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Port Townsend, WA

Have been collecting antique telephones since 1965, but I like all kinds of antiques and collectables, furniture, lamps, Coca-Cola, military uniforms, advertising.


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  1. great looking radio
  2. High power transmission line three part 33-KV insulator.
  3. Your Western Electric type 302 made of thermo-plastic started appearing on the market in 1946. Early production (1936-1941) of the 302 were made of painted pot metal.
  4. First dial candlestick manufactured by Western Electric for the Bell System was produced around 1925. Yours appears to be a candlestick that was reproduction in the 1970's. more photo's would help.
  5. Your cardboard says twist off cap which was started in the early 1960's
  6. Great looking sign.
  7. DrFluffy, Nice collection of New York Telephone Company service pins. each star represents five years of service up to 20 years. at twenty five years they used diamonds for every 5 years. I have a GTE...
  8. I had two red doxies that lived to 14 & 16 years old. sure do miss them. I have the same type statue, but the doxie is setting up. Very realistic.
  9. Not a Kansas model they was manufactured around 1900, your candlestick was produced from 1905 up until 1928. yours has the later bakelite type transmitter.
  10. very nice and hard to find.
  11. I still have a P-38 issued during basic training at Fort Ord 1961
  12. Nice old wall phone, I had one like yours. I traded off a Strowger wall set to a guy in England for one of his Gower-Bell.
  13. I agree with stubbypylon, Thomas,Wilcox & Dietz. I have a wall intercom manufactured by them.
  14. The intercom was originally nickel plating over brass, the intercom was manufactured around 1907.
  15. Manufactured by Kellogg Switchboard & Supply around 1916. Kellogg was founded by Milo G Kellogg in 1897, Highland Park, IL In the beginning they only manufactured Switchboard for the first three years...
  16. These are world War two ribbons, L to R American Campaign ribbon, Europe-Africa-middle East ribbon, Victory Ribbon WW2. all these ribbons came with medals.
  17. I like your lamps and telephone.
  18. Great service pin, very hard to find
  19. Thank you for the love PatSea
  20. Kydur, Thank you for your love
  21. I found this information on
  22. Your dad was in the submarine service, I believe served on the SS Stickleback in 1945/46
  23. Google Wheeler & Wilson sewing machines.
  24. Love those Vetts
  25. CindB, your welcome
  26. Thank you moonstonelover21
  27. Your non-dial Kellogg wall phone is referred to as a select-o-phone. it took up very little space in a garage or side of a desk. Other manufactures like Automatic Electric, Western Electric, Stromber...
  28. Edisonfan, Contact the Antique Telephone Collectors Association at quite a few collectors collect switchboards and or have switchboard catalogs. several photo would help ID your board.
  29. Manufactured by Western Electric for the American Tel & Tel Co. around 1925, but these candlesticks were still in use well into late 1940's. on the back of the perch it might be stamped 51 AL.
  30. Your wall phone was manufactured by Siemens & Halske of Germany around 1910. the dial was added later around 1930's. The value is hard to tell. more photo's would help
  31. Your intercom looks to be made in Europe, not sure of the date, but around 1912
  32. These older telephone directories are getting harder and harder to find, The 1893 is a good one to have.
  33. Windwalker ,When the Pacific Fleet was stationed in San Pedro,CA my dad for extra income was a bouncer at some of the most notorious bars in San Pedro. At one of the bars he had a knife pulled on him,...
  34. Sargeguy, Welcome to CW, very nice telephone company post card
  35. Very nice wall telephone.
  36. Very nice radio.
  37. Very nice restoral
  38. Great looking detail on this bike.
  39. Your payphone looks like a Western Electric manufactured around the late 1970's/1980's. the value is around $300.00. The custom made boothette was more than likely used in a upscale restaurant/hotel. ...
  40. Love the phone collection
  41. Your metal Western Electric 553 was manufactured from 1920-1930's. With the dial and the bull dog transmitter that yours has 1935.
  42. Thank you for your comment's Roycroftbooksfromme1 and ontphonetech
  43. Kurt, The Loeffler wall phone is not a common intercom, but some collectors like it in original condition like yours and some collectors like the intercoms restored. I have no comparison on eb...
  44. Thank you Kurt and phil
  45. Kurt, I posted some photo's of Loeffler phones. Tom
  46. The so called Loeffler-Phone was founded by Louis J.Loeffler in New York City in the year 1897. Loeffler Telephone Company manufactured wall and candlestick intercoms systems for the upscale apartmen...
  47. I have a book on telephone signs copyright 2010 by Bob Alexander, I quote "Public Telephone. This one features a nice little candlestick telephone. About 10" in diameter". $250.00-$300.00. Your sign ...
  48. A very nice public telephone sign, used on a phone booth by the Independent Telephone Companies (Non Bell). This sign would have be used between 1915 to 1930's
  49. Your kellogg wall phone was manufactured between 1908-1910. By 1908 the hookswitch was moved from the front near the door to the back of the phone. Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Co. of Chicago started...
  50. Thank you kerry10456
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