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rearranged the pots - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Deco style lamp - Art Decoin Art Deco
Very old ivory Chinese Mahjong game - Gamesin Games
Chris Lebeau - Art Glassin Art Glass
Another Chris Lebeau - Art Glassin Art Glass
Chris Lebeau for Leerdam - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vases and collateral damage - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art deco clock - Art Decoin Art Deco
The benjamin - Animalsin Animals
Our firstborn - Animalsin Animals


  1. Thanks. I'll try to submit some new items. How are you?
  2. Yes Eisenloeffel's early work is phenomenal. Love it. I have some things by him. I'll post them. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Yes it is. Very rare. I have your one in clear blue now too.
  4. Did you manage to buy some? I sadly couldn't be there.
  5. Tell me all about it Vetraio50 !!
  6. Hi EvolveT021, I'd say come to Holland and I can easily part with her... :-)
  7. Hello Paris 1925, Thank you. Yes it does and I think De Bazel was inspired by Hoffmann. The display is called Abstracta if I'm correct. I bought different displays through the years and it can be ...
  8. Thanks Inky !
  9. What happened to your house ??????
  10. Thank you Pops52. I have a lot of original stuff, but this one also makes me smile.
  11. This one really looks at you. Wow.
  12. Thanks for the info from Amsterdam. The animals on ''Wendingen are quite simular''. Who designed that cover? Do you know?
  13. Thanks. It's a new one but the style is ok. I've been surching for info about your fork. It's not really my thing so I had to open a few books. Can't really add any info I'm afraid. Nice piece thou...
  14. Thanks guys. How are you all doing?
  15. Thanks guys !
  16. Good luck with that haha. Won't be easy...
  17. Now you can hoard some more??? :-)
  18. good to hear
  19. Hi Sean. I've been busy and it was difficult to score anything. How are you?
  20. Looks like Jac. v.d. Bosch this one.
  21. I'll have a look. I'm fine. How are you?
  22. Thanks valentino
  23. Thank you. I sadly don't know who designed this one. I think it was made together with other items. I've seen a low cabinet also with the same intarsia. Nice to know you have table.
  24. That is very true. The cupboard was 650 euro. The desk I rejected at 2625 euro.
  25. I did bid. Just was too expensive...... The cupboard I do have is very much in a better shape. Luckily.
  26. Sorry for the loss. I guess he used to light up the room.
  27. It looks older than that. Sorry about your husband. The name is by the way. Can't find the pic there though.
  28. I've sent you the pic by email.
  29. When you ''open'' the picture the ears are still on and on the right side just below the picture the is a name. Looks like Andre ........
  30. I googled ''pig car'' & pics and there is was, among others. It sure is the same car. Yes, shame about the ears. The name on the door is a little more clear but I still can't read it. It's a strange...
  31. there is your picture too.
  32. This is how the pig looks after being separated from the vehicle. Needed an accident to make it ...
  33. This is real piggyback marketing.
  34. It's no pushover
  35. oink :-)
  36. Nothing special, just 4 more (of the same) I'm afraid.
  37. Good to hear. I've got 4 more pots by the way.....
  38. Hi Sean, I am, thanks. How are you?
  39. I've got to bite my tongue here. What I can say is: I think this car has a lot of porque, speeding off down the runway and that from only 1 porcpower
  40. Wow. Love it !!
  41. Thanks Phil, she's a delightful sweetheart. & Thanks Autumn.
  42. Me too. Too bad she's not a big huglover. The more is the other one.
  43. Last 4 letters are ''burg'' I'd say
  44. And gratulations to you both of course !!!
  45. What about something like ''Arzberg''? Sure looks like it to me. That's from Bavaria and they (only?) make pocelain.
  46. She's beautiful
  47. Thanks Mikko !
  48. Showing off something alright. No(t the) injury I'd say
  49. Is that Elisabeth Taylor? :-)
  50. He's trying to get afro's? Or is this photo taken at area 51?
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MILAN METELÁK MICA HARRACHOVSKÉ SKLÁRNY 1941 Ottawa, Ks. newspaper Glass Sgraffito? sarpaneva filigran decanter


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