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Pewter English tankard,  OLD?  Need help,  CHEERS!!! - Brewerianain Breweriana
Chinese porcelain candle holder - Asianin Asian
Dutch Africa map by Hammond printing N.Y. around 1900 from original plate about 1550 - Paperin Paper
CUTE! Sake set Thrift Store $8.50 Whistling bird pitcher and cups! - Bottlesin Bottles
Plate tile?  Similar to SEANS, Do not know age of history, from thrift store also - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Update massive old growth redwood rocking chairs!  one finished, Obama gave bench to China - Furniturein Furniture
Happy Easter!  Simple wood statue! - Folk Artin Folk Art
Update on tiny instruments, Mystery Solved! - Folk Artin Folk Art
Dios Mio,  My kitchen smells like dead fish!  update on Port. porcelain  fish! - Fishingin Fishing
"I am $3.00 Siamese if you please!"  "I am $3 Siamese if you don't please!" - Figurinesin Figurines


  1. Thank you racer!
  2. thank you Fiorenza!! Mystery solved!!!!
  3. Thanks Anne and too!!!
  4. Yes I have a bunch and when youpour from pitcher, the bird sings beautifully! I wii add new photo of other whistle cups!!
  5. It is a whistling bird sake set! Thanks surf and jwen!!
  6. Thanks, for sure not a pentagram!
  7. Happy Easter! V V!
  8. Thank you rose! That is Morris the cat! 1974 oil!
  9. Thank you Ms. Uruguay!! XXOOXX
  10. Thanks V V
  11. Thanks racer, mike, and fhrj!!!
  12. Thank you! a mi me gusta bananas!!
  13. Thank you!
  14. Thanks kiva!
  15. Thanks V V!
  16. Thanks Kevin Most interesting man in Aust.!!!
  17. Thanks SEAN!
  18. Thanks kyra! good looking? me or bunny? haha Thanks nuts! And ho ho ho! PatSea! Come sit on Santa's Lap! haha joking!!
  19. I like "Walk the dog"! Love this!
  20. thank you! Ms. Melville is a great artist! I would love to know more about her! Again thanks!!
  21. NICE! I like napkin rings!
  22. Thanks SEAN!!
  23. Thank you!
  24. Thank you!
  25. This one-of-a-kind handmade miniature instrument was artistically handcrafted by Mexican folk artist Pedro Pedraza Salvador from Mexico City, who sadly passed away over a year ago. However, his ...
  26. Thank you!
  27. Wine! Make wine! Beautiful grapes! Tray is also beautiful!! XXOOXX toragato
  28. Maybe the 11 minerals necessary for life to form on another planet? Or the 11 minerals found in "goofy" Australian DNA animals only found Down Under! Like Platypus, etc. (joking)
  29. YES! A fishing net to catch a French Mermaid!! Ou La La!! XXOOXX
  30. Hi Yoshimasa!
  31. Thanks SEAN! Sushi tonight!!!
  32. Yes that song and "The Letter" and others! His mother had a fish and shrimp boat, maybe? His name was Nicholas and I thought he was Greek, I called him a crazy Greek a few times, and he would roar ...
  33. Thank you vv
  34. Thank you NC and Roy, he was more brave than me and I think all of us together...
  35. Kryptonite comes in many different colors!, Check this ladder with a geiger counter!!
  36. Thanks Jeremy
  37. Thanks NC5 and Rose
  38. VERY cool and interesting!! I want to learn more also!! will watch!!
  39. Siamese Twins! Thanks rose! Dr.PABFluffy! Yes my ex is allergic to me...
  40. Well, I offered it to my ex, and she laughed and said no you keep it! haha
  41. Thank you! kyra! Benrido is a great printing Co. The videos were wonderful! Again you helped me!! Remember the Dutch painting!! your Don XOXO
  42. Thanks Tube! Great information!
  43. Tea party!!!
  44. Thanks tom and shareu! Porkpie!!! love this!!
  45. Yes, maybe, my mind runs wild, I saw grand paw and at this time he had little daughters, thought maybe mom and little daughter maybe made these for grand paw. Only because size is correct for wrist...
  46. Thank you very much!!
  47. Thanks!!
  48. Thank you, racer, jwen, and kyr, I bob my head! Yes!!
  49. Thanks to all! Yes hair growing! no haircut until Jan. 2016!!
  50. I am good! Very nice to hear from you!
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