1. The enameling and the foil distribution make me think Bohemian. This would be a very unusual look for Italy.
  2. Love this sculpture. There is a man named Guido Ferro that is one of the heads of his family's company, Yalos, in Murano. I don't know if he makes glass himself, but I wondered if it was his name on t...
  3. You got a great deal. They are Alfredo Barbini.
  4. It is one of the tricky labels. The bowl is actually made by Chirico of Naples, Italy. Much of their glass was marketed by Crystal Clear, which is apparently an import company. The Chirico glassware i...
  5. Absolutely love it. $20 is quite the steal.
  6. Alfredo, this is not an uncommon problem. Often someone shows me a piece of Murano glass and asks who made it. The answer could be just about any company in Murano. They made what was popular and were...
  7. Love this, Leah.
  8. TY, Warren. This helped me with two of the pieces I was not sure about.
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