Halifax ,Nova Scotia,Canada

Hi....Im a daycare teacher ..a married mom of 2 kids and 2 grandkids..2 cats ..I have been collecting old items for years and scouting yard sales..flea markets and sHi....Im a daycare teacher ..a married mom of 2 kids and 2 grandkids..2 cats ..I have been collecting old items for years and scouting yard sales..flea markets and shops.I sing...paint..write songs and poems nature and read a lot!! There is no end to learn something new and find something cool and interesting ! Happy collecting and good luck in finding new treasures!! (Read more)


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art glass dish - Art Glassin Art Glass
A laskan shoes? - Shoesin Shoes
cast iron dog - Animalsin Animals
my 1945 bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
My assumed ashtray - Asianin Asian
pretty carved shell vase - Animalsin Animals
1950's purse? - Bagsin Bags
folky carved gourd 
Old pipes found in Halifax harbour Nova Scotia Canada - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
nannys old vase 


  1. I have one similar I will post again
  2. so pretty!
  3. A GI Joe looking face...nicely painted bisque-!
  4. I will get him to take more photos soon
  5. thanks friends
  6. his head does not turn you can see the line under his belly so its cast a fine seam as if he was sliced
  7. not sure
  8. cool mine is similar I will post it again
  9. we had him yearssssssssssss
  10. Hi sorry I did not get back sooner but the dog does not have any screws just a seam-so hes original
  11. I will thanks
  12. the pendant?
  13. Have a look at mine I posted them
  14. wow I have sandals similar to these thought they were mine that \I may of posted earlier but I did on another site..mine has buckles but the sewed seam up the front as yours
  15. nailsea it seems to be yet it has a satin look to it but with a lot of qualities moving towards loetz
  16. I have one also
  17. maybe it held a face powder...white.or a rogue
  18. seems to be art glass from the 60's
  19. Nice I have the same one
  20. sweet!!
  21. Whats the names of the cute boys?In Victorian times and possibly before girls were dresses in blue and boys I in pink
  22. Love Love it!
  23. so beautiful!
  24. looks to me to be Vaseline opalescent
  25. Back at that time people had to sit sometimes over an hour before the photo was taken ...this is sweet love hair jewelery
  26. thanks |I think its solved!!
  27. I do not know what it is maybe a burner?
  28. There are 8 pinholes in the bottom
  29. I would say murano also
  30. Is this a Vaseline shade we added to our fan??
  31. thanks everyone.!
  32. I should of said I cannot change my typo mistakes when I post to you on my site \I can when I post my pictures and type words
  33. true thanks !!
  34. thanks....I think mine was decorated to by someone
  35. yep folky
  36. Excuse the typos I cannot edit here !!
  37. Beautiful I have a lighter shell with horses carved on them I ill take pictures of it lit up
  38. bakelite or plastic handle?
  39. cool!
  40. oooops school
  41. maybe a oschool
  42. ok ..Im yet to visit there its been eons ..although my cousin is a hairdresser there
  43. cool its solved I found him online
  44. not sure
  45. we are like 10 miles from there
  46. yes for sure
  47. you could be right...some may of been machine stitched close together stitching
  48. maybe from the 60's
  49. All is handstitched !
  50. cool I love their music don't we all !
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