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Mexican? Sterling Silver Amber Mosaic Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Jet Black Carved Brooch and Bracelet With Rhinestones - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Domed Rhinestone Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Ancient Bronze Ring - What was its purpose? Money?  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Large Vintage Carved Lucite & Rhinestones Critter Pin (unmarked) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Huge Lucite or Plexiglas Pendant With Silver & Enamel Landscape - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
A Faux Turquoise Hobe Dragonfly pin - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
A Vintage Goldtone Faux Turquoise Cabochon & Rhinestone Swan Pin - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Celtic Silver Kilt ? Pin with Marcasite & Amethyst or Glass Rhinestones - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Arts & Crafts ? Style Silver Carnelian Bracelet Italy 1935-1944 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Does not look like silver; and it's been already tested by someone: note the scratch marks on the underside of clasp.
  2. I wouldn't be able to resist it, either.
  3. You could be right, Valentino! I pulled out my Bakelite book (by Wassertrom & Pina) and found items carved with identical "dots" on pp.141-142. And just the other day I caught a glimpse of some Bakeli...
  4. It would be very useful to see the backs of the pieces and the necklace clasp; please add more photos and I'm sure someone will be able to help.
  5. Looking at how it's put together, it does not seem to be very old. We might be able to tell you more given a chance to see the back of the necklace and the clasp.
  6. The mark looks to me more like 575, rather than 925. Wishful thinking on my part?
  7. I've read somewhere that young children used to be employed to thread those tiny beads with their small nimble fingers and good eyesight.
  8. I think Boucher called them Earrite.
  9. Makes me wonder what "very old" means to a company producing several collections a year? The necklace doesn't look older than 10-15 years to me.
  10. Bluboi, yes, isn't it amazing! I have to say, when you posted your earrings, I recognized them right away and thought, "Well, Bluboi, unable to resist collecting fever, has stooped to museum robbery"...
  11. blunderbuss2, it will be our secret ;). I've always suspected you were akin to an onion (if you get my Shrek reference).
  12. It's Moroccan or Bedouin or someplace around there and not very old, it probably came off a tribal style necklace.
  13. The green inserts are likely glass made to resemble chrysoprase. The cut is too unusual for it to be a genuine stone in that type of jewelry, imho.
  14. The bead looks very much like those in used multi-gem necklaces from India.
  15. Thanks everyone for your guesses (blood-curdling and otherwise). Please keep them coming!
  16. Beautiful! #2 and #3 look so similar to the ones in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, I can't help but wonder if they were made by the same artist:
  17. You don't say what material it is made of: if it's cold and heavy like a stone (it looks like stone in the photos), than it could be jade, nephrite, or another similar stone. The floral carving is l...
  18. Could it be of European origin done in the "Oriental style"?
  19. This style was popular around 1900-1910.
  20. Great find! Love the enameling on back!
  21. Sorry, that was a bad link in #5. Here is another one:
  22. And this website illustrates the process of decorating traditional metal trays and could presumably be used on smaller items like pin #2. The text is in Russian but the photos help convey a general i...
  23. Could we see the back of brooch #2? If it's lightweight, it could be mother-of-pearl painted over with oil paints and lacquered. This English-language website provides a brief description and exam...
  24. It is a Russian silver filigree bracelet, manufactured during the Soviet time. The first mark is the factory code, 915 should be silver grade, if you're sure it's not 925, then just a bit under sterli...
  25. It sort of reminds me of Swiss enameled pieces but I've never seen one like yours.
  26. If those beautiful "rays of light" in the picture are not painted but instead are the engine-turned metal surface, than it's fair to call the technique "guilloche". The only difference from the tradi...
  27. Thank you!
  28. Thank you.
  29. Thank you all!
  30. Thank you all!
  31. Best of luck in your research - hope you'll solve this mystery. Keep us posted.
  32. Could be silverplated over base metal (white metal or brass).
  33. Hard to tell from photos. The box walls seem too thick to be celluloid; perhaps meerschaum with some kind of iridescent coating? I'm just guessing. Does anyone know if celluloid can be applied to ...
  34. It resembles Hobe filigree jewelry from 1950 but the construction is different.
  35. It seems to be put together from several different pieces that did not start their life together, so your instinct about the clasp is correct.
  36. Thans for correcting, Bluboi; green demantoid garnets was what I meant; naturally, almandine garnets are the wrong color.
  37. It seems to have a mark on the back of the bow, can you get a close up photo? If it turns out to be Russian, those green stones may be almandine garnets, which are much more valuable than peridots.
  38. Maybe this:
  39. It can be used as pendant on a chain or as a charm on a bracelet.
  40. Have them tested for gold/precious metals. You didn't show the back and the pics are too blurry to tell but from what I see, it's worth trying.
  41. I see the Cyrillic font didn't go through, those question marks were supposed to be spelling "Caucasus".
  42. The Caucasus resort towns were popular vacation places at the turn of the 20th century due to climate, air, and mineral springs, and resort visitors would buy souvenirs made in traditional styles to ...
  43. Do I see a Charles Horner in there?
  44. Agram, it's not Russian, but Middle Eastern, most likely; please see a similarly decorated bracelet posted by Peasejean55 a few months ago:
  45. Thanks for the info, kyra!
  46. They wore cufflinks back then?
  47. A very nice costume piece. Note the pointy glass stones - could it be Schreiner?
  48. I'd say definitely not older than 1920-30, maybe even a few decades later but good quality.
  49. Many of your beads are jasper.
  50. I've seen similar bracelets sold at local ethnic shops, made in Afganistan.
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