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I started collecting, picking and selling back in the late sixties when I was 16. While in high school in southern California. I would usually sell at two or three sI started collecting, picking and selling back in the late sixties when I was 16. While in high school in southern California. I would usually sell at two or three swap meets or flea markets a week. The Orange Show Swapmeet in San Berdoo, the Palm Springs Drive Inn, the Rosebowl Flea Market in Pasadena, and any where I could make it my 62 ford econoline van. I opened my first antique store in Santa Barbara in 1972. Later I had stores Oakview, Ojai California. All the while I also sold at all the flea markets in Southern California. To me it was never work, just the hunt. I collect everything old. Some of my favorites are Coca Cola and Soda Fountain Stuff, Candy Store, Country Store, Toys, Hawaiianna, Maxfield Parrish, and Art Deco. In 1989 my partner and I went to a Auction in Rockerville Ghostown in the Black Hills of South Dakota to buy Antiques. Well before the day was over we had bought a semi load of stuff, and The Gas Light Saloon and Restaurant. The Gas Light was a 9000 sq foot building with a restaurant/ saloon on one side and dance hall on the other. It had been sitting vacant for seven years and all the doors had been knocked in and vandalized. We spent a year remodeling it, rplacing all the doors with victorian reproductions and filled with Antiques. We kept the saloon and restaurant, and changed the Dance Hall into a Antique Store, Turn of the century Soda Fountain, and penney Candy Store. After running it for 13 years we sold it in 2003. In 2005 we opened our current store, The Holly Terror Antiques, in Keystone South Dakota home of Mt Rushmore. We have about 2 million visitors pass through our town of 327 people each summer. In the winter we keep busy with ebay and working on a new website. (Read more)


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Immigrant"s Trunk, Davey Crockett - Furniturein Furniture
Blakes Transmitter - Telephonesin Telephones
Utamaro Japanese Woodblock Prints - Asianin Asian
Randy Grubbs Deco Liner - Art Decoin Art Deco
Vintage Celluloid Advertising Tape Measures - Advertisingin Advertising
Original Paha Ska (White Hills) Lakota (Sioux) Velvet Painting Native American Art - Native Americanin Native American
Keystone South Dakota 1899 Schoolhouse - Photographsin Photographs
Mid Century Modern Designer Excutive Desk Lamp - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Set  Of Eight Tumblers, M.C.M. Art Glass? - Glasswarein Glassware
Advertising Pot Scraper and Bottle Opener - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Thanks for the Love, trunkingforfun, passion4trunks, tom61375, and myoldkyhome
  2. Back in the 1940's and 50's my mother made this type of jewelry and sold it to department stores. She was a air force wife with 5 boys, and could work at home in a small space. I still have her tools ...
  3. Thanks kerry 10456, smiata, roycroftbooksfromme1, & obsessive.
  4. I think everyone here is right on the mark. A 1990's reproduction of a 1890's Victorian Newel Post Lamp. Still a nice decorative piece.
  5. Thanks for the love, officialfuel, racer4four, and Phil.
  6. Trunkman, thanks for your comments, someone else thought that some europeans reversed the "n's". I like the story it tells, not the fine condition that your trunks is in, but something this old is bou...
  7. blunder? Really? Is it really old??? Use the enlargement and scan feature and look at it. Also the the 1950's newspaper article about the trunk, this is what they call "providence".
  8. I have the same scale in my bathroom. Yours is missing the black marbeled linoleum insert. I would date these to the later 40'S.
  9. He needs to take it to Sturgis!
  10. Congrats on all your scores recently, looks like your going to need to build some wall space!
  11. Like to see them again when you get them cleaned up. Family ties are the best. By the way wlcome to Collectors Weekly.
  12. There was a picture of one of these in the Rapid City Journal a couple of weeks ago, with a man who ran a local Dutch Oven Catering Co. His looked like about the same size. That is Rapid City South Da...
  13. This is very similar to the Nuart Ashtray stand, except your has a drape around the center. I can see why there might have been a lawsuit. Try googleing Nuart ashtray stand and you will see what I me...
  14. Nice Bulldog. we collect also. The best being our real ones Sweetie Pie and Sluggo. It's hard to tell from photo's, but this could be a bronze clad piece. This is where they cover a plaster piece in ...
  15. Great sign, I have the 6' version, I have never seen a 9' one, I thought I had the biggest!
  16. Possibly Nuart
  17. Well, I agree the programs are scripted. It's TV for cripes sake. Reality TV does not nessasarily = Reality. That said in the real world, storage auctions can result in real treasure. I went to one a...
