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I like collecting many things, but my favorites are costume jewlery, pottery, old books & magazines


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Nordic sterling vintage brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Huge Juliana Style Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Unknown, yet lovely Pottery Vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Alfred Werber Mod Print Coat - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing
 Vintage Dan Millstein Crushed Velvet Mink Trim Swing Coat - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing
Wind in the Pepper Tree Book 1st Edition Signed Frieda Salas - Booksin Books
Repost of  brown brooch for Katherine with picture of the back - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Close - up pictures of my vintage brooches - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
HOLIDAY BLING VINTAGE BROOCHES - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage John Lennon matchbook - Musicin Music


  1. Great bracelet, lovely color!
  2. Beautiful collection. I just lost my baby Girl, Fluffy in October, miss her so. May your DrFluffy live a long, healthy life!
  3. Stunning piece, I too hope you get it fixed!
  4. Very cool!
  5. That's what I should have done!
  6. Love the case & the picture!
  7. That's true & I never have before. That was my first time & it took me 15 years!
  8. Thanks, Sean!
  9. Very beautiful, & you never now what you'll find at a thrift shop or yard sale. After a horrible experience with Lofty Art, Tiffany's Auction is going to sell my Badri Narayan painting in September & ...
  10. Beautiful set! Not a typical style, either!
  11. Thanks, Phil!
  12. Thanks, Katherine! When I typed in sterling brooch marked Nordic in Google, my brooch was the first image that appears! I would have never guessed it said Nordic! You are absolutely wonderful!
  13. Thanks, guys! It is quite a stunner!
  14. Very beautiful, a quality piece no matter what it is!
  15. Great find, great brand!
  16. Very beautiful & unique piece. You have a lovely pottery collection!
  17. Thanks for the love's & the info as well, Jensen!
  18. Very unusual! I'm not a big fan of clowns, they kind of freak me out, however, this one has a nice friendly look about him!
  19. Stunning, as usual! If you find yourself in need of another sister, I'm available for adoption!
  20. Hey, Katherine, why don't you post some of your jewelry? I'd love to see it!
  21. After checking out the site, I agree. The pieces on that site are made of much higher quality rhinestones. Still though, hands down my favorite brooch!
  22. Very unusual.
  23. I love bib necklaces, you have quite a beautiful collection!
  24. Thanks, Countess, I will check out the site!
  25. Nice piece, sadly, it is next to impossible to find anything other then cool vintage clothes at our thrift shops here in Vegas. Happy New Year, Sean!
  26. I also have made a few purchases on ebay while intoxicated! I think you made a much better choice then I !
  27. Another beautiful set! I agree with you also that there are many so called experts who have no idea what they are talking about! My favorite pieces in my collection are the Aurora pieces & the unsign...
  28. You as well, Phil!
  29. I'm doing a new repost of the brooch, Katherine
  30. Hi, Katherine, will post the back of the brown brooch today, sorry it took so long. Merry Christmas!
  31. Hi, Phil! Why don't you post it, I'd love to see it! I do love it as well because it's unusual!
  32. I love the colours, Phil. I can't find any vintage out here anymore at thrift shops or yard sales, like the beautiful pieces I previously posted. I have to go to antique shops. It's great that you got...
  33. Very cute!
  34. Cool design, I love London!
  35. Thanks, Phil! I love the brown one as well because it's unusual. Thanks for the Hanukkah wish! The Beatles datebook magazine is a gift for one of my friends,actually!
  36. Isn't it the truth, valentino! Thanks, Phil. I'm sorry your sister doesn't like brooches, but I have to admit I rarely wear any of these & I really should.
  37. Great buy!
  38. Love the colours on it! Merry Christmas, Phil!
  39. I'm glad you got it back, valentino, I have a friend who is 97, YES 97! Anyway, I must have gave her 100 brooches over the years, honestly I'm not exaggerating, & she's lost so many.
  40. absolutely, Katherine, probably won't get to it until Thursday!
  41. Thanks, everyone!
  42. thanks, nutsabotas6, I just can't find these brooches like I used to.
  43. Thanks, everyone. I knew you of all people would appreciate the photos, Phil!
  44. You too, Sean!
  45. You look very stylish!
  46. Hey, Sean! Hope you're doing well! Love the wild cats, especially Livia!
  47. Love it! Have a great day, Phil!
  48. Yet another beautiful piece! I'm going with a friend to see the wild horses then heading to the antique store in hopes of finding a couple nice pieces. Hope all is well with you, Phil!
  49. Beautiful, Phil! You're a very nice brother & overall person as well! Hope you are enjoying the beautiful Autumn, the colors must have been lovely!
  50. Thanks, Phil! Very Peaceful as well, not crowded with tourists
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