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Retired Crisis Worker, Been collecting for 30+ years, now researching all paintings, prints, and antiques, (furniture, silver, etc.)


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Emperor and Empress of China, stones on lacquered board, 3 Ft. X 2 Ft., large and heavy - Asianin Asian
Update on Super Agua Mexico carboy,m brought back 1972.  Now making red wine! - Bottlesin Bottles
WOW!  Update Dutch oil painting!  Ghostship!! by Ter Verdoenk 3' X 2'  The SS Ourang Medan 
Other wood carvings from Goodwill, bought at same time as two from previous post! - Folk Artin Folk Art
Wood carvings from Goodwill, Folk Art - Folk Artin Folk Art
Brass Horse, etched, I named TATTOO!  12 hands high (Simon's Hands) or 17 inches tall! - Animalsin Animals
Bronze Woman  by Manuel Vidal,  Beautiful!!! 20 inches tall - Figurinesin Figurines
Boat oar coat rack  $3.50, garage sale with square nails, cute? - Furniturein Furniture
Croquet Mallets 1950's, five  two striped, maybe birch - Outdoor Sportsin Outdoor Sports
	Price	Qty	Total # 15826067 - 2000 Millennium Chopsticks Year of The Dragon	$5.00	1	$5.00 - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Thanks! V.V.! Both are lovely? You mean me and Simon!!! haha!!!
  2. Is this game like Old Maid card game?
  3. Mrs. Soot, wow maybe have bad dreams about her!
  4. Miss Block! Cute transgender boy!!! I love these cards! Simon is in love with Miss Block! haha jaja
  5. Thank you Virginia! Simon sez! V.V. Come to California and visit!!!
  6. Yes mine is bronze, I now with your help will study her or him?!
  7. h02 If you ever get to Santa Rosa, please stop by and visit!!!
  8. Thank you! It is like 3-D. Thick and carving is wonderful!!
  9. Thanks Kevin!
  10. Kevin how did you know Zhongguo is Simon's middle name!?
  11. HELLO VV! I buy and drink also! We have a cafe 12 minutes from my house! not too expensive either!!
  12. 2 maids are hot!
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  14. Thanks V V! He is not Simon Bolivar, but is Simon Borracho!!! ha ha!
  15. I think maybe for rich that ski, to carry valuables in.? 50's or 60's mine?! I think.
  16. Hu Rip! Thanks! I started looking thanks to your information! Will study more! You never know what is special and how colectable something is, one must study all or you may throw out an expensive ...
  17. Thanks kyr! Simon still asleep!! XXOO Don
  18. Thanks Rip still do not see super agua? on these?
  19. Google unit 731 Japn WW-2 Gen. Ishii, see photos and long article on this ship I can send you if have email.
  20. Unit 731 Japans torture chemical etc. place in China. USA maybe hauling something back from there? Ship going from China to Costa Rica! Secret because of Geneva Convention. Japan killed foreigners...
  21. I like it also!
  22. thanks love mine
  23. Human Rights! Ongoing! Marianne 9.5 meters! With sword and olive branch!? But it is big, and beautiful! Only three places in this world! New World, Old World, and Third World. Old World has best...
  24. Thanks!!
  25. SEAN are these always marked? Pretty, I have some glasses similar, but not marked?
  26. Beautiful! I visited Paris twice and did not see this fantastic Church! Louis XIV is a well flamboyant and unusual aristocrat, or I read a lot about him. When he undressed for bed, he had his subjec...
  27. Simon Sez! blunder might hurt me! He is a Macho Man! I am too! But he is bigger than me! I not want to go!! I stay here! The wise Simon Oz has spoken!!
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  29. Stay for sure for a few more days so I can write you a clear message! You are one of my best friends on CW! I understand! I have too much stuff. I love CW, but need to focus on reality more. Work ...
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  31. Thyanks! see bike posting on your post!!
  32. Nice bike!! You look healthy in photo!! Remember Samson was strong until the woman cut his hair!! haha! You are much healthier than Dick Cheney! (If you know who he is!) Take care my good friend!
  33. South lawn is good!
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  36. Thanks VV, ann, and Phil! I will look him up! I also got 4-5 other wood carvings, but thought they were too silly, I will post ! I may write a book Phil! How to carve a dummy named Simon!! haha
  37. I remember parades , maybe Easter with men in long pointed black and other color hoods and robes! Don
  38. Thanks jean! I like his gold hoofs! He has bling!! I visited Spain in 1970 and again in 1972! Went to Canary Is. and Span. Sahara! then to Mor.! I loved Spain, People danced in the parks! Don
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