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I started collecting, picking and selling back in the late sixties when I was 16. While in high school in southern California. I would usually sell at two or three sI started collecting, picking and selling back in the late sixties when I was 16. While in high school in southern California. I would usually sell at two or three swap meets or flea markets a week. The Orange Show Swapmeet in San Berdoo, the Palm Springs Drive Inn, the Rosebowl Flea Market in Pasadena, and any where I could make it my 62 ford econoline van. I opened my first antique store in Santa Barbara in 1972. Later I had stores Oakview, Ojai California. All the while I also sold at all the flea markets in Southern California. To me it was never work, just the hunt. I collect everything old. Some of my favorites are Coca Cola and Soda Fountain Stuff, Candy Store, Country Store, Toys, Hawaiianna, Maxfield Parrish, and Art Deco. In 1989 my partner and I went to a Auction in Rockerville Ghostown in the Black Hills of South Dakota to buy Antiques. Well before the day was over we had bought a semi load of stuff, and The Gas Light Saloon and Restaurant. The Gas Light was a 9000 sq foot building with a restaurant/ saloon on one side and dance hall on the other. It had been sitting vacant for seven years and all the doors had been knocked in and vandalized. We spent a year remodeling it, rplacing all the doors with victorian reproductions and filled with Antiques. We kept the saloon and restaurant, and changed the Dance Hall into a Antique Store, Turn of the century Soda Fountain, and penney Candy Store. After running it for 13 years we sold it in 2003. In 2005 we opened our current store, The Holly Terror Antiques, in Keystone South Dakota home of Mt Rushmore. We have about 2 million visitors pass through our town of 327 people each summer. In the winter we keep busy with ebay and working on a new website. (Read more)


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1940's Chalkware Polynesian Head Vase - Figurinesin Figurines
Brunswick-Balke-Collender Bar, Pool Hall Art - Visual Artin Visual Art
Immigrant"s Trunk, Davey Crockett - Furniturein Furniture
Blakes Transmitter - Telephonesin Telephones
Utamaro Japanese Woodblock Prints - Asianin Asian
Randy Grubbs Deco Liner - Art Decoin Art Deco
Vintage Celluloid Advertising Tape Measures - Advertisingin Advertising
Original Paha Ska (White Hills) Lakota (Sioux) Velvet Painting Native American Art - Native Americanin Native American
Keystone South Dakota 1899 Schoolhouse - Photographsin Photographs
Mid Century Modern Designer Excutive Desk Lamp - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern


  1. Agree, shotgun shell crimper
  2. I have a lamp with a lot of similarities, mine is a Bradly and Hubbard. Mine is marked in the top crown with a elongated triangle mark. You can see mine here,
  3. Beautiful! Roman Corinthian Gas Pump. Holy Grail of pump collecting! Whats left now?
  4. What you have is a lamp part, a "kerosene font" from a bracket lamp, a pull down lamp or chandaleir. Google "kerosene wall bracket" for images.
  5. I have the same car, same color, taht I bought about 25 years ago. Yours is missing the windshield, mine is missing the hood emblem. 15 twenty years ago the trend was to do a complete reststoration Bu...
  6. Thanks SEAN68
  7. Shot Gun Shell loader/crimper.
  8. Thank you for the Love and comments, nutsabotas, katherinescollections, vetraio50 and mani
  9. Thanks freiheit!
  10. Thank you for the love, aghcollect
  11. I think that it is a invalid cup. It was used for feeding soup to a sick person. Here is something similar
  12. I think you will find most Roseville hanging baskets are not marked. A lot of Roseville before 1936 was not marked or marked with paper labels that were washed away. The hanging baskets do not have a ...
  13. Great find! I have collected roseville pottery for years, and now just collect one color and pattern. You guessed it, Blue Fuscia Roseville. Your piece is definitely the real deal, plus hanging plante...
  14. Just got a new computer and having problems getting the pictures to rotate. Bare with me.
  15. Some better close-ups of the canisters might help, plus demensions and any markings? Very interesting.
  16. Thanks for the prompt, this is what made me attribute it to Fenton. Upon further research I now question that, Leo Wald did a lot of...
  17. I just got the same bird signed by Leo Wald at a auction, thrown in with something else I wanted. With a little research I found it was Fenton Art Glass.
