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  1. These photos are amazing! What an artist. :)
  2. Hi Kat & Oldandsilly: Just to clarify, our policy prohibits items currently for sale from being posted on Show & Tell as a way to prevent this from becoming another craigslist or sales-focused for...
  3. Thank you aghcollect for being a great contributor to our little community! :)
  4. Aghcollect - theoretically, anything is possible (including edit or delete functions) but we have zero bandwidth for engineering improvements at the moment. Unfortunately, unless something major chang...
  5. We're always listening nutsabotas6.... ;)
  6. can't make them out in those images - might want to browse here:
  7. I'm picturing crackers and some mayo-heavy 1960s dip in the middle. ;)
  8. Hi all, We have also received a few reports from individuals that they have been contacted off of CW by abusive members. If you have posted your email in a public place, we cannot control members of ...
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Fur Fox Figurine Art Deco Beau Brownie Camera Dolly Parton 45 Vase, Erik Höglund (Boda, 1950s).