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Artisan-made pottery... what?   - Native Americanin Native American
Can anyone ID this car make please? - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Western-theme divided plate - anyone know the maker? - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Cartoon hankies in a child's pop-up book!?!? - Booksin Books
Matched Hand-Painted Japan Vases - Need Info on Mark, Please - Asianin Asian
Recognize this Austrian mark on a child's brass/ceramic flatware set? - Kitchenin Kitchen
Rookwood vase sig-is this by Shiraymadani? - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Is this 1951 photo autographed? - Photographsin Photographs
Old folding Model-T mechanics' hood supports?   - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Very early "Bulls Eye" Catapult BB pistol in box - 1924 - Toysin Toys


  1. Hi Nics - assuming that your vase is not cracked and otherwise in good condition, yes - it has value. Rookwood is about the pinnacle of arts & crafts pottery and is always well-marked, if sometimes h...
  2. Wow, Tom.... I think you nailed it! I just added a web image above so everyone else can compare, too. The mould of the front fenders seems to confirm it. Thanks!!
  3. Very very nice, indeed. Hope we get to see more page examples when it gets back from the hospital!
  4. Ok, here is another view (there were two similar views we acquired). Does this help?
  5. I take your point, but I was hoping that the shape of the radiator would be sufficient to help the experts on here. This seems to be an enlargement of a snapshot and the detail is little better in ha...
  6. Wow, Dave! You're my new best friend! Very much appreciate the info!
  7. Wow! As it happens, this is the exact same book my wife bought over 40 years ago in a bookshop in Erie, PA! It was one of the first 'antique' things she ever bought! She still uses it for her in-ho...
  8. Never mind.... A bit more searching on turned up the mark with this notation: "104. Mark: Cherry Blossom in the shape of five "M". Mark sub-contracted to independent companies making...
  9. Still hoping someone can help.....
  10. Talk about yer Big Boy toys.....
  11. Looks more like a dinosaur fossil to me. Too heavy to be from a bird. Just kidding. I got nothin'.
  12. Thanks, lorensemail ~ This is the kind of assistance I hope for when I post here. VERY much appreciated! I'm not usually into what I call 'fou fou' stuff like this, but appreciate quality when I se...
  13. IMO, it is unlikely that you will be able to find any makers' information without some imprint to trace. There were many many makers of this utilitarian ware all over the country in the 19th C. and m...
  14. MINE THAT GOODWILL GOLD! Seriously - great find and a beautiful piece.
  15. PS - There still is a photo hiding above showing the signature, but the new photo added seems to have taken over the available space. Just click on the first icon.
  16. Thought I would add some info and a new pic in hopes of stimulating some additional response. Rookwood pottery is one of the easier choices for identification, with the flame marks around the RP init...
  17. Careful, G&L - you have contracted a serious disease which is almost impossible to cure.... lucky you.
  18. Would be interesting to see any marks that might be on the bottom, bon3. There are so many fakes on the market, I'm jittery about anything marked "Tiffany"...
  19. Just a guess here - a glass tubing cutter?
  20. Thanks for the love, folks.
  21. Thanks for all the info, marlonball! Now tell me how I can get one!
  22. This thread is outta control! I pulling up my pants and going home....
  23. - as we all knew you would be, blunderbuss2.... still 'inspecting' that signature VERY closely, I'm sure. Thanks for the love.
  24. Nah, BB2 - only what I read on the internet.... Its just that I couldn't shake the feeling that they were... something interesting. So I thought it was worth a shot. Lotsa knowhowhere as you and race...
  25. Thanks for the information. It lead me to this listing:
  26. No offense meant, but I think you can find similar items at Pier 1 Imports.
  27. My money is on a laundry table. Mount a hand-crank wringer in the middle with tubs on both sides - one for hand washing the clothes and the other to put the wrung-out garments in. I've got one that ...
  28. It appears to me to be a portable 'hitching post' for securing a horse/goat/dog or other critter. But that is just a guess.
  29. Thanks for the correct terminology on this tool. As mentioned, I can see no maker's mark. Is that unusual for a tool like this?
  30. Thanks for the love, folks. Still hoping for some input.
  31. J'adore l'amore ~ thanks
  32. Something about these floats says "turtles" to me. Folks who hunt 'em will do something similar now with modern plastic milk jugs ~ tie some line to the handle, put some bait on a hook and toss 'em...
  33. Just a guess here, but maybe the holes were to hold sticks of incense?
  34. What many younger folks may not realize is how indispensable these Polk directories are to historical & genealogical research. I was trying to trace the lost history of a small business back east th...
  35. Probably because it cost a month's wages for a working man back in the day - $50 in 1950!
  36. Can't speak directly to this, but will say that many years ago we came across an ozone generator that consisted of a long box with a blue neon tube thingy that sold in a New York second for a really g...
  37. Perhaps new eyes (and databases) are available to help with this ongoing mystery. Mucho danka for any assistance.
  38. Still hopeful of finding an answer to this mystery.
  39. Well, it appears we have achieved a consensus ~ many thanks for your assistance, tomtucker & harborguy.
  40. More than you know, racer.... more than you know. (grin)
  41. Many thanks Harborguy ~ that's a good start!
  42. Well, let's hope so! Thanks for the positive vibe.
  43. Still hoping to get some help with this identification.
  44. I just got an urge to fire up the video and re-watch "Midnight In The Gardne of Good & Evil". Wonder why?
  45. I'm not gonna say it *isn't* an ID badge, but I will say that it looks almost exactly like the old photobooth pics you could get for a quarter at Coney Island-style arcades back in the day. If it wer...
  46. Sure looks like the Boston, MA post office.
  47. And hello back 'atcha! It's always nice to be able to connect historical items back to present-day decendents. It's a huge part of what makes playing with this 'old stuff' so enjoyable. Thanks ...
  48. Just a gut feeling here, but it 'feels' like the kind of thing a cowboy hearding cattle to KC might have made at the 'end of the trail'. The gun is a nice touch. I'm not recommending opening it,...
  49. ... or you could give 'em to me..... (smile)
  50. They are obviously designed for cutting Sponge Bob's square pants. ;^)
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