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Mexican(?)Devil mask - Folk Artin Folk Art
Violetta Lead Crystal Candlesticks - Glasswarein Glassware
Art Glass Swan, Unknown maker - Art Glassin Art Glass
Signed Crystal Dolphin/Fish Licio Zanetti - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unidentified Vase and dish - Glasswarein Glassware
Unknown Carnival(?)Glass dish - Glasswarein Glassware
FM Ronneby signed crystal angel - Figurinesin Figurines
Bohemian Cranberry cut to clear goblet - Glasswarein Glassware
Unknown  Glass Vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Fenton Milk Glass Bud Vase - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Rick this is a beautiful piece. It also helped me solve one of my ID problems from 2 months ago. What I thought was a Steuben dolphin was actually a Licio Zanetti fish..The Zanetti signature on mine...
  2. Finally found a definitive ID. Licio Zanetti(murano Italy) the signatur reads Zanetti L. Sorry my camera won't get a good pic of the signature, but I saw an Oscar Zanetti heron earlier today and the...
  3. My first impression would be some Mikasa style. They have literally hundreds of different molds, and many of them used frosted or ground accent panels, many of them painted. Oneida crystal also used...
  4. not too sure, but it looks like some kind of Bohemian red cut to clear decanter. This is the first one I have seen with a silver collar around the neck. Very nice!
  5. Gotta love Goodwill. I just hope and pray that they never get someone in there who knows what the stuff is really worth. Nice pieces!
  6. I'm wondering if this had a paper label at some point and the artist who blew the glass signed it
  7. That was quick! I had figured the vase was newer and I thought maybe irish,but the compote was definitely older than I thought. Thanks!
  8. Many Nazis ended up in South America after the end of WWII. Wouldn't it be strange if this piece of lab glassware had followed the most notorious missing Nazi Josef Mengele?
  9. Thanks for the quick response TC!
  10. Very nice!
  11. Thanks. I would like to be a little more focused on certain types of objects, but my brain seems to stutter occasionally when I see something unusual.
  12. Gorgeous color!
  13. The creamer in the first picture appears to be Anchor Hocking moonstone, not sure about dating.
  14. The second picture looks like Tiffin King's Crown pattern w/cranberry flash.
  15. Thanks bellarose. Looked at the sooner site and this looks like a lock for that brand.
  16. Thanks antiquerose. I did some looking around and found some more examples of the Chalet cigar bowls that are nearly identical. The only thing that really sets this one apart is the color...I saw a...
  17. Thanks for the info aghcollect!
  18. Just went looking through the PV listings on line, and every one that I saw was Identical to the one I have except for seems that it might be PV, or the replica was made using an origina...
  19. Thanks TallCakes. This must be a repro. Can't find anything resembling a mark or signature anywhere, and I've been over it top to bottom with a magnifying glass
  20. I once saw something in a similar design, a split candy dish. As I recall, it had a label that said some crystal made in Germany. Sorry I can't recall the name!
  21. That,s OK. I have 2 teenagers(oops, one teen and one tween) s o I hear it all the time
  22. Love the color!
  23. Definitely something different!
  24. The milk glass is beautiful, but the blue opalescent vase behind them blows them away!
  25. Actually, my favorite price point is free. Don't find that too often.
  26. I do the same thing all the time. The only reason I waited for this one was the price. I learned the hard way to follow my instincts. I missed a murano sailboat one night because I was waffling to ...
  27. This may be a bit of a stretch, but bear with me. The underside of the last photo shows some curved striations that look suspiciously like the saw marks lefr when certain types of stone are cut with ...
  28. I'm pretty sure that Brody did produce milk glass pieces. At least the mold marks on the bottom of the pieces I have say EO brody on them with mold numbers. The mold numbers correspond to the pat...
  29. It is supposed to have a clear sticker that says venini and DiSaronno. This one the label had been removed but you can see a glue line where it had been
  30. just so you know, they do come in other colors. I have seen it in blue also
  31. Thanks mark. The mark is an acid stamp.
  32. Thanks TallCakes. I figures you would know what I had
  33. Thanks Aimathena I saw that e-bay post but I don't believe what I have , even if the pattern is the same, is actual depression glass. I think its new.
  34. Nice collection! Not a lot of people like the blue jars.
  35. This may sound strange, but it looks almost like pictures I've seen of grenades that were loaded with gunpowder.
  36. Thanks so much for the info! Had no Idea that it could be that old.
  37. Thanks for the info.
  38. Thanks for the info!
  39. Yes, this is milk glass. E.O Brody was only one manufacturer, but there are lots of Brody pieces out there. they all have numbers molded into the bottoms of the pieces. Brody also made lines in gre...
  40. looks a lot like the type of crimping wheel one would use when joining pieces of stovepipe or some other thin walled tubing.
  41. looks vaguely similar to Mikasa golden tiara, but the gold pattern is more ornate than any I've seen. Very nice piece!
  42. I recently did a lot of research on oriental bronze works, and this appears to have been cast in a Chinese motif(tripod formation with tapered legs, distinct rim at the top). Design was used extens...
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