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Large Florenza Givre Glass & Enamel Maltese Cross Pendant Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Mexican? Sterling Silver Amber Mosaic Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Jet Black Carved Brooch and Bracelet With Rhinestones - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Domed Rhinestone Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Ancient Bronze Ring - What was its purpose? Money?  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Large Vintage Carved Lucite & Rhinestones Critter Pin (unmarked) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Huge Lucite or Plexiglas Pendant With Silver & Enamel Landscape - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
A Faux Turquoise Hobe Dragonfly pin - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
A Vintage Goldtone Faux Turquoise Cabochon & Rhinestone Swan Pin - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Celtic Silver Kilt ? Pin with Marcasite & Amethyst or Glass Rhinestones - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Special indeed! Thanks for sharing!
  2. It's their loss. I love the ring and the story! Can you tell us a bit more on how it was made? Did I understand correctly that your friend had an idea for the design and then asked someone to cast ...
  3. She is complimenting the person who first provided the ID for your set (the member's name has " nuts" in it.
  4. It seems to be signed on one end of the ribbon, can you read it?
  5. I didn't mean it looked like that Boo. Boo! is what cartoon ghosts often say when they jump out to scare someone.
  6. The back of the piece has a shape resembling a cute cartoon ghost saying Boo! Am I right?
  7. They are certainly unique! Thanks for sharing!
  8. There was a German maker with those initials, worked through at least 1980s, can't remember the name now.
  9. The photos are too blurry to see. You may want to try and take a photo through the magnifying glass. Some phones have a good camera with a zoom, that may do the trick; just remember not to hold the ...
  10. It looks like the hallmark for the city of Rome: two keys forming an X and an arrow pointing up in the middle.
  11. I may have to get the book at some point. In the meantime, have you seen this?
  12. Got it, thank you! The company history offers only one tiny paragraph about glass but it's a start. I have a set of WMF knives and this info may be useful for dating them. Thanks again.
  13. My first thought was Selro (especially when I looked at the connectors), most of their bracelets had heavier cast metal links but they also made some lightweight jewelry with filigree backs. Several ...
  14. The design of the flower has a distinct 60s-80s look. Your grandma could be putting away things at any time during her life, not just when she was young, right? And sadly, we may never find out its ...
  15. You're right, I see it now.
  16. It's unlikely that the letters are someone's initials. It's probably a name of a place (like a resort town) or (less likely) an acronym for an organization or say, a conference. As for the age, it c...
  17. This one looks Russian to me; Metal embossing was a popular craft in the Caucasus region (Armenia, Georgia). I wonder if it might be a gift/presentation box for a bottle of local brandy (if the size ...
  18. Could the second mark be "ster" for sterling?
  19. The setting is stamped "silver" on back. The stones could be citrine, topaz, or glass.
  20. I think I see a Pegasus to the left of the mark, then it would date about 1945-1955.
  21. It's probably made by the company called 1928. They specialize in vintage style costume jewelry and can be found at Macy's among other places.
  22. I look forward to learning more.
  23. Would a German company have the word "sterling" on it?
  24. You didn't give the dimensions but it your instinct could be right - it may be a (part of a) decorative object, for example, a candle holder
  25. I think it looks more like a half of a buckle converted in to a brooch.
  26. I don't think it's very old, 10-25 years max. It seems to be well made and could have been retailed by one of the better stores or through a site like QVC.
  27. Yes, definitely glass. It's missing not only the clasp but several links, too. I like the delicate settings.
  28. I think I've seen that "font" on Middle Eastern silver (I'm not familiar with the amphora mark); I'd suggest looking into Egypt and Turkey first, then possibly India.
  29. Mexico? Adobe houses with no visible roof and stepping lines alluding to Mayan architecture?
  30. It looks Middle Eastern - Egypt, Morocco, or somewhere around there. India also makes lots of wooden boxes with metal decoration.
  31. Look into Schreiner jewelry. This is a very pretty pin, too bad one of the florets seems to be missing.
  32. Look into modern Russian, Polish or Baltic marks for the ring.
  33. I think it could be a variation of the Dragon's Breath glass beads; pretty and unusual.
  34. Are the dangling chains glued on or soldered to the back (the photo is a bit blurry)?
  35. Cool find! Where's the beach? (Europe? USA?)
  36. My guess would be 1940s at the earliest but could be as late as 1970s, likely somewhere in between.
  37. Beautiful necklace! The beads look like they may be good quality Swarovski crystals.
  38. The brushed finish and edge treatment reminds me of BSK. They made a few big and bold Cleopatra style necklaces.
  39. The ivory color beads at least don't look like coral.
  40. This pin is Russian, could be celluloid or other plastic. It looks hand-painted and good quality. Hard to tell how old it is, possibly 1960s-80, but could be a later artisan piece from a craft fair.
  41. You're right, it's recent manufacture imho. There are several companies in the USA and Europe that make good quality reproductions or antique style jewelry. The pieces may be marked on bale, on chai...
  42. I think it's unlikely the bracelet is Russian: a snake was not a popular motif in Russian jewelry (my guess is that due to its association with sin and man's expulsion from Eden, the Orthodox church w...
  43. Is there a source you would recommend for learning more about WFM?
  44. You are probably right about it being horn or tusk (shell is also a possibility). It's a very clever design, and it may have been made by a beginning or hobby artist with a big potential. I'd hold o...
  45. The style makes me wonder if the brooch could have been made of two old (Victorian/Georgian?) silver pieces (clips/part of a bracelet?) put together and decorated with the beautiful glass centerpiece?
  46. Kenneth J. Lane comes to mind.
  47. Small pliers will work best.
  48. Tight clips problem is easy to repair: use small pliers (preferably with rubber covered tips to avoid scratching, or wrap the ends with sticky tape) and gently bend the stationary part of the clip awa...
  49. Please keep us posted!
  50. Thank you, kiwipaul, for sharing your knowledge about opals. Look forward to seeing more of your posts.
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