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Collector of Amphora, Zsolnay, Massier, and Weller Sicard Art Nouveau ceramics. Search YouTube for "Amphora Pottery" to see a Collector of Amphora, Zsolnay, Massier, and Weller Sicard Art Nouveau ceramics. Search YouTube for "Amphora Pottery" to see a dramatic video of Amphora's monsters and maidens vases. (Read more)


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Vase by Ernst Wahliss - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Dragon Vase by Amphora - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
The Veiled Lady by Amphora - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Seahorse by Amphora - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Celtic Legend - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Nymph on a Gourd by Ernst Wahliss - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Renaissance Princess by Amphora - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Figural Vase by Ernst Wahliss - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
The Veiled Lady by Amphora - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Weller Sicard Vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. Phat, So glad you acquired this vase. I love the colors on this one.
  2. Thank you for the comments Elisabethan, Moonhill, and antiquerose.
  3. Vetraio50 has it right. Your vase is by Riessner, Stellmacher, and Kessel (AKA Amphora), which was one of the finest Art Nouveau pottery manufactories. Your piece is early Amphora circa 1895. I hav...
  4. Suffice to say it is wondrous what they packed into 2.5 inches.
  5. I enjoy your writing style, VioletOrange.
  6. Phatbuddha, Looking forward to seeing your dragon vase on CW. Glad you were able to get it.
  7. The bat vase is cool. It was made by a contemporary pottery called Freiwald that clearly gets inspiration from Amphora.
  8. Another example of this is on ebay right now. I don't know the seller.
  9. For the record, I have to say that the deal fell through on buying this so I don't own it. I paid and then they told me it had been sold to someone else and refunded my money. Life goes on.
  10. Thank you, miKKo. All the best in 2014 for you.
  11. Same to you, vetraio50. You are a wonderful collector with one of the best personalities on Collectors Weekly. I always enjoy your presence here.
  12. Violet, I would like to talk to you about this piece. Please send me a note at or you can contact me through the Amphora Facebook page at if you like.
  13. Oz, Phil, and Fledermaus, Thank you for the nice comments. I wish you all the best in 2014.
  14. Thank you, Inky. Happy holidays to you.
  15. You too, V!
  16. Choice piece.
  17. Unreal. I covet it!
  18. You too, Sean.
  19. Cool vases and interesting description.
  20. Sweet piece.
  21. Elegant.
  22. Supreme!
  23. Killer piece, fledermaus. I believe that it was likely designed by Eduard Stellmacher for Amphora rather than his father Alfred. The date you give matches the manufactory Riessner, Stellmacher (Edua...
  24. Lovely shape.
  25. I added some close-ups.
  26. Yes, inky. Despite her beauty, Aurora is insecure.
  27. I added some new photos.
  28. I added some close-ups of this sinister beast.
  29. I added some close-ups.
  30. I added a close-up of a wasp. Look at the artistic application of gold. That is one of the reasons Amphora is in the ceramics hall of fame.
  31. nldionne, I have had it a few years now and the thrill is still strong. This devil gets special attention in the Amphora video on YouTube. Just search for Amphora pottery if you haven't seen it.
  32. Sweet piece!
  33. You are right czechman. One of these Amphora dragons appeared on Antiques Roadshow on April 8 in Cincinatti. The Google search "Antiques Roadshow Amphora dragon" will locate the video. Like the...
  34. Thank you for the comments, all. I love Sicardo too, Spiperato. I have one posted that I fancy to no end.
  35. Thank you for the loves and comments everyone.
  36. Wonderful personality to this vase. I love how it leans.
  37. Whoops. My other Princess posting doesn't have a photo of the back. Well, like you see on the front (minus the Princess), the back has the lavender forest on the top half and green with roses on the...
  38. Cogito, I haven't heard her called Queen of Hearts. Richard Scott, the author of the other Amphora book, calls her Allegory of Russia, although there is no evidence that Amphora called her that. By...
  39. It is a very tactile piece, Geno. Thanks for the comment.
  40. Researching Amphora on the net is tricky for newcomers because so many folks, including some auction houses and antique dealers get it wrong. I'll tell you this much to spare you a difficult path. R...
  41. Same to you, Bellin.
  42. Thank you, epson. I hope you acquire a piece of Amphora some day. You'll see the great variety of forms and decors they made on the Amphora Facebook page. It's hard to not fall in love with at leas...
  43. Sorry, cogito. She won't go anywhere without me now. We're madly in love.
  44. And a holly, jolly to you, Bellin!
  45. And to you vetraio!
  46. I checked one of my Zsolnay books and found that mark: 1889.
  47. Hello Bellin, I got a new job in April that is consuming me---in a good way. So I've had to cut back on all the pottery fun. Thanks for thinking of me. I'll be sure to check out your latest goodie...
  48. I would love to explore these buildings.
  49. Hi Susan, Maybe you included a period at the end of the address (after the .com). Please try again -- -- and let's see if it works. I get messages from Europe so I don't know why y...
  50. Hello glenfield, I picked this up via an auction house so you could say I paid fair market value. I'd be happy to discuss the value of Amphora wasp vases by email. Please send me a note at algreen@...
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