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I like collecting many things, but my favorites are costume jewlery, pottery, old books & magazines


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Larry Vincent Garrison Nude Painting Print 
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - Paperin Paper
Zuni? Unsigned Slave Bracelet - Native Americanin Native American
 80's Harry B Yazzie Navajo Slave Bracelet - Native Americanin Native American
Fillagre Owl Pendant - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage? Art Deco Black Lucite Rhinestone Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Faux Topaz Juliana Vintage Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
60's Rock Pebble Art King & Queen - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Pierre Anton Masson "PAM" 50's Thai Dancer Brooch & Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Richard Avedon Natassia Kinski & the Serpant 1981 poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints


  1. Thanks, Phil & Tube for the education! Thanks to everyone else for the loves!
  2. This is as well, so basically it's a quality print with oil paint brushed on top?
  3. Thanks, Phil & blunder. I know it's not an original because it's numbered, also knew it wasn't a true painting & you're right, Phil, I can feel the brush strokes So, the correct term is oilette? I'll ...
  4. Beyond beautiful! Hope all is well with you!
  5. Hi, Phil! Yet another great find! My motherboard went out so I was offline, I'm back & will be posting soon!
  6. P.S. if you ever decide to have an online photography class, I'll be the first to enroll!
  7. Very beautiful! I had never heard of Millefiori until a friend of mine told me about it a couple of months back. She & her sister have a space at a local antique store & sold a couple lamps, though no...
  8. Thanks, blunder. That's just what they're called. I think people like them because of the design, not the term
  9. Thanks, Phil! It's a great piece!
  10. Thanks for the loves, guys! Added better pictures
  11. Thanks, Phil! I wish the very best to you & your family as well!
  12. Thanks, Moonstone & Dr.fluffy. If that's a common thing with turquoise, so be it. I really do like the piece! Thanks for you're help!
  13. Thanks, Sean! It's a special piece, quite unique from the typical slave bracelets you see, so I hope I can work it out with the seller & maybe just replace the center stone if she's willing
  14. Another beauty to add to your collection!
  15. Hey, Phil! I'll pick up some of the testors next week. I couldn't remember the name, only the gold paste. Thanks again & I know I'll get better with practice!
  16. Shout out to you, Phil! The gold paste worked so well, I just love how my owl pendant looks now! I'll add an updated photo in the next couple days & not only that, now I can buy something with a gree...
  17. Thanks for all the help, Phil. There's a Michaels not too far from where I work.
  18. Thanks, Yohanna & thanks for the loves, guys!
  19. Hi, Phil. Was the gold paste you mentioned to me appropriate for copper or brass type jewelry as well?
  20. Thanks, inky!
  21. I agree with Amber! They're far too beautiful to hide!
  22. We were just talking about these at work the other day, how funny! I love it, wish I had one too, but one never knows what we may find!
  23. Great abstract design, love them, but I agree. 1stdibs is WAY overpriced with everything they sell!
  24. Thanks, Amber!
  25. Thanks, Phil! I'll give it a try! Thanks also, Amber & drfluffy!
  26. Actually, Phil, it was fine until I got my clumsy hands on it & dropped it!
  27. My brother doesn't usually go on this sight, but I always show him your auto related items & he just loves them!
  28. Another beautiful addition to your collection!
  29. Thanks, inky!
  30. VeryUnique. Happy Thanksgiving, Sean!
  31. Thanks, DrFluffy & Phil!
  32. Thanks, Amber & Sean. Doing pretty well!
  33. Thanks, Amber! Happy Thanksgiving to you!
  34. These are great! I only have one Roseville piece, a basket. These are much nicer!
  35. Thanks, Sean! Will post again next week!
  36. Thanks, Phil!
  37. Thanks, Phil & valentino97!
  38. Great find, Sean! Hope all is well with you!
  39. Thanks, Phil. It's also one of my favorites!
  40. WOW! Beautiful lamp, nothing I've seen can compare! Hope you're doing well, I'll be posting very soon. Thanks for your compliments!
  41. You've got a lot of creative energy within you , Phil! Thanks for sharing!
  42. Very nice, Amber! Hope all is well with you!
  43. Great phone, I've never seen one like it!
  44. These put my old Halloween postcards to shame! Beautiful images!
  45. I'm jealous! What a great collection you have!
  46. Great poster, Halloween is soon approaching ,it would look great with some vintage decorations!
  47. Thanks, zguy2112!
  48. Thanks for all the love, everyone & thanks for info zguy2112! From the looks I was getting in the store, the guys in there loved this as well! Myself, I'm going to have to buy the 60's Life magazine w...
  49. Great find, Amber! Hope you're having a nice summer!
  50. Beautiful, Phil! You're a very gifted photographer!
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