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Im. Apparantly upside down. email.


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  1. thanks guys
  2. bit sexy for that old.
  3. that is sooo cool.
  4. dont know but isnt it fun when you find a marking to research. good luck. more fun when someone tells you what it is.
  5. now that is realy beautiful!
  6. love opals.
  7. might be right. my new wife 30 years. ex wifes new husband 3 years, still single.
  8. ive heard opal is bad luck. i bought the ex wife one for our engagement. ex.
  9. dodge brothers say it is a car badge. they were very helpful. said its a good item. funny as i only find badges with enamel on other sites. must be rare. cant find the exact car type.
  10. had one years ago, loved it. we used massage oil. still rememember cause it smelled of perfume. worked great. love love love them. wish we hadnt sold it . want another one.
  11. opened the bottom and found nobody could restore this. mice. its actually a battery operated one as it has a vibrator in it. to change 6 vdc to higher volts ac. ill post more pics of the inside as so...
  12. is it for sale?
  13. i want one! beautiful. seems to me old but not old fashion.
  14. love your valve sockets. something oddly appealing about valves lighting up. sort of like a car enthusiast. but different.
  15. not like!
  16. 50 cents. want to double your money! lol beautiful.
  17. wow rear wheel drive with diff. looks cool.
  18. great find. i love it that if you didnt find it , it may have stayed lost for eternity. be proud.
  19. wow. the left one close up is so colorful.
  20. thanks ho2cultcha. your most likely right. i note yours have rings on the top. its good to get any info. thanks.
  21. funny cause mine are of australian animals!?
  22. I have some of these. Find them on my page. i've asked what and where and nobody has said. thanks! i guess mine are the same.
  23. its beautiful.
  24. maybe you could convert it to an oscilliscope.
  25. o radar. missed that.
  26. it is an oscilliscope? love it. does it work?
  27. i would kill for one. i bought a tripple elephant one years ago for 250 dollars. crazy i know. broke it a week later. only wanted it for the globe. now i have the elephant base and no beautiful globe....
  28. absolutely gorgeous.
  29. i wish i had the pics (naughty) i took of my ex with one of these. memories. had to destroy them when i got married.
  30. ive put my email on my comments about myself blunderbuss2.thanks.
  31. what is the eye below the dial. is it an indicator valve for station acuracy?
  32. quite pleased with the quality of photo my silly ipad takes. i forgot to say the other side of them is completely blank. you guys are brilliant. i suppose the more you help us people identify things t...
  33. some of the best things are the fourth pic of nothing in particular because people only have three pics of their chosen treasure.
  34. wow! the closer you look the better it gets.
  35. no worries. looking at your colection so many classy objects. no junk. im in envy.
  36. that is georgeous!
  37. love that people add funny diferent things when they only have three pics of their item. after all this site is for shareing things you like. catagor could be animals for the animals.
  38. i tried so hard to make a clay copy for the roof but as you can see it didnt like the kiln. also my first clay model.
  39. wish they would make cars like that still. beautiful. you could shine the chrome and polish the panels. i just bought a new toyota 86 gt as it was the only thing i could afford with even the slightest...
  40. i used to love making amps when i was around 15. now i can afford to i cant buy the parts as many of them arent procurable, very sad. spose i could buy them made and disassemble the and rebuild. not t...
  41. sorry never seen one before. thanks for posting inside.
  42. where did you get it?
  43. thanks riply206. and others for your comments. i have so many other unknown things ive found it makes me want to post them. its a great site, lots of people with similar inquisitive intrests. love i...
  44. cant see how to put my email on my profile. it says email not public, any ideas.
  45. the inside of these amps is always betterlooking to us old tube fanatics.
  46. they made good stuff that year. including me.
  47. nudes would fill the empty space better.
  48. nudes would fill the empty space better.
  49. why isnt there a dont like. lol
  50. Wow Osmarty. I just posted it as a car part because I couldn't think of any other thing but a brand. Never really thought it would be. Now I've got a new search to do to find the car. Love this site. ...
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