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Sinclair oil can - Petrolianain Petroliana
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Old Tea Cart, 2nd posting - Furniturein Furniture
25th annual Olcott Beach NY Car Show - Photographsin Photographs
1950's Pepsi carrier - Advertisingin Advertising
Old Jacobsen 2 cycle mower gas can - Petrolianain Petroliana
Old serving table cart - Furniturein Furniture
1985 & 1990 TYCO slot car sets - Toysin Toys
1950 COCA COLA case - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
copper stove top Still from prohibition 1920's - Brewerianain Breweriana


  1. love it, we got 2 of these at the scrap yard in ruff shape but the boss grab them, Im trying to buy 1 and restore it.
  2. That's why I collect also, brings back memories of those younger years, $3 for gas and cruising around all night or head to the drag races on Fri. night or get a 6-pack and head to the drive-in, fun,f...
  3. Ha nutsabotas6, I didn't notice that until you pointed it out, pretty funny!
  4. What you have looks like an early 1900's Bowser gas pump, its missing the faucet that would come out the side but is still cool and collectible.
  5. Thanks Michael, you enjoy the week too! Trey, No, I cant take the plywood signs off till its mine, I might find nothing but plan sheetmetal or then again.....Kendall...or..
  6. Hi Michael, I did ask the owner today who started this business in the 50's, I asked if he would consider selling it as they never use it anymore and I love it, he said he wasn't ready to sell it yet,...
  7. Hi Michael, nice find! I have to share something with you, at where I work is the exact lollipop stand with a plywood sign on both sides bolted to it with "closed" and "open" painted on, underneath t...
  8. Welcome to this "love it" list usedcarlady, mikelv85 and REED
  9. Looks great! have fun decorating it with cool stuff!
  10. Thanks Rattletrap, I remember one of these 63's in my home town 40 yrs ago, he would park it in a plaza way out by itself so no one would hit it, I walked around it many times wishing it was mine, lol
  11. I love them either way, as found or restored. 55 is sweet! one of my all time favorites!
  12. Same with me mikelv85, the only thing that keeps me in "check" is lack of money,LOL
  13. Love it! I cant wait to retire in a couple years or so and take a drive down 66!
  14. Love it, we have the same one my wife picked up at a garage sale last summer still in the box!
  15. Nice find, I hope to find one myself some day!
  16. Thanks cratedigger for nice compliment, glad you love this. Also bottle-bud, teesa808, Virginia.vintage and Jewels, glad you love this!
  17. Looks great Michael! Love it! Ed
  18. Love it, I want to grab it and start singing an Elvis song! LOL
  19. Cool store, that's like stepping back to the 60's!
  20. Wow, very nice find in the basement!!
  21. Hi Meandcoke, I think its 60's- 7o's thermometer, I have the same one in nice condition and paid $10 for it.
  22. Hi KateT, I used semi gloss polyurethane.
  23. Check out mine on my CW page, yours looks the same.
  24. bbmbr2000, looks like your tang and blade had rust damage so its hard to tell, I did research on mine years ago and found a web sight that told me the signature on mine was made in a sword factory aro...
  25. Thanks petey, I just got another one from work, now I have 2 !!
  26. Ring expander to install engine piston rings.
  27. I would love to restore them, I hope I find one!
  28. Hi petey and RonM, glad you joined the''love it'' list!
  29. I had one of these in the 70's, looks complete. I wonder if you can still get the grease refills?
  30. Hi farmlady, sanhardin, AntiqueToys, egreeley1976, Lady_Picker and snowman3, cool you all love this!
  31. looks great! Merry Christmas to you and yours!
  32. Hey sugargirl and kingshawn , glad you love this!
  33. Thanks gargoylecollector!
  34. Thanks dirrtydavve!
  35. Glad you love this Manikin, aghcollect, officialfuel, Designer, fortapache, walksoftly, tommy1002, nutsabotas6, and Trey
  36. Yea, the sign is nice but......what's upstairs !?! LOL
  37. Very rare but did see one on American Pickers show and they didn't buy it, too much money!
  38. I used to use one of these fixing windows! they worked good!
  39. good save! so your a dumpster diver! my grandfather had a candy store in the 50's and used these molds, I wish I had some of his.
  40. "pretty good" is right!! , a lot of these don't have the ice tray still with them, very nice!
  41. I just love those 59's!! nice job!
  42. Nice job! Looks great!
  43. Thanks Dan121156
  44. Glad you love this jewels and tom61375
  45. Thanks tom, glad you love this too!
  46. Thanks tom61375 and fortapache!
  47. Glad you Love this Jewels!
  48. Happy Birthday!!!! have a wonderfull evening!
  49. Love them! Think I'll go have some Ice Cream now :) LOL
  50. That's one awesome piece!
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