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Retired Crisis Worker, Been collecting for 30+ years, now researching all paintings, prints, and antiques, (furniture, silver, etc.)


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 Item	Price	Qty	Total # 16197968 - Beautiful Asian Style Bird Water Color Fine Art 1	$7.00	1	$7.00 - Asianin Asian
Wood Plate!  From?  maybe Mars or Venus?? joking will research someday - Folk Artin Folk Art
Photo! My friend David Alexander, Disabled Thrift Store Employee, Hospice Ha! Not Disabled!  One Tough Brave Man!! - Photographsin Photographs
A Buddha? or King of Burma or Thailand or? Jade and onyx beads with pure silver  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Home Made Sterling cross from Ster. Silverware? and not sterling stretch cheap but cute Religious bracelet! - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Thank YOU!!! Collectors Weekly!!!  Without You I could not use the Carpool Lane!! Simon Smartest Dummy in the world!! - Toysin Toys
A & J High Speed Hand Beater!!!  Let the jokes begin!!! - Kitchenin Kitchen
HAPPY EASTER WITH SINGING CHICK!!  egg pan! 1935!! - Kitchenin Kitchen
WAR DANCE!  Do not piss off CHIEF SEATTLE! ) Oil by Ilona Rittler!! 
Japanese hand mirror, early 1900's maybe? - Asianin Asian


  1. Thank you Virginia! Amiga Mio!! XXOO
  2. Well maybe I will use for birds!
  3. Not for birds I was joking!!
  4. Thank you aghcollect! It is really a pretty dish and lots of work went into it! I will put it in my buffet! Again thank you!
  5. Thanks SEAN When I dialed that number a woman named Amber answered And well I won's explain any further!
  6. I will now watch for Mauviel Nice
  7. Neat looks like silver over copper!
  8. WOW! beautiful! remember Gumby? Looks like him!!
  9. I love the wallpaper, furniture and mirror in last photo! And the girls clothes!!
  10. Cute 5 cents! But Little Lulu could be bBig or well Medium Lulu! She does remind us of simpler times!
  12. This you need on 66 Barstow!! I lived in Laughlin for 1 yr. hot!!!
  13. Wow looks like my zero and signature and 50's car!!!
  14. The VA gives me 100% free medical, dental, and eye glasses. From Santa Rosa Clinic to SF big VA hosp. is 60 miles free van service 2 X day, if I want to drive they pay me at hosp cash $56. for gas and...
  15. How do you like your Is.? If I live on Is. I need Puerto Rico, Samoa, or the Amre. Virgin Is. or Philippines as VA has clinics there oh or Guam!!
  16. We were probably in same area if not the same town! From Mexico to Brazil!!!
  17. Thanks valentino and Virginia! All my travels were rewards as I would work 1 yr. and travel 1 yr. Until age 40 and then still traveled a lot!
  18. Thank you!
  19. David sold me the Haunted Dutch ship oil painting! (posted earlier) I met him about 6-8 years ago!
  20. Thanks, he is a good man!
  21. Thanks SEAN and Manikin!
  22. Little John!!!
  23. Lobster claws!!
  24. I am now going to study Uruguay!
  25. Virginia Here is my email I spent years also in Central America and Mexico and Spain and Canary Is.! Please be my friend! I love traveling and went to China twice 2010 and 2011!
  26. Your English is so good! I try to learn Spanish all my life but at maybe 65% Pobre mi! Yo pienso usted es estudiente! Es Verdad!
  27. Simon took 2 pills and I took 1!! XXXOOOXXX!!!
  28. Neat I have wheat tables and lived on a farm in Nebraska, really pretty!
  29. He likes to go for car rides! He is like an old dog! But dumber than a dogs paw! haha
  30. Love him! Cute!!
  31. Hola Love the watch! Spent a lot of time in So. America but only Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. I am actually thinking about settling in Cuenca Ecuador! How did you get the name Virginia! Mi Tia ...
  32. 41 illustrations are great! The black and whit shambles is great as is your post card! Wonder what a condo or flat would cost in the shambles!? I also liked coat of arms with animal oxen? From 600 ...
  33. Thanks Kevin Auction only if someone would buy Simon!!!
  34. TOM!!!!! Hi from Simon!!!
  35. Hi Thanks for comment! My mailwoman saw painting and said he is my neighbor, right down the street on Piner! Small world! Don
  36. Thanks kyratango! If she wants to chew! I am available!!All the ladies I like are taken! Boo Hoo! XXOOXX
  37. Thanks Amber from me and your dreamboy Simon!
  38. AmberRose You are one cute Chic! Do you like soft, medium, or hard! XXOOXX
  39. I found it on ebay, Paid wow $200. but we were friends, Ilona and we never met but talked on phone and wrote letters. This was 1992 when I bought clown painting for $15. coming home from driving Ala...
  40. Looks like the Mar. roach clip I posted! haha love this!
  41. WOW you like copper!! Me Too!
  42. Hi must be a mastodon tusk? Love the name Ivar the Boneless! Did Vikings take over Denmark? or always were there? Sorry I will look it up Teacher! Thanks for sharing!!
  43. Thank you senchi!!!
  44. Yes maybe my favorite and I have over 175! Thanks Kevin
  45. Thank you! Don and Simon! XXOOXX
  46. Simon says that chick would fit nicely in a hamburger bun!!! thanks!!!
  48. thank you I will look up jaspis!
  49. Very beautiful!!! really!!!
  50. WOW! In 1891 Pres. Grover Cleveland passed a law saying anything entering must be stamped with country of origin! By the way he is only Pres. two different terms 22nd and 24th in US! I read or someo...
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