Las Vegas

I like collecting many things, but my favorites are costume jewlery, pottery, old books & magazines


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Mom's 1947 Cunard White Star Brochures - Paperin Paper
Art Pottery Bowl - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Hedi Schoop Collection - Figurinesin Figurines
1898 Print "Moonlight Melody" - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
1965 Mott & Pell Street China Town New York Watercolor Painting signed "Laing" 
Mad Men Sequin "Bling" Sleeveless Wiggle Shirt - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing
Embroidered "Lucille" Gibson Guitar BB King Satin Jacket - Musicin Music
BB King Glitter "King of the Blues Worldwide" Satin Jacket - Musicin Music
BB King Satin "93"  World Tour King of the Blues  Jacket - Musicin Music


  1. Very cool design, Sean!
  2. Thanks, nutsabot6, very nice of you to say!
  3. Hi, valentino97. I wear it at least twice a week!
  4. I love them, you are quite a talented man!
  5. Beautiful & a very generous gift too!
  6. Love the colors & the drip glaze!
  7. Very cool, Mike! Love your profile picture as well!
  8. Thanks, Phil, you're very sweet to say so. I'm POSITIVE you would not get burned with your eye for art, & you're right about the show. It would have been fun, but just the fact that I was lucky & had ...
  9. Beautiful basket!
  10. Thanks to all for your good wishes! Manikin, yes I live in Vegas so I tried to get on Pawn Stars, I thought it would be fun. I've met Mark twice, he's the one from Clark County Museum that Rick uses &...
  11. Manikin, I tried to get on the show twice, they never contacted me. I decided due to my lack of knowledge to have them appraised by Brett, the one Rick calls in to check on his art. Who better then to...
  12. Thanks, racer. It was just luck & timing!
  13. She is cute, I like the coyness in her slightly tilted head
  14. I agree with Manikin, you're collection amazes me as well!
  15. Thanks, again!
  16. Thanks racer, Sean , Phil & everyone else!
  17. Thanks, Sean!
  18. Thanks everyone for the loves & for the info, upstateny!
  19. Great find!
  20. Very beautiful, I'm sorry it's gone as well!
  21. Beautiful!
  22. The dogs are cute, but I'm sure you'll understand why the cats are my favorite!
  23. I agree with your statement - seriously awesome!!
  24. Beautiful, Lisa. You have quite a collection!
  25. Nice collection!
  26. Thanks, Lisa & everyone else for the loves. You're right, Lisa it does have that look to it. I even like the wear around the edges to me it just adds to the vintage look of the piece.
  27. Great collection, & sense of humor! We need more laughter in the world, I also seem to provide it, intentional or not! Have a great day, Amber!
  28. Very nice, Sean!
  29. Awesome, I've never seen one before! My brother would love this! I showed him your collection of hood ornaments & he was amazed.
  30. Very cool!
  31. Thanks, Phil! I think someone donated their collection or perhaps they came fron an antique stored that closed.
  32. very nice, I like the crescent shape!
  33. That's okay, Phil. I need all the luck I can get so I'll take it as a double blessing!
  34. I am an ebay person as well! I did google Jo Ro, they have some nice pieces. It's funny I call this "Mad Men" like some others do & I've never even watched the show! I have several beaded sweaters as...
  35. you're right, Phil! I know he names his guitar Lucille as well!
  36. Very beautiful, Yohanna. You could put in on anything, would even look cool on a leather thread. That seems to be the trend now!
  37. Very cool, Sean. I have a pink ceramic with the crazy swirl. Just love this design!
  38. Great collection & I agree with Agram.m regarding wearing corsets!
  39. Love the glaze drip! I'm not sure about the mark, but would agree with racer, could be Austria or Germany as they use the crown mark often
  40. Thanks, racer!
  41. Like this one even more!
  42. great graphics, can't wait to see the rest!
  43. Thanks for the loves, guys! Who ever this collection belonged to definitely had eclectic taste!
  44. I just had a feeling that more from the same collection were to follow!
  45. Very nice & I love the new profile picture!
  46. Very cool look! If you want to drink out of it I say mazel tov!
  47. Thanks Photoguy & Walksoftly.
  48. Beautiful, Phil! My first & last ski adventure was here in Nevada, 45 miles from Vegas at Mount Charleston. Sadly, I lack the coordination for it, though it was fun!
  49. Hi, Phil. Pardon my computer illiteracy, I've never sent a link. Would you like information on the artist?
  50. Hey, Phil! I updated my Badri Narayan painting description! I just had to take it out of the frame to see once & for all, so I did very carefully & it's a watercolor not a print! Needless to say, I'm ...
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Kafin N.Y. Rhinestone and Red Glass Links Necklace Kitschy Holiday Hostess Apron Brooches. one of Abuela Esther's pin - brooches Coral brooch/pendant 1922 Gillette safety razor w/box & blade case. Grandma and Grandpa Dolls Antique tile 50'S ATOMIC LAMP copper cuff bracelet Coro earrings Howard Kron Swordfish TV Lamp eric clapton Ramses signed powder jar. My horsey collection when I was younger.  Show us your horses!