Victoria australia

Im. Apparantly upside down. email.


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  1. i thought that. but its handy to know from a collector. efesgirl. thanks.
  2. i know her.
  3. want one too!
  4. they have been folded together for decades i think. will look great flattened out and framed. will re post when done.
  5. will frame them for sure. thanks kyratango.
  6. o its on the bottom. still interesting.
  7. how would they write on the inside? very interesting.
  8. just looked up taman shud on google. very interesting. spooky. In adelaide australia. a dead body was found with a small piece of paper torn from a book with taman shud writen on it. apparantly it me...
  9. i do wonder if its a first edition as the comment on the first page about H.R.H. princess mary being happy to accept a first edition of this book would suggest that this possibly couldn't be a first e...
  10. yep i looked up a 116a on ebay, ruby lane. beautiful face!
  11. i havnt asked the extended family if they have the other doll. i will. someones daughter may have it and not realise its value as we have the certificate. they may just think its a junky old doll. il...
  12. thanks manikin. especially for the bit about touching the cloths. i can now put a note that shes a dolly face in her box. and thanks also chinaheads. i dont know if its kestner as the writing is not v...
  13. she has pierced ears with earings. her body is all porcelin.
  14. only mark on back of head is a 5. i have a valuation certificate at 1200 dollars says unknown german? kessmer. approx 1885. they too were impressed. they said absolutely top class doll with excepti...
  15. and marysville was almost destroyed by fire recently.
  16. her eyes close when she lies down.
  17. says swiss made.
  18. it has many scratchings of numbers but so tiny i need a better magnifying glass. will get one
  19. yep. for sure. that must be it. saw more similar on google. thanks guys!
  20. he's got a naked girl on his face. omg
  21. some would say it is trash, trashy. i love it.
  22. so cool. what did you pay? love the hinge idea.
  23. wow. so cool. should be worth lots. not exactly common.
  24. try it on someone you dont like.
  25. ok im trying to turn them up the right way. will when i can copy them to my pc. usually works. sorry!
  26. yep victoria australia. geday mate.
  27. wow. cool thing.
  28. where is your desk?p
  29. i dont have a bottle with a dancer in it! i want one. doh.
  30. i think your right vetraio50. after looking up some porcelain pics. thanks.
  31. thanks scott. does look old as.
  32. it is on glass.
  33. yep i think maybe mother and daughter. i have hundreds of old slides to look through. my wife says she thinks they are the same person. we will see. i hope.
  34. pretty sure she would have been born in england. but thanks antiquerose
  35. hair parted on opposite side might be a clue.
  36. marion drury. mother. writen on the back.
  37. looks like iydia. ?
  38. i wasnt realy interested in my family tree untill i found this pic. sue had a family tree made. cant wait to get a copy now. have other pics ill put up soon.
  39. thanks for the help especially racer4four
  40. clearing out mysisters house my wife found this photo and packed it with some miniatures as it was small and gave it to the lady to recieve the miniatures. is would have been lost to her if she didnt...
  41. thanks guys
  42. bit sexy for that old.
  43. that is sooo cool.
  44. dont know but isnt it fun when you find a marking to research. good luck. more fun when someone tells you what it is.
  45. now that is realy beautiful!
  46. dodge brothers say it is a car badge. they were very helpful. said its a good item. funny as i only find badges with enamel on other sites. must be rare. cant find the exact car type.
  47. had one years ago, loved it. we used massage oil. still rememember cause it smelled of perfume. worked great. love love love them. wish we hadnt sold it . want another one.
  48. opened the bottom and found nobody could restore this. mice. its actually a battery operated one as it has a vibrator in it. to change 6 vdc to higher volts ac. ill post more pics of the inside as so...
  49. is it for sale?
  50. i want one! beautiful. seems to me old but not old fashion.
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