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Nodder or "Trembler" hatpins - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Some of my favorite antique hatpins  - Victorian Erain Victorian Era


  1. What an interesting find. The date is certainly correct. The hatpin would date anywhere from 1890-1920. You could try polishing it up but I will say there isn't much value to the hatpin as-is. Loo...
  2. This is a hand blown piece of glass that was painted inside with a metallic mixture to make the glass appear as goldstone...Victorians were experts at faking materials. Overtime the mixture has pulle...
  3. There are stickpin holders available for displaying your pieces. Just be careful of you want authentic antique pieces because they are being reproduced. The repros sell for $5.00 to $15.00. They a...
  4. Your French plique-a-jour hatpin is STUNNING. You SHOULD regret not buying the other! If you ever feel like you don't want this anymore, contact me!!! Holly ;-)
  5. The nodder hatpins are pre-WWI; about 1905-1915 are dates that line up with the catalogues I have that feature them.
  6. I prefer enamel work as well...these are quite beautiful. I'd wear them!
  7. It is a hatpin but is also a modern-made hatpin. Antique hatpins were not constructed as this, with two ornaments stacked on a pinstem. The size though makes this useful today whereas a lot of the a...
  8. I also see some fake hatpins in the collection. The white frosted glass hatpin, the large metal setting with six petals with the art glass stone and the daisy with the pink stone are all "Billy-Bob" ...
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