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Thrift Shop find 18th Century Delft Vase  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Thrift Shop find 18th century Delft Vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Vintage Hatti Hammered Copper Bowl made in Turkey 
Bouvier de Cachard Venice print on board 1965 - Visual Artin Visual Art
Aureta Figural Czech Republic Vase 14" - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
A Lovely find today two Fairies - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Mystery Tin I have ????    
Two very large vintage paintings signed Andre' 24 x 33" - Visual Artin Visual Art
Antique matte porcelain  dogs  - Animalsin Animals
New Thirft Shop Find Art Nouveau Pickard Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. Wish I knew if this was 17th or 18th century?
  2. Wish I knew if this was 17th of 18th century?
  3. Could be a coffee canister???
  4. Anyone know what periord this is from? I dont know the costumes???
  5. Tin is 7" high cillinder is 17" round and base is 6 1/2 across
  6. Thanks for the info!!
  7. Thanks everyone!
  8. What year am 370 2 def is from thats all .
  9. Art Products around the 1950's
  10. I did find another large watercolor like it on Ebay the same dashes an either side of -ANDRE- ! Still no last name ? There is a sticker on the back of the othe I guess he sold his works to the Eas...
  11. Bohemian
  12. Bohemuan with Persian portrait for sure!!!!
  13. Thanks everyone it all helped!
  14. or could be 8R on inside back of ring
  15. Marks inside backwards capital B then R
  16. I just used that for a back ground!
  17. Its very heavy and there seems to be a bit of gold leaf above her head on the vase
  18. It has a V on the bottom above the numbers
  19. Think the numbers are 1489
  20. Hope this helps?
  21. Cant find out anything about the illustrator E. Blanche eihter????
  22. Would love to know the name of this pattern?
  23. Thanks!
  24. 1860 to be exact I do believe!
  25. or 1835-1875 sorry
  26. 1890-1901
  27. The artist is not William H Clapp it is Howard Clapp 1920-1999 abstract artist
  28. It is wooden!
  29. I added it for you!
  30. I believe you just have to click on it thanks so much!!
  31. Opps again that isnt the photographer the J.C. stands for Joan Crawford. Dont know who the photographer is?
  32. Opps Photographer is J. C. ???
  33. Everything is decribed in the listing I believe!
  34. I dont own it anymore! Thanks
  35. Does anyone know if this is oil or pastel?
  36. Author Avity, Pierre d" sieur de Montmartin book is about world history,
  37. 1573-1635 Dutch
  38. This book has the same etching in it!!!!!!!
  39. Oh its from 1621!
  40. I went to and look at the book by Wereld Spiegle and it looks to have the same king of lettering and etchings. Thanks so much!
  41. This is the only page I have hate to think it was taken out of such a rare book. So this might be a copy from a 17th century book? Thanks
  42. Any idea what year?
  43. Yes stapled thanks so much!
  44. Artist is Verna Jean Versa 1926-2005
  45. Could be Carlsbad prussian?
  46. Must be Prussian!!!
  47. Thanks so much!
  48. Click on the pics tp see them bigger!!!!
  49. No marks on the back.
  50. Thanks for all the input!!
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