Santa Rosa Ca.

Retired Crisis Worker, Been collecting for 30+ years, now researching all paintings, prints, and antiques, (furniture, silver, etc.)


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Roland Oeller Oil Painting,  Woman with broom! Beautiful Woman! 
Repost (as asked!) Jade ring and necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Wood mask from thrift store!  Who is this?  17" - Folk Artin Folk Art
Porcelain Spanish Dancer   CUTE! - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Two prints from thrift store, bought for frames but kind of nice? - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Old Dr.'s Christmas card from thrift store, Snow Covered Trough - Postcardsin Postcards
WW-2 framed photo shrapnel Aleutian Is. Repost but now framed with information - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Satsuma salt dishes, hat for Simon (Vietnam), lacquered panels wood Vietnam and other things - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Bronze!  Dancing Woman!!  23 inches and 15 pounds!  pretty - Art Decoin Art Deco
Repost  Need help!  What is this made of? Statue  Manchu Man? - Asianin Asian


  1. Me!? teasing
  2. Hi Just put new photo of necklace more bright!
  3. Hi new photo!
  4. Please see wood mask! APO
  5. Amber please see wood mask again!! All Powerful One! You may be my slave!!!
  6. Thanks Amber! I do look like a Greek God!!
  7. Thank you Belle! I enjoyed this very much! Wish I knew more about mine!
  8. Thank you very much!! Will look up Etruscan!
  9. I just saw this and will repost for you dear! XXOOXX
  10. Beautiful! Looks kind of like my necklace! I wish I knew more about Jade!
  11. Again! Beautiful!!
  12. WOW!! Very Special!
  13. Berries are berry berry beautiful!! Really!
  14. I Like! Also the Crab!
  15. Thanks Trey! Neat great grandfathers civil war items!
  16. Yes I am so happy with her!! Thank you!
  17. I worked in many State County and Private Psych. Hosp. Maybe I need a jacket, but maybe I would like to 5 pt. you for ECT! Probably would help! Those places are not so quiet!! I worked hard there ...
  18. Amber check out my mask again!! I answered your question!!
  19. Zowie you are welcome!!
  20. Amber!! I do hear voices!!! They say!!! "YO MAMA!" Also I am paranoid and joined PA Paranoid Anonymous! BUT nobody will reveal where the meetings are held!!! Ahhahaha XXOOXX
  21. Like tiny stained glass windows!! Beautiful!!
  22. Thank you racer4four! I am starting to like this more and more!!
  23. Thank you Aim and Sean
  24. When Emmett Kelly was young he was the best trapeze man, young daring man on the flying trapeze! Later when older became a clown. Ilona said he was a very sad man and took her a long time to paint hi...
  25. I talked to her by phone and we mailed letters! She was a very special, talented woman!!
  26. Hi Simon and I like clowns!! See Emmett! He and Simon are going to getcha, getcha, getcha!!! Ahhahaha! Actually...
  27. Very pretty!
  28. Great colors!
  29. My room is missing one very beautiful woman! I think you know this! Don XOXO
  30. Thanks Sean! You have been on fire with good buys!! Keep it up!
  31. YES Secret Dream!! Don
  32. Really beautiful!! Great way to keep cool! Wish you could fan me on a hot summers night! Don XXOOXX
  33. Hi Aim, I do like these! (a little!) haha Take care Don XXOOXX!
  34. Funny mom! Thanks kyratango!! XXOO!!
  35. Thank you racer4four! I will research this!! Again thanks!!
  36. Thanks Sean you know it is so well made, you can see all her fingernails!!
  37. He is a lucky boy! With beautiful dog! Living the good life! Beautiful country! I grew up in Nebraska! Not as pretty! Love ya! XXOOXX
  38. I enjoy more and more, great youtube, York rocks!!
  39. She is HOT!! Great find!!
  40. Thanks Kevin!
  41. Hi Tora was my cat's name (tiger in Japanese) I may need a bigger house! haha I pay very little for my things, I need to sell soon as well just too much stuff! I am sure I will not lose on these it...
  42. Cool! Stunning! They built really strong forts! And withstood time!!
  43. Thank you!!
  44. Thanks Zowie! I need to sell items also! I like buying but not selling! You are in Aus., if you ever visit Ca. please visit me! Don
  45. Sean that photo, is that your family? Just wondering Don
  46. WOW! I have made plum wine, here in Santa Rosa where I live, Luther Burbank made dark red Santa Rosa Plums! I have many trees here! If wine does not reach 12% alcohol, I add raisins or honey or raw ...
  47. Dark and mysterious! love it!
  48. I like the crab!! I am a Cancer!
  49. Sorry no room for an organ, sometimes they are almost free here! Thanks Rose!
  50. Thank you Aimathena! Simon is praying that he meets you someday!! Me too!
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