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Retired Crisis Worker, Been collecting for 30+ years, now researching all paintings, prints, and antiques, (furniture, silver, etc.)


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 Item	Price	Qty	Total # 19374640 - ~Vintage Hand Painted Asian Wood & Paper Art Fan~	$9.00	1	$9.00 - Asianin Asian
Japan tea set? Yes but camels? From thrift store. Yellow tagged 1/2 off $7.50 - Asianin Asian
Update Port. fish on vintage stringer! Broken tail fish added to sculpture!  Made be me! - Fishingin Fishing
13 Portugal Sardines or Carapau  8 inches long, and vintage fish stringer! - Fishingin Fishing
 Item	Price	Qty	Total # 19105325 - The Divine Bell of King Songdok the Great & Stand	$9.50	1	$9.50 - Asianin Asian
Mid Century modern Asian paintings,  Maybe!  haha!  need help - Asianin Asian
LAST UPDATE! Giants Chairs!  Boo, Hoo!  Boo Hoo! Getting old!  BUT now Rocking Chairs!  Yera! Yea! - Baseballin Baseball
Constantine Algeria!!  LIFE ON THE EDGE!!  REALLY!!! Photos my trip, 1st photo with Connie! - Photographsin Photographs
 Item	Price	Qty	Total # 19156052 - Staind Glass Vintage style Lamp	$15.99	1	$15.99 - Lampsin Lamps
Mid Century Groovy!  Simon is now a Hippie with peace medallion and alligator clip! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. hi! yes it is numbered toracat
  2. Thank you so much! I am really happy! Again, thank you!!
  3. Really!?
  4. My tackle box! Some are older. I know a lure that always works. It slides up and down a wire!! Hee hee!
  5. Happy New Year to you and family!
  6. Happy New Year!!!
  7. Sad story! Local Indians here say, "With no tears, there can be no rainbow in the soul" hmmm
  8. Really Special!
  9. I am at a loss for words! Amazing!
  10. 2015, maybe I visit South America!! Thinking about living in Cuenca Ecuador!! XXOOXX! Really!
  11. ObriGato!! XXOOXX!!
  12. Thank you! Kevin! 6 hrs. more, here with Simon and Cap. Morgan!!
  13. Thank You! They do look, well like fresh dead sardines!
  14. Thank you inky! Happy New Year to you also!!
  15. thank you too!
  16. Thank you katherine! Pat ObriGato! Cat!
  17. Obregato!!!
  18. Thanks, I love that Huffy! I fixed Moses! Huffy will be a little more work! Rebuild! I just bought 13 fish, made in Portugal! New project! You two will have not many problems! You have each ot...
  19. You like the Drummer! He is most cute with fast hands!! Happy Holidays to you and family! And Drummer! haha
  20. Paul Revere American Patriot and Silversmith!!! Paul Revere and the Raiders, Nooooo! Not good band! haha
  21. Lanterns ignited War with England!! From top "One If by land, Two if by sea" The enduring fame of the Old North began on the evening of April 18, 1775, when the church sexton, Robert Newman, and V...
  22. Thank you!!
  23. Utila! and Bar "Bucket of Blood"! and Big Mama's!! I had good times in Honduras! San Pedro Sula, Tela, La Ceiba, and Tegucigalpa! Tegucigalpa is NOT a rare tropical disease! It is largest city ...
  24. Spring I am going!! Away!!
  25. Happy Holidays to You and your Loved Ones! Mate!!
  26. VV please watch Dia de los muertos
  27. Thank you!
  28. Yes! I agree 100%
  29. Thanks! From sick Simon! Granny came by Greyhound Bus from Tennessee! Granny has many secrets, who made her why? and her hands are manly!
  30. Thank you My Valentine!!!
  31. Thank you VV. PEACE! and LOVE!
  32. Thanks davezquanw!
  33. Thanks kyratango with me! XOXO!
  34. Thanks walksoftly
  35. Si Cube Libre! tambien!! XXOOXX!
  36. POPE tango and mate tea!! For all and VV!!!!!
  37. Or Tango!!! Pope just had 100's dancing Tango. from all over the world! Tango is Hot! Si?! His favorite dance!!! When he had a girlfriend!! Take care young Hermosa Mujer!!!
  38. Thanks nuts!!
  39. Thanks VV. She was an Angel! Me, not an angel! Uruguay just took some men from Guantanamo, Cuba!! Thank you! Cuba is becoming free! Yo quiero Cube Libre! pero mas Limon!!
  40. Oh! Giant birds flying way down low!!
  41. You are 100% correct on that!!!
  42. Crandall says his name in Indian translates to Weeko! Pretty or Wikoska, another form! This is Lakota or Dakota!!!
  43. He stayed at Mountain Lodge!? Is that by you????
  44. Cute See Crandall on lamp post!!!
  45. walksoftly!!! Crandall says Merry Christmas! from Dia de los Muertos!!!! ahahaha!
  46. Thanks walksoftly, Merry Christmas to you and family! Crandall says hello! Remember him!?
  47. Thank you CindB!
  48. Thanks SEAN!!
  49. Thanks Kevin, Just now doing Tao, The Way! Peace!
  50. Thanks fortapache! Simon sometimes wears a yellow ribbon headband!
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