I am a certified arborist who barters work for unwanted junk. And when I am not working for junk, I am out scouring, scouting, buying and salvaging junk. Right down I am a certified arborist who barters work for unwanted junk. And when I am not working for junk, I am out scouring, scouting, buying and salvaging junk. Right down to coffee cans of old nuts, bolts and screws. (Read more)


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Anheuser Busch Syrup Lid - Bottlesin Bottles
RIPPEL.... Morris? - Visual Artin Visual Art
???whatcha macallit  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
CAMEL Discontinued & Banned - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Chalkware - Potteryin Pottery
The Texas Oil Company - Signsin Signs
Reproductions...SUNRAY OIL CO. - Advertisingin Advertising
T-P Bottling Co. Meridian Mississippi - Bottlesin Bottles
Vintage Stem Ware - Glasswarein Glassware
old barn find - Native Americanin Native American


  1. I was researching an 3" Anheuser Busch Syrup lid for a jar which I found recently when I ran across this post. Not much on this item to be found.
  2. Good shape, double sided and in the frame is $3200. realistic price. I would venture yours would get a thousand and some change. Best to clean them with WD40 and a green scrub pad. Wipe all excess off...
  3. Any markings on the bottom? i have a Japanese piece which looks like it is made using the same technique. Tiffany also turned out some glass like this.
  4. Ha. I'm relieved! I thought maybe he used blood in his paint or I would get bloody by removing the picture from frame. Thanks for clarifying.
  5. Blood??
  6. Blood ?? In the paint?
  7. Thanks ravage60, any ideas? I don't think it will fall into the Cupola category.
  8. I'm leaning towards a textile machine hook for catching and pulling a thread.
  9. Trey, did you ever get the large COKE sign and when are you going to share it with all your fans???
  10. I wanted to edit this and put in a closer up of the disgruntled mule with the uneven pack. ha
  11. The SINCLAIR sign above is real. It is a card board wall poster for a station. 8 foot by 4 foot. I just wanted it to draw attention to my message.
  12. A mold of some sort???? Plastics, ceramics or cookies or maybe this is what the Texans use to put that twinkle in their eyes.
  13. Yep Nicefice, spread the word. It irks me that it has become even more difficult to spot the fakes from far away and now my own countymen will deceive me to unload their loss at a profit and knowingly...
  14. I believe the 'Y" sign is a slow sign for coming into the YARD of the RR. I have a cast CITY LIMITS RR sign i picked up some years ago to dig out and post one day. Buyers beware of signs coming out...
  15. A lot of reproductions coming out of INDIA and being resold or unloaded stateside. SUNRAY is 26 1\2' side to side and 27' point to point.And not the 24' x 24' being sold one after another. I heard of ...
  16. Rattletrap a bunch of reproduction signs from India are hitting the market in the states. Beware when out buying. The size will tell you the difference as the reproductions are really good. For instan...
  17. I had some like it as a young feller. Do they have a stem spoon attached to top when pulled out? Ivory ? Mine were worth $1500. -$3000. according to Antique Roadshow. Some were painted and others ha...
  18. ....and when are you going to post us some photos of the bottles? It is quite easy.
  19. C-CFan, I have some pre 1910 straight side Coca-Cola script bottles that are Lynchburg VA. and some other town in Va. In good shape the Huntsville bottles bring $175.-$225. if color is right. I keep...
  20. C-CFan, hold on to any of them and use them to trade for what you want. Money could not buy some of my bottles,BUT if you got the right Mississippi bottle, I just might have what yer lookin fer.
  21. C-CFan, research, research, research the information you do have. "ROOT" is more desirable. Where they are made and when is important. Condition matters greatly; chips, cracks , case ware... Learn di...
  22. By the way, my cover photo with that 1927 chevy truck came from the same barn. First time that truck has seen daylight in fifty one years the old fella said.
  23. Blah, blah blah??? I still have found no S over B in a wreath mark..
