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Indian wildly painted elephant - Animalsin Animals
IMHOF beautifully hand painted enameled clock   - Clocksin Clocks
Scala Outback solid daily wear hat - Hatsin Hats
nice brown stetson whippet snap brim fedora - Hatsin Hats
Dobbs vintage fedora with small brim,..some nice snap in it  - Hatsin Hats
ok aint that old but Indiana Jones fedora !! - Hatsin Hats
Cute Elephant RIDICULOUSLY elaborately painted with hunting scene   - Animalsin Animals
silver colored stetson stratoliner vintage felt hat - Hatsin Hats
Knox vintage straw boater hat - Hatsin Hats
cool Seiko quartz chronograph - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


  1. very cool snagged one nearly and neat odd shape
  2. if its a replica its a realy cool replica lol
  3. easiest way ive found to remove screw on backs like that is a ball of ducttape with the sticky side out,.hold in hand press sticky side against back n unscrew it like opening a jar,..don't need a whol...
  4. no idea why link doesnt work let me know if you get thru its very nearly identical to yours
  6. those had realy plain backs
  7. thin k its a mid 50s bumper omega prolly bout a decent good valued watch
  8. found a 50s era seamaster that looks prety dang close to that one i dont think its a replica
  9. you should check a michaels they sell a led wireless picture light that would make that look awesome,..shine a little lite thru it to outline the movement,..awesome mix of traditional hardware and ube...
  10. very cool one,..WOW !
  11. there is a shortcut to the front of the movement,..on cuckoo clocks its easy to remove the hands,..small nut holds on the minit and the hour is just pushed on,..and the dial face is held on with just ...
  12. oops the oil i LOVE for my clocks is nanolube,..pretty much magic,.ive brought back to good runability a LOAD of thriftshop clocks with it,..and a little bottle will last seemingly forever
  13. beautiful piece,..nice thing about a big one like that is you can get some decent clock oil and get a lil drop on every pivot (axle) you can find,..also pendulum clocks are picky about being level,..g...
  14. yes there is radium in the numbers n hands of it but after this long and as little as there was ,..unless you plan on licking the hands and watchface your probably ok
  15. very cool Bauhaus styling,..i kinda think the aged n dilapidation looks kinda cool,..really looks like it lived thru ww2 and the fun times since heheeh,..if you can get that dude running its got some ...
  16. one like it sold on ebay for a decent chunk o money so dont bust it up
  17. that site also sells replacement weights, it a one day or 8 day clock?
  18. looks to be a decent site to get replacement parts,..bellows n bellows parts,..there are also some videos on you tube on how to re-paper the bel...
  19. GREAT piece,..not sure if it needs daily winding tho, looks like a seth thomas movement and most o those are 8 day movements, pentalty in letting it run till it stops to test that,..
  20. very damn cool,.gotta love cool old engineering,..makes it a cool lil clock when you need one,..
  21. old looking but i think its a chinese knockoff,..a watch realy that old would probably have a separate second hand in a subdial, a cool piece for everyday use and costume use when you dont want to...
  22. hmmm well styles do evolve and change over time and as old as it is its definitly possible its always looked like this,.very very cool i LOVE the look of the movement
  23. it might have had one of those elaborate stag heads with the big dang antlers and they break REALY easily,..
  24. hmm are there any marks along the roof line where something may have been clipped? my bird and leaves flourish along the roof is held on by just a spring type clamp thing on each side , no screw h...
  25. last couple cuckoo clocks ive had the chime was screwed to the back door/cover, that the way this one is or is cover gone?,..awesome piece DROOOL!
  26. beautiful piece , running? looks like its all there bet it sounds awesome
  27. thanks Nutsabotas i passed it to the person that collects elephants and she loved it,...gotta love when 5 bucks can get you that much happy from the recipient,..was tempted to keeep it cause of the am...
  28. have one without the scene just a vanilla dial,..and your rite those Brazilian clocks are LOUD almost comically so,. are a LOT of wind up clocks you can get that are much much quieter , don't give up ...
  29. beautiful example they are becoming rare because some people think they are dangerous because of that darn German time bomb one,..this one is NOT one of those this ones GREAT!! got one kinda like this...
  30. thanks surfdub virginia and sean,..i truly have no clue,...might be egyptian at that now that i look at it like that,..thrift shops dont have much in the way of authentication hehehh,..cant find a cl...
  31. thanks Sean its my fav cant wear to work watch! ,..would get beat to heck there
  32. tooo cool gotta post a pic o the works!! they are awesome arent they ? again congratulations on a realy cool find
  33. dont loose the second hand ,.i see it ratlign round in there,..should be fairly easy to put back on
  34. oh and AWESOME find, holy grail is to find something like that at the thrift shop,..LUCKY!!
  35. looks like a swing out case,..have one similar to it,..front unscrews,..see scalloping aroudn the crystal? its to get a better grip,.. unscrew face set it aside,..pop the stem out as if you were reset...
  36. awesome piece,..are those antelope on it? realy unusual ,..must have been made for a big game hunter,..almost look like palm/tropical plants too,..
  37. we all get caught i have a lovely fauxmega watch thats one of my faves to wear,..looks like an omega,..can bang it around n not feel bad about it
  38. the first one has the feel of one of the chinese knockoffs flooding the market that, to keep price down have a calendar movement controlled by the pushers,..not actualy a chronograph,..both are pretty...
  39. woohoo went to a local antique mall near by n a seller there is a clock junkie ,..and has a half size not nearly as elaborate one for 600 bucks so im trying to whangle a deal o some kind with him,..ho...
  40. oops Enfield that would be English rite,..same deal ,.back then they were built to pretty much last forever,..definitely worth fixing,..even if only for the family history and memories attached,
  41. wow beautiful piece ,..going to have to find a clock shop,..shouldnt take all that much to get her going again,..these old american movements seem to last nearly forever,..clean the spiders out of her...
  42. thanks Toolate2 hopefully its a working thing once cleaned,.dont know where the heck id find a sweedish movement to replace it with,..and i WILL not put a battery opperated movement in it, a total...
  43. AWESOME horde of wall clocks must sound REALy cool in that room,..some realyh cool finds in there ,..welcome to CW!! azlways neat to have fresh blood with cool stuff sure some decent info will s...
  44. the best tool ive found to open a screw on back,.or front, a ball of ducttape with the sticky side out,.gives you a really good grip on the back and will not scratch it,..even if you have the rite...
  45. oh heck yes dang right, deserves a goood spot as a survivor,..and with some tlc it will outlast all of us,..any restoration would just erase some years that make it just a cool thing to look at,.....
  46. very cool commemorative piece in awesome shape,..good job on wearing her down lol
  47. oh ,..does it chime when you slide the big smooth lever on the upper right side,..looks like it might be a repeater
  48. awesomely complicated pocket watch,..hopefuly one of the more adept geeks can give you more info but its an amazign piece!
  49. ahh the date code is l9,..makes it 59,..oppps damn internet
  50. thanks everybody , sometimes you get lucky and sometimes it feels like your actualy supposed to go someplace,.this was on of those,., and toolate ..REALY? i knew it was a pretty movement but i figure...
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