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1964- 1965 -  Scout Service Corp -- New York World Fair  -  Jacket - Advertisingin Advertising
Strange Find:  Turkey Foot and Bullet Cartridge Lamp -  Odd Folk Art? - Lampsin Lamps
Original Surrealism Painting   w/  Intitials: OHM  or OWM? - Visual Artin Visual Art
Old Beatles Record with Hand-Written Label "Beatles in Japan"  Any guesses?  - Recordsin Records
Handmade Primitive Potty Chair -  Carved initials:  KK or YK??  1800s? - Furniturein Furniture
Frontier Airlines 1967 Placard with 1883 Silver Dollar  - US Coinsin US Coins
Help Solve... Mysterious Kerchief or Hanky:  1939 Music Sheet with Romantic Figures - Accessoriesin Accessories
Old Platt & Munk Co.; "Mountain Scene" Original Children's Book Art  - Visual Artin Visual Art
Old Brass Lamps .   Oil?  Whale oil?   Age?  - Lampsin Lamps
Japanese Pottery, Fish shape, Soy Dipping Dishes, Elaborate Chop Mark - Asianin Asian


  1. Funny note.... The handwritten title says "Beatels".
  2. I never heard of a bootleg record before so this has been a learning experience. I'm really curious what is on the record. I'll try find an old hippie friend with a turntable to check it out soon. ...
  3. Thx for the feedback. Zowie: I dug them up from under a mountain of tossed away junk. It was ugly but worth it.
  4. Hmmmm..... The morgue idea is a unique idea. Very, very interesting suggestions. Thx
  5. BIG NOTE & QUESTION: I'm baffled. The ink, script writing, date etc makes complete sense but something doesn't ring right with this document. The paper has vertical bluish lines. The left margin ...
  6. TubeAmp- Thanks for the informative reply. It has been very helpful!
  7. Awesome information. Many thanks!
  8. Thanks for the comments. I noticed that the Sabin plates are readily available on the internet. I normally don't buy collectible plates, but, like you, I hate to see them thrown in the dump.
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