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  1. Posted another picture looks like it does have grooves. Tks
  2. My guess english Nottingham wooden fly reel Super rare if the name Hardy was on it.. ;)
  3. My guess early door-stoper? ;)
  4. Hi JerseyMo, early today I picked up one that has on back ( MIL-W46374A ).. It dose have a date 1975 on back however.. Is mine just common?. Thanks
  5. Oh.. i mean DavesCoolS
  6. Hi Kathycat, found one sticking out of a bush from back yard sale.. mine has smokers no smoking beyond this area put'em here. i think it was used in movie theater.
  7. Antique fishing tackle is cool stuff especially this metal fishing creel. By any chance is this from England?.
  8. jjcarteroo, absolutely correct. I recommend to all beginner collectors to go to lure shows as well as nflcc shows etc. The more shows you go to you can begin to tell authentic antique wood painted lur...
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