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  1. Thank you SEAN68! :)
  2. I must start logging in more often. This sight is a wealth of information..... the problem is that once you start, it is easy to spend hours here!
  3. What a lovely piece. Glad to know that you wear it! Simply stunning.
  4. Karen Rz, Thank you! I still have not found a Libby mark. I will work on getting a photo from the top. I sure think you hit it!
  5. Thank you Mark and ROBinHawaii. This learning experience is going to be great fun. I have discovered that I have another piece! A relish dish to be posted as soon as it is photographed.
  6. Great history! Very nice job in the sepia conversion... looks natural.
  7. It does have a resemblance to a Navajo Yei rug.
  8. Thank you! I have some pieces that would fit the term nappy. However, they are pressed, and of much lesser quality. I think they may fit in the "depression glass" classification..... a lot to learn...
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