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1883  Hand Drawn Sketch of Partridge  
1878 Handwritten Marriage Certificate,  Monroe County PA - Paperin Paper
Toshikane Japanese Hand Made Buttons - Set of 6 - With Paperwork - Sewingin Sewing
Old Spoon:  L Barth & Son  + C. Wirth  - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Ornate Brass / Bronze Confucius or Buddha Asian Lamp?  Old? New?   - Lampsin Lamps
Unique  "Miracle of Fatima"  Sabin Crest-O-Gold Plate  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Small Vintage Watercolor with Notation in French.  Translation anyone? 
Georg Jenson Sterling set  ++  Cooper Bros and Sons Set - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
1959  Speedry Magic Marker Brushpen   - Pensin Pens
Victorian Sisters with Eerie Effect - Chromolithograph?? - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints


  1. BIG NOTE & QUESTION: I'm baffled. The ink, script writing, date etc makes complete sense but something doesn't ring right with this document. The paper has vertical bluish lines. The left margin ...
  2. TubeAmp- Thanks for the informative reply. It has been very helpful!
  3. Awesome information. Many thanks!
  4. Thanks for the comments. I noticed that the Sabin plates are readily available on the internet. I normally don't buy collectible plates, but, like you, I hate to see them thrown in the dump.
  5. Thank you for the information. Very helpful!
  6. Wow... I'm learning a lot and having fun at the same time. You're AMAZING. Thx!
  7. Thanks for pointing that out. I just corrected it. And, thanks for the information. It's very helpful.
  8. Oh now, you're simply AMAZING.
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