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I inherited the packrat gene from my mother, but have no idea where the collecting gene came from! As an Aries, I quickly embrace new interests and then move on, soI inherited the packrat gene from my mother, but have no idea where the collecting gene came from! As an Aries, I quickly embrace new interests and then move on, so my collections cover a huge range of stuff. I love the history associated with things from the past. Antique jewelry is my passion, though for a while costume jewelry ruled my life. After writing a book on Miriam Haskell, I realized how wide and deep the world of shiny little objects is, so have embraced it with a passion! (Read more)


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Mourning ring: "Died by the Hand of an Assassin" - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Victorian Archaeological Revival pendant  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Trifari bracelet emulating Van Cleef & Arpels - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Suffrage -- Silent Sentinel pin - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Rare Medieval Gold Serjeant-at-Law Ring, circa 1555 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Arts & Crafts Necklace attributed to Frances Thalia How and Jean Milne - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Sir Hiss -- turquoise serpent bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Berlin Iron jewelry by Siméon Pierre Devaranne - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Arts & Crafts -- Agnes Pool enamel and opal necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Arts & Crafts -- Enamel and Turquoise Butterfly Necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. What a terrific day! Of course, you have such significant knowledge you can spot these things. I would probably not even seen them! OK, I have one question -- I have been told there is no such thin...
  2. No kidding! I wonder what £50,000 piad in 1812 is worth in today's $$
  3. Thank you for the "Happy retirement" wishes. Still figuring out what to do with myself!
  4. Thanks for the Loves and comments! Kyra, I agree with you regarding style -- Etruscan Revival (rather than Egyptian or Renaissance).
  5. Gillian, in general the pieces are quite light. The gaspipe pieces are more substantial, but still very wearable.
  6. I think Bengel jewelry shows both Deco and Machine Age styles. For example, I feel the brickwork and the gaspipe pieces are more Machine Age. Your other bracelet also had a machine-like feel to it. ...
  7. Here is a Bengel Machine Age brickwork necklace: A chrome version using "bricks" and "screws" http://photos....
  8. Great find Jean! His brickwork pieces are really special! In the same vein, he made some which were more "Machine Age" looking in either brass or chrome with bricks and screws. I will take a couple...
  9. If you are viewing Tadema, you are looking at some of the best! I had the opportunity to purchase a lot of Bengel in 2007, so wonder if that might be the time period? I have heard rumors that a sm...
  10. Hi Jean, Wow, that site sure has a lot of examples of Bengel. Too bad you can't expand the photos. I saw the bracelet like yours. What is interesting is that in 14 pages of Bengel bracelets on h...
  11. Hi Jean, I would class this as a "maybe." I went through my Bengel book as well as reviewed my Bengel bracelets and here are some comments: - colored material would be Galalith, a milk-based pl...
  12. I love the lavender beads -- so hard to find! And so hard to get ones which aren't dyed or otherwise treated. Wonderful find!
  13. Would sure like to see a photo of all of your rings lined up together! You have an amazing collection!
  14. Kra, thanks for your comment. I was quoting my friend regarding "exact copy" but "exact" is most likely too precise a word (especially since the van Cleef was real gems.... I have modified the descr...
  15. Thank you all for your loves and comments. KTF Trifari pieces are, in my opinion, fabulous jewelry!
  16. My grandmother wasn't able to vote until she was 31 and my mother was born before the 19th Amendment was passed into law. There were many men who weren't allowed to vote either. Even today, many peop...
  17. I have always liked the Lalique mascots, but this one is REALLY special! Quintessential Deco! Lucky you to add this to your collection!
  18. Great work, Kyra! You have such patience! Regarding your comment about pearls and hard to get -- I was visiting a friend in London a couple of years ago, looking for some pearls to replace the incor...
  19. Hi Jean, Lovely brooch. I would agree with Victorian. I have a Victorian crescent moonstone and diamond brooch that converts to a hair ornament. Here are some photos: brooch and hair pin: ht...
  20. OMG! I love it -- what a beautiful stone!
  21. This is one ring showing the inscription from different angles. I "wish" I owned more of them! Have been looking for years. Apparently one will come up for sale every 5 years or so.... Thank you...
  22. Lovely necklace! You always have interesting stories on where/how you find things. Where did you get this necklace?
  23. I consulted with a knowledgeable friend in London who said lots of fake Oved rings are being made. So buyer beware!
  24. Thanks Rose!
  25. The eBay one is definitely a copy (too bad someone has started this!). I bet it is extremely lightweight and the Moshe rings are heavy! I went back and forth between John Kelly's ring (a real one) a...
  26. Thanks Kyra, for posting the link. Here is a link to a lot of 3 Oved rings which sold a few months ago at Christie's. A friend went and viewed them -- condition was fair to good. You can see th...
  27. I have personally held and reviewed several of his rings, so can tell by experience.
  28. Yes, you are correct! And his rings, when they show up for sale, are getting more and more expensive. If you can find one at a reasonable price, grab it!
  29. WPJ, it is my understanding that Oved did not sign his pieces, but they are very distinctive in design.
  30. My friend Sheila Pamfiloff and I wrote a book called Miriam Haskell Jewelry. We owned a very similar necklace and Larry Vrba identified it as belonging to the 1975 holiday line. You can see the neck...
  31. Thanks SABCA. Glad these have given you some enjoyment.
  32. Kyra, you are SO right! Love the ring (but not the price...) Thanks for sending the listing!
  33. Thanks Jewels! I have great faith in attribution made based on the findings. Yes, Jan is a lovely man and his shop is wonderful to visit. You "do" have to check to make sure he will be open!
  34. Hello Jeannette, I have a signed letter by you which came with this piece from the seller. If you provide your email, I would be happy to send a copy for your review.
  35. How wonderful to own "the mother" of all of these finished pieces.
  36. Wonderful Deco setting! Great look!
  37. I really like the setting as is! Nothing to distract from the beautiful opal!
  38. Splendid opals! Love the color.
  39. I don't think anything is missing. This a called a watch pin -- women would hang a watch from the hook and be able to see it by glancing down. Many of the watches had the numerals upside down so the...
  40. The detail is amazing! What is its size?
  41. So interesting Jean! Beautiful pieces and great education! Thanks!
  42. Woo hoo! Good things come to he who waits (and then pounces)!
  43. Hi rucklczglass, Thank you for your comment. I do not know explicitly know the answer to your question, but my hypothesis is the band is removable so the internal mechanisms can be accessed easily.
  44. I saw that necklace when I visited them. Magnificent! My favorite though was the Henry Wilson Apollo necklace, though their inventory was amazing!
  45. Thank you all! Jean, if you can find anything on the ladies, please let me know. I haven't found much. Maybe our other experts have more to add!
  46. Happy Birthday Alfredo!
  47. It is always interesting when a jeweler makes a reasonable number of pieces, such as Oved did with his rings, and then a tiny hand ful show up for sale. I have been really hunting for another one (of...
  48. Hi Davy, I would agree with you. Someone just found a box which fit....
  49. Hah! Could be, Jean... ;-) If a girl, then what is her name....?
  50. Thanks everyone! He is lovely to wear also -- doesn't flip over backwards....
  51. See more