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I collect Art Deco Clocks, mainly marble but have a few wooden and metal ones. I love the clean lines of the art deco period. I also collect Beir Stiens, and fine I collect Art Deco Clocks, mainly marble but have a few wooden and metal ones. I love the clean lines of the art deco period. I also collect Beir Stiens, and fine art sculpture and prints from the Art Deco period. I have a number of Asian pieces that I have collected over the years and add to every now and then. I love literature and first editions which I also collect. By profession I am a Technical Writer. (Read more)


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1920-25 J. B. Hirsch "La Pirate" Bookends - Art Decoin Art Deco
Soldier with a Sabre, J B Hirsch, 1931 - Art Decoin Art Deco
J. B. Hirsch Alabaster Urn Boudoir Lamp With Lute Player Original Light Blub - Art Decoin Art Deco
J. B. Hirsch Alabaster Urn Boudoir Lamp With Lute Player, 1920-25? - Art Decoin Art Deco
1925 J. B. Hirsch "La Pirate" - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco Sisyphus clock, 1927-33 with Sabino Glass Encased Clock, and  Jon Du Roncourt Figure - Art Decoin Art Deco
J B Hirsch Pixie Boudoir Lamp 1927 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Mounted Knight In Shining Armour Cliock,  Unknown Maker, 1965-75 - Clocksin Clocks
Unkown Pennwood Model - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
1915-20s Pair of Lovebird Mantle Lamps. - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. I have all four of the Bronze have the Bronzes Sculptors and Founders 1800-1930 Hirsch is in volumes 3 and 4. I don’t care if you were “the first to reference the books” unless you have the only set,...
  2. Don't bother deleting this comment, I will just post it again. If you go to this item at the link below and look at the mark in the 4th picture, you Notice the D.A.V NY ART mark. http://www.coll...
  3. Thanks racer4four, I re-wired the lamp, and the bulb that was in it still worked, see first picture. Russ
  4. Thanks CindB and Vintagefran, there are five more pieces of Hirsch in my collection that she is in. Russ
  5. Thanks for all the loves and comments Bruce99, Manikin, and racer4four.
  6. racer4four, Naw, the pirates and the pixies are in separate rooms. Russ
  7. The font used on the clock places it in the 50s, in the 30s the font look like Times Roman numbers, so I know it is mid-century modern. Thank for the love and comments.
  8. pw-collector, Here's a link to my Kal-Kock, I have a beige Westclock one also. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/30088-lux-bugle-boy-red-kal-klock-1938
  9. Lazarusman, I saw the 305 on eBay, It had issues, the movement had been replaced, all 305s were not self starting, they had to be primed like mine above, they did not have a second wheel like the one...
  10. It doesn't take a bulb there is no light, the knob in the upper right hand corner of the clock is Telechron's Control-A-Tone knob. It controlled the loudness of the clock's alarm. Early models of t...
  11. Love old Mickey.
  12. Philman38, I have to manually set the date also the only thing that is automatic on these clocks is the time.
  13. Thanks Bruce. I will be restoring the missing feet if possible. Russ
  14. Thanks Sean
  15. The base on this clock was made out of Bakelite which was easily broken. You can still get rotor motors for these at http://telechronclock.com/ just email the guy there and give him the model number ...
  16. There were three Beethoven lamps manufactured, one alabaster, one standalone lamp with shade, and this one. Of the three this one is the most common. In is worth about $125-250 depending on conditio...
  17. trastogochy Sara, Gracias por tu comentario en mi reloj. Fue muy amable de tu abuela para conseguir uno para usted. El mío tiene una bombilla de color naranja en ella ahora, pero probablemente queda...
  18. Cool steins, I have a collection of German bier steins myself Russ
  19. Found out that this clock was manufactured in 1938.
  20. vetraio50, And a happy new year to you also. Thanks
  21. Thank vetrai050.
  22. Thanks kerry1056, and back at you.
  23. Another note to my post, According to the Encyclopedia of Bronzes, Sculptors, and Foundries, Volume IV, these Pixies were part of J. B. Hirsch's Collection Francaise.
  24. These are manufactured by J B Hirsch in 1927 between the two World Wars. The faces were made of Ivorine (a synthetic Ivory), Ivorine loosens from the spelter over the years and falls off, which is p...
  25. I have the same set. I think they are Czech, check mine at: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/122835-mysterous-ofo-or-oof-pierrot-et-colo Mine have a weird mark on the bottom of OFO or OOF...
  26. The clock was manufactured by Whitehall - Hammond between 1928 - 31. The partnership broke up in 1931, Hammond continued making clocks until 1941 then he switched to manufacturing the organs that bea...
  27. These Perivale clocks were marketed under various names, this one was marketed under "Bentima " which helps to date it. They were also marketed under "Anvil" (which dates prior to 1935) etc. This on...
  28. These clocks were marketed under various names, this one was marketed under "Anvil" which helps to date it. They were also marketed under "Bentima" etc. This one dates from about 1935 when the Perival...
  29. Belltown Great article, I believe I read it when I saw it. Thanks Russ
  30. Okiepicker 81, The lamp it cool, however the cellist is missing his bow, it is rare to find them with the bow. Russell
  31. nutabotas6 Go here. http://www.ebay.com/itm/WOODSTOCK-40th-Anniversary-Ultimate-Collectors-Edition-Directors-Cut-3-DVD-NEW-/181809171253?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a54abcb35 Russ
  32. There was a second Woodstock Album released in 1970 with the content that is on the extras dvd disk. http://www.ebay.com/itm/WOODSTOCK-II-Orig-1970-Cotillion-GF-DBL-LP-SD-2-400-VG-EXC-A-1-matrixs-/...
  33. First Buzz I went to the Lewisville International Pop Festival here in Texas, it was a Mini Woodstock with a lot of the same performers. Russ
  34. Canned Heat Going Up to the Country A Change is Gonna Come I'm Her Man - Extras Disk On the Road Again - Extras Disk Mountain - Extras Disk Only (Has a picture of Leslie West in the Life Spe...
  35. I agree with the Pepsi remark.
  36. That is so nice, I have had three people give me clocks, one because he knew I would take care of his family clock, which I got running and take care of it. One sent me his father's Warren Telechron ...
  37. Thanks Rattletrap andfhrjr2 for the loves. Russ
  38. Thanks verretcheque.
  39. Great collection. Russ
  40. If you take the movement out of the case you will see an eight pointed star with a big J in the middle and "unghans" over the J. Russ
  41. The clock was made by Junghans it was manufactured in 1912.
  42. Thank for the love and the like, I have been collecting this little pirate guy for sometime, just when I thought I had them all, up pops this little guy on another lamp. Thanks again. Russ
  43. Thanks vetraio50. Russ
  44. I love the old Mickey. Russ
  45. Upstatenycollector, I was getting an evil eye when I bought it, now it sits on the kitchen table and is used everyday. Thanks Russ
  46. Thank you anitquerose.
  47. By the face of the clock it looks like a HAC (Hamburg American Corporation clock. Does it have two crossed arrows on the movement?
  48. racer4four, the flashy bits are ornamentation.
  49. Chadakoin, Discovered the name for this model is the Leonis it appears in a 1934 ad.
  50. Grace1, These clocks are temperamental when it comes to level surfaces. If it has not been cleaned, I would suggest finding a clock repair shop, they can clean it and oil it. If the clock does ...
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