Port Townsend, WA

Have been collecting antique telephones since 1965, but I like all kinds of antiques and collectables, furniture, lamps, Coca-Cola, military uniforms, advertising.


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  1. Love that place
  2. Western Electric space saver model 211 manufactured from 1930's to 1960's. designed to fit in tight spaces like a work bench. the light was used for visual ring instead of a bell.
  3. Whitman, do you know Ron Eaton who now lives in Bolder City, NV, he has quite a cap gun collection.
  4. The US Army patch was the old 95th Infantry Division shoulder patch used from WW1 up until 1939. The patch was redesigned to use the 9 & 5 (V).
  5. Your phone was manufactured by the Gray Telephone Pay Station Company of Hartford, Conn. The model is 23 J multi-coin post-payment station. This style of payphone with a handset was manufactured arou...
  6. I like the display
  7. Mike check my post for a copy of your candlesticks from a DeVeau catalog. Your candlesticks are using a Murdock Solid receiver, as where the catalog is displaying a watch case receivers. These two ca...
  8. You rope shaft candlestick intercoms were manufactured by DeVeau Telephone Manufacturing Company of Brooklyn, New York. Albert S DeVeau founded the company in 1892 and produced intercom wall and cand...
  9. Your design line telephone or known as Deco-Tel was manufactured by American Telecommunications Corp in the early 1970's
  10. Very nice redo
  11. David, I tried to email you information about the Ness switchboard, but it was returned. Thomas W Ness a Canadian inventor from Montreal had one patent filed in the US for a telephone switch, patent...
  12. Thank you Militarist and Trey
  13. Militarist, I posted the service medal
  14. I have one that was issued to my grandfather from the City of San Francisco, CA. on the front it says "San Francisco To Her Warrior Sons" 1919
  15. I was at the first festival got in on my friends newspaper reporter's pass. all I remember was it was dam hot. Thank heaven they provided sprinkler's to cool off.
  16. Your intercom is very complete value range 175.00 to 225.99
  17. It is made in America, your figure 8 intercom was manufactured by S H Couch of Quincy, Mass. The company was founded in 1894 and produced your intercom around 1908.
  18. Nice condition
  19. The Hotel Commodore built in 1923 your sign states it had 250 rooms by 1939 two more floors were added making the grand total of 300 rooms. My guess your sign is from the 1930's. When I was a young b...
  20. No Bell Telephone System had unmarked Bell paperweights, these paperweights were made by Fenton Art Glass Co. They were products between 1910 -1930
  21. Very nice sign
  22. You have a Western Electric Co. candlestick telephone with a Western Electric scissor gate bracket. commonly referred to as a railroad phone. Used in a railroad depot by a dispatcher. manufactured aro...
  23. Not all wall were marked with a model number, but it could be marked on the top of the backboard. Sears model number was 20 K 5500 and Chicago Telephone model number was 263 C 1001 price was $14.75 e...
  24. Your wall phone was manufactured by Chicago Telephone & Supply. The company was formed in Chicago in 1896. In 1902 they moved there operations to Elkhart, IN. Chicago Telephone Supply Co manufactured ...
  25. The intercom looks to be made in Europe, the New Brunswick Telephone Company may have purchased Kellogg transmitters for there phones. This is not uncommon for Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Co. to ma...
  26. Thank you for your love Uxbridgeite
  27. Your welcome, I was in the Army from 1961-1964, I was also a SP/4 Specialist fourth class.
  28. Manufactured by Western Electric for the Bell System around 1907. Used for small farm exchanges up to 10 lines. You missing the ten cord pairs that hang from the bottom. See my show and tell I have on...
  29. I believe your foot locker is newer then WW2. The rank of SP.4 Mulligan wasn't used by the Army until July 1, 1955. The drawing of the Armored Personnel Carrier M-113 wasn't used until 1962. The 108t...
  30. Your style of Kellogg wall phone was manufactured starting in 1929 up until 1949. The magneto is a Stromberg-Carlson which you can see the hole pattern doesn't match. Not uncommon to see another manu...
  31. Your gum ball machine was patented by Clarence S. Smith on Feb 9, 1926 patent number 1,572,090. The patented was assigned to Blue Bird Products Company.
  32. Your Vending Machine was patented by Alfred D Antoine & Albert Gilbert both from Wilmette, ILL. A patent # 1,627,547 was issued to both men on May 27, 1927 and they assigned the patent over to Advance...
  33. PCS 1402 was known as a submarine chaser sweeper. Built in 1944 by the Colberg Boat Works, Stockton, California. Commissioned on Jan 13, 1944, under Lt Henry E Taylor USNR. The ship Participated in t...
  34. Thank you Scottvez
  35. I still have mine
  36. also remember Blue Chip Stamps
  38. great looking radio
  39. High power transmission line three part 33-KV insulator.
  40. Your Western Electric type 302 made of thermo-plastic started appearing on the market in 1946. Early production (1936-1941) of the 302 were made of painted pot metal.
  41. First dial candlestick manufactured by Western Electric for the Bell System was produced around 1925. Yours appears to be a candlestick that was reproduction in the 1970's. more photo's would help.
  42. Your cardboard says twist off cap which was started in the early 1960's
  43. Great looking sign.
  44. I had two red doxies that lived to 14 & 16 years old. sure do miss them. I have the same type statue, but the doxie is setting up. Very realistic.
  45. Not a Kansas model they was manufactured around 1900, your candlestick was produced from 1905 up until 1928. yours has the later bakelite type transmitter.
  46. very nice and hard to find.
  47. I still have a P-38 issued during basic training at Fort Ord 1961
  48. Nice old wall phone, I had one like yours. I traded off a Strowger wall set to a guy in England for one of his Gower-Bell.
  49. I agree with stubbypylon, Thomas,Wilcox & Dietz. I have a wall intercom manufactured by them.
  50. The intercom was originally nickel plating over brass, the intercom was manufactured around 1907.
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