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ANY REPRODUCTION OF THIS IMAGES IN MY PROFILE SITE IN ANY FORM IS NOT AUTHORIZED. Love to collect anything and everything that has to do with the past, I collect, pANY REPRODUCTION OF THIS IMAGES IN MY PROFILE SITE IN ANY FORM IS NOT AUTHORIZED. Love to collect anything and everything that has to do with the past, I collect, postcard,glass, magazine,books,prints to name a few. (Read more)


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Floral Bowl VASTILA - Kitchenin Kitchen
Hot drink scenery Thermo "Need your help ID"   - Asianin Asian
THE MIGHTY ATOM "Starring Reddy kilowatt" - Advertisingin Advertising
Clyde Duneier Tazanite Gold Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
 Gold Ring sign  Help Id   - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Chinese Tang Dynasty Majolica Glaze or Glazed War Horse  - Animalsin Animals
Sign studio Julie Steinberg Pottery  - Potteryin Pottery
Velvet Gold Tone Necklace???  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
AGATE PILL BOX OR JEWELRY BOX - Accessoriesin Accessories
Vintage Floral Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Beautiful!! Love the colors and texture Look!
  2. Thanks, antiquerose :)
  3. Thank you, Trey, SEAN68,Ted_Straub, walk softly,Caperkid,fort apache,mikelv85,vetraio50. :)
  4. Sorry for the late responed Efesgirl, I will, when I unpacked I had this picture on computer and poste it. Will do when I have a chance.
  5. Thank you everyone for the loves:)
  6. Thank you antique rose, I believe you are right!
  7. I am loving every piece in your collection and your knowledge.
  8. Thank you everyone :)
  9. Thank you, Trey for the nice comment :)
  10. Hello Sean I miss you and everyone, I been busy and I try to spend as much time as I can. Hopefully soon I will be able to post all my new finds :)
  11. Amazing!!!
  12. Thank you, Vetraio50 :)
  13. Thank you, mikelv85 :) Thank you, Nicefice When i saw your post I remember i had this little guy somewher glad everyone like it!
  14. Most pretty!!! Loving the boot too.
  15. Thank you, mikelv85,katherinecollections for the nice comments :)
  16. Thank you everyone :)
  17. Thank you for the nice comment, nutsabotas6 :)
  18. Beautiful!!!
  19. This is so Beautiful!!!
  20. Thank you,LovelyPat ,mikeigotitmikeigotit ,EfesgirlEfesgirl ,brunswickbrunswick auraaura ,kyratangokyratango ,racer4fourracer4four,mikelv85mikelv85 :)
  21. Thank you, kathherinecollections, his a cutie!!
  22. Thank you so much!nutsabotas :)
  23. Beautiful, Love it!!!
  24. Thank you, nutsabotas :)
  25. You to SEAN68! Thank you
  26. Happy New Year!! Virginia
  27. Merry Christmas, Trey
  28. Merry Christmas, ho2cultcha
  29. Merry Christmas Kerry10456 may this Chritmas bring us happiness and peace to all.
  30. I'm in Love!!!
  31. Thnak you,Agram.m,bladerunner22,vetraio50,racer4four,mikelv8 jscott0363,nutsabotas6
  32. So Pretty!!!
  33. Thank you Sean for you comment :)
  34. Nice find! Moonstone :)
  35. beautiful!!!
  36. Very Cute!!! Love it :)
  37. Nice Collection! love you posts keep them coming :)
  38. Gorgeous!!!
  39. Hello SEAN68 I just love how beautiful and fun this looks. Makes me want to go fishing Lol!
  40. Uranium Glass
  41. Beautiful!!! love it :)
  42. I dont thick so :)
  43. Wow! Beautiful :)
  44. Thank you Rick55, soon I will post other that I have in my collection.
  45. Uranium :)
  46. Thank you SEAN68 I have more will poat soon :)
  47. This is a keeper!!! Im so glad that you have it an appreciate art Like all of us here. Im not an expert on era but hoping someone here will shed light because i Would love to learned who and when it w...
  48. Oh my, I love it!!! Most beautiful!
  49. Thank you, vintagelamp ,ho2cultcha,Cormoran1925,SEAN68,racer4four:)
  50. Thank you, vintagelamp,katherinescollections,walksoftly,mikelv85 :)
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