Santa Rosa Ca.

Retired Crisis Worker, Been collecting for 30+ years, now researching all paintings, prints, and antiques, (furniture, silver, etc.)


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Mid Century Groovy!  Simon is now a Hippie with peace medallion and alligator clip! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
"WILD WOMEN DON'T HAVE THE BLUES"  by Jim Tanaka  My 2nd print by him! - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Update on mid century lamp!  Moms  Hollywood Regency but  the Chain!! - Lampsin Lamps
Update on Peacock picture,  maybe amber and gold and silver threads with tiny red woven threads - Sewingin Sewing
Pink Jadeite Buddha Statue   - Asianin Asian
2nd State Hosp. hand painted by clients about 1975, tablecloth!  and my Employee card   - Paperin Paper
1st of two Ca. State Hospital hand painted by Residents  with my card from about 1975!  sheet! - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Mom's dish, kind of a mystery? When, who why, where? - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Update on Aztec watercolor, mystery solved,  It is Aztec as weapon is a Tepoztopilli 
Update on broken sterling Moses!  Sort of repaired!  10" tall - Figurinesin Figurines


  1. Thanks Kevin, Just now doing Tao, The Way! Peace!
  2. Thanks fortapache! Simon sometimes wears a yellow ribbon headband!
  3. Thanks weirdpuckett!!
  4. Thanks CindB!!
  5. Beautiful! I will show my Cambodian gardener! He is good friend, he was shot through side during Vietnam war on border at same area as me! He is a little angry because I get good benefits, but he g...
  6. Many times I almost got rid of this! Now glad I kept it!
  7. Dog tags were used of course for identifying dead or wounded soldiers, In Vietnam we put dark tape over them as too shiny and snipers could kill you because of this.
  8. Thanks ho2, walk, amd Cind who's there!
  9. Thanks racer!
  10. Yes Roger Miller song!
  11. Hi, I was there many times in the 80's. Panajachel I remember patrols starting before dark with Indians with stick type clubs. My friend Yuki opened a Japanese restaurant in Antigua, and he was murd...
  12. Cool! "England swings like a pendulum do" "Bobbies on bicycles, two by two"!
  13. Thanks again! Yes after WW-2, she worked in Ca. as a nurse for awhile!
  14. walksoftly! I am sure you are right! 1920's is perfect! I remember from early 50's! again, thanks!!
  15. AH! Small retreat!! Yes, Yes I had one a long time ago!! A 10 X 50 ft. mobile home, old distinguished 1955, on 20 acres! Mendocino County!
  16. Looks kind of Eng. Gothic! Maybe made for the Lincoln Cathedral, England! I live in wine country and many, many people would love this!
  17. Thanks, I thought maybe a school project or?
  18. Yes still raining! Santa Rosa may see Russian River flood a little! Stay dry!
  19. I have seen this style before, double type screw, one into cork and other to back it out! Kind of looks like a crucifix! Keeps Vampires from drinking your wine!!! haha
  20. Cool! Kind of like a penguin!!!
  21. Thanks SEAN, amazing the Spanish conquered Mexico, Central and South America, but that is the power of gold and silver!
  22. I wish I knew the artist!
  23. Thank you CindB and shareurpassion!
  25. Eastlake chair! see t
  26. Fishing from beach is best! Your English is really good! I can get by with my Spanish but was lost in Brazil! But had a great time! Spent 1 yr. in Eur. and 7 mo. another time but did not get to P...
  27. I never did a competition either, and never could afford to go out on a boat. Mexico caught sierra, dorado, and jack tuna type fish. Never anything as big as your fish! In California I use to fish r...
  28. Nice Santa! What kind of fish is that with you? Are you a fisherwoman? I am worlds best in Mexico from the beach!!
  29. I do not have any information on this. just 1897 I am always watching~ toracat
  30. Hi Dr.Fluff! All is good! Happy Holidays to you and family!!
  31. Thank you VV!
  32. Are they beads? There are no holes in them for stringing?
  33. Thank you share! The beads came in a different pile of jewelry, but I like putting different things inside!
  34. Thanks Jewels! I like it also!
  35. Thanks Mate!
  36. That is a beauty!!!
  37. Dice look like bone! Love this!
  38. Yes I can sell property! I received since age 55 Social security and Veterans Disability. Also since 50 I receive pension from State of Ca. and pension from County. Many other Veterans benefits! S...
  39. You may be right, I saw two articles about this and both talked about fingernails, of all things. On this the fingernails are very clear and perfect. I also contacted Clars Auction, affiliated with ...
  40. Pretty! Chiparus I think did my Bronze dancer?!
  41. I love this! Where is it from??? I want to know also!!
  42. I love these jacks! You are a Jack of all trades!
  43. Love this! I see MA having Menage a trois here!
  44. Pretty! Has a tile look to it!
  45. I did not know you worked part time for the FBI!! You look Good!
  46. I liked this oil, but now I really love it!
  47. Thank you!
  48. VV come visit California!! email me!
  49. Thanks VV! kyra, yes Tamara, it is nice oil painting from Goodwill. Some museums copy and sell, I saw on internet. $300-400! I paid around $35.00 or maybe less. I put the mirror in gold frame in m...
  50. Hi 7 lucky Gods, Japanese
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