Santa Rosa Ca.

Retired Crisis Worker, Been collecting for 30+ years, now researching all paintings, prints, and antiques, (furniture, silver, etc.)


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Oil painting from Gospel thrift store - Visual Artin Visual Art
Wood Box,  FROM??? tiny shell stuck in corner, see top of 1st photo - Folk Artin Folk Art
Rhinestone and enamel? Cross No markings, Cute! Information appreciated! 
Repost, Club weapon from? bamboo handle, metal over wood, appears very old  TESTS + Blood - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
1ok ruby ring, Art Deco, possibly - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Wood Religious Box with 4 doors and 9 painted murals,  Cool!!! - Folk Artin Folk Art
Chinese porcelain Grandma's discussing their Hedge Funds and 401K's!! - Asianin Asian
Hindu statue, Man, Woman, Cow and Peacock on marble base 15.2 lbs. - Asianin Asian
Hamsa Hand Amulet, from Goodwill  Stop The Evil Eye!! - Asianin Asian
Evil Squirrel Mask!  Gift from Peru from some kind of nut!  Mask! not my friend Alex! - Visual Artin Visual Art


  1. WOW! Tis a beauty!
  2. Pascale thanks again! XXOOXX
  3. Thank you Pascale! I just noticed maybe two men in doorway of rooftop door?! Maybe?
  4. Thanks Kevin!
  5. Wis I knew where it was from!
  6. Thanks Ckid!!
  7. Possibly! thanks robin!!
  8. Beautiful!!
  9. Thank you! Iagree! Does look like zero fan! thanks!
  10. Thanks Caperkid!
  11. Thanks fhr!
  12. Thank you racer4 and Manikin!!
  13. Thank you Post!
  14. Thank you Post!
  15. Thanks SEAN, maybe used on Rockefeller's son!
  16. Thank you! Let us celebrate! And go to Vietnam!! XXOOXX
  17. scroll all the way down and click on the one on right!
  19. That is, I think a Mexican opal from Magdalena!
  20. thanks SEAN!
  21. OK thank you! it is worn down some!
  22. Looks sort of Knights Templar!
  23. Hi Citroen just had an anniversary! I rode in one in Algeria around 1972, it had a 45rpm record player! I was hitching then! Beautiful car!! And nice watch! Hey, let's go to Vietnam!! I have not...
  24. Arrived in box same size as shoe box!!
  25. Maybe!? $51. + $10.50 shipping and $2.00 handling! Thanks Mate Kevin
  26. Thank you!
  27. thanks sean!
  28. Thank you so very much! Wish I could give you a hug!! You always come to my rescue!! XXOOXX your toracat!!!
  29. Thank you agh!!
  30. Is that his feet by his chest???
  31. stunning!!! so cool!
  32. Cougmom, Painting given to mudgirl who was married to grandaughter!
  33. Really cool! Interesting! Something new! I am learning more!
  34. Beautiful! Looks like it comes from Pompei!
  35. Good for ice cream sundaes!! Really pretty!
  36. Pretty!! I would put homemade wine in it and cork it!! Kind of like flowing blue!!
  37. Take care cobber mate!
  38. In April 2012, Simon signed with the Boston Breakers for the first and only season of the Women's Premier Soccer League Elite (WPSL Elite). She finished the season as the team's leading scorer with 12...
  39. She must be 1/2 aboriginal? She was great at 8 and improved every year!! At 16 was a star and played in USA pro soccer league, Maybe for Boston? Hope Usa wins but Aus. 2nd in my heart!!
  40. Yes!! Made me angry and sad!!
  41. Kyah is from Quakers Hill!! I want her to have my baby someday!!!! Goooal Kyah! Waiting, Don
  42. Thanks SEAN, Yes Kevin! Their next buy is Foster's Beer!! Aus. Women look good so far in World Cup!!!
  43. Thank you SEAN! They are single and RICH if you are interested!!!
  44. Hare Krishna!
  45. Thank you!
  46. Thanks Mike!
  47. Cool! Really! You could wear on wrist!!
  48. Oh, cow is girl! I looked!
  49. Thanks Kevin, Yes I believe it is a flute in his hand, much work in making this, with four different cast. This is first time I have seen a Hindu or Buddhist statue on marble! I really liked it and...
  50. Very interesting! Thank you !!! toracat
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