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I like collecting many things, but my favorites are costume jewlery, pottery, old books & magazines


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South American ? Man on horseback paiting signed Sergio 
John L. Eastman 1973 Print - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Jose Maria De Servin Paintings on Burlap 
Badri Narayan Water Color Painting - Folk Artin Folk Art
Jose Maria de Servin Painting - Animalsin Animals
Saul Raskin Etching of Mother & Daughter lighting Shabatt Candles" 
Moshe Dadon Microcalligraphy "Song og Songs & Ecclesiastes" signed print - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Home Made ? Romantic Woman Ceramic Figurine - Figurinesin Figurines
40's Marathon Oil Co. Running Man Oklahoma Map - Paperin Paper
Vintage Judaica Card collection from 40's to 50's - Postcardsin Postcards


  1. Thanks, racer!
  2. Like this one even more!
  3. great graphics, can't wait to see the rest!
  4. Thanks for the loves, guys! Who ever this collection belonged to definitely had eclectic taste!
  5. I just had a feeling that more from the same collection were to follow!
  6. Very nice & I love the new profile picture!
  7. Very cool look! If you want to drink out of it I say mazel tov!
  8. Thanks Photoguy & Walksoftly.
  9. Thanks, Sean! Hope all is well with you!
  10. Beautiful, Phil! My first & last ski adventure was here in Nevada, 45 miles from Vegas at Mount Charleston. Sadly, I lack the coordination for it, though it was fun!
  11. Hi, Phil. Pardon my computer illiteracy, I've never sent a link. Would you like information on the artist?
  12. Hey, Phil! I updated my Badri Narayan painting description! I just had to take it out of the frame to see once & for all, so I did very carefully & it's a watercolor not a print! Needless to say, I'm ...
  13. Thanks, Phil. It was different when we grew up. I know I sound like my parents now, not that it's a bad thing, maybe that's why we all love our collections because it reminds us of the better aspects ...
  14. Thanks, Phil! I hope so too. Things will work out one way or the other, somehow they always do!
  15. Thanks, Phil! Hope all is well with you!
  16. Same thing with me, amber. No room to hang but it is our natural instinct as pickers to buy when we see something nice!
  17. Love it, anything with horses is the best!
  18. Hi, Amber! It's 35" x 25"
  19. Beautiful, Phil. I didn't realize you were Canadian. I was lucky enough to visit Quebec, Montreal & Ottawa when I lived back east. Beautiful country!
  20. Also, I don't know if you heard about the 2 policemen being killed while just sitting down to lunch at Cici's. Well, that's 5 minutes away from me & my brother was on his way to Walmart when it happen...
  21. Amen, Phil! If only all felt this way the world would be a better place!
  22. Great colors. Nice find, Amber!
  23. I am not a fan of anything Satan, but I have to admit this is truly amazing!
  24. Beautiful!
  25. It's different & does have some appeal. Why not?
  26. Love it, Amber!
  27. You as well, Virginia!
  28. Thanks, Sean
  29. I appreciate all the support guys & you all obviously share my dad's great sense of humor. I agree with you blunder & yes I'm glad I have them & I'm currently looking for the picture of him wearing th...
  30. Thanks, Amber!
  31. Thanks, Phil!
  32. Thank you valentino. I'm going to watch Schindler's List. It's one of the best movies to me because the most unlikely, money oriented person was able to be so moved by the plight of the Jews, that he...
  33. Thanks for the education, funny as well because April 25 is my birthday!
  34. You're very informed. I was lucky enough to go to England for 3 weeks, I'll always be thankful for it!
  35. It is a great design.
  36. It's still cool, Sean. I think that sometimes the damage & wear just makes it more obviously vintage. The worst thing I did was to have that alien looking sterling bracelet cleaned, I'd say it's from ...
  37. Thank you, Phil. My best friend's dad became an alcoholic after viewing the remainders of the concentration camps, she said he never got over it
  38. You're right, fhrj2.
  39. Thanks, guys & you are right, they are first issue postmarks.
  40. Thanks, Phil & vetraio. I'll try to spend more time on this site, even if I have nothing to display.
  41. Thanks, guys. People used to put a lot of time & effort into their projects & you can tell who ever made this paid attention to detail!
  42. I'm glad that so far, everyone likes it.
  43. Thanks, guys!
  44. Thanks, Sean. I thought twice about posting again as when I did years ago someone posted an unkind comment, but I thought I would try again
  45. I'm glad you like it Sean, I have the picture of my dad wearing them, I just have to find it. To me, we have to find humor & keep an open mind & I love these!
  46. Love it! It gives all new meaning to "Strike a pose!"
  47. Thanks, Phil & Tube for the education! Thanks to everyone else for the loves!
  48. This is as well, so basically it's a quality print with oil paint brushed on top?
  49. Thanks, Phil & blunder. I know it's not an original because it's numbered, also knew it wasn't a true painting & you're right, Phil, I can feel the brush strokes So, the correct term is oilette? I'll ...
  50. Beyond beautiful! Hope all is well with you!
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