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Retired Crisis Worker, Been collecting for 30+ years, now researching all paintings, prints, and antiques, (furniture, silver, etc.)


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Spoons and forks from Goodwill, China Emperor and wife?  plated and enameled? $9.00 - Kitchenin Kitchen
Coffee, Tea, With Me!  Simon Sez! Turkish coffee pot? 17.5 inches - Kitchenin Kitchen
Mayan rock sculpture? Rock from thrift store $3.00 interesting?! - Figurinesin Figurines
Art Deco  Souvenir Spoons, Sterling, San Francisco, Santa Rosa! (my town)! and Boooo So. Calif. Santa Monica, booo - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Chinese resin? man with Dummy, $5.00 from garage sale, need help! about 12 lbs. 20" tall - Asianin Asian
Pieta statue 9" X 9" SMC 1964 copyright symbol? 
Mystery solved HEYCO lamps, or bases, probably not shades - Lampsin Lamps
Peru "Monkey Rock"  93 meters by 58 meters!  My rock is 1 1/2" by 1 1/2" 
Bronze Jesus!  I just really took a close look at it!  WOW maybe beautiful!? 
Vintage Vapor machine!  Cool! now with Cinnamon for great smell! 


  1. Waterloo helped fill the Catacombs! I think, I visited this in 1972. Incredible! Another great posting!!
  2. Hi I have no idea of a price, or what they are worth. Don
  3. enjoyed reading Walking Waterloo!!
  4. Really cool! I had motorcycle when young, but now also just a bicycle! No helmets then required!
  5. Thanks V V! You are pretty and delicate also! Me and Simon Sez!!
  6. Could be Korea! and thanks Sean!!
  7. Thanks DrFluffy! I am doing good! Hope you and family also have a great summer!
  8. AR Having an ok summer, I do stay up late! I will make changes soon!
  9. Hi racer4four! Simon is a good boy! How is life in Australia! Simon wants to go on vacation soon! Don torakitty
  10. Simon Sez he is Turkish Warrior for AR!!!!!
  11. Thanks V V, Sean and Kevin! Simon now has a hat also!!
  12. Simon's twin bro.!! ARose maybe a 3-sez-sum!? Simon Sez ahhahaha we are gone to getchagetchagetcha!!!!
  13. Looking forward to seeing more!
  14. Great story Clementine! Life goes in many directions!
  15. love these!!
  16. Hello, a year ago I posted a French ship named Flandre? First ship after WW-2, any connection with this ocean liner? Probably no but!?
  17. Really great story, good and evil, died 1945, almost made it to end of war. Take care of this beauty! It is very special!
  18. Wish we could meet! Don XXOOXX!!
  19. WOW!!! Wonderful find! and Beauty and $$$ and Simon Sez! Please come fan me!! Make me happy boy!!! XXOOXX!!
  20. Thanks VV WOW Uruguay wins!!! but Suarez?? Maybe Pit Bull?? He is such a great player, but now maybe no more play in this Copa de Mundo?!!
  21. No thank you
  22. Thank you VV!
  23. Love these!!!
  24. Cute clock! With music notes!
  25. H.H. was not crazy, he did everything, had everything, tried everything, and just enjoyed his art and wondered about!?
  26. Maybe I will go out this Friday!? I have been a hermit a long time now! I have this dream of winning the lottery and buying a penthouse way up high in S.F. with tremendous views and living the rest ...
  27. On CW I feel special, but the sauce? was really in the past! Now I dream! XXOOXX
  28. Amber Luther B. is almost as cute as me!!! hahaha
  29. Simon and Pu-tai are amigos! Our dream is for you to walk through front door! We will set your soul free!!!
  30. Thanks ARose Luther Burbank said in all the world The Redwood Empire here with big trees and wine is the Best most pleasant climate in the world and the most beautiful! With Ocean and Russian Rive...
  31. Thanks V V Simon never jealous, he says thank you for saying he is lovely!! You are also lovely!!! Zowie thank you also! AND Amber thank you!! Laughing Simon says he will stay by front door to prot...
  32. Great! I read that a long time ago tapestries were made for and used like storm windows to keep cold air out in winter! Windows were thin glass.
  33. Pretty! Kind of cranberry color! I love all of them! XXOOXX
  34. I have much to learn!! You are my beautiful French teacher! Teach me about Europe and Life!! XXOOXX!
  35. He is better! Now that you messaged us! We like you!!XXOOXX!
  36. Haarlem, King of Spain, Men are no good! No hope for Mankind!
  37. Hello V.V.! on ebay for $15.00 you can buy a test kit for gold and silver, you would know then if sterling or 800 coin! Wow Costa Rica won, but not over yet!! Go Go Goal Uruguay!!! XXOOXX!!!!! your...
  38. Thanks! The only rest Simon gets is when he is in a coma!!!!
  39. Thanks! I use to work at Napa State in the 1970's! ECT for Simon or lobotomy! Amber would like that! Thanks tom!
  40. Yes! I had to give him the heimlich!
  41. I am a little worried about Simon Toth!
  42. Really beautiful! You are really a great designer. I fret and worry about my house looking cluttered. Moon is special! XXOOXX
  43. Love the handle!! beautiful!! Really cool and usable for sure!
  44. Thank you Kevin, Seven Sorrows of Mary, I guess we all have sorrows?! Shock and awe
  45. Thank you miKKoChristmas11, It is special! Brings me peace and hope
  46. Both lamps have HEYCO on cord entering base?!
  47. See new photo! HEYCO
  48. Cool! Build a Church!! It will make you happy and peaceful!!
  49. Build a Church in your house!! Beautiful!!!
  50. ARose Simon Sez he will put Damiana Leaf in it if you come! With Guanarpo Macho from Peru! Really unbelieveable! Simon Sez!!!!!!!
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