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Im. Apparantly upside down.


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Old car tail light assembly. - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
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Child picture. - Photographsin Photographs
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  1. Yes i did get a bit over excited. Thought they were rare. Not as excited now. Thanks
  2. Just found some new ones on ebay. 850 for a new pair. Pity i didnt look after mine. Xa ford gt
  3. Wow! Draculas? Where did you get it?
  4. Beautiful!
  5. Its the difference in temperature between the beek and the tail. Just read if it runs out of water it will still move if you heat its tail with something. Check wikipedia on google.
  6. I realy love it!
  7. That would make sense as i had others which looked similar but were definitely photos stuck on. But this one appears to be printed or photographed directly onto the wood. Thanks.
  8. Thanks guys! I am on an ipad. Ill load it onto the pc. Save the pics. And twist them. A pain. But worth it.
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posted 2 years ago