I've been collecting, quite literally, since I was born. I started with stuffed animals and had over 70 by the time I was about 7 or 8. I named them all, kept an alpI've been collecting, quite literally, since I was born. I started with stuffed animals and had over 70 by the time I was about 7 or 8. I named them all, kept an alphabetical list and slept with them in order so no one would feel left out. As I got a tiny bit older I saved my allowance for holiday themed candles, like Gurley. Every time my dad took us to Tijuana, I would buy a handblown glass animal and do the haggling myself. Most of what I collect has very little monetary value. Everything I collect makes me smile. I have even continued some of my mother's collections (I got her collecting; not the other way around) to keep her close to me. That makes me smile, too. Some, but not all, of the things I love--alligators, Pez, jewelry, pretty pottery, china and glass, lamps, magazine racks, photographic slides, ViewMaster and other 3D and standard viewers, postcards, thrift store artwork, yarn "paintings". The 50's and 60's are my favorite era and GREEN is my favorite color. My mom's collections that I have been continuing--cobalt blue glass, fish, tiles, miniature handmade pots and sheep. (Read more)


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Crazy Horse Coke Bottles - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
My Grandfather's Dog Head Umbrella - Accessoriesin Accessories
1963 Metalcraft Print of San Francisco by Thomas Lloyd Ramsier - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Asian Painting of a Mother Deer and Fawn - Asianin Asian
One of my favorite lamps - Lampsin Lamps
My Favorite Pez Sets - Toysin Toys
My Daughter and her Troll collection (some of it) - Dollsin Dolls
Photos of My Mother 1920's-1940's and one of My Father in Uniform  - Photographsin Photographs
Sterling Overlay Pear-shaped Jam Pot - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Alfaraz Spanish Ceramic Bull. Mid-Century Modern Art Pottery. - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Unfortunately, they are not signed. The one on the left is my favorite. The pond is so well done
  2. Thank you, aghcollect. That helped a lot. I looked on ebay and another Coke site but couldn't find any information. Thanks.
  3. I would love to do that. The Star Wars set would also be one I would want.
  4. Thank you both very much. Love knowing more about it.
  5. Fantastic find. Love Roy Rogers and 3D. Lucky.
  6. The Captain Ray-O-Vac is my favorite, too.
  7. The two movies for me that really stick out for great clothing are Rear Window and White Christmas.
  8. Love the front of the box.
  9. I say dress in whatever way makes you happy and comfortable. Don't judge others any more than you would want to be judged by them.
  10. Beautiful home.
  11. I love the grouping of four in the last photo. What wonderful remembrances for you.
  12. It almost looks like it says Sunburst to me, which might be the title, not the artist. Very pretty.
  13. Looks almost Spanish to me.
  14. I love that 61-62 one in the second photo best. Nice find.
  15. I love the screen--I love all of them--but I would have to say my favorites are the non-flamingo birds in the third picture. Just gorgeous
  16. Looks like one side is a napkin holder. The other a nut dish, maybe?
  17. Incredible. Love it.
  18. Isn't this site neat that you can get that kind of help?
  19. Love it. Reminds me of my grandfather's old Grundig. I loved that radio.
  20. Darn. Thought it was worth a try.
  21. Flower frogs, possibly? Incense burners?
  22. How did you find out? Congratulations.
  23. I want, please.
  24. You're talking about the former president, right?
  25. The letter, the children in the second photo, the black soldier in the last photo--it's all so moving. Thank you for sharing these things, filmnet, and thank you Scott for sharing your knowledge.
  26. I love the circus one. So fun. Great talent, Toram
  27. I think it's interesting that the first gentleman with the rope and life vest is also wearing ear muffs. Mountain rescue maybe? It really is one of those photos that makes you want to know more.
  28. Beautiful
  29. Beautiful. Would like to see some of that artwork to the left, too. :)
  30. My friend has this machine, too. She did some costume work for the movie. It's a fun pinball machine. I play it every year at her Christmas party. :)
  31. Beautiful collection.
  32. Thank you, lovevintage. You should post a picture of the one your mom got.
  33. Reminds me of my silver overlay pear shaped jam pot.
  34. I agree, Hedgewalker. It seems to almost glow as it is.
  35. @s_p: I wish I had some of his canes. He had one that opened up into a small seat so he could rest his butt at sporting events, etc. @vetraio50: I don't see any marks. I've always loved the plaid....
  36. That's beautiful
  37. Good find, Elijah!
  38. The people on the roof are my favorites. Is the older couple up there the ones celebrating their anniversary?
  39. Love the Barbie bride. And the dress Marine uniform.
  40. Great fun collection
  41. So pretty
  42. The streamers and horn make it.
  43. I love the the Cat in The Hat, Dr Doolittle and Land of the Giants. Loved that show.
  44. One of my all time favorite comedies.
  45. Very pretty
  46. Beautiful.
  47. That is beyond cool
  48. I think the first one is my favorite.
  49. Thanks everybody. Had a good day with my kid. Even went thrift store shopping. Who woulda thunk it?
  50. They are fighting cocks
  51. See more