  24. That was very informative Sir CanyonRoad and I thought it also to be more western. It was a major crossroads and tourists leave the funniest stuff. I was going to take it with me the next trip through...
  25. I like Anna's style. Ha the lizard...what did your buddy look like before he started smoking?
  26. I have never seen paper label 7up. The most unusual 7up for me was an amber squat bottle 7up I found last year. Your paper label is a great find and now I know to watch for them.
  27. @Caperkid, never learned for sure. Guy seemed more excited about the painting that the brass. He is suppose to be noted artist of that time. Guy told me it was on the Great Lakes, not the ocean.
  28. MFTreasure, Nothing 100% confirmed of her yet. The photo archives I have access to are not the right profile or age era. I believe her to be slightly embellished by the artist. What father of the era ...
  29. Say what?!
  30. Yep, that is a clear one on the right and a colored on far left. I have a couple of mixed RR&Telegraph insulators from the northeast. 1890s -1903 I figure to do a godzilla creation with the leftove 8...
  31. Yep, got a bucket of Brookfields. What are the ones with just an embossed star on the rim?
  32. Ooooh, the 1896, the green dome New York RR and those clear flaired tops caught my eye also. I had a guy in Bartlesville Oklahoma who sold me colored ones at 50¢ and clear ones for 25¢ I mainly get m...
  33. SpiritBear, 4:30AM 3.2 Payne Co. Just a slight bottle shaker.
  34. Sure can't tell..but subtle movement of my lamps at around three yesterday was a small one. But sure enough reason to keep my good ones put up. Can't sell chips or cracks or rattle wear.
  35. I'll have to dig it back out Spirit Bear, I was afraid earthquakes would get it and I tucked my best 50 away. I did learn it was one of Bing Crosbys (or Bob Hope)and associates attempt to break into ...
  36. LuluX, Thanks. Sure, I remember one of those little cards in particular which had Jesus on it. I was very interested in wanting to see the images in print of the plates I've collected over the years...
  37. Thank you Nicefice. I could not afford to have them developed and prints made by professional, so I figured out a way to do it best I could. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
  38. And may the blessing of Christmas bring you Peace and Joy!!!
  39. I take it back!!! That is mahogany.
  40. I'm glad I stopped to look at your vase. Very beautiful and talented workmanship. Almost looks like Black Walnut wood. That is a special piece and history makes it even more special.
  41. It was very, very dirty, but I'm nutsabout ashtrays and the ruffles led me to bag it. It was literally yellow and grey when I saw it beckoning to be picked up.
  42. Thanks much TallCakes. I could only see the ruffles.
  43. Edisonfan, honey amber. I bought it as a $75. amber. I'll wager my Mazda lightbulbs it will fetch $200.+
  44. Could the " T " be a Trial mark to determine if the coin was ready to be produced? Any of your great great aunts beaus work at the mint? , I can't see a toy done in silver. Someone pocketed this an...
  45. P.S. The guy who informed me it was a honey amber offered me $200. and wanted it right away. I'll keep it on the shelf a bit longer.
  46. @blunderbuss2 , ROOT embossed on bottom and base rim has 1069 and what looks to be R2 or 12 on the base rim further around. I have several other coke bottles with Root on them. I know they are colle...
  47. No chips, cracks and minimal case wear.
  48. I forgot the title. " Gold is where you find it."
  49. Thanks .The hour glass shape is mainly known as the peanut squeeze or pinch bottle. I always referred to it as hour glass until the Pepsi crowd taught me about the squeeze. I need to look up value of...
  50. @TheBurgerGuy, Ha! Wondered if you would see me lurking around the dirty old signs forum. The goats have been compensated with food, sunshine and the promise of me hanging the 15 foot WESTERN AUTO po...
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Pink & Gold Glass Lamp Chandelier Lamp Shades 1861 Confederate Half Dollar Coin Toronto Skyline Bottle Opener Model Mason Jar J F Denninger c1890's beer bottle Can anyone identify this chair style?  Western Auto porcelain sign...large and in charge. Saw one of these on the 'bay yesterday for 10k. Really???


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