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I inherited the packrat gene from my mother, but have no idea where the collecting gene came from! As an Aries, I quickly embrace new interests and then move on, soI inherited the packrat gene from my mother, but have no idea where the collecting gene came from! As an Aries, I quickly embrace new interests and then move on, so my collections cover a huge range of stuff. I love the history associated with things from the past. Antique jewelry is my passion, though for a while costume jewelry ruled my life. After writing a book on Miriam Haskell, I realized how wide and deep the world of shiny little objects is, so have embraced it with a passion! (Read more)


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Glasgow School of Art pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Georgian Torpedo Earrings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Victorian Mourning Pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Wiener Werkstätte Micro-Beaded Necklaces Circa 1910-1920 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
3 Wonderful Shakudo Buttons - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Memorial Hair Bracelet -- Chatsworth Aug 10, 1887 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Moshe Oved Lamb Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Ivory / gold/ silver cherub necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Carved moonstone and guilloché enamel pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Agnus Dei Pomander Pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Thank you Racer. The stone colors are unusual. Watching the Indy 500 this weekend?
  2. Thanks Davy and Kyra. Basse-taille didn't seem correct but was the only other type that seemed even close. Guilloche it is!
  3. Thanks Zothho! No, I don't have a store; I mostly collect and sell things every now and then.
  4. Hi Kyra, Great work! Wonder if this was a hair ornament and it was screwed into a comb (which had a separate screw-on fitting)?
  5. LOVE the bats!!! And the beastie!!
  6. Jean, when you get the beads, take them to your local jeweler. If s/he has the right equipment, they can at least tell whether they are jadeite. Just yesterday, I was looking at a rose quartz neckla...
  7. The petals almost look real! Love these enamel pieces!
  8. Jean, this is lovely! What wonderful craftsmen, with the various metals and the effects of layering. I have seen photos of the swords these artisans made and they are works of art. Here is an artic...
  9. Just saw this post. I have several Sterling Nordic pieces and they are great jewelry! It is weird though, to see it associated with Eisenberg. I went to Illusion Jewels and read that section. I...
  10. What a great vase! Reminds me of some of the photos of the rings of Saturn!
  11. Yes, the froggies are the best, but the hiding trol (you can't really see the dimensionality, but he is in a rock pile) is great too. Racer, learning is one reason I collect, so happy to pass it on...
  12. Absolutely beautiful beads!
  13. Some of my favorite colors! Sean, your collection is HUGE! where do you store everything?
  14. Love to see your fan Jean! Every time I look at these wonderful buttons I am SO sad I sold them. Will never find anything like them again....
  15. Hi Paul, I hadn't heard of Cameo Corners either until I bought this ring. Apparently Moshe Oved made many different animal rings though this was the best known one. The last time I was in London, I...
  16. How very cool! Great sleuthing, Kyra! I have to say I like my green stones better, but of course, no one can accuse me of being biased... Mine doesn't have any import marks either, but the bracele...
  17. They would typically sand down one or both sides of the coin and then engrave into the disc. Silver coins were traditionally used as they were soft metal.
  18. I think those are names. Given that the coins are Swedish, you may want to Google the name plus Sweden and see if anything similar comes up in a generic search.
  19. Wonderful brooch! You are correct, normally when there are a bunch of names together it is a family piece. I see two with ciphers (initials) and the rest with names. Which are the two you can't ide...
  20. Thank you everyone!
  21. What a great story! You should pull it out and read it again -- maybe lightening will strike twice Every now and then serendipity hits for me, but I don't have the time to browse or dig the way so...
  22. Your knowledge about this subject is amazing! Glass collecting is a foreign language to me, but I can certainly see how you can get hooked on it! Thanks for sharing.
  23. Thank you! I love the happy sun!
  24. Great advice! Thanks!
  25. Thank you! Seems like a LOT of amber is going on eBay. Given many of your tests involve having the material in hand, should the auctions be avoided?
  26. Thanks, Mike! I can tell you love the research part of the hunt as much as I do. Your posts are really informative. (Love your tabby kitty also -- I am a cat person...)
  27. Your necklace is beautiful. Given how popular amber is today, and how many "fakes" I suspect are hitting the market, what should one look for to determine whether the amber is correct? Thanks for yo...
  28. Hi Paul -- based on other pieces I have seen, I would circa date late 1600s also. Yes, I like to do research and so am constantly buying books -- problem is finding that one photo you remember seeing...
  29. I suspect it is an Iberian devotional piece, most likely Portuguese. I scanned a couple of pieces from the Lisbon Museum book and you can see the same rubbed-up settings and very similar wirework. ...
  30. The lion is a Lion passant which is a British hallmark. Usually it is part of a series with the other marks indicating the year it was made, the location, etc. There are a number of sites which have...
  31. I think this is very cool looking! Great find!
  32. Thank you, Jean!
  33. Thanks Kyra! Interesting to see another one.
  34. Wonderful page, Kyra! I love this one!
  35. Jean, could you provide a link to a photo of a BI back? I cannot find anything in your CW album as it is too hard to search.... Thanks!
  36. Update from Paul's questions. I have GIA certs for the 2 diamonds, but none for the Hiddenite. So, off I went to my favorite jeweler who did his magic tests. The stone is of the Spodumene species ...
  37. I honestly don't know. There are some hallmarks, but they are rubbed and I can't decipher them.
  38. Thank you! You are really fast!
  39. Here is a link to a pearl and demantoid necklace:
  40. Lovely necklace! If Russian, the green stones may very well be demantoid garnets (or as my friend calls them, "demented garnets"). The original mines were discovered in 1868 in the Ural Mountain...
  41. Thanks everyone for your comments. Paul--I have GIA reports on the diamonds but forget whether I have one on the hiddonite. I will check. Don't know what the white metal is.... Katherine--ye...
  42. Lovely, organic piece, Paul. The silver and chalcedony combination is so unusual. What does the back look like?
  43. Agram, lovely pieces. What type of earring clip on them (I am always interested in the findings of jewelry!).
  44. Make sure you expand the images!
  45. Hey Katherine, Lalique specialized in jewelry before he began making glass. I was fortunate to be able to see these pieces in person at the Gulbenkian Museum, but check out this online album. He ...
  46. I think the storage was probably fine. Keep it away from moisture. Sometimes I get those desiccant packs that come in shoe boxes and put them on top of the jewelry.
  47. The greening on the clasp may get work (it is essentially like rust). You may want to gently brush it with a soft toothbrush to remove it as best as you can.
  48. Joy, if not marked, it is hard to tell whether Japan or not. Many of the simulated pearls were sent unstrung to the US and other countries and were made into necklaces by jewelry houses. I suspect 5...
  49. Hey Joy, There is a special process used to create the simulated pearl necklaces. The maker starts with a glass bead (usually a neutral color such as white, alabaster). They take fish scales, mac...
  50. Thank you everyone! Jean, you are so correct on these brave women (and men!). Many, many long years fighting for the vote. It is interesting to see the timetable for suffrage: http://en.wikipe...
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