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American Brilliant Cut Glass Butter Tub - Glasswarein Glassware
American Brilliant Cut Glass Plate in Rare Pattern - Glasswarein Glassware
American Brilliant Cut Glass Celery Tray - Glasswarein Glassware
American Brilliant Cut Glass 7" plate - Glasswarein Glassware
American Brilliant Cut Glass Bottle - Glasswarein Glassware
American Cut Glass Spoon Holder - Glasswarein Glassware
American Brilliant Cut Glass Flower Center 1905 - Glasswarein Glassware
Expanding Star Pattern Cut Glass Nappy - Glasswarein Glassware
American Brilliant Cut Glass Bowl in Harvard Pattern - Glasswarein Glassware
American Brilliant Cut Glass Bowl Signed Clark - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Nice Tex!!
  2. Thanks for posting this wonderful piece!!
  3. I found this was cut by J.Hoare Co. 1910 Notched Prism and St. Louis ( Honeycomb ) Pattern.
  4. Thanks all!!!
  5. Hi Tex...pretty sure this is not American.
  6. This piece is not American Brilliant Cut Glass. They come from two places. The fans at the top are very thin typical for English. The European version has a flat surface on the bottom. These are alwa...
  7. Neat piece Tex!
  8. BigTex Hope you see this, sorry it took so long to write, I use to get notices when someone commented. No, I am not a current member of the cut glass organization. Hope to see you on my site!!
  9. It is a great pattern. I do believe Libbey may have cut this pattern first.
  10. You bowl is very close to Fry's Pershing pattern. Pershing was very, very popular, ripe for other companies to have imitated, which they did. This is a wonderful piece of American Brilliant Cut Gl...
  11. Hi there... First, Bergen was not a Canadian cut glass company. Their main factory was in Meridian, Conn. Also a factory in New York. There is a similarity as you say, but that is all. Your tray i...
  12. You are correct Tex! I just had a member of the American Cut Glass Association look at the piece. At one time, she had the same piece and said it is not Tuthill and not ABC Glass.
  13. I have a set of these posted on my page. Mine were purchased new in 1993. There was apparently was only one other piece made in this pattern and it was a bowl.
  14. I just remembered that the American cut glass company Clark did use an etched signature on some of their glass. MY BAD!
  15. Great, nice piece!
  16. Do you mean a round whitish mark on the dish? If so, that is called an acid stamp. Hoare, or no other Co. etched the signature into their glass. The 1853 date is the year the company started working....
  17. Hi Big Tex.....If you have more American Brilliant Cut Glass, CW has created a page just for that glass. I spent time with then in creating the page. If you check, some of your pieces have been move...
  18. I agree so it sits in my lighted show case!
  19. Hello..are you still here?
  20. Hi BigTex...The pattern was found in Bergen catalog. I was looking over your posts and you have some nice pieces. I am now working with Collectors Weekly in creating a page just for "American Brilli...
  21. It is newer, import glass from Europe. It is not American cut glass.
  22. It is inexpensive pressed glass.
  23. You would find the mark in the center, or near center of the bowl. Looks like a J. Hoare pattern.
  24. Nice!
  25. TallCakes is correct....Much better as Muffineers then salt and pepper set. Nice!
  26. Called notched prism, not zipper. Many companies cut this pattern.. Very nice!!
  27. Birks was a high end Canadian jewelry chain. If it is cut glass ( I can't tell from the photos) the glass was most likely cut by one of the great Canadian cut glass companies however, the glass woul...
  28. It is a punch bowl much better than a fruit bowl. This could be Pitkins and Brooks but a number of companies cut nearly this exact pattern. Even a Canadian company name Signet cut a patten close t...
  29. It is pressed glass, you might have a better response it you posted in a section where you have pressed glass experts who should know right away what it is.
  30. This is nice but it is not Pairpoint. It is a fake signature to make one believe it is Pairpoint and makes total sense you said you live in Pairpoint country. This link will will take you to the Mt....
  31. I dropped it and it broke into pieces! Boo Hoo! I guess I could have my glass repair guy cut the vase even on the top then I would have about a three inch vase!
  32. Thank you vetraio50..!!!!! Same to you!!
  33. My poor piece....RIP! :(
  34. The one on etsy sure looks like the same thing only the signature on mine is in a neater, straight line. Of course the esty photo is hard to see with all the reflection.
  35. Michelle, thanks for the information! I know Dave, mater of fact I got this piece from him he, is in my antique group on FB! I don't remember if he put a maker to the piece or not. Thanks for the l...
  36. The butterfly is a nice addition to the vase!
  37. Thanks Shawn!
  38. The most amazing pieces of glass I have seen in this shape were made in the American Brilliant Cut Glass period, 1876-1916. Truly a piece of art and very rare.
  39. I found it in Collecting American Brilliant Cut Glass 1876-1916 By Bill and Louise Boggess. Page 136 photo 491.
  40. The pattern name on this is "Kent" After looking through 4 books I finally found it in the 5th.
  41. Hello sent you a FB message on this piece.
  42. loumanal.. It is a learning process and you will find a lot of great people on here who are willing to help others with Identification of items. Have fun!! MArk
  43. Thanks bobogal!!
  44. Pretty sure, the loop on the signature does not match up with known Tuthill marks. I am afraid it would be a hard sell due to the pattern. Pinwheel pattern is not a high priority for cut glass coll...
  45. loumanal these were just as you see it. A number of companies cut these and most had different names. These can be found in all cut glass books.
  46. FYI..This is a fake signature on your glass. Tuthill did not cut this pattern. The good news is your piece is American Brilliant Cut Glass from around 1910 or so. There are many fake signatures th...
  47. Very nice!!
  48. `The pattern is Zephry Lily and they are not very old.
  49. Murano for sure, I have one also!
  50. Hello. the pan was used in a lab for melting down crushed ore samples when looking for gold etc. You would find these in every assay office lab.
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