Port Townsend, WA

Have been collecting antique telephones since 1965, but I like all kinds of antiques and collectables, furniture, lamps, Coca-Cola, military uniforms, advertising.


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American Cheese & Coca-Cola - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Organ Stool - Furniturein Furniture
My 1970's Baume & Mercier watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1944 16" x 27" Coca-Cola Cardboard Sign With Gold Wood Frame - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
25 Finger Hole Dial Intercom - Telephonesin Telephones
S-W (Sure Winner) Green Trading Stamps - Stampsin Stamps
World War One Soldier - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Morris Minor cars in the Pacific Northwest - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
DeVeau Candlestick catalog - Telephonesin Telephones
 My grandfahter's WW1 Service Medal - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Real nice work, I have one of this DeVeau's in by collection.
  2. Field made Korean War Presidential Unit Citation, issued from 1951-1954
  3. Looks real nice
  4. 1970's Fantasy item according to Petretti's Coca-Cola price guide 12 edition.
  5. I don't think the seller will take 125.00 less, but will make a offer.
  6. The price tag is $200.00, I passed on the sign.
  7. Your intercoms were manufactured in the U.S. By Electric Utilities Company of New York City. Called the Metaphone in the U.S. and was patented in 1901. In Europe the intercom was called Paraphone and ...
  8. Thank you bythec3
  9. Thank you MyFavoriteTreasures
  10. I have a Upstate Telephone Corp. of New York sign.
  11. Thank you sugargirl
  12. Your Bell sign was used from 1939 to 1968
  13. Looks like one made by John Infurna
  14. Looks to me to be a Western Electric tandem, could use better photo's of the inside top box. The diagram was used inside a Sumter single box wall phone.
  15. Thank you for your love Nicefice
  16. Nice post card
  17. Nice original Western Electric 317
  18. Check my post for Adam shakers
  19. Your wall phone was made by Western Electric International & Nippon Electric Co. Ltd. Tokyo, Japan. The wall phone is tailored after the Western Electric US model type 293 produced after 1907.
  20. I like the old telephone directories from California. I have a 1909 Los Angeles City and County directory. It states they have 52, 257 telephones.
  21. Signaholic, saw you post, great story behind the organ. Tom
  22. Great story, nice old organ
  23. Your Zippo Lighter was patented by George Blaisdell on March 3, 1936. He assigned the patented to Zippo Mfg Co.
  24. Thank you SEAN68
  25. Very nice stool
  26. Some sign had manufacture's name, but many didn't. Bob Alexander's book called A Collector's Guide to Antique Porcelain Enamel Telephone Signs has oval Bell signs in his book. Your sign could has bee...
  27. Your candlestick telephone model T-350 was manufactured by TELKOM in Poland during the 1970's. Not a lot value around $75.00
  28. Nice and unusual Son in Service pin
  29. Thank you Nicefice
  30. Your shoulder patch was used by the 7th Air Force or the 7th Army Air Force during WW2
  31. Your Bell System sign was manufactured from 1921 to 1938. In 1921 the Bell System came up with a much simpler design and it was adopted by the Bell Companies all over the country. Your sign is referre...
  32. Thank you Beachbum58
  33. Thank you CokeKid-04
  34. Thank you SEAN68
  35. see ca95342 posting
  36. Thank you SpritBear
  37. Thank you Celiene
  38. Thank you Manikin
  39. Thank you Nicefice
  40. Nice original candlestick by Western Electric
  41. Your patch looks like the WW2 1942-1948 Navy Hospital Corpsman striker rate.
  42. Thanks for the education
  43. Your 1930's home subscriber apparatus GPO #20 was used by butlers and secretaries to transfer one telephone line to two extensions. This was provide by the General Post Office in the United Kingdom w...
  44. Your Western Electric non-dial type 202 is referred to as a oval base set set. The F-1 handset was the first capsule style transmitter. Manufactured by Western Electric for the Bell System around 1937.
  45. Thank you Nordicman32
  46. Thank you usedcarlady
  47. Thank you sanhardin
  48. Thank you aura
  49. Thank you usedcarlady
  50. Thank you Trey
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