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  1. Is there any printing on the back? Some show the country of origin.... and sometimes that will give clues to the origin.
  2. I have some 1934 currency with the serial numbers and seals in blue. They are not silver certificates, they are Federal Reserve Notes. The "In God We Trust" is missing from the backs. Do you know ...
  3. I have some 1934 currency with the serial numbers and seals in blue. They are not silver certificates, they are Federal Reserve Notes. The "In God We Trust" is missing from the backs. Do you know ...
  4. This is just beautiful. What are the dimensions of the piece?
  5. Is it charcoal? What is the size?
  6. Perhaps it is a bell that would be struck on the outside? It is very nice and unique. You've got my curiosity up.
  7. Awesome!
  8. Thank you jwendell222. I did not know how to identify the male or female. I only noticed a difference in the facial expressions. Now, considering the age, they may have belonged to my husband's gra...
  9. Vintage_Joe, thank you.
  10. Thank you Zowie. I did think it was odd that the markings were different on each one.
  11. Beautiful wares! I enjoyed your history and information.
  12. Stunning!
  13. I don't find the rust distracting. Seems beautiful just the way it is.
  14. Great find! Indian was always a favorite bike of my Dad's. Your sign is in perfect condition!
  15. Thank you SEAN68! :)
  16. I must start logging in more often. This sight is a wealth of information..... the problem is that once you start, it is easy to spend hours here!
  17. What a lovely piece. Glad to know that you wear it! Simply stunning.
  18. Karen Rz, Thank you! I still have not found a Libby mark. I will work on getting a photo from the top. I sure think you hit it!
  19. Thank you Mark and ROBinHawaii. This learning experience is going to be great fun. I have discovered that I have another piece! A relish dish to be posted as soon as it is photographed.
  20. Great history! Very nice job in the sepia conversion... looks natural.
  21. It does have a resemblance to a Navajo Yei rug.
  22. Thank you! I have some pieces that would fit the term nappy. However, they are pressed, and of much lesser quality. I think they may fit in the "depression glass" classification..... a lot to learn...
  23. Thank you! Very informative article. This is much more challenging to identify than china and other wares. I am thrilled not only to have these family pieces, but an art medium where American's...
  24. I like the pinwheel. It seems to have a softer elegance. Just my opinion :)
  25. Hello Mark, What makes a bowl a "nappy?" I have been trying to learn a bit about cut glass and have come across that term a few times..... without learning the definition. Love the piece! Rebecca
  26. Thank you Bellin68!
  27. I have rearranged a room, so the lady can be displayed. Thank you vetraio50 again!
  28. Wow! I am curious, too. I really like it.
  29. I've never seen such a pot. I would have bought it,.... and no my husband would not have liked it!
  30. It has some similar characteristics of a vase that I posted a short time back. I was given some very good information by a member. I've posted the link, so you may take a look. http://www.collect...
  31. I am a definitely a novice, but I'll share a bit that I have read. Around 1890 to comply with the American McKinley tariff act, the manufactures started stamping the country of origin. Around 1914 ...
  32. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge on this piece. I have uploaded two more photos, showing the pottery markings. Since your kind reply, I have looked up images of work by Thomas Forester...
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