  18. The first one looks like the work of Harrison Fisher. A prolific commercial artist that illustrated books and magazines with romantic style women of the day. Great collection.
  19. This is a dutch oven. The high rim on the top is so you can pile hot coals on it to cook from the top as well as the bottom. The bumps you mention on the inside of the lid are so when the juices conde...
  20. Wow David! Another fine example. But it's like the potato chip commercial. "bet you can't have just one!". Maybe we should form a chapter of Junkies Anonymous, now we have pushers and enablers. LOL
  21. Hope this will solve your mystery.
  22. The Art Garland you posted is beautiful. I am wondering what model is represented in my poster? I always assumed it was a Art Garland, but it slightly different than your post. Different top, and one ...
  23. Thanks for the post. A real beauty.
  24. Sorry Phil, wish I had half of your photgraphic skills. Thanks for all the loves.
  25. Wow! Beautiful stove and great collection. Welcome to Collectors Weekly show & tell. Hope you will post more stoves, do you have a Art Garland?
  26. These are lamp parts from Art Deco night lights. They are in the style of Frankart or Nuart. From the 1930's, They are made of Spelter, also known as white metal. A impure form of zinc with about 3% ...
  27. Thanks everyone for the love, and comments.
  28. Many years ago I puchased one at a auction. I too had only seen them in books. The auctioneer who knew everthing, sold it as a Christmas Ornament! I think I paid around $10 for it. I ended up selling ...
  29. Ah! Rusty Gold!
  30. Love the way you displayed them together, looks like they were made for each other.
  31. Wow! Your flipping me out! I was born at George Air Force Base, my family still owns 40 acres just off of Air Base Rd., my brother lives in Apple Valley and my Father lived in Andlanto until he passe...
  32. I grew up about a mile from this place, glad to see it's a survivor. We use to travel Foothill Blvd (route 66) daily. Back then it was lined with orange groves and vineyards. There use to be fruitstan...
  33. I'll take a Grey Goose on the rocks, with lime please.
  34. In the 1980's the store I worked in sold hundreds of reproduction washstands like this, made by AA Importing. I personally asembled them. They came shipped in a flat box. To determine weather yours is...
  35. Great photo! I love the guy's swagger. Like the reflection in the mirror. How is he related to you?
  36. Careful! This is copper plated. Tarnex and Brasso are really corosive. First try cleaning it with soapy water, but don't submerge it, just wipe it off to remove any dirt. I would suggest simichrome po...
  37. A Dodge lamp from the 40's and 50's. How is the wiring? Have you tested it? Do the hips move? The only clothes would be some fringe, fitted loosely over her hips.
  38. The Tusk is cool, but what is the ceramic jar that it is sitting on?
  39. I have one very similar. Any ideal as far as value? I purchased mine from the Liberace Estate Auction in the late eighties.
  40. Their like potato chips! You can't have just one. You always make them even greater with your photos. You just happen to have bigger balls, hanging around?
  41. I had one of these many years ago. The person I bought it from said it was a early hearing aid. You would put the small end in your ear and people would speak in the horn.
  42. Beautful pair, almost look like a pair of bookends. I find e-bay is best for rare, sought after items. It brings the world yo your door. Just be sure to have a reserve, and research completed items, b...
  43. I'll only spoil half the fun here, the top one is a nut cracker.
  44. Thanks for the Info, My Mother has used it for years. I will pass on the information. Is there a polish on the open market that you use?
  45. I love old store fixtures, bars and backbars. You are fortunate to find theses and have a ceiling high enough to dipay them. Great collection. What part of the country are you in? Do know th history b...
  46. Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota, And Montana, that I know of. Highly collectible because of the great graphics and limited distribution.
  47. Could possibly be a B&H, or Bradley and Hubbard. The cast fillagree side panels are similar to theirs. Look for a triangular mark inside the top crown.
  48. Duh, Geddes SD, I missed the title, sorry.
  49. WNAX was a radio station started around 1925 in Yankton SD, by the Gurnsey Seed Co. They also had a chain of Service Stations by the same name. They used the Radio Station to promote both the seed co...
  50. Hi Eric, and welcome to Collectors Weekley. Yeah I think bulldogsrcool too. This was a generic image that was available on a number of advertising giveaways, by American signworks. I have the same ima...
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