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I like collecting many things, but my favorites are costume jewlery, pottery, old books & magazines


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Mexican? Folk Art Couple Vase - Folk Artin Folk Art
Funky 1977 Freddy Fender Candle - Musicin Music
1953  Hi! Magazine Graham Hunter Halloween cover illustration - Paperin Paper
Cedar City Utah Autumn October 2014 - Photographsin Photographs
Cedar City Utah Autumn October 2014 - Photographsin Photographs
Cedar City, Utah Autumn October 2014 - Photographsin Photographs
My favorite pictures & painting of my Fluffy baby RIP - Animalsin Animals
Mid Century Modern Jazz Paintings 
nineteeneth century Chinese silver dragon childs belt buckle - Asianin Asian
My favorite pictures of mom, I miss you  3-1-26 - 10-5- 99 - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Thanks, Phil! Very Peaceful as well, not crowded with tourists
  2. Thanks, Amber, but I wish it would have been longer. She was only 10 1/2 years old.
  3. Thanks, everyone. I'm sure there are a lot of animal lovers on this site. I will miss her so, but she's at rest now. Peace to everyone & enjoy the beautiful days of Autumn!
  4. Vern nice, Phil. Just my style!
  5. Thank you everyone, & without prejudice I have to agree, she was an absolute natural beauty. On the inside as well
  6. Your welcome & thanks everyone for looking!
  7. Thanks again, guys!
  8. Thanks, everyone!
  9. Thanks, Guys. Hope everyone is as excited about autumn as I am!
  10. The photos are fine, Sean! They show the beauty of the chair, great find!
  11. Very nice gift! Shout out to Amber!
  12. You know, nutsabotas6, I buy & sell a lot online & this & the other pocket watch were the only problems I've encountered recently. I agree, though, very discouraging
  13. Very nice!
  14. Thanks, agh. I did know that
  15. Beautiful! We're not having much luck with the post lately are we?!
  16. You do great work, Phil. Very talented!
  17. The seller said he put it in the box himself. He said there should be blue tape on it that the Ukraine uses, there was no tape.
  18. Me either, Phil. He would have loved this.
  19. Very cool, from what era, Phil?
  20. Well, after taking apart & oiling, the watch repair man got it to run. He said it's filthy & will need a better cleaning then what he did & couldn't guarantee that it will still run, but it's been ti...
  21. Thanks, everyone! I'm going to post the envelope he shipped in. No box, just a little bubble wrap from England to USA. I covered his address so I don't get in trouble!
  22. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I hope it's not fake & is a simple fix. I will report him & send it back if I have to. I just wanted to buy a special gift.
  23. I love it, it's unique & I love that it's from Israel! You have a great collection!
  24. Very cool, Kerry. I also bought a Russian watch with the space dogs due to arrive soon, hopefully it will work!
  25. Kerry, yes he does have lots of Smiths & Ingersoll, the fantasy ones as you stated. So you're probably right. Not a nice man either, not the slightest bit apologetic
  26. Beautiful, as well!
  27. Wow, I love them!
  28. I hope you get it fixed & you must be very patient to try! I agree with UPS remark & sellers fault as well. I can say that because I am a seller & it is my responsibility to pack with adequate space &...
  29. I love the design. Very beautiful!
  30. How nice to have the whole set!
  31. Very nice, I remember these in our house back east when I was a kid.
  32. share, you should post them, I'd love to see them! Thanks for the loves, guys!
  33. Thanks guys!
  34. Hi, Michele. Sorry but I really would like to keep these, if I ever change my mind I will let you know
  35. Love the design, another great find!
  36. Very nice, I have one of this shape posted but it's footed. I think they were called console bowls & they were very popular.
  37. Wow, I wish I had your luck! Beautiful, Sean!
  38. I say you should open up your own museum! As usual, another great piece that I have never seen before! Hope all is well with you, Phil!
  39. Very cool design, Sean!
  40. Thanks, nutsabot6, very nice of you to say!
  41. Hi, valentino97. I wear it at least twice a week!
  42. I love them, you are quite a talented man!
  43. Beautiful & a very generous gift too!
  44. Love the colors & the drip glaze!
  45. Very cool, Mike! Love your profile picture as well!
  46. Thanks, Phil, you're very sweet to say so. I'm POSITIVE you would not get burned with your eye for art, & you're right about the show. It would have been fun, but just the fact that I was lucky & had ...
  47. Beautiful basket!
  48. Thanks to all for your good wishes! Manikin, yes I live in Vegas so I tried to get on Pawn Stars, I thought it would be fun. I've met Mark twice, he's the one from Clark County Museum that Rick uses &...
  49. Manikin, I tried to get on the show twice, they never contacted me. I decided due to my lack of knowledge to have them appraised by Brett, the one Rick calls in to check on his art. Who better then to...
  50. Thanks, racer. It was just luck & timing!
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Kitschy Holiday Hostess Apron Brooches. one of Abuela Esther's pin - brooches Coral brooch/pendant 1922 Gillette safety razor w/box & blade case. Grandma and Grandpa Dolls Antique tile 50'S ATOMIC LAMP copper cuff bracelet Coro earrings Howard Kron Swordfish TV Lamp eric clapton Ramses signed powder jar. My horsey collection when I was younger.  Show us your horses!