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Calgary Alberta, Canada

I have been collecting antiques for many years,but it really got going about six years ago[for some unknown reason].I collect antique radios,oil lamps ,Aladdin ;lampI have been collecting antiques for many years,but it really got going about six years ago[for some unknown reason].I collect antique radios,oil lamps ,Aladdin ;lamps torchiere lamps and any thing that is from the 20s and 30s. The hardest part of my collecting is learning how radios work so I can repair them. If I had to do it I would not do it but I can go at my own pace . Being a member of the Antique Radio Forum had really helped me and I suggest anyone interested in radios have a look at that forum.. I find it the best on the web.You might want to have a look at one of my posts with photos of my basement and you will see some of my collection .ENJOY (Read more)


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My new vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fada console radio - Radiosin Radios
Rogers large table top radio - Radiosin Radios
Deforest Crosley   ''RITZ'  radio - Radiosin Radios
Classic Canadian Marconi console - Radiosin Radios
The Holy Grail of Canadian Radios - Radiosin Radios
RCA  A 31  console radio - Radiosin Radios
Marconi  138 before restoration - Radiosin Radios
My latest Marconi console - Radiosin Radios
Majestic model 50 - Radiosin Radios


  1. I did some research on your radio.it is a Marconi model 81. Someone has cut it up so it would fit in that cabinet.
  2. Thanks for the comment. The radio receives AM, ,and short wave. there is nothing broadcast on the Police band any more. For short wave it is better to have a long outside antenna and the best rece...
  3. It is a nice looking radio. If you want it to keep on working you might have the capacitors changed as they dry out over the years. Dan
  4. You have a 1936 Zenith model 5S 126 radio . it has 5 tubes. Goolge it and you will find more information.
  5. It looks like someone had taken a Marconi model 84 or 85 radio ; then chopped it down and installed it in this cabinet, as the two kinds of wood do not match. If you google Marconi model 85 you w...
  6. It is a 1939 RCA model K80 with eight tubes. 6SA7, 6SK7, 6SQ7, 6SF5, 6F6,6F6, 5Y3 and an eye tube 6U5. When recapped, it should sound very good
  7. You can now get the exact glass replacement from radio daze. I sent them one and they made me another one so they have that particular glass in their listings. ask for John, in the graphics dept
  8. The best way to clean these radios is to use brasso on it .. If you can get the old brasso, all the better. it does wonders for the finish. I know because I have one of these radios. good luck
  9. These radios are in a cramped space and they have a tendency to over heat if left on too long. when you get it serviced make sure they change the capacitors . They are quite collectable
  10. You might want to post your photo on the ''Antique radio Forum. Those guys seem to know every radio ever made.
  11. You can try ''Radio Daze'' for the reproduction graphics.
  12. You can buy reproduction knobs at 'Renovated radios', and you can get the reproduction grill cloth from ' Richmond Designs'. That will be a nice sounding radio after the capacitors have been ch...
  13. pixelpipe,, You can order decals for radios from'' Radio Daze''. Google radio daze, they have all kinds of decals and they can make up ones for most any radio even special orders.. I just strip the...
  14. If you check out the ;; Antique Radio forum ;;and post some photos they can tell you the model and give you more information about the radio.
  15. I like that radio , it must have a good sound when it is all working.. I really like the radio lamp. very nice
  16. I suggest that GOOGLE ''gobs of knobs'' His name is Mike Koste. gokmike@gmail,com
  17. If you go to ''Antique radio forum' and post a photo and description of your radio ,they can probably tell you the year and so forth.
  18. For information about this radio you can try posting a photo on '''antique radio forum'' the guys there are real good
  19. If you want to have it repaired you might contact the guys on the'' antique radio forum''.. They may have members in your area that would repair it. It probably need new capasitors and maybe a tu...
  20. Yes you are right those are washington drape lamps, and I bought one on ebay and the other I got at an antique show. i also have two tall Lincoln drape lamps one of which was my grandmothers.
  21. I remember when that Elvis album came out and I think it is the best of Elvis. It's from this album that we see the King as we first knew him.
  22. Hello again,,Two of the lamps were in my family but I still had to fix and restore them. Most of the Aladdin lamps needed repairs so I repaired them to make them working. I do not like to have these...
  23. Since I don't know where you live it would be hard for me to say where you could advertise your radio. You could try the local paper or possibly kijiji,,,,,ebay,,,,or craigs list. Personally I...
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Some of my collection of antiques