33. Thanks Berns, I was surprised to see this at a garage sale and grabbed it quick!
  34. Thanks officialfuel, have a great weekend!
  35. drool,drool,drool! wish I could take it for a spin!
  36. Can I have it?
  37. Yep gargoylecollector, drool, dream, walk around saying "look at that!" a hundred times! LOL :<)
  38. Thanks AzTom, I agree and hardware looks old, I can see underneath that it had a paper label glued on but its gone, it could be a Paalmen but I have not seen another one the same as this, I have seen ...
  39. Thanks SEAN68, Awesome yeh!
  40. Thanks kerry10456!
  41. Thanks SEAN68 and bratjdd
  42. Glad you all love this, Manikin, fortapache, toolate2, SEAN68, TheGateKeeper, jewels, kerry10456, geo26e, nutsabotas6, Trey, pops52, racer4four, Roycroftbooksfromme1, blunderbuss2 and ttomtucker, Than...
  43. Yep, I've seen these benches fall apart and then someone on ebay will list the cast iron sign as old or vintage or rare, I almost got fooled by one years ago but did some research and was able to back...
  44. Thanks kerry10456, glad you love this too!
  45. Thanks tommy1002, I bet some of these cars will be at the Adirondack Nationals, looks like a great show! I see the "Count" was there last year! I'm not an Impala man, I love them ALL!! If I see a cla...
  46. Yep SEAN68 walking around looking at all those great cars is almost to much! LOL
  47. Good Morning fortapache, that is one nice 63 for sure!
  48. Good morning Manikin:<) I don't have a classic car now but when I retire in a couple yrs I will be looking for one to restore, there was an unrestored 66 Barracuda for $3500 that I liked but time is ...
  49. OK kerry10456, I'll be ready!! after we race Sat. we can go to the car show at Olcott Beach NY just down the road., its the 25th Labor Day weekend Car Show with 1000 cars expected, something to see!!...
  50. Glad you love this Michael !
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