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I started collecting, picking and selling back in the late sixties when I was 16. While in high school in southern California. I would usually sell at two or three sI started collecting, picking and selling back in the late sixties when I was 16. While in high school in southern California. I would usually sell at two or three swap meets or flea markets a week. The Orange Show Swapmeet in San Berdoo, the Palm Springs Drive Inn, the Rosebowl Flea Market in Pasadena, and any where I could make it my 62 ford econoline van. I opened my first antique store in Santa Barbara in 1972. Later I had stores Oakview, Ojai California. All the while I also sold at all the flea markets in Southern California. To me it was never work, just the hunt. I collect everything old. Some of my favorites are Coca Cola and Soda Fountain Stuff, Candy Store, Country Store, Toys, Hawaiianna, Maxfield Parrish, and Art Deco. In 1989 my partner and I went to a Auction in Rockerville Ghostown in the Black Hills of South Dakota to buy Antiques. Well before the day was over we had bought a semi load of stuff, and The Gas Light Saloon and Restaurant. The Gas Light was a 9000 sq foot building with a restaurant/ saloon on one side and dance hall on the other. It had been sitting vacant for seven years and all the doors had been knocked in and vandalized. We spent a year remodeling it, rplacing all the doors with victorian reproductions and filled with Antiques. We kept the saloon and restaurant, and changed the Dance Hall into a Antique Store, Turn of the century Soda Fountain, and penney Candy Store. After running it for 13 years we sold it in 2003. In 2005 we opened our current store, The Holly Terror Antiques, in Keystone South Dakota home of Mt Rushmore. We have about 2 million visitors pass through our town of 327 people each summer. In the winter we keep busy with ebay and working on a new website. (Read more)


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"Tatanka" - Visual Artin Visual Art
Marilyn - Moviesin Movies
Mid Century Modern Cityscape - Visual Artin Visual Art
"Tatanka" Native American Stone Sculpture  - Native Americanin Native American
Hammer head, Stamp, Whats-it?  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
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  1. You may want to check this out.
  2. What is the tittle of the print? No one could paint lights and shadows like Parrish.
  3. Milk Glass is common name for white glass. The phoenix glass shade was probably from a store or institution, hung from a metal ceiling fixture with either chains or wires. Circa 30' -40's. The other s...
  4. From Askart Paul Lauritz Painter. Born in a small art colony of Larvik, Norway on April 18, 1889. Lauritz was exposed to art at an early age, studying with local and foreign artists in Larvik. At ...
  5. Your post brings back a lot of fond memories, I first sold at the Rosebowl in 1970 when I was in High School. Sold there on and off thru the 1980's. Good to see it is still one of the Best Antique Mar...
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  10. I would say it's period to the house. Early electric Pan Fixture. Would like to see a closer picture to see some of the detail of the fixture and shades.
  11. Thanks artfoot for the love and comment.
  12. Thanks PhilDMorris for the love and nice comments, I am thinking this is a local piece as the Sioux Reservations are located not far from here in South Dakota.
  13. Thanks SpiritBear, I googled Rose Marble and came up with much darker stones, I just don't know? Thanks for the help.
  14. Thank you, vetraio50 for the love!
  15. Thanks for the heads up, I too see so much stuff on ebay selling that is questionable. I follow porcelain signs regularly and have noticed that here are a lot of repros with distressing to make them ...
  16. The sign may date to 1941, but may have been up 5 or 10 years when the photo was taken.
  17. Cast Iron? How did you ever anchor it to the wall? The giltwork is outstanding.
  18. Pyrex primary colors nesting bowl set, Yellow, Green, Red & Blue. I picked a yellow and green one up at a estate auction last week, came home and found my partner already had the red and blue. Voila...
  19. Love your bronze lamps, but the mandolin player is stunning!
  20. Thanks every one for the Love and comments!
  21. Plycraft Pair of Early Bentwood Bar Stools Designed for Norman Cherner
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  23. Gutzum Borglum was the main carver, Lincoln Borglum was his son who also worked on the Mountain. Lincoln went on to wrap up the carving after his father's death. The carving was never finished because...
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  25. scottvez is right on. It is the lower half of a entry way hall tree. They usually have a mirror with coat hooks surrounding it. When you come in from the weather you could take off your hat and coat a...
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  29. Thanks UncleRon, I googled log marking hammer and did see many similar hammers, but didn't see any double headed with two different stamps. It is definitely a marking hammer of some sort.
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  31. Nice register. If you take out the drawer, there should be a label with more information on it. It will tell who the register was originally made for when new. There should be a lever inside the back ...
  32. Hope they track these jerks down. Do you know weather these are their real names?
  33. I am also a proponent of keeping the patina of of original antiques, but a bigger proponent of enjoying and using your antiques. In this case the lesson's and joy the kids could have restoring win out.
  34. Thanks for the comments antiquerose and marerredware. Christmas is just around the corner!
  35. Tjo88 & kyratango, internet miracle indeed! I would love to hear some of your mothers comments and history of the home. I will have to try to find it as I have moved since posting this and still not s...
  36. Fuchsia candlesticks and console with frog. For value check completed auctions at ebay
  37. I think they covered the foundation back in the sixties. What they did inside was even worse! At one point they turned the first floor into City Hall and put in drop ceilings and florescent lighting....
  38. Another Great depiction of English Bull Dog. Love it!
  39. I love these, the workmanship is incredible. I have a few of these and always on the search for more!
  40. Thanks Phil, Luckily I collected these all 20 years or more ago, while traveling. They could be found cheap then.
  41. Love these! I have the 26" version with the two flamingo's. Also have one of the round one's like yours. I often wondered weather they ever made the round ones facing different ways so you could displ...
  42. I have four similar coolers and non have the the holes or slots. I wonder weather it was something someone added? I have seen these made into everything from motorcycle trailers, parts tanks, and BBQ'...
  43. This is a antique Drafting Table Base, I have had several of them over the years.
  44. I love it! 30 years ago everyone wanted their peddle cars shiny and like new, now I think more people prefer the rust and patina. Here's the other side of the coin!
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  46. Gee thanks C.W. , after 5 years you decided to recatagorize this item. Hmmm? Things must be really slow for you.
  47. It is a fish bowl. I have seen used with cast iron Fish Bowl holders.
  48. I would say that this is a reprint in a vintage frame. The clue to this is the font used for the Williams Co. does not match the period of the original print. upon further research I found this: htt...
  49. "The Dinkey-Bird" 1905, 11 x 16, Charles Scribner's Sons, I agree Bresler was probably the framer.
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