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  1. For got to ask about the model# it has on top near glass 267521 next to it has 50 is 50 the model #. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the love inky..;)
  3. Thanks antiquerose, for the cha-ching. ;)
  4. shughs, Trey, sanhardin.. Thanks for the love. ;)
  5. found the tag. Tks Edisonfan. ;)
  6. fifies50s, Longings, ttomtucker, pops52.. Thanks for the love. ;)
  7. Thank you fortapache, for your post. chrissylovescats, mtg75, sugargirl, EJW-54, fortapache, officialfuel, aghcollect. Thanks for the love. ;)
  8. Thanks for the Love & info. Couldn't make out that F at the end let-alone the first name.Thanks again. rivertrout
  9. ..... (*^*)....
  10. Thanks to all. ;) rivertrout
  11. Thanks to all. rivertrout
  12. Would also like to get value. Tks to all
  13. My guess english Nottingham wooden fly reel Super rare if the name Hardy was on it.. ;)
  14. Thank you.
  15. My guess early door-stoper? ;)
  16. Thanks guys. ;)
  17. Hi JerseyMo, early today I picked up one that has on back ( MIL-W46374A ).. It dose have a date 1975 on back however.. Is mine just common?. Thanks
  18. Need ID on tile table. Thx.
  19. Thanks offcialfuel.. Can't believe it was my last stop at a garage sale. ;)
  20. Thanks officialfuel...
  21. hi, blunderbuss2, had some one look at it & i did the hot pin test.. ivory resists heat did not penetrate smoke smell of dentist's office. ;)
  22. Thank you to all for infor. ;)
  23. Oh.. i mean DavesCoolS
  24. Hi Kathycat, found one sticking out of a bush from back yard sale.. mine has smokers no smoking beyond this area put'em here. i think it was used in movie theater.
  25. ===###""""
  26. looks like E9 on top of trumpets..
  27. Antique fishing tackle is cool stuff especially this metal fishing creel. By any chance is this from England?.
  28. Thanks AR8Jason, & scottvez, Milatarist.. for info.
  29. Thanks chevy59.. ;)
  30. Hi nrabill, on the wood looks like SUMMERS BROWN co. LONDON patened 1908.. I've seen others but not one with the award plat on it..
  31. Don't have the rim no more but i think it was flat on top. Thank you all. rivertrout
  32. ////\\\\<')}}{{<<
  33. jjcarteroo, absolutely correct. I recommend to all beginner collectors to go to lure shows as well as nflcc shows etc. The more shows you go to you can begin to tell authentic antique wood painted lur...
  34. end tail prop. with the hook. rivertrout
  35. What you have is a Pflueger Kent Floater. That has the wrong propeller should Pflueger on it. rivertrout
  36. Thanks Chrisnp, & poptop76, I put another closeup picture of metal it appears to be gold to me, would appreciate anymore help. Thanks again rivertrout
  37. Thanks trunkman. ;0)
  38. Still trying to get info on artist, & ID vintage planes. thx rivertrout
  39. Thanks BELLIN68.. :)Rivertrout
  40. Thanks bellin68. Sissy was having a great time with that whell. lol rivertrout
  41. was wondering if this was a vintage bicycle wheel. thx rivertrout
  42. Here's two pix of Associated service & gas stations.
  43. once again
  44. inside leather wallet. picture. thanks
  45. Still need to ID this helmet, & age . Thanks
  46. Thanks for the help fhrjr2. :)
  47. Here's a taller barrell used in the korean war.1953.. Thk. rivertrout
  48. WOW!!. Like a kid in a candy store!! Where do you start..:)
  49. Please tell, i found one too. Can't seem to understand how the hands works. I can hear it working however. Rivertrout
  50. This has glass eye's, looks like South Bend Co. Name is Fish-Oreno, c.1926 .. However its missing metal front part that goes on nose. With the metal nose the size would be 3 1/2". That's my guess. ...
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