  18. It,s a fuel or oil pump. Our local 1880's general store has one but it is inside the store. It goe's into a tank in the basement and was used to to fill kerosene for lamps, or heaters. They were made ...
  19. I have seen similar base's with swing out stools that were from Soda Fountains but they had marble tops. Most turn of the century Drug Stores had Soda Fountains. Doing a quick internet search I came u...
  20. Love your collection, but Love the way you grouped and diplayed them more! I have a collection of stick pins that I have diplayed in a flat glass specimen case, and now I see I am not doing them justi...
  21. Wins Sluggo's seal of approval! Watch those ugly comments. Want one, need some Bling!
  22. I remember traveling past when Dinny was being built in the 60's, on the way to the Salton Sea for weekend outing's. They were at a truck stop then, we stopped there for gas.
  23. I love the rust, it tells the story.
  24. Oh, and you gotta watch those eighty year old's. They will get you everytime.
  25. Hey don't feel too bad, we all have those deals. Mine was a 1927 Diamond T truck. I bought at a auction and got for half of what I expected to spend.
  26. Oh by the way what was the the verdict on your cigar label? Was it a period piece from the 30's or a modern reproduction?
  27. Hmmm, all those toy trucks were unauthorized, ect. If I understand this right he is saying most of the pre sixties items were unauthorized. To me the downful of the Coca Cola Collectible was the licen...
  28. It's like potato chips, you can't have just one!
  29. Love the Art Deco Design, and the size and proportion. I have been shopping for a easy chair, and all todays designs are hugh with giant rolled arms, that don't fit into a older home. I would venture ...
  30. Thanks for the Love lecigarette and Paultemplar, welcome to collector's weekly show and tell. I am glad you liked my Deco Collection. It's been a 40+ year venture. I hope you both post some of your co...
  31. I would contact the collector above for information. It is possible the original patina could be duplicated. If not, and it being a family piece that you don't intend to sell, decide for yourself what...
  32. Rookwood did similar pottery with silver overlay. Sometimes contracting out the silver work and later doing in house.
  33. check out for a similar jeweled lamp. Lots of information on Heinz Metal Works.
  34. Hienz made similar copper with sterling overlay pieces, it might be a place to start your search. Beautiful lamp. I agree with Lisa, reproduction rayon cord and period style plug. It appears as the or...
  35. Great to see how you decorate and live with your treasures. I've collected taxidermy for years, now down to just one in my home.
  36. 1980's reproduction, Made by AA importing. We sold hundreds of these at a gift store I worked at then.
  37. We have one we use every night for ice for our Gin & Tonics. Have a penquin cocktail shaker also. I love the mid-century chrome!
  38. I think so, no oceans anywhere close to North Dakota, to have a mariner tie. Toothpick holders were a popular souvenir around the 1900's because of their small size.
  39. I have the same cup or tankard, that I purchased quite a few years ago in Idaho. Mine has a mountan scene with a tee pee ingraved on it. I always thought it was a souvenir toothpick holder. Anyway tha...
  40. Thanks battlegear, I always like to have history to connect to my finds.
  41. I have a similar sign frame on a pole, that I am looking for information on. The frame is similar to this one., But the rectangular box is at the top of the triangle, instead of the middle as in this ...
  42. Thanks Michael, I could still use the information. Might move the sign out of the to-do list and into the collection.
  43. Great memories!
  44. Hi, great information on the helmet. I am interested in the canteen in the first photo, with the cork in it. Can you tell me anything about it. I found one like it acouple of months ago at the local G...
  45. Hey, I have the same plates, same size and everything. I bought a box of them at a restaurant auction years ago. I have sold the majority of them off over the years, but still have 4 or 5 left. Thanks...
  46. I had (have) one of these also, lost in my piles. I had the same ideal, dairy or maybe culinary? To cool cream or something? Will be watching to see if someone can solve this.
  47. I agree with fhrjr2, contact paper ( heat with a hair dryer should peel off), hinges incorrect. I think this may have come out of a 1950's travel trailer, in which case may be fairly valuable to some...
  48. I'll take a side of grease with that!
  49. Hey Petey, are you implying you might have the original box? Having the characters and the original box would probably at least double it's value to a collector.
  50. Grat find, I just want to see the shoe horn you used to get it in there!
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