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Arts & Crafts Germany Sterling Silver Onyx or Chrysoprase Ring - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
A Massive Modernist Sterling Silver and Amber Pin - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Large Rose Gold Plated Sword & Shield Brooch with rhinestones c.1940s Retro - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Antique Three Horseshoe-Shaped Amethyst Glass Stone Pin, probably Czech - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Antique Arts & Crafts Style Sterling Silver & Blue Stone Brooch Germany - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Large Florenza Givre Glass & Enamel Maltese Cross Pendant Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Mexican? Sterling Silver Amber Mosaic Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Jet Black Carved Brooch and Bracelet With Rhinestones - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Domed Rhinestone Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Ancient Bronze Ring - What was its purpose? Money?  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. What does the little mark near the hinge say?
  2. Perhaps it's meant to be worn high on the arm, above the elbow?
  3. Val, I think I see a hinge in photo #3
  4. Valentino is right, it's a napkin ring.
  5. Very good design, thanks for sharing.
  6. It looks very much like a Peugeot Auto emblem,
  7. Thank you, all!
  8. Lovely pieces. Those little florets on the settings are often called "cannetille".
  9. Many vintage buttons from that period consist of two parts where one is inserted into the other, with the background piece more plain and the top piece more decorative or simply contrasting in some wa...
  10. A very pretty ivory brooch! It has a Chinese look.
  11. It was most popular in 1960s-80s, I think and your necklace would probably date from 1960s or 70s.
  12. The stones are more likely to be green onyx.
  13. It's very unusual. I'd vote for Austria as the place of origin.
  14. The word spells out KAVKAZ' for the Caucasus mountains, a popular Russian resort area at the time. Your bracelet is Niello silver (the name for the technique for that black ornament). The marks woul...
  15. This kind of sizing is done when a person has large knuckles; plain resizing to the actual finger size would make it impossible to put on over the knuckle.
  16. You are so right about damage on Matisse bracelets - I have two like yours in mottled green and almost half of the enamel is gone. I'm saving those to practice "kyratizing" on them some day.
  17. It may be from Deelish Jewelry.
  18. Yes, a beautiful vintage mother-of-pearl necklace with a carved star pendant. Great photos, too.
  19. Great job repairing! The egg itself may have marks on the band or the little loop bail.
  20. Yes, it's amazing, isn't it! And even today there are craftsmen who are able to work on a r_e_a_l_l_y small scale; check out this gold and enamel manicure set set out on a ...... poppy seed!!: http...
  21. Glad you've solved that. It could be an experimental or home crafts piece. The detail and quality cannot compare with Winograd's work but it is a curious piece. Thanks for sharing!
  22. After zooming on the photos, I take back the paint theory; it looks more like metal foil and to me, supports the notion of the material being a resin. I would suggest doing a Bakelite test on it, jus...
  23. It would be very unusual (I even dare say, unheard of) to find silverplate over carnelian or lava. Could it be resin / epoxy painted with silver paint?
  24. I think I see grape leaves and clusters, in that case it would be a Bacchante, a priestess of Bacchus.
  25. I've seen this pattern on cigarette cases from around 1900. Have you checked the ring over closely to see if there is a small mark on the inside?
  26. They remind me of rockets.
  27. A beautiful painting! Your great-grandmother was a gorgeous woman.
  28. Will be sure to try and find them next time I travel, thanks.
  29. An identical bracelet was published in Collectible Costume Jewelry by Cherri Simmonds (1997). It is listed on p.78 as signed by Jomaz "rhodium-plated Deco-style bracelet" (the earrings in the photo a...
  30. When I was in Turkey 15 years ago, I haven't spotted any charity shops. Is that a new thing for that country or was I not looking hard enough?
  31. What a beautiful collection and great presentation, too! I'd love to see all your BI pieces laid out chronologically, say from earliest to the latest (with perhaps a separate section of those not 100...
  32. It's brass, no precious metal here.
  33. It's about 2 3/4" long.
  34. Your bracelet could be by Friedrich Speidel from Pforzheim.
  35. Its shape looks more like a decoration used in a Catholic church than a piece of jewelry (maybe part of a lighting fixture, a candle holder etc.). It would make an interesting bracelet, though.
  36. In the meantime, adding a couple of good photos of the back and side as well as some reference to its size would be helpful for identification.
  37. Special indeed! Thanks for sharing!
  38. It's their loss. I love the ring and the story! Can you tell us a bit more on how it was made? Did I understand correctly that your friend had an idea for the design and then asked someone to cast ...
  39. She is complimenting the person who first provided the ID for your set (the member's name has " nuts" in it.
  40. It seems to be signed on one end of the ribbon, can you read it?
  41. I didn't mean it looked like that Boo. Boo! is what cartoon ghosts often say when they jump out to scare someone.
  42. The back of the piece has a shape resembling a cute cartoon ghost saying Boo! Am I right?
  43. They are certainly unique! Thanks for sharing!
  44. There was a German maker with those initials, worked through at least 1980s, can't remember the name now.
  45. The photos are too blurry to see. You may want to try and take a photo through the magnifying glass. Some phones have a good camera with a zoom, that may do the trick; just remember not to hold the ...
  46. It looks like the hallmark for the city of Rome: two keys forming an X and an arrow pointing up in the middle.
  47. I may have to get the book at some point. In the meantime, have you seen this?
  48. Got it, thank you! The company history offers only one tiny paragraph about glass but it's a start. I have a set of WMF knives and this info may be useful for dating them. Thanks again.
  49. My first thought was Selro (especially when I looked at the connectors), most of their bracelets had heavier cast metal links but they also made some lightweight jewelry with filigree backs. Several ...
  50. The design of the flower has a distinct 60s-80s look. Your grandma could be putting away things at any time during her life, not just when she was young, right? And sadly, we may never find out its ...
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