Indianapolis In.

Just like to mess around with model cars. And like to find odd things


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1963 Indy 500 stub - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
First Indy 500 1911 - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Mr. Peanut spoon - Advertisingin Advertising
Richard Nixon pin - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
Vintage Pot belly bank / key - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
Vintage Miniature AAA patrol sevice badge 
Chevrolet ID. badge - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Landon Turner Benefit Basketball Game - Basketballin Basketball
Colts v.s. Washington Redskins - Footballin Football
Indianapolis Colts v.s. The Jets - Footballin Football


  1. Killer indy web site
  2. I will be a the coke stage with a beer in hand!!!!!!
  3. Thank you officalfuel
  4. A killer site to see your car new.
  5. The Enola Gay droped " Little Boy" on Hiroshima. Then Bockscar droped "Fat Man" on Nagasaki.
  6. The second bomb was droped by Boxcar
  7. the entire movie
  8. That would be the City of Indianapolis sorry.
  9. Love the old lighters. My old docktor Frederick Rice was the cap. of the Spirit of Indianapolis a B29 bomber. He knew Paul Tibbet well and had a photo of the Enola Gay signed by Paul tibbet in his off...
  10. I have a friend that has a Sears that looks a lot like that.
  11. One of the darkest day's ever. I love The Beatles Look's like you do as well. My sister sold all of he Beatles stuff a few years. She also saw them live at River Front Stadium.
  12. You have an awesome collection.
  13. If I end up needing Helio Casroneves i will get it. you never know.
  14. The small bottle has 1,2,3 Mesurements on one side & 1.0 ,.5 & cc on the other. Found out the larger bottle is from around 1840's.
  15. Any idea what kind of value they have anyone?
  16. It's not a real SS just had a SS badge so I put it on the grill
  17. I have spoke to a NFL historian & he say's this game only seated 2200 people and this might be the only onein existance. He said it should be in Canton Hall of Fame.
  18. This tree captures that childhood feeling of Christmas I love it
  19. I watched the imploion of the Hoorier Dome live. You can watch too see the Lucas Oil Stadium in the background home of the Colts & Superbowl XLVI.
  20. One day at the track Rick Mears almost ran over me it a big Penske van.
  21. Any idea how old they are and what they are the bottoms of them are dented up like someone has used them to hammer somthing.
  22. Any idea what some of this suff is worth?
  23. Would anyone know about the value of this item. Or has anyone ever seen one like it?
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Roy cox Race car and gas tin German cross OLD INDY 500 CAR "You Will Shoot Your Eye Out" Military Lighters Most Are Zippo's Ringo Starr's used drumsticks... John Lennon autograph from 1964... 1st edition-New York Post-Dec. 9, 1980...


1969 Honda Dream All-access pass and souvenirs for the University of Minnesota vs South Dakota State University football game


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