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Ephemera is #1 on a long list of interests.In that category its postcards and photographs and I am collapsing shelves with those!!


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Photo Of=== TOT WITH GOOD SIZED TEDDY BEAR, STEIFF? c.1912 - Photographsin Photographs
What Kind Of Car Is This--Looks Like Scene between AZ and San Diego. - Photographsin Photographs
When You Went To The Beach To Bathe!  FUNNY  Sheet music, 1907 - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
What Ever Happened to the "SUGAR DADDY and how did it get the name?? - Advertisingin Advertising
WW1 "COME ON PAPA" 1918 "Papa Is In France in an old car, Cuddling  a Girl! - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
NOT ME!  I PROMISE.  I DIDN'T DO IT! ! ( c.1915) - Photographsin Photographs
EEEK!  KIDS THAT DID  NOT WANT THEIR PHOTO TAKEN!! - Photographsin Photographs
Photo c. 1912, MAN SMOKES WITH A CHEST FULL OF PRIZE RIBBONS. (FOR WHAT?) - Photographsin Photographs
 FOR FATHER'S DAY , "DADDY I WANT TO GO", WW1 Song - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia


  1. Still hoping for info on the car make and year. Are there 4 passengers plus a rumble seat riider?
  2. I do see many chairs made this way in my old photograph collection. They are just beautiful. The craftsmanship is impressive! Thanks for commenting. -Lois
  3. Thanks for taking a look! boysfarm brunswick blunderbuss2 Manikin
  4. Thanks for dropping by!!
  5. I suppose performed on the stage the girls were outfitted with clothes that glowed in those "black lights" and they could have had their lips glowing too. I didn't go to that play because Jake wasn't ...
  6. Rumble Seat??
  7. Excuse mistake in spelling--my last sentence...RADIUM GIRLS not Radion Girls.
  8. My grandson was in the drama dept. when this was performed a few years ago. At the time he was a behind the scenes worker, lighting, etc. Since then he has been in 5 plays as an actor with many cha...
  9. Many thanks! JImam kyratango vetraio50 blunderbuss2
  10. Charming!!
  11. Thanks! bijoucaillouvintage vetraio50 JImam Manikin freon boysfarm
  12. My thanks to fortapache brunswick. roddyq Manikin
  13. Thanks to vetraio50 fortapache brunswick Jimam blunderbuss2
  14. Thanks to the following! SEAN68 bijoucaillouvintage JImam fortapache blunderbuss2. SpiritBear Manikin brunswick
  15. It is just beautiful!!
  16. Any more hunches?
  17. Thanks to so many who love this!
  18. Those old drills.... traumatising for life!
  19. A work of art--really classy!
  20. Look at those details!!
  21. knocks me out!
  22. Read about the murder!!!-- and note that the ad says the winner( a picture of the enclosed entry ticket shown on the ad) gets a"Free Pass to Your Favorite Pro Sports Game". Pretty good prize!
  23. A woman shakes a fist because he hesitates saving the lady in the water drowning due to his jealous wife present at the beach Some lifeguard!!
  24. Cute! She needs a little dress.
  25. OH! That is a good one!!! I can giggle on that all day.
  26. My dad had a radio sales and repair shop in the 1940s (later TV sales and service) in Chicago. Sometimes people brought radios like this from an early time in for repair. He should have bought them!...
  27. Interesting! Made to look like an artifact I believe. I really think it is very nice!
  28. OH! Goody-- 3 for horses now. There must be something reaching us from the photo. Thanks for your vote PoliticalPinbacks!
  29. How a woman feels in the early stages of pregnancy. Would be funny in the office 0f an obstetrician as all the expectant woman can relate to this.--But unless a single guy had it in his bachelor cav...
  30. I loved the song!
  31. Thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye out!
  32. Has really good paint. We don't see these quite as often as we used to. Funny, I don't recall her holding a gumbo pot. My memory must be slipping!
  33. This is a AZO postcard but it is 1/2 inch smaller in the width than a regular postcard. This is 5 3/4 by 3. I posted a photo now of the back. I can't figure WHY this is smaller--I do have another this...
  34. Looks like a transfer to me.
  35. If the camera that took these type pictures was the kind that stood on a stand on the floor with the photographer's head covered with a large black cloth it is no wonder these kids looks so upset. I ...
  36. I just realized half of these photos are "undivided backs" which make them 8 to 10 years earlier than I thought they were! 1904-07 aprox. These kids are good looking babies and tots, the one with ...
  37. Thanks for taking a look! JImam valentino97 vetraio50 blunderbuss2 fortapache Manikin
  38. I made an error this is a real photo postcard in an unusual smaller size of an early era. I will post the back and measurement tomorrow.
  39. Are they recognized in the Mid-Century Modern Category??In today's market, how desirable are these "abstracts".( as well as the paintings that were popular in those decades.) Was it a fad? They ar...
  40. Kids hate photos!
  41. Any other suggestions on what is going on with this guy. He has a little attitude with his ciggy in the photo. I seldom see that.
  42. Mani--I can't believe you said that about horses!!t--When I first typed in I said "Looks like a horse owner!!! " Then I realized there are people here who are critical of "speculation." so I edited i...
  43. Collecting everyday kids and families has given me more fun than you can imagine. They do the darndest things . ( Just being themselves when not posed.) If I feel down in the dumps a quick look thru...
  44. Thanks fortapache!
  45. My daughter. grandaughter and grandson are commercial tellers(Ticket sales) at Turf Paradise and 'Off site betting"--all three at 3 different spots--My daughter's mother and father-in-law were always...
  46. Thank you! Vintagelamp
  47. Thank you, Vintagelamp!
  48. Gorgeous piece!!
  49. Appreciate the comment MALKEY! Thanks much!
  50. You must feel so "lucky" --a once in a lifetime find like we all dream about!!
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