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CIRO Bird in the Nest Brooch with Genuine Pearl Eggs - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Large Pot Metal & Rhinestone Flower Spray Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
14k Gold Ring c1970 with a Lab Ruby - UV Test Illustrated - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Salt Water Test for Amber Necklace - It Floats! - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage Bakelite Bead Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sarah Coventry Earrings - Unusual Stone - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Arts & Crafts Germany Sterling Silver Onyx or Chrysoprase Ring - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
A Massive Modernist Sterling Silver and Amber Pin - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Large Rose Gold Plated Sword & Shield Brooch with rhinestones c.1940s Retro - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Antique Three Horseshoe-Shaped Amethyst Glass Stone Pin, probably Czech - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. It's not a bracelet but a ring handle, like from a door knocker.
  2. We've all done that, so don't despair - your next find may be a super score!
  3. Lamplover, did you mean to write 585 for 14k or 625 for 15k? This ring is certainly 925 silver, from around 2000.
  4. lentilka, it was $8. At a large flea market, prices for similar items can vary tremendously but one can usually find a good deal if one looks long enough. It has some missing and darkened rhinestone...
  5. Ciro was known for its cultured pearl jewelry, so that could explain the use of genuine pearls, sort of a trademark.
  6. It could be plated copper or brass or a nickel alloy. They are very attractive.
  7. I see. In the US some appraisers charge a percentage but others charge by the hour. I agree that earning a percentage of the item value may be an incentive for some to jack up the declared value. I...
  8. It's actually a prayer box; it has different names in different Asian cultures and is made to carry a scroll with a sacred text or a prayer or even a small reliquary.
  9. You can choose to have it professionally tested/appraised, not just looked at. If it's antique platinum, it would be well worth it. Or choose to do nothing and it'll stay what you believe it to be. ...
  10. The designer really went out on a limb here - a cat covered with ... pearls! Very unusual, I've never seen one before.
  11. At the risk of getting you upset I stand by what I said earlier about the pendant (without seeing the diamonds up close). But I seem to be dissenting from the majority (not counting the folks who are...
  12. I gave a link to just one example of the earring backs being sold today but there are many more and you may be able to find the exact match.
  13. I'm sure you can find a matching ring easily - many old jewelry dies are now being used to manufacture exact reproductions. The maker discloses that they are remakes but as they find their way to the...
  14. Your set is NOT Russian imho. As for the copal/amber, please see the post I've put up hoping you find it helpful:
  15. Another bruiser!
  16. On the issue of rubies, I posted a pic of a UV test here and hope you find it helpful:
  17. Thank you for posting this, it's very educational for beginning collectors to see examples of reproductions. I wish there was a Repro category on CW for antique fine and costume jewelry where we cou...
  18. or Austria?
  19. These are very sweet. The design looks sort of like what was popular in 1990s in the Eastern Europe, I wonder if the earrings could be Czech or Polish or some place nearby?
  20. This style was made by more than one manufacturer and small retail stores would order them from catalogs in a variety of colors. They are most definitely glass unless the setting is gold, and your do...
  21. To be fair, you are not wrong, those backs are called screw backs for studs or post earrings and they are still being sold (e.g.,
  22. I was responding to your original posting before it was edited.
  23. Did the sawdust have any binding in it, like glue or epoxy?
  24. And this is a page from 1917-1919 catalog (same website) featuring rings in a similar design: and a ring they date c1910: http:/...
  25. Here's a catalog page from 1887-1889 (courtesy of Morning Glory Antiques) featuring designs somewhat similar to your diamond brooch:
  26. Here's a page from a 1927 catalogue from the morning glory antiques site featuring rings in a similar design:
  27. The clips on your small earrings are in a very recent style. They were possibly bought as settings at a craft / bead store and then the button pearls were added. Since you've checked them and they ar...
  28. I suggest taking a closer look at the beads. Your necklace could be made with authentic handmade Peking /Canton glass beads if: 1. holes are large enough to let a silk cord through (right now brass...
  29. That was very noble of you. Have it tested though, it's possible that the lady knew something you didn't.
  30. This style dates from around 1910.
  31. They could very well be you grandfather's; they date from early 20th century.
  32. Thank you for sharing!
  33. Screw back earrings do not require pierced ears: they sort of clip on like a small vise.
  34. I'm confused about the earrings: you call them screw back type but they look like pierced earrings on the photo, with a screw-on nut. Btw, this style of nut often indicates an earlier piece, first p...
  35. I don't see any signs that the ring is handmade - it looks like a casting.
  36. Your diamond brooch may date from around 1910, I'm not sure if it's purely decorative or carries some heraldic meaning; you may want to research that. The other brooch could be heraldic if you manage...
  37. They look huge next to a quarter! The stones must be really thin for them not to pull your ears off.
  38. Very nice work on the buckle! Would love to hear more about your experiences at that jewelry store: how you started, any training, what kind of jobs you had to do etc. I bet there are many stories t...
  39. Usually, a convex back indicates early Victorian or even Georgian period but I'm not sure what to make of your brooch. It may have had some work done on it. The face may have been blank originally, a...
  40. Yes, made in Italy.
  41. They are earrings. Those backs were originally encased in cushy plastic that is no longer there.
  42. I can't quite tell from the photo, is the back of the brooch flat or convex?
  43. Your first holder features Queen Louise of Prussia. It's inspired by the portrait by Gustav Karl Ludwig Richter and was a very popular design produced (with various level of skill) by many porcelain ...
  44. A lovely collection!
  45. Your pin could be made from "walrus ivory" or perhaps mammoth ivory. It's not one of the cheap mass produced tourist pieces, given that the pin is inserted into a hole carefully drilled into the piec...
  46. Beautiful pieces!
  47. You probably know that already but others may also be interested to know that this design is often called "snake eye".
  48. Nothing wrong with it being adjustable if it's a watch chain or a muff chain. I don't see a clasp, and the pullover style would slide around and could be easier to loose, so the slide keeps it center...
  49. lentilka, your cute tree is a very recent recreation made most likely in Czech Republic and possibly from old components. Congrats on receiving the Moro book - with only a couple of minor errors it's...
  50. A very nice find! It reminds me of the chain bracelets that Agram.m shared in the past. Hope she can stop by and comment.
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