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I collect Art Deco Clocks, mainly marble but have a few wooden and metal ones. I love the clean lines of the art deco period. I also collect Beir Stiens, and fine I collect Art Deco Clocks, mainly marble but have a few wooden and metal ones. I love the clean lines of the art deco period. I also collect Beir Stiens, and fine art sculpture and prints from the Art Deco period. I have a number of Asian pieces that I have collected over the years and add to every now and then. I love literature and first editions which I also collect. By profession I am a Technical Writer. (Read more)


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Ox Drawn Tele-Vision Conestoga Wagon TV Clock/Lamp Combination, 9/1950 - Clocksin Clocks
1925 J. B. Hirsch Sitting Pirate Valet, J. Ruhl Designer - Art Decoin Art Deco
J B Hirsch Bookends, Apres' Bruno Zach, Asian Worriors,1930 - Booksin Books
Charles  "Charlie" M. Postl Chicago Gym Chrome Man Metal Trophy Sculpture, 1908 
Industrial Stength Numechron, 19?? - Clocksin Clocks
J B Hirsch Alabaster Beethoven Radio Lamp, J. Ruhl designer, 1932 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco "Trop Risque", Ivorine and Spelter, 1928,  After Godard - Art Decoin Art Deco
Sophisticated Lady Bookend/Garnitures, J.B Hirsch 1925 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Whitehall - Hammond Art Deco Clock with Seated J. B. Hirsch Harlequin Woman Figure, 1928 - 1932 - Art Decoin Art Deco
June, 1950, Tele-Vision (Pennwood) Conestoga Wagon Numechron  - Clocksin Clocks


  1. I have done some cattle herding in my life when I was younger at my grandparents farm in the summer. We used to move their cows between pastures in the summer and move them back in the winter, it was...
  2. Shucks, Sean68
  3. Thanks Roycroftbooksfromme1 and Tom61375.
  4. utherrr, I have been on that search for two of my clocks, one you saw (the harlequin lady on the clock), and this one http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/43047-white-alabaster-male-figural-new-h...
  5. Thanks for the love and comments. Russell
  6. I like the tear sheet, great information on it.
  7. We had a set of these at our house that sat on the buffet in the dinning room, there is another one that is more upright and straight. Thanks for the memory.
  8. The original name for the "Zephyr" was "Mayfair", recently an ad from 1937 surfaced with what we know as the "Zephyr" as the "Mayfair". Check out my "Zephyr" on my page to see the advertisement.
  9. I think the monkey looks more like a pig on this model.
  10. Great Radio lamp.
  11. 64 years old, I made a mistake posting it, the year should have be 1949.
  12. The Magnolia building is now the Magnolia Hotel, If you Google it will come up complete with this same winged horse, incorrectly called Pegasus, the correct name for it is Mobius. It has become the ...
  13. Magnolia Petroleum Co. Mascot, from Dallas, TX. Where they were headquartered.
  14. Great deco piece.
  15. They are worldwide, not just in the US.
  16. Phil, Heritage Auctions was founded and is now headquartered in Addison TX which is in Dallas Co. they started out in the beginning dealing in trading cards and grew. They also deal and sell items u...
  17. They are great, I get them to appraise items, most of the time it is gratis. They sponsor Antiques Roadshow here on our local PBS channel, KERA.
  18. Phil, Heritage Auctions here in Dallas contacted me about the clock, I use them to locate items and they contact me when they think I might be interested in an item, like this clock. Russ
  19. You're right Phil the clock case does look the same, however I wish this one didn't have the chip and the dark brown veining mark at the top in the alabaster, and the oxidation of the clock face due t...
  20. I am with Vetraio50, definitely Dante and Beatrice, they are beautiful. Russ
  21. I have one in blue and white, I got it from the Corning glass museum gift shop in Buffalo NY.
  22. Beautiful Art Deco Vase.
  23. Thank you and you're welcome Mike.
  24. These are hot!
  25. You might research Oswald Schimmelpfennig, a German sculpture who used a number of children in his sculptures. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ANTIQUE-OSWALD-SCHIMMELPFENNIG-BRONZE-ART-GLASS-FIGURAL-LAMP-C...
  26. Thank you Phil and the collection is still growing. Russ
  27. "Our Love is Here to Stay" is from this movie and the last song George Gershwin wrote. The link is to Kenny Baker singing it in the Movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pO-qzcfFjeM This link is ...
  28. Love the Movie, are the songs "Love Walked In" and "Our Love is Here to Stay"? I am a Gershwin fan big time. Wow! talking about a great find! Russell
  29. Thanks Phil. I have lost them on eBay also, I hit flea markets, thrift and antique stores, to get them also. Russ
  30. And also to you Sean and thanks for the love. Russ
  31. On looking at the third picture closely, this could well be a Tele-Vision model, with a Pennwood replacement movement. I say this because the metal plate that holds the movement looks like the base o...
  32. The clock is a "Pennwood" Numechron and very unusual, this is the only one I have ever seen (I collect Pennwood/Lawson early digital clocks). It is a Television or Radio clock/lamp combination that c...
  33. scottvez, Yes he was in the Army Air Corps. Manikin, Thanks
  34. My Mom had the Pyrex colored bowl set in the first picture. Russ
  35. I recently bought one of Leyendecker's prints. Great Russ
  36. Thanks and Merry Christmas to y'all, yep it has been a bit cold down here.
  37. One came up on eBay, however it was attached to a white alabaster wall, the lamp part lit up the back of the piece so it was functional. I would say it is from about 1915 - 1920 it is old. I regret ...
  38. Love this piece, and the primitive look of the characters (lovers and cupid) in the center. I would get this appraised, or take it to a museum and have them look at it. Great piece, great find, and ...
  39. Love the watch and the case, the font on the face of the watch is killer.
  40. I have had Pekingese dogs all my life. When I was born Mom and Dad had one, the lived until I was 17, when that dog died, I lost a brother, not a dog. Currently I have a black toy Peke, she is 5 yea...
  41. My grandmother Holcomb had a number of Roseville pieces, memories!
  42. Roycroftbooksfromme1 thanks for the B-day wishes. Alas AmberRose you need to multiply the 21 by 3, but thank for the birthday wishes. Thanks everyone for the loves. Russ
  43. Dad was a Chesterfield man. Russ
  44. Only smokes my granddad Windle would smoke. Russ
  45. No vetraio50 you can still buy them for about $50-55. I googled it to find out about it. Russ
  46. The only bread we ate growing up. I remember the little girl's face on the wrapper, memories...
  47. Lucy Holcombe Pickens was raised in TN, and grew up in Marshall Texas. She is related to me from my mothers side of the family, Mom was a Holcombe.
  48. No problem, I figured it was a mistake (I do it all the time), don't worry about it. Thanks for the cat comment.
  49. Will do. Russ
  50. The recommended brand was manufactured by INM, marketed under the name "Out The Door" it is a top coat for nails and is super fast drying. Russ
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