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I collect Art Deco Clocks, mainly marble but have a few wooden and metal ones. I love the clean lines of the art deco period. I also collect Beir Stiens, and fine I collect Art Deco Clocks, mainly marble but have a few wooden and metal ones. I love the clean lines of the art deco period. I also collect Beir Stiens, and fine art sculpture and prints from the Art Deco period. I have a number of Asian pieces that I have collected over the years and add to every now and then. I love literature and first editions which I also collect. By profession I am a Technical Writer. (Read more)


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1930s Pierce Arrow Hood Ornament with Granite base - Art Decoin Art Deco
Tymeter (Pennwood), Model 765, July 1967  - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Tymeter/Pennwood "Explorer" Model 920, 1966 - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Tele-Vision/Pennwood Wooden Black Horse and Jockey Clock, 1945-55 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Frankart Art Deco Nymph Gnommette Lamp, Sasprillia Reproduction, Late 1970s - Art Decoin Art Deco
LWAIN (Lawson Without An Interesting Name), Style 219, 1940 - 45 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Smith Metal Arts Silver Crest Bookends  - Art Decoin Art Deco
Lawson Model 217, The Southerner, 1948-1975 - Art Decoin Art Deco
October 1954 Pennwood "Jefferson" Numechron Teleco Bowling Team Award - Art Decoin Art Deco
1940 - 45 Barr Manufacturing White Cyclometer - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. Thanks vetraio50. Russ
  2. I love the old Mickey. Russ
  3. Upstatenycollector, I was getting an evil eye when I bought it, now it sits on the kitchen table and is used everyday. Thanks Russ
  4. Thank you anitquerose.
  5. By the face of the clock it looks like a HAC (Hamburg American Corporation clock. Does it have two crossed arrows on the movement?
  6. racer4four, the flashy bits are ornamentation.
  7. Chadakoin, Discovered the name for this model is the Leonis it appears in a 1934 ad.
  8. Grace1, These clocks are temperamental when it comes to level surfaces. If it has not been cleaned, I would suggest finding a clock repair shop, they can clean it and oil it. If the clock does ...
  9. Thanks for all the loves, and Happy New Year. Russ
  10. I found an old rusted claw foot with a chipped light Amethyst like marble clutched in the claw when I was a kid at my grandparents house, I carried that thing around for a long time.
  11. Thank you vetraio50, wishing you the same.
  12. Thanks for the loves and the like, Hope you all have also have Happy Holidays.
  13. I have my great grandparent's stereoscope, with about 15 cards. I have even made some to use in it. Russ
  14. This Felix the cat goes back further than you think. He first appeared in 1919. Your figurine is one of the earliest ones of him which appeared in the early 1920's and the Patents Appl for on his foo...
  15. It is a French clock with a MARTI movement, if you remove the back plate of the movement, it will state MARTI. The clock dates from about 1933 - 38. A lot of the MARTI movements are 8 day. Russell
  16. According to an advertisement this clock was called the Pennwood "Mercury" Russ
  17. Thanks, for the memories. Russ
  18. Thanks austrohungaro. Russ
  19. Thanks Bruce99. Russ
  20. I have had Pekes all my life, love these little dogs and this.
  21. If one of those Mercury head dimes is a 1931 s it is worth a nice chunk of change.
  22. I had all of their monster kits, loved them.
  23. Upstatenycollector, I buy the motors off of eBay, depending how old the clock is, if it is one of the early 1934-36, most of those motors are open. If it is later model, make sure it is 1 rpm, ...
  24. They were manufactured by Armor, about 1925. Cool Freebie. Your spot on value wise.
  25. It is a National cast Iron toy gun from 1925, Model number TG-25. http://mykeepies.com/toyguns%20pages/Cast%20Iron%20Automatic.html One is in the right column 4th down. Russ
  26. Thanks SEAN68, She is almost there. Russ
  27. Interest piece and artifact. Russ
  28. I would be glad to comment Valentino97, just let me know when they are up. Russ
  29. Thanks Chadakoin. Russ
  30. Is that a presentation/award plaque on the top of it? Russ
  31. Here's and interesting note John, this clock outsold the iconic Zephyr. Russ
  32. Well I see you are well on your way. Russ
  33. Cool thanks Bruce, I had been trying to look it up since it was given to me. Since I got it running again I am going to see if Jim wants it now. I will update the title. I think it is a neat clock....
  34. shareurpassion, I like the font also. Thanks
  35. Manikin, I think they are sophisticated and scream Deco also. Thanks
  36. Thank you shareurpassion, I think so too. Russ
  37. Thanks Mike. Russ
  38. I just bought one of these myself, haven't posted it yet. I own the clock, the lamp, two change valets, and the bookends that go with this pirate set, this box makes it complete now. I have a lot o...
  39. It is not that usual for clock manufacturer to change styles, especially a Sessions clock, they had a wide variety of shapes and styles.
  40. John, I too converse with Randy and Neil. Here is a link I check in the morning. http://www.ebay.com/sch/Clocks-/397/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=Lawson+clocks&_pppn=r1&scp=ce0&_rdc=1 And on Esty h...
  41. localjohn welcome to CW, I was a bit taken back when I read your message this AM. Impressive family you have there. If you check out my collection, besides Lawson clocks, you'll find a Lawson gas he...
  42. rocker-sd, Which plastic gear is broken, I have some parts clocks I could check. Russ
  43. Kerry, I have been grinning like an Opossum since it was delivered today.
  44. More than likely it is Czech. They produced numerous glass clocks with nondescript movements in the 30's and glass was plentiful.
  45. Thanks for all the loves. Bruce99 about the photos, my old cell phone bit the dust last Tuesday, so I got another one. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone for a jolly I decided to use the phon...
  46. Even though it is not old Sean, it is one of my favorite clocks. I have knocked it off the shelve that it stays on twice, the last time was this past Tuesday, both time the movement flew out and the...
  47. Thanks Manikin and inky.
  48. Thanks Sean, toolate, they were not sold to the public. Russ
  49. I did too Inky, the numbers are killer. Russ
  50. Thanks for all the loves. Russ
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