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Victoria australia

Im. Apparantly upside down.


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Op shop silver shell server. - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
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  1. Wow Osmarty. I just posted it as a car part because I couldn't think of any other thing but a brand. Never really thought it would be. Now I've got a new search to do to find the car. Love this site. ...
  2. No way youll get any likes. Only loves!
  3. Thanks kyratango. Thatll be it. Perfect.
  4. Just curios how much it cost you?
  5. Thanks ladysalt. Youse guys are great.
  6. phildavisalexandermorris. ive put extra pics of the death mirror to show its size.
  7. Love it. Ive been searching for a large one to put out near the pool for ages.
  8. Thanks heaps solver. Still a good pickup. Your link was brilliant. Theres also a small stamped 4 near the other marks. Any ideas?
  9. Yes i did get a bit over excited. Thought they were rare. Not as excited now. Thanks
  10. Just found some new ones on ebay. 850 for a new pair. Pity i didnt look after mine. Xa ford gt
  11. Wow! Draculas? Where did you get it?
  12. Beautiful!
  13. Its the difference in temperature between the beek and the tail. Just read if it runs out of water it will still move if you heat its tail with something. Check wikipedia on google.
  14. I realy love it!
  15. That would make sense as i had others which looked similar but were definitely photos stuck on. But this one appears to be printed or photographed directly onto the wood. Thanks.
  16. Thanks guys! I am on an ipad. Ill load it onto the pc. Save the pics. And twist them. A pain. But worth it.
  17. I am trying. I even post them again up the other way and they are automaticly turned upside down! I have asked collectors weekly and am waiting for an answer. It annoys the crap out of me too.
  18. I would put pics up the right way if i could. There is no way i can find to turn them. When i put them they are automaticly turned.
  19. I found one in the dirt in bendigo. Says amp assets 31,000,000 pounds. I wiil put a pic up.
  20. I thought it might be just a speaker unfortunately. Like to see inside.
  21. Was there a body near?
  22. I forgot to mention that the shirt and pants hangers come rolling out at you when you open the door. Thats why its called a ghost i suppose.
  23. Could be stamps. Never thought of that. One is flat though.
  24. I think its a drum. Because the snake skin is stretched and it makes a small drum sound when you tap it. Might be wrong?
  25. Put more pics to show why i think there wir wound. The wire seems to end at their butts. Aboriginal?
  26. Cant believe you would ever think throw it out. Give it to a radio museum.
  27. Think its valuable. Not for sale.
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posted 3 years ago