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I am an avid clock collector and restorer.


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1920's-1930's Art Deco French Dep "Savoy" alarm clock. - Clocksin Clocks
1980's German Junghans "Reapeat" alarm clock. - Clocksin Clocks
1970's German Europa travel alarm clock. - Clocksin Clocks
1960's-1970's French Jaz travel alarm clock. - Clocksin Clocks
1980's Swiss Regula chalet cuckoo clock. - Clocksin Clocks
1960's-1970's German Chambord (Jerger) alarm clock. - Clocksin Clocks
1980's-90's Belgian Kiddy alarm clock. - Clocksin Clocks
1970's-1980's French Jaz travel alarm clock. - Clocksin Clocks
1960's Swiss Uti (Swiza) alarm clock. - Clocksin Clocks
1924 silver cased Omega pocket watch. - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Hi, I have not seen one with that finish before myself, although I doubt it's rare, as it was made by Smiths Enfield (probably in the 1950's-60's), an English company, as you may know, that produced ...
  3. Hi, Your clock is certainly German and likely from the 1920's. Are there any markings on the movement? Regards.
  4. Hi, Your clock is indeed French and does date to around 1880-1900. Perhaps if you remove the bell, you will find something like a maker's stamp on the movement. If you can tell what it says that will...
  5. Also, the wood is likely oak.
  6. Hi, Your clock dates to the 1940's-1950's. It would be called a mantle clock, however I'm not sure there is a particular style/design name for it but you could say Mid-Century-Modern. It's a pretty...
  7. Hi, Your clock appears to be French. It's commonly known in France as an Oeil de Boeuf (bull's eye) clock. It was probably made in the 1890's-1920's area. If you could share a picture or two of the m...
  8. Hi, All I know is that your nice little alarm clock was made in Hungary in the 1960's-1970's. Regards.
  9. Hi, Jerger was probably the maker of your clock. Chambord, Wedgefield were probably retailers. I thought that Linden was more a maker, but I'm not sure. Your clock dates to the 1960's or the 70's. R...
  10. Hi, Nice clock! All I can tell you is that it is most likely French. Regards.
  11. Hi, Lovely clock! It's actually not Art Deco. It dates to the 1960's-1970's or so. Perhaps if you could tell me what is marked on the dial, I could help you more. I'm just guessing that this clock mi...
  12. Hi, What a find!!! 8 bucks too? Well done. The clock probably dates from the 1950's or the 1960's. Regards.
  13. Hi, Yes, 1950's or 60's sounds like an appropriate date for this clock. Regards.
  14. Hi, 1960's or 1970's sounds like a good date for this clock. Regards.
  15. Thank you shwnicus! It is a gem :)
  16. Hi, Your clock was probably made between the 1950's and the 1970's. Regards.
  17. Hi, Your clock was, as you say, made by Ingraham, around the 1980's. Regards.
  18. Hi, I haven't heard of Westwood before, but I think your clock was made by Jauch in the 1970's. Nice clock! Regards.
  19. Hi, Your clock's figurine is very well known in Germany as the "Uhrenträger" (the clock peddler). The clock is a reproduction of older 19th century versions and was made in Germany as a novelty in qu...
  20. Hi, Nice looking clock! Unfortunately, it a appears to be a 1970's-1980's Asian (Korean) reproduction. Thanks for sharing! Regards.
  21. Thanks!
  22. Thank you very much PhilDavidAlexanderMorris!
  23. Thank you mustangtony! It is a Ted Lapidus.
  24. Kerry, as always, I appreciate the information very much. Thank you for sharing your very nice watch also :)
  25. Thanks!!!
  26. Hi, It is possible that this clock was made by Seth Thomas. This may be the model name or perhaps maker, but I have seen similar ones made by Crandall.
  27. Hi, These are French marble clock cases, I believe.
  28. Sorry about the upside down image!
  29. Thanks again AR8Jason, the post is now corrected.
  30. Thanks, and have a great 2013 too! :)
  31. Thanks AR8Jason and sorry for the mistake. I will post some photos soon!
  32. A lovely clock!
  33. Hi, In your description, you say it's dirty. I suggest you take the back off and oil it because, the dirt may stop it from running the time it was designed to. There is a certain oil for this, which ...
  34. A lovely clock. it may be French? These very rare. This was probably made in the mid 19th century.
  35. Hi, Nice clocks! A big year for these was 1967. Great finds!
  36. Hi, LeCoultre is a highly approved German/Swiss maker. They made alarm clocks, Atmos clocks and many more. I'm afraid I can't help with the value though, sorry about that. But it looks to be 1950's o...
  37. Hi, This seems to be a late American Seth Thomas wall clock. At a guess it looks 1940's. Very unusual and good luck with it!
  38. Hi, I just happened to come across a clock similar to yours. That one has been Identified to be a Mauthe, which is a good, famous german maker. Date wise, I would place this one between 1900 and 1920...
  39. Hi, In order to find the maker of this lovely clock, could you please post a photo of the movement? Just by looking at this I can tell you that this is an Adamantine American mantle clock, probably m...
  40. Hi, This is an interesting clock because I have not seen a Plymouth clock like this one. As far as I know, a popular maker for these is Seth Thomas and this one looks to be 2à's to the 40's. Thanks!
  41. Hi, This clock would probably be a later Seth Thomas clock from the 40's 50's or 60's. The maker is American, but it looks like the movement is foreign, like maybe English or German. I can see that t...
  42. Hi again, I also forgot to say that the value of old mechanical watches can be determined by the amount of jewels, I was told. Thanks again! :)
  43. Hi, This watch is very nice! I can tell you that it is once again a very valuable maker, indeed made in Switzerland, but the maker was maybe German. I have not seen many (if any) Le Coultre watches, ...
  44. Hi, The maker is one of the best. I believe Tiffany Jewelers were founded in 1905, and made a large selection of clocks like grandfather, mantle (?), desk and alarm. Date wise, this clock would proba...
  45. Hi, I have seen these clocks made by companies like United, or American ones like Sessions and Seth Thomas. I suggest that if you can you should take the back off it to see if there is a mark on the ...
  46. Hi, A lovely clock! But don't be afraid to wind it, just wind it up a bit, that is what may be stopping it from staying running. Try oiling it, and cleaning a bit with a cotton bud and a LITTLE bit o...
  47. Hi there, I love your clock. It is probably from the 1960's. Yours is made by Blessing, a very popular West-German maker. In good condition this clock should bring about 50€ as they were common but n...
  48. Thank you very much and good luck with your lovely clock!
  49. Hi, This wall clock is German, but it would 1900-1920. It is also made by Junghans, a very popular German maker in the 19th and 20th century. Lovely and thanks for sharing, this clock is certainly wo...
  50. Hi, I may have two other suggestions on identifying it. Sometimes, on American clocks of this period, you may find that the maker (probably with the help of a magnifying glass) is tucked away at th...
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