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Retired Crisis Worker, Been collecting for 30+ years, now researching all paintings, prints, and antiques, (furniture, silver, etc.)


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Thank YOU!!! Collectors Weekly!!!  Without You I could not use the Carpool Lane!! Simon Smartest Dummy in the world!! - Toysin Toys
A & J High Speed Hand Beater!!!  Let the jokes begin!!! - Kitchenin Kitchen
HAPPY EASTER WITH SINGING CHICK!!  egg pan! 1935!! - Kitchenin Kitchen
WAR DANCE!  Do not piss off CHIEF SEATTLE! ) Oil by Ilona Rittler!! - Native Americanin Native American
Japanese hand mirror, early 1900's maybe? - Asianin Asian
1972 Super Beetle Convertible! 6 months in Mexico, with tent and of course fishing poles!! - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Sterling pendant from Argentina, From Goodwill $6.00  and the stone is?  I guess a red rock!! - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Roland Oeller Oil Painting,  Woman with broom! Beautiful Woman! 
Repost (as asked!) Jade ring and necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Wood mask from thrift store!  Who is this?  17" - Folk Artin Folk Art


  1. Hi Thanks for comment! My mailwoman saw painting and said he is my neighbor, right down the street on Piner! Small world! Don
  2. Thanks kyratango! If she wants to chew! I am available!!All the ladies I like are taken! Boo Hoo! XXOOXX
  3. Thanks Amber from me and your dreamboy Simon!
  4. Check the chic egg pan!
  5. AmberRose You are one cute Chic! Do you like soft, medium, or hard! XXOOXX
  6. I found it on ebay, Paid wow $200. but we were friends, Ilona and we never met but talked on phone and wrote letters. This was 1992 when I bought clown painting for $15. coming home from driving Ala...
  7. Looks like the Mar. roach clip I posted! haha love this!
  8. WOW you like copper!! Me Too!
  9. Hi must be a mastodon tusk? Love the name Ivar the Boneless! Did Vikings take over Denmark? or always were there? Sorry I will look it up Teacher! Thanks for sharing!!
  10. Thank you senchi!!!
  11. Yes maybe my favorite and I have over 175! Thanks Kevin
  12. Thank you! Don and Simon! XXOOXX
  13. Simon says that chick would fit nicely in a hamburger bun!!! thanks!!!
  15. thank you I will look up jaspis!
  16. Very beautiful!!! really!!!
  17. WOW! In 1891 Pres. Grover Cleveland passed a law saying anything entering must be stamped with country of origin! By the way he is only Pres. two different terms 22nd and 24th in US! I read or someo...
  18. I think I will get a pocket watch!! They are so cool! Well geo you got me hooked, but just one!
  19. I like Ukiyo! I need some, no a lot more Pleasure in my life! I got to get out more! It is Friday and I am going out hunting for some Ukiyo!! Thanks Kevin! You and this mirror changed my life! ...
  20. Yesssss! sssnake is adorable! Treaure hunt, treasure hunt, X marks the spot! dash dot dash dot dash dot dot! UP crawls the SNAKE, bites you on the neck! A cool breeze brings the blood down! This i...
  21. Maybe it is a kidney stone! Passed by a sloth! haha
  22. Thanks kyratango! It was a fun trip! They all kind of blend together now! Sometimes I feel sad as the best is now behind and in the past! Kind of funny, my best friends are on CW and I have never m...
  23. Thanks antiquerose!
  24. Happy Easter to you also my good friend!! XXOOXX
  25. Take care my friend! My ss is small as I traveled much!
  26. Happy Easter to you my dear friend! and to your family!
  27. Thank you Kevin!
  28. Thank you! GOODIES Works!!
  29. Thank you so much! It was a good trip!! One of many! Until 40 I would work 1 yr., then travel 1 yr. and well after 40, still traveled much!!
  30. Gracious! Amigo mio!!!
  31. I will look that up!! Youngster! I am 1949! Older but not wiser! I will be 65 on July 5!! This is strange I had an uncle Arthur, my middle name and my sons also. He grew up in an orphanage in N....
  32. vetraio50 Why 50? Born 1950? Wish I could time travel to 1050! And see England and York!
  33. WOW!! I love these cards!! What stained glass and the woodwork and free standing ceilings!! KEVIN someday theses will be more valuable than early 1900 Babe Ruth baseball cards, and Lou Gehrig! etc. ...
  34. Beeeee u tiful!!!
  35. Me!? teasing
  36. Hi Just put new photo of necklace more bright!
  37. Hi new photo!
  38. Please see wood mask! APO
  39. Amber please see wood mask again!! All Powerful One! You may be my slave!!!
  40. Thanks Amber! I do look like a Greek God!!
  41. Thank you Belle! I enjoyed this very much! Wish I knew more about mine!
  42. Thank you very much!! Will look up Etruscan!
  43. I just saw this and will repost for you dear! XXOOXX
  44. Beautiful! Looks kind of like my necklace! I wish I knew more about Jade!
  45. Again! Beautiful!!
  46. WOW!! Very Special!
  47. Berries are berry berry beautiful!! Really!
  48. I Like! Also the Crab!
  49. Thanks Trey! Neat great grandfathers civil war items!
  50. Yes I am so happy with her!! Thank you!
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