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  1. Blunderbuss2 vetraio50 officialfuel fortapache Thanks For the love and help to I.D
  2. Is there a patent # on the item.
  3. Posted another picture looks like it does have grooves. Tks
  4. My guess english Nottingham wooden fly reel Super rare if the name Hardy was on it.. ;)
  5. My guess early door-stoper? ;)
  6. Hi JerseyMo, early today I picked up one that has on back ( MIL-W46374A ).. It dose have a date 1975 on back however.. Is mine just common?. Thanks
  7. Oh.. i mean DavesCoolS
  8. Hi Kathycat, found one sticking out of a bush from back yard sale.. mine has smokers no smoking beyond this area put'em here. i think it was used in movie theater.
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