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I inherited the packrat gene from my mother, but have no idea where the collecting gene came from! As an Aries, I quickly embrace new interests and then move on, soI inherited the packrat gene from my mother, but have no idea where the collecting gene came from! As an Aries, I quickly embrace new interests and then move on, so my collections cover a huge range of stuff. I love the history associated with things from the past. Antique jewelry is my passion, though for a while costume jewelry ruled my life. After writing a book on Miriam Haskell, I realized how wide and deep the world of shiny little objects is, so have embraced it with a passion! (Read more)


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Arts & Crafts Necklace attributed to Frances Thalia How and Jean Milne - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Sir Hiss -- turquoise serpent bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Berlin Iron jewelry by Siméon Pierre Devaranne - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Arts & Crafts -- Agnes Pool enamel and opal necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Arts & Crafts -- Enamel and Turquoise Butterfly Necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Arts & Crafts -- Arthur and Georgie Gaskin Blue Bird Pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Georgian Pink Topaz Repoussé Necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Georgian Rose-cut Diamond Ring -- Golconda region - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Dorrie Nossiter Arts & Crafts grape leaves necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Arts & Crafts William Hasler necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Kyra, you are SO right! Love the ring (but not the price...) Thanks for sending the listing!
  2. I love seeing the findings, as well as the various explanations of what is correct and why. Thanks for your detailed posts!
  3. Thanks Jewels! I have great faith in attribution made based on the findings. Yes, Jan is a lovely man and his shop is wonderful to visit. You "do" have to check to make sure he will be open!
  4. Hello Jeannette, I have a signed letter by you which came with this piece from the seller. If you provide your email, I would be happy to send a copy for your review.
  5. How wonderful to own "the mother" of all of these finished pieces.
  6. Wonderful Deco setting! Great look!
  7. I really like the setting as is! Nothing to distract from the beautiful opal!
  8. Splendid opals! Love the color.
  9. I don't think anything is missing. This a called a watch pin -- women would hang a watch from the hook and be able to see it by glancing down. Many of the watches had the numerals upside down so the...
  10. The detail is amazing! What is its size?
  11. So interesting Jean! Beautiful pieces and great education! Thanks!
  12. Woo hoo! Good things come to he who waits (and then pounces)!
  13. Hi rucklczglass, Thank you for your comment. I do not know explicitly know the answer to your question, but my hypothesis is the band is removable so the internal mechanisms can be accessed easily.
  14. I saw that necklace when I visited them. Magnificent! My favorite though was the Henry Wilson Apollo necklace, though their inventory was amazing!
  15. Thank you all! Jean, if you can find anything on the ladies, please let me know. I haven't found much. Maybe our other experts have more to add!
  16. Happy Birthday Alfredo!
  17. It is always interesting when a jeweler makes a reasonable number of pieces, such as Oved did with his rings, and then a tiny hand ful show up for sale. I have been really hunting for another one (of...
  18. Hi Davy, I would agree with you. Someone just found a box which fit....
  19. Hah! Could be, Jean... ;-) If a girl, then what is her name....?
  20. Thanks everyone! He is lovely to wear also -- doesn't flip over backwards....
  21. The black and white picture is the illustration of the necklace in the Arts & Crafts Magazine (Vol II 1905).
  22. Jean, your input is always welcome. Will delete though, as you have requested.
  23. Thank you all for your loves and comments!
  24. Thanks for your note. This portrait is very similar to my young lady: Portrait of a Y...
  25. I am visiting London and had a chance to view a new exhibit at the British Museum called the The Waddesdon Bequest, an amazing treasure trove left to the museum by Baron Rothschild. It is well worth...
  26. Hello all. I am in London and was able to visit the Tadema Gallery today and meet Sonya and David Newell-Smith, the owners. What absolutely delightful people! So knowledgeable and what a wonderful ...
  27. Really pretty--love the great color the coral has.... Belle, what is the size of the pendant?
  28. Hi Davy, Based on the findings, I believe the quartz beads are original.
  29. If you go to this link:!cbrowse and search: mourning ring you will be able to see the different styles.
  30. Windwalker--there are actually two different representations of the crowns, though I have not been able to get more details on this. Thanks all for your comments and loves.
  31. Nice work, Jean! I especially like your treatment of the Ikora beads. While my favorites are the Myra Kristall beads, the Ikora ones are lovely also. They come in many colors (I have yellow, pink, bl...
  32. Kyra, did Dorrie Nossiter ever sign her work? Great article on the mis-attributions. Thank you!
  33. I think I have a necklace like this one. Glad to know more about it! Will you look at this link, Paul?
  34. OMG!!! I have been avidly viewing and reading all of your opal posts for the past several days. Every one is amazing and SO educational. Thank you so much for this fantastic education! Of course, ...
  35. I love it when I learn something new! Schreger's lines! Both of your pieces are lovely, Kyra and thank you for the great, detailed descriptions.
  36. I had a lizard pin just like this when I was a child (oh so long ago). I will have to go into the depths of the closet and see if I still have it! These bring back fond memories. And PCC -- I love ...
  37. People ask me how I find my stuff and I usually respond "it finds me." Great story, Paul! I have found, more and more, that auction houses do little diligence except for the obviously "important" it...
  38. Well, you know, it is just glass, no diamonds or anything.... Hah! It is well worth opening the photo on Tadema as you can see the glass and setting! Amazing! Don't you hate those sellers who pu...
  39. Interesting to see all of the unsigned pieces. At a minimum, the statement "Tiffany always signed its pieces" isn't correct (unless all of these attributions are incorrect!).
  40. Demented garnets! Gorgeous brooch!
  41. One difference is the Tiffany bracelet clasp is marked 18 ct and my necklace clasp is marked 14 ct.
  42. I have reached out to the Tiffany expert, who initially responded but then has gone silent. BTW, Tiffany bought the bracelet... The bracelet is listed as Art Deco, and it clearly has an Asian influe...
  43. Wonderful to find a matched pair! Coral is so beautiful; one of the vanishing wonders.
  44. And, strong admiration for the lovely chains! Georgian chains are works of art. Great collection, Paul!
  45. Let me see if I can synthesize the Bennett/Fahrner connection. This information is from "Theodore Fahrner Jewelry...between Avantgarde and Tradition," by Hase-Schmundt, Weber and Becker. Theodor F...
  46. There is a good write-up of the relationship between Bennett and Fahrner in a Fahrner book I have at home. I will dig out more details tonight.
  47. Jean--this is a wonderful find. I have several of the Fahrner pieces with the floral design and hammered background. MB and TF worked very closely together and every now and then you find a co-stamp...
  48. I wish I knew what the running dog stood for! Perhaps a beloved hound....
  49. Thank you all!
  50. Haha! I have to admit, I have thought about museum robbery in a number of places and times. What I really hate to think about are the storage areas of all museums, bulging with stuff which will neve...
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