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laurinburg north carolina

54 year old timer who likes to collect different things. I like watches, pens and knives, and anything else unusual that catches my eye ! I just really like old stuf54 year old timer who likes to collect different things. I like watches, pens and knives, and anything else unusual that catches my eye ! I just really like old stuff. I go to a lot of flea markets with my wife, and that is usually where I find alot of my items. (Read more)


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  1. Thanks Roycroftbooksfromme1 for the love! Glad you stopped by, talk to you later, Thrifty
  2. Thanks SEAN68 for the love! I knew you would spot it sonner or later. Iappreciate you stopping by and checking it out. Hope you are doing well. I am looking forwward to getting back in the game,lol. T...
  3. Thanks tom61375 and vetraio50 for the love, and for stopping by! I am looking forward to getting back in the game, lol! Talk to you later, thrifty
  4. fhrj2, You are absolutely right. There are alot of items that I had when I was younger that I either didn't take care of or got rid of that I wish I still had. Iguess hindsight really is 20/20. Ithink...
  5. Thanks fhrj2 for the love and for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed my post. The only time I ever saw a set like this, I was in the USMC. I always have loved knives for as long as I can remember! I actual...
  6. Hey nutsabotas6! I am glad to be back! Thank you for your warm welcome!!!! Thrifty
  7. You are very welcome friend, that is a beautiful photo and a wonderful tribute to your mom! Your friend, Thrifty
  8. Good morning nuts, I just clicked on CW and saw this photo. What a wonderful photo and memory. I lost my mom several years ago, and I still think about her every day. It is really a life changer when ...
  9. Hey Nuts, I appreciate the thoughtful sentiment and nice comments. I hope you are doing well. I was under the weather for the last week, and I am finally getting straightened out. On top of that we ha...
  10. Thanks nutsabotas6 for the love! Glad you stopped by, hope you are doing well. Thrifty
  11. Thanks gargoylecollector and vetraio50 for the love! Thanks for stopping by! Thrifty
  12. Thanks fhrjr2 for the advice! It is appreciated. I have been showing her the ropes for a long time. Thanks again, Thrifty
  13. Thanks fhrj2 for stopping by. That is neat getting to pass this on to your son. I have two daughters, and my youngest has taken up my habit of collecting antiques, collectibles and junk. I think she w...
  14. Thanks fhrj2 for the love and the comment! You are right about the toe stubbers, the ones this size hurt when stepped on in the dark!!! lol. I have always loved these type irons and buy them whenever ...
  15. Thanks freiheit and packrat place for the love! Glad you liked my iron. Thrifty
  16. Thanks bratjdd and freiheit for the love! Thrifty
  17. Okay, I admire you for defending yourself against me, more than once, and I feel that you are sincere. That being said, I do admit to being cynical. I promise to give you the benefit of the doubt, an...
  18. Thanks for the love Chrisnp, I arrived at Parris Island in October of 1979, I got out in 1986. Christmas 1979 was the most unusual one I have ever had! lol. Thanks for stopping by, Thrifty Semper Fi
  19. OOOHRAHH! kerry10456!, Thanks for the love and the comment. Semper Fi back at you. Talk to you later, Thrifty
  20. Owner of a Lonely Heart.... Definitely an awesome band! I remember them well, brings back alot of memories. Thanks for posting, Thrifty
  21. Thanks vanskyock24 for the love and comments. It really is amazing how fast we seem to be moving along! Thanks, Thrifty
  22. Thank you nutsabot for your post, which really got me thinking about my knife. I had put it away quite a few years ago, and had forgotten it. That is just one of the great things about CW, and the peo...
  23. Thanks Sean68 for the love and comment! It was always kept sharp due to the nature of it's use. These were sturdy knives that held up really good. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a great S...
  24. Very cool item vanskyock24! I always love items like this, and from this time period. Growing up during these years really gave me an appreciation for them. I have always felt that I was blessed by r...
  25. What's up tom61375! Where have you been hiding?? I was about to give up on you! Good to see you back. I am sure you have been on an adventure????Oh yeah, nice contatiner. Talk to you later, Thrifty
  26. I can't believe you haven't got the message yet! Nobody wants to help someone out who is doing nothing but trolling for information, (to sell?), instead of doing the work themselves. If I am wrong, ho...
  27. Thanks Manikin for the love! Glad you stopped by. Thrifty
  28. Thanks jjsr for the love and the comments! I think that is why fishing in a boat works out better for guys! lol. Thrifty
  29. Awesome collectible! I have never seen one of these before. That is also a great story to go along with it! The story always adds to the item! Thanks for sharing your item, and taking the time to writ...
  30. Thanks SEAN68 for the love! Glad you stopped by! Thrifty
  31. Thanks okeefe29 for the love! Thrifty
  32. Glad you liked the posting nutsabotas6, I have these put up and haven't thought about them in a while. I need to figure out where I put them.... Thrifty
  33. Thanks walksoftly for the love! Thrifty
  34. WOW!...that is alot of potential future cookies in those photos! Do you have any favorites? You should find your most favorite of all and post it. That is probably a hard thing to do, considering how ...
  35. Thanks Dr.Fluffy for the love! Glad you stopped by. Thrifty
  36. nutsabotas6, I was surprised myself when I saw the prices. It is also hard to believe the time frame for our glasses. They definitely look like a match. Talk to you later, Thrifty
  37. SEAN68, That is one fine looking fish! It sort of reminds me of a bass, lol. Maybe I could send you a fishing lure to hang out of it's mouth, and that would also make it a "southern sculpture". I have...
  38. Thank you nutsabotas6 for the love! Glad you stopped by! Thrifty
  39. This looks like it would be the "proper" way to serve nice, proper beverages, instead of slamming back 4 ounce shot glasses of the beverage of your choice!, lol. I also have a quick question; where do...
  40. Thanks bratjdd for the love, and for stopping by! Thrifty
  41. Excellent items hotairfan, and also excellent story in reference to them. I appreciate when people take the time to "talk" about their items. As Paul Harvey used to say..." and here is the rest of the...
  42. That is a very cool item Phil. The design of the astronaut "throwing" his self out with open arms is awesome. This item is very unusual, and I have never seen anything like it before! Thanks for shar...
  43. Thanks Phil for the love and the comment. Postcards are able to make you laugh, cry and say "wow", depending on the subject. I always enjoy different types of post cards, and those that are from diffe...
  44. Thanks Radegunder for the love! Thrifty
  45. Aimathena, Wow!.... That is some awesome reserch right there! I can't believe the prices they have on theirs, or the dates they mark them at. I am going to have to see if I can find any of those marki...
  46. Thanks SEAN68 for the love and comment. Glad you stopped by and checked it out. Talk to you later, Thrifty
  47. Hi nutsabotas6, I agree with you 100 Percent!!! I also think that there is always a little "something" that can be said about an item that is posted on here. I get a little crazy when I see an item an...
  48. Thanks vetraio50 for the love and the awesome website link. I have been checking it out and it is just like being there! Thanks, Thrifty
  49. Thank you Manikin for the love and comments. I have never been to Paris either, but I would definitely like to. Hope you had a good day also. Talk to you later, Thrifty.
  50. Thank you gargoylecollector for the love! Thrifty
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